The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 289

Chapter 289

Seeing the incessantly kowtowing Dadala, Lin Zaozao briefly glanced at Ji Fantian before telling Dadala to stand up.

Looking at the bashful man in front of her, Lin Zaozao asked in bewilderment, "Dadala, before I rescue you, I want to ask who told you to wait for me here?"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's direct question, Dadala's pale face suddenly flushed red. He lifted his head and nervously glanced behind Lin Zaozao.

Following Dadala's gaze, Lin Zaozao immediately spotted the guilty-looking Lalu.

"Was it Dalu who told you to wait for me here?"

"No, no it wasn't."

"Dadala, speak clearly. If you don't tell the truth, I won't rescue you."

"It was the two Wolf Chieftains of the Wolf Tribe who told us that if we waited here and acted pitiful, young miss, you would surely rescue us."

"Act pitiful?"

Lin Zaozao couldn't help but laugh.

"Dadala, the way you and your people almost surrounded our carriage earlier, that wasn't acting pitiful at all."

"But Dalu said that since we are from the Frontier Region, we must use force to subdue people. So he told us to first frighten you, then act pitiful and seek help. He said you would definitely rescue our tribespeople.Visjt nvelbin(.)cm for new updates

But I never imagined that you would be the revered Female Emperor of Han Country, and that Divine Doctor Ji would be in your caravan. If we had known this, even with a hundred times the courage, we wouldn't have dared to do this.

After all, the Silver Snow Divine Doctor is the savior of our Tuya Tribe. Divine Doctor Ji is the Silver Snow Divine Doctor's nephew, and you are Divine Doctor Ji's wife, so how could we, the Tuya Tribe, commit such an ungrateful act."

Listening to Dadala's pitiful voice, Lin Zaozao turned around and looked at the now childlike Dalu standing behind her, teasing, "Dalu, was it you who told Dadala to try and intimidate us?"

"Sister, you can't blame me for this. After all, in our Wolf Tribe, we've always relied on force to subdue people.

Someone like you, who is short and chubby, would be beaten up if you came to our Wolf Tribe."

"What? The men in your Wolf Tribe even beat women?"

"Alas! There are no women in our Wolf Tribe at all! It's all strong, healthy men.

That's why when the heavy snow comes in the sixth month in the Frontier Region, all the other tribes suffer, but our Wolf Tribe doesn't have any problems at all.

Because the men in our Wolf Tribe are so healthy, they're not afraid of those minor disasters."

"Dalu, the reason your Wolf Tribe didn't have any problems is because before the heavy snow arrived, you took your tribe's livestock and hid in the mountain caves."

"Dadala, you have no right to criticize us. Before the heavy snow, our Wolf Chieftains had already notified all the tribes in the Frontier Region, telling them to prepare in advance.

But you ungrateful fellows still mocked our Wolf Chieftains, saying they were talking nonsense.

Saying there would be heavy snow in the sixth month, that was just a big joke.

Hmph! And the result? We Wolf Tribe listened to our Chieftains, obediently hiding in the mountain caves, and had no problems at all.

But you people who didn't heed the warnings? Now you're lying on the road, acting pitiful, seeking sympathy, hoping Sister will rescue you.

Dadala, you're still a warrior of the Frontier Region! You're just a brainless fool.

The fate of your Tuya Tribe is what you deserve! Hmph! You didn't listen to advice, so you deserve to suffer."

"Dalu, you're asking for it!"

Hearing Dalu's words, Dadala angrily tore off his tattered shirt, revealing his muscular upper body, and took on the stance of a fierce warrior facing Dalu.

Standing in front of Dadala, Lin Zaozao's eyes instantly gleamed with excitement as she looked at his exposed body.

Goodness gracious!


Look at that physique, he's really skinny when dressed, but has such a fit body when undressed! Just look at those bulging muscles, that slim waist, and what's below the waist...

"Ah! Who's covering my eyes? I can't see anything!"

"Zaozao, don't look at what you shouldn't."

Ji Fantian said helplessly.

"My dear Fantian, I'm not a well-mannered person to begin with. Just let me take a look, okay? Besides, even if I look a bit more, it won't hurt Dadala at all!"

"Zaozao! Dadala is a man, and you are a woman. Women shouldn't casually look at men's bodies."

"But Fantian, he stripped down in front of me. If a free opportunity presents itself, why shouldn't I take advantage of it?"

"Lin Zaozao, you shameless woman. If you really want to look, I'll strip for you, how about that?"

