The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 258

Chapter 258

Thinking of Xi Luo's giggling just moments ago, Little Xibei's eyes were filled with a dim, hazy light.

Xi Luo, he really went all out for Lin Zaozao.

Taking a long breath, Little Xibei turned to look at the still crying Gu Shan, his face cold as he asked, "Gu Shan, are you pregnant?"

"Wah wah wah... I don't know either. If that bastard Xi Luo wasn't lying just now... then, then I'm very likely pregnant, and I may even be carrying twins.

I'm already pregnant, why hasn't Lin Zaozao woken up to console me? I, I'm so devastated..."

Watching Gu Shan clutch Lin Zaozao's clothes to wipe his tears, Little Xibei's mouth twitched uncontrollably.

Xi Luo's curse is really damn effective!

An initially cold and ruthless assassin was cursed to become a crybaby.

Who knows how Lin Zaozao will react when she wakes up to see Gu Shan in such a pitiful state.

For now, Little Xibei found it both laughable and terrifying.

That's because that bastard Xi Luo had also cursed him, but he couldn't say it yet.

Sighing again, Little Xibei looked around at the unconscious people before slowly moving to sit beside Gu Shan.

"Gu Shan, why don't you try not to cry?"

"Wah wah wah... I've tried. But as soon as I open my mouth, I, I want to cry..."


"Lin Zaozao~"

"Gu Shan, then just keep crying slowly! Once you've cried enough, you'll naturally stop."

Little Xibei said helplessly.

Unfortunately, Little Xibei was mistaken.

Because for the next two hours, Gu Shan kept crying while hugging Lin Zaozao. He soaked his own clothes with tears first, then pulled at Lin Zaozao's sleeves to wipe them.

By now, Lin Zaozao and her clothes were completely soaked by Gu Shan's tears.

As for Little Xibei, he went from being vexed initially to becoming numb by the end.

It's over, he's really done for.

Gu Shan had just lost face, but Little Xibei had lost his dignity.

Why three seconds? Couldn't they have given him one more second?

Two hours had passed, and everyone around them had gradually regained consciousness.

Especially Matchless and Invincible, when the two of them woke up utterly confused, the first thing they saw was the transformed Purgatory Valley around them.

As they stood dazed by the giant moonlight flower-covered trees in the valley, Matchless and Invincible were then shocked by the sobbing Gu Shan, their mouths agape.

Was this whimpering, flower-hugging person really their former master, the cold and ruthless Demon Lord Gu Shan who had killed countless people?

They must be having a nightmare!

Otherwise, how could they possibly see the Demon Lord Gu Shan crying?

And crying in such a... womanly way!

If possible, they both wanted to cut themselves to prove with the pain that they were not dreaming.

But in the time that followed, they progressed from initial shock to eventual numbness.

Until this moment, when Gu Shan pulled at Lin Zaozao's sleeves again to furiously wipe his nose, Matchless and Invincible could barely hold back their laughter in their eyes.


It was almost time, the assassin brothers from the Eighteen Floors guarding Purgatory Valley would be coming over soon.

When the brothers saw their usually cold and ruthless Demon Lord turned into a sobbing mess, what would their reaction be?

As Matchless and Invincible fantasized about Gu Shan's predicament, Da Bao, who had been sitting beside them, lightly tugged at Matchless' sleeve and asked innocently, "Matchless brother, what's wrong with the Demon Lord Gu Shan? Why is he crying while hugging Elder Sister Lin Zaozao?

He's been crying for so long, isn't he tired? Look, he's soaked Elder Sister's clothes with his tears."

Upon hearing Da Bao's childlike voice, Matchless and Invincible stealthily glanced over.

Meeting their gaze were Gu Shan's cold, unapproachable eyes.

What's going on?

Wasn't their Demon Lord crying just now?

How could those tear-filled eyes still exude such intimidation? As Matchless and Invincible pondered silently, they clearly sensed the killing intent emanating from Gu Shan.

The Demon Lord was contemplating murder.

Realizing this, Matchless and Invincible quickly turned away, burying their heads in their arms, not daring to utter a word.

Oh my god! A lean camel is still bigger than a horse. No matter how much the Demon Lord Gu Shan cried, his ability to kill would not diminish at all.

