The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 276

Chapter 276

The next morning, bright and early after Lin Zaozao opened her eyes, she felt a fleshy, bulging object obstructing her vision.

She reached out and squeezed it, finding the texture quite pleasant and bouncy. As she explored towards the center, she could distinctly feel two little holes.

Instinctively, Lin Zaozao inserted her fingers into one of the holes, only to find herself struggling to breathe.

Huh? What's going on?

By feel, the thing she was grasping seemed to be growing out of her own body!

In utter shock, Lin Zaozao quickly sat up in bed. As she did so, her line of sight directly met that of Xiao Liuli, Ye Yi, Little Xibei, and Gu Shan.

Seeing their stunned yet barely suppressed smiles, Lin Zaozao became even more perplexed.

As she tilted her head, attempting to decipher the meaning behind their grins, something suddenly felt stuck to her face.

Puzzled, she reached up and felt a soft, smooth surface - a large ear.

Frowning, she explored further, realizing they felt like pig ears.

Pig ears!

Recalling the punishment from the Dog System the previous night, Lin Zaozao leapt three feet into the air, bolting upright from the bed.

She grabbed Gu Shan's hand, intending to ask him for a mirror. However, the words that came out were...

"Oink oink, oink oink oink... oink, oink oink, oink..."

Hearing herself make pig-like grunting noises, Lin Zaozao immediately clapped a hand over her mouth.

With no time to consult Gu Shan, Lin Zaozao scurried around the room barefoot in her pajamas, desperately searching for a mirror. She needed to see what kind of bizarre appearance she currently had.Diiscover new tories at nve/lbin(.)c/o

As Lin Zaozao frantically searched, Little Xibei's lips curved into a perfect 45-degree smile, and he shifted a step to the side.

Behind where he had been standing, a full-length bronze mirror now appeared.

After shooting Little Xibei a puzzled glance, Lin Zaozao hurried over and stared at her reflection.

One look was all it took before Lin Zaozao's eyes rolled back, and she collapsed backwards.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Zaozao, don't faint! It's no big deal, just a pair of cute, pink piggy ears, plus an adorable little snout!

Hmm! I kinda like it. I gave it a squeeze earlier, and the texture is pretty nice, feels great actually."

As Lin Zaozao lay cradled in Little Xibei's arms, he playfully stroked her snout and ears with his paws.

Hearing his teasing tone, she wanted to curse him out.

"Keep your cute crap to yourself!"

Unfortunately, what came out was -

"Oink oink oink, oink oink, oink oink..."

After grunting, Lin Zaozao uncontrollably nuzzled her snout against Little Xibei's chest.

Damn it, her current appearance was utterly humiliating.

Recalling her reflection, with the two pink, floppy ears, and herself snorting and snuffling...

And her nose, morphed into a large pig snout. Though rosy and cute, every time she exhaled, she could clearly see hot air puffing from her nostrils.

Oh mother!

This look was truly unbearable! Hideously ugly!

If she were a character in a cartoon, she'd be Pig Man.

No, wait - Xiao Fei Fei.

That Dog System must have dog crap for brains to come up with such a stinking punishment!

"Oink oink oink..."

(Little Xibei!)

Hearing her own oinking sounds, Lin Zaozao promptly sealed her lips. She couldn't speak now, lest she unleash more grunts.

[(Dog System, get your butt out here!) Oink oink oink oink...]

[Hahaha... What an ugly pig-head! Piggy face, piggy brain, piggy snout, plus piggy ears.

Hahaha... so hilarious, so ugly! Hahaha...]

[(Dog System, you just wait, I'll tear you apart!) Oink oink oink...]


Listening to the system's arrogant laughter, then hearing her own grunts as she tried to curse it out...

At that moment, Lin Zaozao wished she could die.

The Dog System must have anticipated her trying to insult it, which is why it made her only able to make pig noises for these three days!

Thinking of her pig snout and ears, Lin Zaozao didn't even have the courage to lift her head from Little Xibei's embrace.

But she couldn't keep her head buried there for three whole days!

Oh damn! How was she supposed to face anyone looking like this?

Truly, she was hideously ugly!

"Zaozao, how are you feeling?"

"Zaozao, are your ears hurting?"

"Dear sister, raise your head and let me see what's causing this."

Hearing the concerned voices of Gu Shan, Ye Yi, and Xiao Liuli, Lin Zaozao slowly lifted her head from Little Xibei's arms.

Perhaps due to her sheer bad luck, as she raised her head, one of the gemstones sewn onto Little Xibei's shirt became lodged directly in her nostril.

As Lin Zaozao tilted her head back, a sharp pang of pain shot through her brain.

With one hand braced against Little Xibei's chest and the other clutching her nose, Lin Zaozao winced.

