The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 261

Chapter 261

Facing Little Xibei's furtive glances, Lin Zaozao recalled Xi Luo's curse on him before leaving.

One time, no more than three seconds...

After three seconds, you'll conceive a child...

At least two children conceived each time...

He would rather just die for ten years first...

"Li-Little Xibei, could you explain to me where the white flower trees outside came from?" Gu Shan asked weakly under the pressure of everyone present.

Meeting Lin Zaozao's cautious gaze, a dangerous look flashed in Little Xibei's eyes.

The root cause of his three-second limit, his childbearing, and his having numerous offspring - wasn't it this heartless brat in front of him?

Why did that bastard Xi Luo curse him? It was all because of this dead girl Lin Zaozao!

Having found the "culprit," Little Xibei gave Lin Zaozao a very "kind-hearted" look.

"Zaozao, do you really want to know the reason?"


Seeing Little Xibei's ill-intentioned gaze, Lin Zaozao's eyes flickered slightly. She bit her lip and probed hesitantly, "Little Xibei, if you want to tell me, go ahead. If you don't want to, then don't."

"How can I not tell you? After all, the moonlight flower trees outside are all thanks to you."

"Me? I don't remember doing anything."

"Zaozao, you may not remember, but I do."

Little Xibei strode to the window, eyeing the moonlight flower trees with an eerie gaze. He plucked a white moonlight flower petal and brought it to his nose for a gentle sniff.

Lin Zaozao felt Little Xibei was up to no good, observing his debonair behavior.

Sure enough, Little Xibei's next mischievous act almost made her fume.

Little Xibei brought the white flower petal to Lin Zaozao and placed it in her palm.

The next second, the white petal transformed into a wisp of light and vanished from Lin Zaozao's hand.

Watching the disappearing petal, Lin Zaozao and the others all looked dumbfounded.

"Zaozao, amazing, isn't it?"iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

"Amazing, quite amazing."

Lin Zaozao pulled Gu Shan to the window and picked another petal, intending to place it in Gu Shan's palm to see if it would disappear too.

But as soon as she touched the moonlight flower petal, it vanished without a trace, just like before.

"This is..."

Lin Zaozao turned back, looking at Little Xibei in shock, hoping for an explanation.

"Zaozao, those outside are moonlight flower trees. They not only bloom under the moonlight but also where curses have been lifted.

For the moonlight flowers to bloom during the day, a person with sacrificial abilities must lead their loved one through a sacrificial ritual in this cursed place.

Zaozao, when I was busy dealing with Princess Qianyue and those Witchers, Gu Shan was the only one guarding you.

To lift the curse here, you dragged Gu Shan into singing and dancing like a little madwoman for the sacrificial ritual.

Gu Shan used to be such a cold and aloof person, yet you forcibly pulled him into performing that ridiculous sacrificial dance against his will.

Since Gu Shan is not a Priest, he was harmed by the dance you made him do.

Think about how frosty Gu Shan used to be, and look at his pitiful, whiny state now - doesn't that seem strange?"

"I dragged Gu Shan into a sacrificial dance?"

Lin Zaozao pointed at herself, then at Gu Shan, asking in disbelief.

"Yes! Who else could it be? After all, apart from being the Female Emperor of Han Country, you're also the mysterious and noble Lin Dasheng revered by the people.

If you don't believe me, look at your fingers - aren't there ten bloody holes pricked into them?

That sacrificial dance requires the Priest's fresh blood, after all."

"But I don't know how to do that sacrificial dance!"

Lin Zaozao looked at her ten healed fingertips, utterly perplexed.

"Tch! You don't know the sacrificial dance? How dare you say that? Just now, you were dragging Gu Shan and almost dancing up into the air.

While dancing, you were also shouting something...

Ahem, ahem..."

Little Xibei cleared his throat, took off his outer robe and wrapped it around his hands, then shamelessly broke into an exaggerated dance in front of everyone.

"Moonlight tree, moonlight flower, hopping frogs under moonlight showers.

Green frog, warty frog, shabby clothes but flowery bogs.

Old sow in a bra, changing every hour.

Eating big buns, bar-hopping for fun, saving or splurging as one.

Dazzling worlds seduce the eyes, don't act high without real highs.

Glory comes to all in due time, don't mistake a moment for the prime.

Lin Zaozao, Lin Dasheng, dance with your man, challenge gods as an empress again.

Good Gu Shan, obedient Gu Shan, give me babies, Gu Shan!


"Stop, stop..."

Seeing Little Xibei about to take flight with his wild dancing, Lin Zaozao hurriedly cut him off from continuing his antics.

