The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 199

Chapter 199

"Shopkeeper Sun, please pack a few pieces of higher quality pastries for Zaozao. And avoid the ones that are too sweet or greasy."

"Sure thing, master."

"Ah, Ruo Qiu, I..."


Caught by Ruo Qiu's warning gaze, Zaozao instinctively withdrew her hand that was reaching out.

"Zaozao, a young girl losing her teeth wouldn't look good. Even if Jifan Tian could get you a fake tooth, you'd still have to endure the pain of teething yourself."

"Alright, alright, I'll stop. Can't I just not eat it?"

Zaozao shrugged, reluctantly conceding.T/his chapter is updatd by nv((l)biin.co/m

Despite her frustration, Zaozao couldn't help but smile sheepishly as she took the pastries handed to her by Shopkeeper Sun.

Just having something to eat was good enough, and besides, the pastries Shopkeeper Sun packed were her favorite. Of course, if Shopkeeper Sun could include that sweetest deep-fried pastry, it would be even better.

Taking a bite of the pastry, Zaozao patted Ruo Qiu's shoulder and said warmly, "Ruo Qiu, put me down. You're holding me like a child, making me feel like an undeveloped monkey."

Hearing Zaozao's metaphor, Ruo Qiu couldn't help but pause in his steps. He looked at Zaozao, who was stuffing pastries into her mouth with gusto, and couldn't help but smile.

What young girl would compare herself to a monkey? And besides, where would you find such a cute little monkey! Moreover, she was now the Empress of Han, yet she still ate like before, crazily stuffing her face when she saw something delicious.

"Ruo Qiu, put me down quickly, I can walk by myself."

"Okay, then stand firm."

After setting Zaozao down, Ruo Qiu looked at the crumbs stuck to her mouth, wiped them clean for her, and then took a silk scarf from the shop to cover Zaozao's face.

"Ruo Qiu, if you cover my face like this, how can I eat?"

"Zaozao, endure it for now to prevent others from recognizing you. We'll take it off when we get to the clothing store ahead, alright?"


Meeting Ruo Qiu's caring gaze, Zaozao obediently agreed.

At the clothing store, as soon as Zaozao saw how the shopkeeper treated Ruo Qiu, she knew this shop was also owned by Ruo Qiu.

Ruo Qiu's family was wealthy indeed, allowing her, as his wife, to share in the prosperity.

As soon as they sat down in the back room of the store, the shopkeeper came in with a tray of tea.


"Shopkeeper Li, bring out the best and most luxurious clothes in the store."

As Ruo Qiu spoke, he poured tea for Zaozao.

"Zaozao, this is White Haoyin Needle tea, try it and see how it tastes."

Taking the tea Ruo Qiu handed her, Zaozao sniffed the delicate cup under her nose.

She smiled at Ruo Qiu and drank it in one gulp.

"Ruo Qiu, delicious!"

"Really? Then have some more."

Seeing Ruo Qiu's happy expression, Zaozao couldn't help but worry.

Why is everyone around her so fond of tea? With her coarse taste buds, what good can she discern from it?

Giving her something like White Luxury Silver Needle tea! That's simply a waste. Instead of giving her such good tea, it's better to just serve her plain boiled water!

Ruo Qiu couldn't help but find it amusing to see Lin Zaozao holding a teacup with a look of deep resentment. Lin Zaozao's straightforward and adorable nature was truly endearing.

It's just some tea leaves! As long as she wants to drink it, he could use this precious White Luxury Silver Needle to make tea eggs for her.

He is working hard to earn money, all for the sake of ensuring a good life for his little girl.

As long as he can financially support his little girl, she will secure her position as the Empress in the Cold Country more and more firmly.

"Mistress, the clothes are here. Please choose; see which one Madam prefers?"

Facing the respectful gaze of the shopkeeper, Lin Zaozao pointed to her own nose and asked, "Shopkeeper, do you recognize me?"

"I have seen Your Majesty."

As soon as Lin Zaozao's voice fell, the shopkeeper immediately knelt down, bowing respectfully to Lin Zaozao.

What a joke! He has been with the master for so long.

He and the other shopkeepers were specially trained assistants for the late master. When Ruo Qiu was trapped in the village and living a destitute life, they wanted to help secretly, but the eyes of the Empress Canglan were always fixed on them.

If they had any deviation, it would be fine if they died, but if it implicated Ruo Qiu, even if they died, they would have a hard time explaining to the deceased master.

Fortunately, the new wife that Ruo Qiu married suddenly became intelligent. Although she quarreled with Ruo Qiu, she also made Ruo Qiu lively and happy.

Most importantly, since Ruo Qiu got married, they clearly noticed that the eyes watching them had gradually decreased.

In the end, all those eyes disappeared.

Until the identity of the girl in front of them was revealed, they understood. The person who eliminated those eyes around them was the High Priest of the Cold Night.

The purpose of the High Priest's actions was obviousto better protect this still young Empress.

