The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 285

Chapter 285

"Zaozao, I promise, we were definitely not enemies in our previous lives. There wasn't even the slightest animosity between us, I swear!"

"Gu Shan, how could you know about our previous lives?"

Lin Zaozao asked doubtfully.

"I, I don't know. Zaozao, it's getting late. Let me go check if the kids on the 18th floor are ready, we should get going too."

Afraid that Lin Zaozao would ask him more, Gu Shan threw her a line and hurried towards the distance.

Putting away the Fourth Rank Soul Cleansing Liquid in her hand, Lin Zaozao called out to the system in her mind.

[System, did I know Gu Shan in my previous life?]

[You did.]

[So what was our relationship? Did we have any animosity?]

[Of course not! Host, as for your relationship with Gu Shan, you'll have to find the answer yourself after dealing with the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country. I can't tell you right now.]

[Really? System, I'm getting more and more curious about my previous life.]

[Since you're curious, then Host, please resolve the matter with the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country first, then go back to Canglan Country and seek the answer from Princess Ye Xi!]

[Got it, stupid system!]

[Foolish idiot Host!]

[Damn it, stupid system.]

[You foolish idiot Host, dare to insult me again and I'll turn you into a mangy toad right now.]

[Alright... I'll shut up.]

[Hmph! You little runt, you dare challenge me? I can give you two extra heads and you still wouldn't be a match for me.]

Hearing the system's smug voice, Lin Zaozao almost rolled her eyes to the sky.

She turned to look at the forest behind her, hoping Jin Cai and Jin Bao were okay.

After preparing everything, Lin Zaozao set off on foot. She hadn't gone far when she indeed encountered many "disaster victims" on the road.

Looking at these spirited, muscular, tall and healthy men who were supposedly disaster victims, Lin Zaozao momentarily doubted her life.

Their physiques almost rivaled that of the Great Mountain.

Were they really disaster victims? Or were they scouts infiltrating from outside? She roughly counted, and there were over a hundred of them.

Just as Lin Zaozao was staring in confusion at those leisurely disaster victims lounging on both sides of the road with their legs crossed, a series of wolf howls suddenly came from the forest.

The sound, although not Jin Cai and Jin Bao's, felt strangely familiar.

It seemed like she had heard it somewhere before.

But before Lin Zaozao could think further, the supposedly leisurely disaster victims who had been lounging on both sides of the road suddenly surrounded her, as if receiving some order.

They didn't approach her, but knelt not far from Lin Zaozao and started wailing loudly while prostrated on the ground.

Although Lin Zaozao couldn't see if they were actually shedding tears while lying prostrate, their cries were full-throated and deafening, each one wailing louder than the other.

The thunderous noise made Lin Zaozao's ears ring incessantly.

Just as Lin Zaozao could no longer bear their wailing, one of the burly men kneeling a little further back nudged the man beside him with his elbow, then cried out loudly.


"Shut up, you called out the wrong name."

Before that burly man could finish, the man kneeling beside him slapped him hard across the face, knocking his head into the dirt.

The burly man's wailing stopped abruptly.

Seeing this comical scene, before Lin Zaozao could recover from her shock, the man who had slapped the burly man crawled two steps towards Lin Zaozao's direction while kneeling, then wailed loudly.

"Oh great beauty! Gorgeous lady! Living immortal! Please save us! We haven't eaten for three days.

Look at us, we've all become so thin! If we don't eat soon, we'll starve to death.

Waaah... we're so miserable! We're so hungry! Please spare us a bite to eat!"

Watching this burly man's all-talk-no-action wailing, Lin Zaozao's brows furrowed.

She discreetly nudged Little Xibei's waist and asked skeptically.

"Little Xibei, can you confirm that they're really disaster victims and not scouts?"

"My information is never wrong. Besides, even if my information is wrong, Han Ye's information can't be wrong!

According to the scouts' reports, many disaster victims have indeed streamed in from outside and are roaming along the road to Fengshuo Country!"

Meeting Little Xibei's doubtful eyes, Lin Zaozao turned to scrutinize these physically fit "disaster victims" again.

Compared to their strong physiques, it was her and her small stature that looked more like disaster victims.

"Beauty! Gorgeous lady! Please, save us! We're so hungry, we're about to starve to death."

Lin Zaozao looked at the kneeling burly man, who was even taller than her when kneeling, and frowned as she asked.

"Um... I want to ask you, who told you to call me 'beauty' or 'gorgeous lady'?"

This was the ancient era, and since she had been transported here, she had never heard anyone refer to others as "gorgeous lady."

After all, the term "gorgeous lady" was from the modern era she came from.

Lin Zaozao's words made the wailing burly man freeze. He first looked at Lin Zaozao in a daze, as if searching for an answer, then turned his head towards the forest.