Hearing Xiao Taohua's gritted teeth, Lin Zaozao immediately shut her mouth.

This Xiao Taohua, if he really gets angry, his thick-skinned nature is even worse than hers. His tricks always catch her off guard!

Moreover, Xiao Taohua is now a pregnant man, so she can't get him worked up.

By the time Lin Zaozao finally managed to pry Fantian's hands off her eyes, Dadala had already put his clothes back on and was standing to the side, looking at her warily, like he was guarding against a thief.

Damn it, such good muscles, and now she can't see them anymore.

If she had known her dear Fantian would get jealous, she would have been more restrained earlier. Now, she can't see anything.

Sighing in disappointment, Lin Zaozao swept a glance at the furious Dadala and Dalu, tentatively asking, "Dadala, Dalu, are you two still going to fight? If you fight, will you strip off your clothes again?"

Faced with Lin Zaozao's straightforward question, Dadala and Dalu's faces turned bright red.

Besides feeling embarrassed, they also felt afraid.

If their two Wolf Chieftains found out they had stripped in front of the Sister, they feared the Chieftains would directly castrate them.

"Ah! You two aren't saying anything, are you going to fight or not? I'm still waiting here!"

"No, no more fighting. We won't fight anymore."

Dadala covered his tattered shirt, instinctively taking a step back.

"Tch, how boring. I thought I might get to see something different! But in the end, I couldn't see anything at all."

With that, Lin Zaozao pulled Ji Fantian and Xiao Taohua and headed towards the carriage. But before she could take two steps, a sound of someone kneeling behind her made her turn around.

"Dadala, what's wrong now?"


"I may have gotten much fatter, but my face hasn't aged at all, right? I still look younger than you! How can you call me Sister?"

Lin Zaozao sighed, asking helplessly, "Dalu calls you Sister, so I..."

"Alright, alright, Sister it is then! Dadala, just say what you want to say, don't kneel."

"Sister, Divine Doctor Ji, can you please save the women and children of our tribe?"

"I can. But first, you have to guide us. You can only lead us to where the women and children of your tribe are, and then we can treat them."

"Sister, I..."

"Speak directly. A grown man shouldn't be so hesitant and mumbly, it's making me uncomfortable."

Lin Zaozao urged.

"Along with us from the Tuya Tribe, there are also people from other tribes. Sister, can you also help save the women and children of those tribes?"

Seeing Dadala's guilty expression, Lin Zaozao almost laughed. Despite being a seven-foot-tall man, he was as nervous as a child, because he was asking for help.

"Dadala, lead the way! Regardless of whether they are from your Tuya Tribe or not, we will rescue them all."

Lin Zaozao said with a smile.

Facing Lin Zaozao's smiling eyes, Dadala was silent for a moment before softly speaking.

"Your Majesty Pearl, I feel that you are completely different from the late Female Emperor of Canglan and the current Female Emperor of Fengshuo."

"Of course we are different. They are them, and I am me. Even if they were twin siblings, their personalities could never be exactly the same."

"Yes, Your Majesty Pearl! You are truly different from them."

Dadala took a step back, bowed with his right arm across his chest, and paid his respects to Lin Zaozao before turning and walking away.

The men following behind Dadala also bowed respectfully to Lin Zaozao before hurrying after him.

As she rode in the carriage, Lin Zaozao watched the group of men walking ahead. In her mind, the people from the Frontier Region were all physically strong but also extremely ruthless.

However, from her recent interactions with Dadala and Dalu, while they were indeed physically robust, the description of "extremely ruthless" didn't seem quite accurate.

After winding down several country roads, Dadala's caravan finally arrived at the true gathering place of the disaster refugees.

When Lin Zaozao saw the refugees, there was none of the lifeless gloom she had imagined, nor any earth-shaking wails of sorrow.

Instead, there was hope for the future.

The refugees were gathered in a flat valley. The sick women and children had been carefully attended to in the sunny areas of the valley by their own people.

The women and children with milder illnesses were conversing softly with each other in an unfamiliar Frontier language.

As for the more severely ill women and children, they were surrounded by one or more men attentively caring for them, their voices gentle and soothing.

If not for the illness, this scene would have been truly heartwarming.

Judging from Dalu and Dadala's physiques, the people of the Frontier Region were more robust and taller than the men of the Inner Lands.

Even the women and children were noticeably more physically strong than those of the Canglan and Fengshuo countries.

It was likely due to the harsher environment of the Frontier Region, which had led the people to adapt physically in order to survive.

Chapter end

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