While she had no recollection of the earlier events, judging from Little Xibei's improvised lyrics, she must have indeed dragged Gu Shan into performing that ridiculous sacrificial dance.

The lyrics Little Xibei sang sounded like something she would compose.

After all, this was ancient times - there were no such things as bras or bars!

But when did she learn that absurd sacrificial dance? Could she have been possessed by a spirit just then?

As Lin Zaozao pondered silently with her head lowered, Gu Shan glared fiercely at Little Xibei with a sullen pout.

The National Preceptor, Xibei of Han, was truly shameless.

Singing and dancing so shamelessly in front of all these people - where was his usual dignified, aloof demeanor?

If that ghost Xi Luo had not forbidden him from revealing the reason now, he would have stripped Little Xibei of his arrogant facade.

Facing Gu Shan's vicious glare, Little Xibei responded with a disdainful smirk.

Hmph! Thinking about the miserable decade ahead of him, of course he had to vent his frustration on Zaozao, the root of all evil.

The impromptu rhyme he sang earlier was something he had heard Zaozao sing in his previous life, with only the last few lines slightly modified.

Unlike Lin Zaozao, the undercurrents between Gu Shan and Little Xibei went unnoticed by Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli, Lvzhi, and the others standing nearby, who all lowered their heads to suppress their laughter.

Had the National Preceptor been struck by a voodoo curse?

Otherwise, how could the usually arrogant Preceptor suddenly transform into a shameless madman, twisting his body like an idiot?

They wondered what had happened to make the dignified Preceptor let his guard down so completely in front of all these people.

"Lin Zaozao, you little honeydew melon, do you believe what I just said?"

Seeing Little Xibei's arrogant expression, Lin Zaozao could only nod in acknowledgment.

Still, Little Xibei really went to such lengths, shamelessly making a fool of himself just to expose her embarrassing antics.

She was truly in awe!

"Little Xibei, you said Gu Shan was affected by the sacrificial dance. How long will his condition last?"

"Not long, just three months. Three months later, Gu Shan will revert to his cold, ruthless Demon Lord self."

"I see. So, because I performed that sacrificial dance, it caused these white flower trees to fill up Purgatory Valley?"

"Moonlight flower trees."

"Ah, yes, moonlight flower trees. But Little Xibei, why did the moonlight flower petal turn into a wisp of light when it touched me?"

"That's because you're a Priest, imbued with the purest sacrificial power. When a moonlight flower petal touches sacrificial power, it naturally transforms into light."

"Really? But when did I become a priest? So many strange things happening day by day."

"Come on, Lin Zaozao. Don't worry about being a priest or not. For now, you should ask Lvzhi how they were discovered. After all, the main task is important."

"Ah! Yes, yes, the main task is important."

Lin Zaozao turned her head and glanced at Lvzhi, gesturing for him to continue his previous topic.

Looking at the Moonlight Flower Trees outside one after another, Lvzhi forcibly pulled back the shock from his eyes. He leaned against the window and said in a deep voice.

"Little master, a month ago, Princess Qianyue and I were thrown into Purgatory Valley by the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country, becoming outcasts.

I'm a spy, and a man, so I naturally wasn't afraid. But Princess Qianyue couldn't make it.

She was pampered from a young age, and suddenly, not only was she rejected by her imperial mother, but she also had to face this human hell directly.

Plus, Princess Qianyue's appearance is outstanding, so she naturally became a piece of meat for others to talk about.

So from the first day we set foot in Purgatory Valley, Princess Qianyue was targeted by those Witchers.

In order to stay alive, she couldn't disobey the demands of the Witchers."

At this point, Lvzhi took a long sigh and continued, holding back the sourness in his eyes.

"Little master, if it was just that, it would still be bearable. After all, before entering Purgatory Valley, Princess Qianyue was very promiscuous by nature.

When it came to intimate matters between men and women, she didn't care about the occasion, indulging in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian desires.

But, but on the second day, those damned Witchers fed Princess Qianyue with Seductive Venom.

Once afflicted by Seductive Venom, Princess Qianyue would become a mindless sex tool, only knowing how to constantly use her body to please those vile Witchers.

Little master, I followed Princess Qianyue for more than a decade, accompanying her as she grew up.

Although I'm a spy, after more than a decade of being with Princess Qianyue, how could I not have any feelings for her? When I saw her mindlessly seeking pleasure at that time, how could my heart not ache?

So I took action against those Witchers in secret. Unfortunately, those Witchers were more skilled and discovered my actions.

Sadly, I was foolish and unaware. Due to my stupidity, other brothers were implicated..."

Chapter end

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