The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 269

Chapter 269

Since Eldest Sister dares not face her own heart, he will help Eldest Sister out. He will add fuel to the fire, turn the raw rice directly into cooked rice, and see if Eldest Sister will acknowledge it.

Having made up his mind, Xi Luo disregarded Gu Shan's opposition and raised his hand, saying loudly, "Everyone, since today is a day for family reunion, let's celebrate properly, shall we?"

"Yes, Your Majesty Mingzhu."

"Yes, Your Majesty Mingzhu."

"Yes, Your Majesty Mingzhu."


Listening to the unanimous responses and seeing everyone kneeling down, Xi Luo couldn't help but feel ecstatic. This was the treatment he, Xi Luo, should receive as a small priest!

Although he was currently in Eldest Sister's body, it felt pretty good to show off a bit using her body.

Day by day, he was locked up in that dark and broken place, unable to eat or drink, and even without anyone to talk to.

Although he could sometimes talk to Eldest Sister, he dared not reveal his true identity.

So most of the time, their interactions were dominated by his teasing of Eldest Sister.

There was no other way!

If Eldest Sister did not pay a small price, what she would pay would be the same as in her past life, a piercing pain.

Gu Shan turned his head to look at Xi Luo's smug look, his brows so furrowed they could have crushed a mosquito.

If this body were not inhabited by a soul from the past, and if the soul were not currently watching him, he would have wanted to slap Xi Luo dead right now.

Why did this guy named Xi Luo seem so annoying even though they shared the same body!

Turning his head to look at Gu Shan's tightly furrowed brows, Xi Luo smiled at him affectionately.

"Gu Shan, my darling, how about I carry you up now, or give you a little kiss and a hug? What do you think?"

After speaking, Xi Luo, ignoring Gu Shan's resistance, carried him up in a princess carry and walked towards the side of Little Xibei.

Feeling Gu Shan struggling, Xi Luo looked at his face and said with a fake smile, "Gu Shan, do you think I'm willing to carry you? I've cursed you so that you're constantly stuck to Eldest Sister.

If the curse does not manifest on you, it will manifest on the child in your belly.

Gu Shan, you've lived a life of licking blood from the edge of a knife since you were young. Although it doesn't show on the surface, your body is already in a state of internal decay.

You know in your heart that in a few years, your body will completely collapse due to internal injuries.

Eldest Sister's pure sacrificial ability is protected by the Way of Heaven. You must stay by her side to protect yourself and your child."

"Xi Luo, can you tell me, what was my status in the past life?"

"A priest, a true priest. But she was also a pawn controlled by the Way of Heaven."

"A pawn? Did I have a very bad time in the past life?"

"Yes! It was very bad, extremely bad. Alright, time's up. Gu Shan, come down! To be honest, I don't want to carry you, you're really heavy."

Roughly tossing Gu Shan aside, ignoring his furrowed brows, Xi Luo turned around and raised an eyebrow with a smirk towards Little Xibei.

If it weren't for his inability to shield Eldest Sister's vision, he would have thrown Gu Shan out just now.

As a grown man, he prefers cute little girls. And he's definitely not into men, so how could he possibly like hugging a stiff grown man!

Seeing Xi Luo's smirk at him, Zaozao couldn't help but feel a pang of toothache.

He's better off not messing with him, better stay away a bit!

Xi Luo, this troublemaker, is naturally his nemesis.

Seeing Zaozao's disdainful look, Xi Luo was about to go over and disgust him, but he was blocked by Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli who had been following them all along.

"Zaozao, are you feeling unwell? I sense something off about you," Ye Yi asked.

Facing Ye Yi's inquiry, Zaozao, with Xi Luo's face, just smiled faintly without saying a word.

Seeing Zaozao's silence, as the doubt in his eyes grew heavier, Xiao Liuli timely walked to Zaozao's side and gently touched her arm.

"Eldest... Sister?"

Xi Luo turned his head and met Xiao Liuli's beautiful Luli Eyes.

Those eyes are really too beautiful, and they're causing him too much trouble.

With just a pair of Luli Eyes, she can see through others' past and present lives, but she can't see through her own fate.

Fortunately, in this life, Xiao Liuli's ability of Luli Eyes was taken away by his Eldest Sister, Ye Xi.

Otherwise, he would end up in tragedy again.

"Eldest Sister, why aren't you speaking?" Xiao Liuli looked at "Zaozao" with a puzzled expression.

"Hehehe! Eldest Sister is so shocked by your beautiful appearance that she can't speak.

Come, come, come, to celebrate the clear sky after the rain on the Eighteen Floors, Eldest Sister will treat you to a drink now."

Xi Luo turned around, looked at the gloomy faces of Gu Shan, Ye Yi, and Little Xibei, then glanced at the silent Dashan, and cheerfully invited, "Come on, my little husbands, let's go drink with me!"

