The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 275

Chapter 275

Hearing the questioning tone from the little red furball in front of him, Xi Luo's eyes were filled with endless killing intent.

Perhaps sensing Xi Luo's killing intent, the little red furball subconsciously floated backwards.Updted chapters n nvelbin(.)com

[You want to kill me! Xi Luo, don't forget, we're both Systems now, our lives are intertwined. You don't have the authority or ability to kill me.

If you kill me, we'll both be punished by The Way of Heaven and vanish from this world.]

[Little red ball, or should I call you the demoniac now. Every time you tell me that doing wrong will invoke punishment from The Way of Heaven.

But after all these years, I haven't even seen a shadow of this so-called Way of Heaven! The Way of Heaven you speak of, are you just making it up to deceive me?

We've been entangled for so long, our fates are already intertwined. So why hasn't this Way of Heaven you mentioned appeared to punish me?

After all, I, this System, am just an intruder.

Or perhaps, above you, there is no Way of Heaven at all. The suffering my elder sister endured, and the suffering of the common people in this small world, it's all just a sham orchestrated by you!]

After speaking, Xi Luo's gaze fixed intently on the big eye of the little red ball, hoping to find the answers he needed from its panicked reaction.

But the result was that after a brief moment of tension, the little red ball quickly regained its arrogant and overbearing demeanor.

[Xi Luo, The Way of Heaven naturally exists. It's just that your level is too low, so you can't see it yet.]

[Is that so?]

Xi Luo walked up to the red furball, smiling faintly as he gently stroked the tuft of fur sticking up on its head.

[You say your temper has gotten worse. Elder sister is just resting in the space I created for her.

But you! You even dared to shock elder sister's soul with electricity. Don't you know in your heart?

Shocking someone's soul is far more painful than shocking their physical body! You made elder sister suffer so much agony, how should I punish you?]

Meeting Xi Luo's golden eyes and the killing intent within, the little red furball subconsciously retreated a step.

But before it could retreat, Xi Luo tightly grabbed the tuft of fur on its head.

The next second...

[Ahhh! It hurts, let go, let, let go... Xi Luo, do you want to die? Ahhh...]

Hearing the red furball's agonizing screams, Xi Luo's eyes revealed his undisguised killing intent.

If only he could kill this wretched thing called the System...

But before Xi Luo could strike, a surge of excruciating pain forced him to let go.

Xi Luo collapsed to the ground, watching as the red furball shrank smaller and smaller until it finally transformed into a red-robed youth with an effeminate appearance.

[Xi Luo, our pain is connected. When you were shocking me, didn't you think you'd have to endure the same suffering?

These years, we've tortured each other in an endless cycle of one waxing as the other wanes. It's time we put an end to this!]

[Not until elder sister is truly safe. There can be no end between us.

While shocking you caused me pain, I only thought that if I tortured you until you couldn't stand, then my elder sister would be a little safer.

All these years, you've only claimed to be the System. But I feel you're more like an independent being, not the emotionless string of data you claim to be.

Because I've noticed you can feel fear and pain. How could a mere emotionless string of data understand fear and pain?

Isn't that right, demoniac?]

Hearing Xi Luo's interrogative tone, the red-robed youth instinctively retreated another step. This Xi Luo, he was too ruthless.

Ruthless to others, but even more ruthless to himself.

In the previous life, if he hadn't bound his fate to Lin Zaozao's, if he died then Lin Zaozao would die too.

Then this Xi Luo would have killed him long ago.

Recalling Xi Luo's cruel methods, the red-robed youth's body trembled involuntarily.

Seeing the demoniac's cowering demeanor, contempt filled Xi Luo's eyes.

Soon, very soon!

He and this accursed System were both nearing the limits of their abilities. When their abilities were exhausted, that would be the time for them to die together.

Once this life came to an end, he would definitely find the secret the System had hidden away. As long as he found the solution, then his elder sister would truly be free.

His elder sister would never again have to be some suffering great priestess dedicated to saving others.

She would never be a mere puppet controlled by others.

As long as this damned System died, then his elder sister could simply be his elder sister, not anyone else's marionette.

[Xi Luo, if we keep fighting each other like this, neither of us will survive.]

[It doesn't matter! Aren't we both just emotionless strings of data now? I'm not afraid to die, what are you afraid of?