Now they followed Ruo Qiu to the Cold Country. If they didn't know who the girl standing by their master was, then they, as shopkeepers, might as well stop and go home to farm.

Without even this level of insight, what qualifications do they have to support their master?

"Commoner Li Cheng, pays respects to Your Majesty."

"Hey, Shopkeeper Li, don't kneel to me. I came out today in disguise. If you kneel, what's the point of my incognito visit?"

After hearing Lin Zaozao's words, Shopkeeper Li immediately stood up from the ground, raised his head, glanced at Lin Zaozao, then quickly lowered his head, respectfully introducing the clothes he brought for Lin Zaozao.

Lin Zaozao looked at the clothes brought by Shopkeeper Li and felt a pang of discomfort.

Because, these clothes looked too extravagant. Most importantly, the numerous gemstones and tassels embellishing the clothes were dazzling enough to blind her. If she wore these clothes outside, she'd look like she was performing in a grand opera.

No, how could one dress so ostentatiously when going incognito like an emperor on a secret outing? If she walked out in these, she'd be practically shouting to everyone, "Hey everyone, come and see me! I'm the Empress of Han Kingdom. And if you don't believe it, just look at how extravagant my attire is, even grander than those opera singers."

The thought of herself looking ridiculous made Lin Zaozao uncontrollably shiver.

No, absolutely not! She couldn't wear these clothes!

"Ruo Qiu, I'm supposed to be in disguise! If I wear these clothes, I'd definitely be the most eye-catching one on the street. What's the point of wearing such extravagant attire when going incognito? I might as well just openly declare my identity."

Meeting Lin Zaozao's disdainful gaze, Ruo Qiu exchanged a glance with Shopkeeper Li. Catching Ruo Qiu's signal, Shopkeeper Li immediately took the clothes and left.

In no time, he returned with some ordinary clothes. Lin Zaozao looked at these plain white clothes, and instinctively reached for a red embroidered garment with big green leaves.

"Zaozao, this garment is too flashy and will attract too much attention. Besides, its design looks a bit old-fashioned, not suitable for a young girl like you."

Taking the brightly colored garment from Lin Zaozao's hand, Ruo Qiu smiled and tucked it away.

Honestly, what was Shopkeeper Li thinking, bringing out such flamboyant attire? And the worst part was, her Zaozao actually liked these garish, brightly colored clothes.

"Then I'll pick another one."

Lin Zaozao looked at the remaining clothes, either plain white or dull yellow, terribly drab.

No matter how you looked at it, they weren't as nice as the one she had just chosen.

She didn't like any of these clothes.

They were too plain!

Turning her head, Lin Zaozao unconsciously looked again at the brightly colored garment in Ruo Qiu's hands.

Catching Lin Zaozao's hopeful gaze, Ruo Qiu swiftly hid the garment under the chair and picked out a long skirt in pale white, handing it to Lin Zaozao.

"Zaozao, you'll look great in this garment."

"But, Ruo Qiu. It's just plain white, there's not even a single flower on it. Will I look good wearing it?"

Lin Zaozao asked, doubtful.

"It'll look good, Zaozao, I'm sure of it."

"But I don't like this pure white garment. It's so plain, it's downright ugly."

Lin Zaozao complained as she rubbed the garment, wearing a reluctant expression.

"Zaozao, let's give it a try. If you really don't like it after changing, we can pick another one, okay?"

"Fine, alright."

Lin Zaozao reluctantly agreed.

With a pout, Lin Zaozao held the garment and turned to walk towards the changing room.

Upon seeing Lin Zaozao entering the room early, Ruo Qiu pointed to the garish red and green garment stuffed under the chair and asked somewhat irritably, "Shopkeeper Li, why did you bring in such an outdated piece of clothing? It's too flashy, completely unsuitable for a young girl to wear."

"Master, that garment was too flashy and has been sitting unsold in the shop for quite some time. I intended to use it for wrapping, but unexpectedly, Madam took a liking to it," Shopkeeper Li explained with a hint of grievance in his voice.

Listening to Shopkeeper Li's somewhat aggrieved tone, Ruo Qiu couldn't help but massage his temples.

His young girl's sense of aesthetics truly needed some refinement. Despite being such a fine young lady, she seemed to favor those garish reds and greens, excessively bright and eye-catching clothes.

Even when it came to jewelry, she only fancied those made of gold. Alternatively, she preferred the ones embedded with colorful gemstones atop gold.

As for jade jewelry, she wouldn't even spare a glance. Her reason being that jade was too precious, and she would feel heartbroken if it were to break.

Fundamentally, she simply disliked anything with pale colors.

As Ruo Qiu internally criticized Lin Zaozao's taste, the door inside opened.

Turning around, Ruo Qiu laid eyes on Lin Zaozao in her flowing white attire. With her naturally petite face, she looked even more adorable in the white outfit.

Yet, despite her adorable appearance, her face was tightly drawn, giving her a somewhat serious expression, which involuntarily reminded Ruo Qiu of another aspect of Lin Zaozao.

She resembled... a solemn priest!

Chapter end

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