After saying that, without looking at Gu Shan and others' unpleasant faces, Xi Luo directly embraced Xiao Liuli's slender waist and walked towards the stairs.

Xiao Liuli looked at the hand Xi Luo placed on her waist, then looked up at this familiar face.

The more she looked, the more something felt off.VIssT n0(v)eL/b(i)(n). for the best novel reading experience

Although Eldest Sister is usually lecherous, she only likes to get handsy with her little husbands.

For him, Eldest Sister has always kept her distance, never doing anything inappropriate.

But just now, he kept staring at Eldest Sister, and Eldest Sister couldn't possibly have been swapped under his nose, right!

Could it be? He's overthinking.

Or maybe, Eldest Sister is willing to accept him now, so she's getting close to him like this?

Thinking of this reason, Xiao Liuli felt excited, and her cheeks involuntarily turned red.

As Xi Luo's eyes swept over Xiao Liuli's blushing face, the smile on his lips grew even more intense.

Eldest Sister! I've stirred up this fire for you, but how well the rice is cooked depends on your performance.

Zaozao, nestled inside the transparent canopy, was shocked to see Xi Luo's hand lingering around Xiao Liuli's waist.

Damn it, Xi Luo is actually hitting on Xiao Liuli!!!

Damn dog of a system, Xiao Liuli is still a child. Where the hell do you think you're touching?!

Dog system, Ye Yi is still following behind! Putting your paw on Xiao Liuli's waist like that, aren't you trying to stir up trouble between me and Ye Yi?

Hurry up and keep your filthy paws off me. Who do you think you're touching... Oh wait, you shouldn't be touching anyone with my body!

Gu Shan, Ye Yi, they all belong to me, not you. You stinking mosquito coil of a system, hurry up and give me back control of my body!!!

Listening to Zaozao's furious rant, Xi Luo couldn't help but smirk.

Eldest Sister's voice was really too loud.

But as if he remembered something, he boldly, right in front of Ye Yi and the others, pressed against Zaozao's body and reached straight into Xiao Liuli's clothes at the waist.

Xi Luo's daring move shocked Xiao Liuli and made her blush even more.

And Ye Yi, Gu Shan, and Little Xibei, who had been following behind them, all scowled deeply, enough to crush a fly.

Dashan, who had been standing by, frowned slightly when he saw Zaozao's misbehaving hand, and strode forward, grabbing Xi Luo's mischievous hand.

"Hey! Cut it out already!"

Dashan gave a sidelong glance at the mischievous "Zaozao" in front of him, the disdain in his eyes almost tangible.

"Huh? You got it?"

"Tch! At this point, if I still didn't get it, then I, Dashan, would be unworthy of being Eldest Sister's guard.

You may be formidable, but so am I. Do you know that I am now the Bright Sacrifice in the sacrificial hall?"

"Bright Sacrifice?"

Xi Luo released Xiao Liuli's waist, his golden eyes meeting Dashan's stern expression.

In this lifetime, he wanted to avoid all this, but what was the result? In this lifetime, everyone still stood by Eldest Sister's side, albeit in a different way.

Gu Shan, Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli, all of them.

Who else? Right, Eldest Sister's few husbands, they all are too.

In this lifetime, they stood by Eldest Sister's side in a different way.

Dashan was the Bright Sacrifice in the sacrificial hall, then who else is the Bright Sacrifice in the sacrificial hall?

Oh! Right, it's Uncle Zhang!

The old man with the white hair, he is also the Bright Sacrifice in the sacrificial hall.

Bright Sacrifice! That's putting your life on the line to protect Eldest Sister's safety.

Thinking of that, Xi Luo didn't have the mood to flirt with Xiao Liuli anymore. He turned around and looked at Little Xibei, Gu Shan, and the others, speaking up.

"Everyone, I don't have much time left. While I still have a bit of time, shall we go out for a drink?"

Little Xibei looked at Xi Luo's golden eyes, pondered for a moment, then nodded.

And Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli, who had been standing by, listened to Xi Luo, Dashan, and Little Xibei's conversation.

After a moment of confusion, their eyes widened abruptly.

The person standing before them wasn't Zaozao.

If she wasn't Zaozao, then where was Zaozao?

Yet, as Xiao Liuli and Ye Yi looked into Gu Shan and Little Xibei's calm eyes, they realized that the three of them knew the person before them wasn't the real Zaozao.

However, the body before them was indeed Zaozao's.

If the body belonged to Zaozao, then the soul that had been replaced was Zaozao's!

At the thought of this, a dangerous gleam flashed in Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli's eyes.

Especially Xiao Liuli, his Luli Eyes seemed like two bottomless abysses at this moment.

With just one glance, he could peer directly into someone's soul.

Chapter end

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