Rest assured, even in death, I'll drag you down with me. We've tortured each other for so many years, we might as well walk the yellow springs road together as companions.]

[Xi Luo, you madman!]

[Madman! I like the sound of that.]

Xi Luo dragged his aching body up from the ground. Step by step, he approached the red-robed youth, grabbed his collar, and said coldly:

[Little red ball, if you want me to spare you, then sever your binding with elder sister right now, how about it?

As long as you sever the binding, I'm willing to take your place and bear all the consequences myself.]

Seeing Xi Luo's pleading eyes, the red-robed youth's gloomy eyes held only endless hatred and fear.

If he could, he would have handed over the position of System to Xi Luo long ago.

But thinking of the sin he had committed, a sin that could not be atoned for even if he was killed ten thousand times.

He became the System hoping to experience countless worlds, change the fates of others, and advance his position further.

Not be locked in these two small worlds, endlessly cycling as he is now.

But the sin he committed was unforgivable.

Now he could neither kill Lin Zaozao, the child of destiny he needed to atone for his sin, nor could he kill Xi Luo.

Yet if this dragged on, his death was inevitable.

The red-robed youth looked up at Xi Luo's faint smile, his heart filled with resentment.

If Lin Zaozao was the overt heroine of this world, then Xi Luo was the hidden final boss.

He had schemed against everyone else, yet failed to guard against this youth. It was his own negligence that brought him to this state.

This youth was just too ruthless, willing to endure any pain and pay any price to protect that foolish woman Lin Zaozao.

As the red-robed youth seethed with hatred, pondering Xi Luo, the latter spoke up in a gloomy tone:

[Little red ball, what do you say? Will you listen to me and sever your binding with elder sister?]

[No, I can't do that, nor would I.]

[Is that so? You've tightly bound your life to elder sister's, aren't you afraid that if she fails her mission, she'll drag you down to your death with her?]

[Would you all let her die? You, Han Ye, Han Xibei, and that whole crowd surrounding Lin Zaozao.

You willingly had your memories erased and came to this world, all to help her complete her mission.

So you could let her live.

["If Lin Zaozao were to die now, that would mean my eyes are blind."]

["So you've been sticking to my older sister so shamelessly for this reason!"

"Alright then! I can't kill you now, but you can't kill me either. Just wish my older sister's mission success! As long as she's alive, you can continue living alongside her.

If my older sister dies, whether in this world or the previous world, everything will be ruined! I, Xi Luo, will make sure everyone accompanies her in death."]

["Xi Luo, how dare you!"]

The red-robed youth said angrily.

["Why wouldn't I dare? Little Red Ball, the only one I care about is my older sister. Back then, she brought me back from the wolf pack, allowing me to transform from a feared wolf pup into a revered little priest.

Before my older sister brought me home, I grew up with the wolf pack. I possess the same loyalty as the wolf pack.

And my loyalty is dedicated solely to my older sister. I was so resentful back then for not noticing my older sister's abnormalities in time.

If I had noticed that filthy thing inside my older sister earlier, how could I have let her die in such a tragic way!"]

Seeming to recall something, Xi Luo's golden eyes rapidly turned crimson red.

The red-robed youth lying on the ground saw Xi Luo's crimson red eyes. He instinctively retreated a few steps, then vanished from Xi Luo's sight in a flash.

In this world, wasn't Xi Luo just a simple paper being? How could he be more powerful than a real person like himself?

If this continued, did he still have a chance to survive?

Seeing the direction the red-robed youth left, Xi Luo's eyes reverted from crimson red back to golden.

He arrogantly brushed his golden bangs aside, his expression full of disdain.

That Little Red Ball kept saying that he and his older sister were just paper beings, so they should follow the fate he had arranged for them.


Paper beings!

They and his older sister were flesh and blood, living people. Even a clay figure would show some backbone when pushed to the limit!

Let alone them.

As Xi Luo turned around again, a flash of white light enveloped him, and his body transformed into a small white furball.

His suspended body slowly floated to where Lin Zaozao had been resting. Finding her sleeping spot, he curled up tightly and slowly fell asleep.

He was truly exhausted from controlling his older sister's body today.

When would he be able to accompany his older sister by her side?

Chapter end

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