Damn it, it was just a stupid gemstone! Why did it hurt so much?

"Zaozao, what's wrong?"

Hearing Little Xibei's concern, Lin Zaozao patted his chest, then pointed to her nose, trying to make him understand her predicament.

After all, she could only grunt like a pig at the moment, unable to form words.

Following her gesturing, Little Xibei looked down and finally noticed the gemstone sewn onto his shirt appeared to be - lodged in Lin Zaozao's nostril.

Seeing her reddened eyes from the pain, Little Xibei suppressed a smile and reached to tug the gemstone free.

Unfortunately, the quality of his shirt was too good.

Or rather, he was afraid of hurting Lin Zaozao, so he didn't pull with full force.

Seeing Lin Zaozao on the verge of tears, Little Xibei pursed his lips, turned to Gu Shan with a stifled laugh, and said,

"Gu Shan, do you have a knife? Help me cut this gemstone off."

Following Little Xibei's gaze to Lin Zaozao's distressed, teary face, Gu Shan finally noticed the gemstone wedged in her snout.

Reminded of the time in Luoshui Village when Lin Zaozao got her head and butt stuck between a chair and an ox skull, Gu Shan almost laughed too.

But instead of laughter, the sound that came from his mouth was...

"Wah wah wah... Poor Zaozao! How did a gemstone get stuck in your little piggy nose?"

"Oink oink oink..."

(Gu Shan, don't cry!)

"Wah wah wah... You're so unlucky, Zaozao!"

"Oink oink oink..."

(Gu Shan, you're mocking my misery!)

While sobbing, Gu Shan pulled out a small knife blade from his sleeve. Before Lin Zaozao or Little Xibei could react, he sliced off the gemstone sewn onto Little Xibei's shirt.

In that fleeting glint of steel, Lin Zaozao instinctively took a step back. Only then did she realize the shiny gemstone was still lodged in her nostril as she sniffed.

"Hmph hmph hmph..."

(Gu Shan, help me pick this out, it hurts!)

"Woo woo woo, Zaozao, you poor thing!"

Gu Shan wiped away tears while carefully helping Lin Zaozao pick out the gemstone. In his heart, he cursed Xi Luo a million times.

That damn Xi Luo, is he crazy or what? How could he enjoy seeing others' humiliation so much!

Lin Zaozao's pig nose and pig ears, and her whiny, timid appearance. He could clearly imagine with his mind's foot that this was Xi Luo's doing.

When Gu Shan finally picked out the gemstone stuck in Lin Zaozao's nose and held it in his hand, he understood why the gemstone had gotten stuck in her nose.

The gemstone that was lodged in Lin Zaozao's nose was not only large, but it had been cut into a T-shape. For aesthetic purposes, the two pointed ends were sharpened to an extreme.

Lin Zaozao was also unlucky. When she nuzzled her nose into Little Xibei's embrace, the hooks on the sides of the gemstone caught her nose.

Taking the culprit gemstone from Gu Shan's hand, fire could have spewed from Lin Zaozao's eyes.

Was she an unlucky soul reborn or what?

Not only had she been turned into a pig-nosed, pig-eared creature in the early morning, but now a broken gemstone was bullying her too.

When Lin Zaozao angrily wanted to throw away the gemstone in her hand, her raised hand slowly lowered again.

She couldn't throw it away. This gemstone was so large and of such good quality that it was surely worth a fortune.

Throwing away such a valuable gemstone would be unacceptable.

Thinking it over, Lin Zaozao put her outstretched hand back down and tucked the gemstone into the pouch at her waist.

"Hmph hmph hmph..."

(Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli...)

Upon seeing Lin Zaozao's teary eyes, Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli, who had been standing by, immediately came up to her and gently rubbed her reddened, gemstone-hooked nose with some concern.

However, as Ye Yi rubbed, he found the feeling too good, and eventually ended up pinching and playing with her nose.

Feeling that her pig nose was being pinched to the point where she could barely breathe, she angrily slapped away Ye Yi's salty hands.

"Hmph hmph hmph!"

Lin Zaozao glared angrily at Ye Yi, then charged straight into his stomach.

Following Lin Zaozao's momentum, Ye Yi chuckled and embraced her, laughing lightly.

"Be good, Zaozao! I just couldn't help myself earlier. But Zaozao, your pig nose and pig ears are quite cute."

"Humph! Humph! Humph!"


Hearing the hearty laughter of Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli and the others, Lin Zaozao was fuming from all seven orifices.

Why was she so unlucky, unlucky, unlucky?

Ahhhh! She was really going to die from anger.

Just as Lin Zaozao was feeling extremely gloomy and planned to hide in her room for the next three days without going anywhere, Gu Shan's words made her feel like she could just go die right then and there.

Chapter end

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