The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 267

Chapter 267

Lin Zaozao watched in dismay as the System used her own body, its hands sliding down her belly.

[You perverted System, I'll XXXXXXX your great-great-grandfather. So many people are watching! Where are your paws groping?!

If you touch there in front of so many people, how can I show my face anymore!]

Hearing Lin Zaozao's roars, the System's descending hand froze momentarily.

It looked around, and when it met the puzzled gazes of Gu Shan, Little Xibei, and others, it immediately withdrew its hand and flashed them a brilliant smile.

Seeing "Lin Zaozao's" smile, Gu Shan, Little Xibei, Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli, and the others couldn't help but furrow their brows.

Were their eyes deceiving them, or had Lin Zaozao somehow transformed into a different person in the blink of an eye?

She was usually vulgar and lustful, but she had never muttered to herself while shamelessly groping her own body in front of so many people!

Faced with the bewildered looks from Gu Shan and the others, the System remained unfazed and cleared its throat lightly.

It held a hairpin in its hand and strode toward Little Xibei.

When Little Xibei's gaze met "Lin Zaozao's" golden eyes, his heart skipped a beat, and he instinctively took a step back.

But then, "Lin Zaozao" took a step toward Little Xibei, swaying her body seductively.

Watching "Lin Zaozao's" wildly swinging body and the coquettish glances she kept throwing his way, a familiar feeling washed over Little Xibei's heart.Ne/w novel chaptrs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

The person before him wasn't Lin Zaozao.

The only one who could twist their body like a pretzel was Xi Luo.

That scoundrel Xi Luo had possessed Lin Zaozao's bodywhat was he trying to do?

Before Little Xibei could devise a plan, "Lin Zaozao" slithered toward him in an S-shape and flung herself into his embrace.

"My dear~~~"


Little Xibei instinctively held Lin Zaozao's body, recoiling a step in revulsion.

But now "Lin Zaozao" clung to himwhere could he retreat?

"Little Xibei, my darling sweetheart! Come, let's smooch. Wahh~"

Feeling the clear kiss on his face, Little Xibei's body shuddered.

Oh my! How disgusting!

He wanted to vomit!

As he instinctively tried to shove "Lin Zaozao" away, she clung to him with arms and legs.

"Little Xibei, my Three-Second Darling, does Sister have time for us tonight? Shall we~"

Seeing "Lin Zaozao's" suggestive look, Little Xibei felt his eyes stinging.

"You, you're Xi..."

"Oh my! You're so naughty! There are so many people here! Don't say it so directly, or I'll get shy!"

"Lin Zaozao" covered Little Xibei's mouth and playfully punched his chest.

Her "gentle" punches made Little Xibei want to cough up blood.

"What exactly do you want to do?!"

Little Xibei glared into those familiar golden eyes and asked through gritted teeth.

"Nothing much! I just want to borrow a 'tiny' bit from you. Really, only a 'tiny' bit!"

Hearing "Lin Zaozao's" whiny voice, Little Xibei could clearly feel the vein on his forehead throbbing.

That scoundrel Xi Luo!

He was born to be his nemesis!!

"Darling Xibei, are you going to lend me or not?"

"Lin Zaozao's" hand rested "gently" on Little Xibei's waist.

Then, with force, she twisted.

Instantly, a searing pain shot through Little Xibei's body, making him jerk involuntarily.

"What exactly do you want?"

Little Xibei gritted his teeth against the pain in his waist and asked.

"Blood, of course! My fingers were injured a few days ago, and they're still hurting.

So, Great Master~ Little Xibei~ My sweetheart~ Could I borrow a 'tiny' bit of your blood to draw a sacrificial diagram?"

"But my blood is impure, it can't be used to draw sacrificial diagrams."

"That's okay! I have a way! A little blood won't work, but a 'tiny' bit will!"

Before Little Xibei could process "Lin Zaozao's" suggestive words, he was dragged toward the open space near the lava.

Once they reached the clearing, "Lin Zaozao" ignored Little Xibei's protests and grabbed his hand, slicing it with the hairpin without hesitation.

Blood immediately welled up from Little Xibei's fingertip.

"Your blood smells foul, but having some is much better than none."

Trapped in the transparent container, Lin Zaozao watched the System mutter to itself while gripping Little Xibei's hand, painting intricate sacrificial patterns on the ground with his blood.

While feeling sorry for Little Xibei, she couldn't help but study the sacrificial diagram the System was drawing.

She recognized this diagramshe could draw it too!