After scanning the area and finding nothing, he pursed his lips, squinted, and lowered his head, seeming lost in thought.

Just as Lin Zaozao thought he wouldn't speak again, he suddenly raised his head and said loudly to Lin Zaozao.

"I remember now, my mother told me these terms 'beauty' and 'gorgeous lady' in a dream last night."

"Dalu, your mother isn't even dead yet!"

The big man kneeling beside him, wearing a khaki-colored robe, tugged at Dalu's pants and whispered, thinking Lin Zaozao couldn't hear him.

Yet his voice was clear even to Lin Zaozao, who had no martial arts skills and was just a half-baked practitioner.

"She doesn't have to be dead to appear in dreams, does she? Who told you mothers only appear in dreams after they die?"


Hearing the conversation between these two burly men, Lin Zaozao seized the opportunity to ask.

"Gentlemen, we didn't bring any food with us on our journey. How about I get you some simple provisions, like..."

"Sure, sure, beauty! We're just disaster victims, anything to eat will do. Why don't you casually get us some beef jerky? Beef jerky is convenient."

"Beef jerky?"

Lin Zaozao looked at the man's amiable face and met his cheerful smile, then shamelessly rolled her eyes at him.

Ha! They want some simple food, and he asks for beef jerky?

Disaster victims who eat beef jerky? She had never heard of such a thing.

She was a female emperor, and in this era of backward agricultural production, even she couldn't claim to eat beef jerky every day.

After all, in ancient times, cattle were the most important production tools for farmers. Unless under special circumstances, no one would be willing to slaughter the cattle used for plowing and sowing.

Yet these tall and brawny disaster victims casually asked to "eat anything," and the first thing out of their mouths was beef jerky.

They really overestimated their means.

Looking at their sturdy physiques, they had no connection whatsoever to the word "disaster victims."

Lin Zaozao turned her head to glance at the forest beside them, but saw nothing.

Thinking that Lin Zaozao's silence meant she had no food, the kneeling burly man spoke up.

"Beauty, if you don't have beef jerky, you can give us something else to eat. Really, we're easy to feed, anything edible will do."

"Would you like some porridge? I'll have someone make you some porridge."

Lin Zaozao ventured to ask.

"Drink, let's all have some porridge."

The burly men nodded repeatedly.

With a smile spreading across her face, Lin Zaozao exchanged a glance with Little Xibei after signaling towards Gu Shan. They looked askance at the burly men kneeling on the ground, then turned and headed toward the back of the group.

"In that case, you all wait by the roadside first. I'll have someone cook porridge for you right away."

Lin Zaozao smiled faintly, then turned and walked to the back of the group.

At the rear of the caravan, Xiao Taohua, Ji Fantian, Gu Shan, and others were leaning against the carriages, waiting for her.

"Gu Shan, Little Xibei, did you notice anything odd? Those people's identities don't seem right, they don't look like disaster victims at all."

"Zaozao, judging by their physiques alone, they do seem to be from beyond the border. As for whether they're really disaster victims, my scouts I sent to investigate will be back soon.

Once they return, I'll know for sure if they're disaster victims or not. If they're not, I have ways of dealing with them."

Little Xibei said calmly.

"Master, have you really seen such fat and robust disaster victims before? I've never encountered any in my life," Ruo Qiu commented, somewhat speechless.

"Gu Shan, what's your take on this?"ALL new hapters n nv()lbin(.)com

"Zaozao, they don't harbor any killing intent or hostility towards you. Otherwise, I would have taken them out earlier. But I can confirm they're definitely not disaster victims."

"Is that so?"

"Zaozao, should we still cook porridge for those people then?" Ye Yi asked softly.

"Porridge? Of course we have to cook it. After all, they've been lying on the road waiting for us for so long. If we don't play along with their act, wouldn't that mean they waited in vain?


Lin Zaozao turned to look at Xiao Taohua, tugged at his clothes, and whispered something slyly in his ear.

"Xiao Taohua, do you understand?"

"Heh heh! No problem, I'll handle it properly."

"Mm! Xiao Taohua, be careful with the dosage when you add the special ingredients! We don't know if they're friends or foes, and we don't want to accidentally harm anyone."

"Don't worry. Even if I get the dosage wrong, Ji Fantian will be there as a backup.

As long as he's around, even if they're left with just a breath of life, Ji Fantian can snatch their souls back from the Underworld."

Xiao Taohua hooked Lin Zaozao's chin with his finger and planted a loud kiss on her lips.

"Zaozao, did you eat some candied fruit? Your little mouth is quite sweet."

"Not as sweet as your mouth, Xiao Taohua. I can taste the peach blossom flavor."

"Really? Do you want another taste?"

Xiao Taohua brought his mouth close to Lin Zaozao's face, puckering his lips to invite her to kiss him again.

Chapter end

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