No, she definitely knew how to draw it.

Was it because of her previous life as a high priestess?

Meanwhile, whenever the System found one of Little Xibei's fingertips had run out of blood, it would calmly pierce another finger without changing expression.

By the time the sacrificial diagram was complete, the System had perforated all ten of Little Xibei's fingertips.

"Luckily, it's not this washboard that was injured. With such a flat chest, if he lost that much more blood, would the poor girl even be able to tell front from back?"

Hearing the System's mutterings, Little Xibei felt relieved that it wasn't Lin Zaozao who was injured, yet infuriated at the same time.

He was relieved that he, not Lin Zaozao, had been wounded while drawing the sacrificial diagram.

But he was furious that the scoundrel Xi Luo had taken advantage of Lin Zaozao's body to torment him!

As a man, how could he have twisted Lin Zaozao's body into such an awkward pretzel shape?

It looked utterly bizarre.

Sensing Little Xibei's indignant gaze, Xi Luo turned and flashed him an "innocent" smile.

"My dear, do you want to stay here and have a deeper exchange of feelings?"

Seeing Xi Luo's suggestive look, Little Xibei glared at him before turning and walking away.

As he reached Gu Shan's side, he heard the man say in a voice only the two of them could hear:

"That person isn't Lin Zaozao. It's the ghost called Xi Luo from Purgatory Valley, right?"

"Yeah! That shameless ghost Xi Luo."

Little Xibei agreed through gritted teeth.

As he turned and met the puzzled gazes of Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli, and the others, he pretended not to notice.

He had no right to explain Xi Luo's situation to anyone except Lin Zaozao.

But as Little Xibei clenched his fists, the severe pain in his fingertips caused his brow to furrow involuntarily.

That bastard Xi Luo!

He must have done it on purpose.

He had perforated Little Xibei's fingertips all the way through.

Meanwhile, Lin Zaozao was lying shamelessly on her side in the transparent space, watching the System perfect the sacrificial diagram.

When she saw the System coquettishly twisting her body to tease Little Xibei, she felt more amused than angry.

She had never known that her body could contort itself into such a pretzel shape while walking.

Yet somehow, watching the System twist her body into knots struck Lin Zaozao as hilarious!

And the System had managed to make her plain voice sound so whiny.

This guy must have been a woman in his previous life!

How else could a man move his body so seductively and make his voice that whiny?

[System, were you a man or a woman in your previous life?]

[I'm one with a handle, do you think I'm male or female?]

After Xi Luo finished the last stroke, she raised an eyebrow towards Lin Zaozao's soul direction.

[Are you male? Then were you on some kind of tour in your past life?]

[What place?]

Xi Luo asked in puzzlement.

[A place where you can get a sex change surgery! Once you go there, a straight man will instantly become as crooked as a mosquito coil.]

[You're calling me a transgender!]

[Isn't that so?]

Lin Zaozao asked in confusion.

[Lin Zaozao, you washboard, just you wait. Dare to call me a transgender, I'll make sure you can't walk with your pants on.]

[Dog System, what do you want to do!]

Hearing the System's fierce voice, Lin Zaozao asked in puzzlement.

[What do I want to do! You'll know after you see it.]

After saying that, Xi Luo picked up the hairpin in her hand, raised it high, and gently dropped it, then stabbed a small hole in Lin Zaozao's middle finger.

After squeezing out a drop of blood, she dripped it onto the center of the sacrificial diagram.

As the drop of blood from her fingertip fell onto the center of the sacrificial diagram, the illusory Buddha's light on Lin Zaozao's body gradually became dazzling.

"Lin Zaozao" was seen raising both arms, and the hairpin on her head automatically came off.

Her long black hair flowed down, and along with the dazzling Buddha's light, her hair waved without wind.

The sacred Buddha's light visibly spread at an astonishing speed. In just a moment, the radiance enveloped the entire huge forge.

Under the spread of the Buddha's light, the Poisoned People and Puppets who were just roaring fell silent.

Everyone looked at Lin Zaozao wrapped in the Buddha's light, their eyes full of undisguised shock.

What shocked them even more was that as the Buddha's light became brighter, a huge Moonlight Flower Tree grew from beneath Lin Zaozao's feet.

The Moonlight Flower Tree grew bigger and bigger, until its massive roots were not afraid of the scorching magma and plunged directly into the blazing magma.

When the top of the Moonlight Flower Tree enveloped the entire mountain, it slowly stopped growing.

Chapter end

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