Seeing Matchless and Invincible's quail-like behavior, Da Bao and the others followed suit, burying their heads in their arms, too afraid to say another word.

Because they too feared the Demon Lord Gu Shan.

Then one by one, the newly awakened poisoners and puppets imitated them, huddling like quails.

Even their breathing became hushed.

Sitting nearby, Little Xibei watched this scene of "quails" with an uncontrollable smile on his face.

He looked up at the sky with a grin, checking the time.

It was about time his people arrived.

Sure enough, as soon as Little Xibei finished thinking, groups of people rapidly surrounded them from all directions.

One group wore black assassin garb - clearly Gu Shan's assassins from the Eighteen Floors.

The other group wore matching soldier uniforms, the troops Han Ye had stationed outside Purgatory Valley who had now infiltrated.

"Young Master, are you alright? Uncle Da Shan is here."

"Lin Zaozao, what's wrong with you? Did something happen?"

"Elder Sister, Elder Sister, how are you?"

"Miss... Little Xibei, what's wrong with the lady? Why is she unconscious?"


Seeing the people surrounding them from all sides, the sobbing Gu Shan's tears fell even harder.

He had truly lost all face now.

As for Little Xibei, he sat slumped on the ground expressionlessly, too lazy to even move.

In any case, for the next ten years, he would be nothing more than a eunuch incapable of lasting more than three seconds.

And not just a eunuch, he would be giving birth too!

He was truly doomed, with no way out.

Do whatever, just do whatever!

"Little Xibei, what happened to the lady?"

Uncle Zhang approached Lin Zaozao, placing his hand on her wrist with a deep, worried expression.

"Uncle Zhang, Lin Zaozao is fine, she'll wake up soon. The one with a problem is me, me, me!"

Little Xibei cried out weakly from the ground.

"Wah wah wah... And, and me too..."

Gu Shan sobbed, biting his lip.

"Demon, Demon Lord, what's wrong with you?"

Uncle Zhang released Lin Zaozao's hand, having finally breathed a sigh of relief. But when he looked up, he met Gu Shan's red, teary rabbit-like eyes.

This womanly Demon Lord, could he have been switched out?

Or maybe he was possessed?

As Uncle Zhang puzzled over this, a man dressed in black with a skull mask knelt before Gu Shan and said coldly, "My lord, the undead and poisoners in Purgatory Valley have been safely moved to the Eighteen Floors. As for the plague-casters and Princess Qianyue, we have imprisoned them in the dungeons of Purgatory Valley.

Also, we found over a dozen poisoned spies. Their poison is too potent, they likely won't last much longer."

"Wah wah wah... I understand... You, you may withdraw."

Gu Shan sniffled, replying intermittently.

The black-robed figure kneeling on the ground quickly looked up at Little Xibei. When his gaze met Little Xibei's cold and murderous eyes, he quickly lowered his head, straining his neck, trying to make Little Xibei ignore his existence.

He had, truly, lost his mind a moment ago.ViiSiit nvelb/n(.)c/()m for ltest vels

To dare look upon his master in mockery, he really had grown weary of life.

Little Xibei glared fiercely at the black-robed figure kneeling before him. When his gaze fell upon Lin Zaozao's face, he felt his tears threatening to flow uncontrollably once more.

He had maintained this state for three months, he dared swear that Little Xibei's reputation as the Demon Lord would truly be disgraced to the Frontier Region.

When Little Xibei's tears fell on Lin Zaozao's face, the unconscious Lin Zaozao slowly opened her eyes.

The first thing Lin Zaozao saw upon opening her eyes was Little Xibei turned into a little crying bundle.


Little Xibei's voice, tinged with sobs, quickly brought the dazed Lin Zaozao back to her senses.

Her little Little Xibei darling was crying!

Oh dear!

This was a huge deal! One must know that even when Little Xibei had suffered such grievous injuries, she had never seen him cry.

But now! Her Little Xibei was actually crying.

Little Xibei was crying!!!!

Seeing Little Xibei's tearful face, Lin Zaozao immediately sat up from Little Xibei's embrace and hugged him tightly, anxiously asking,

"Little Xibei, what's wrong? Who bullied you? Tell me, and I'll skin them alive right now!

Who is it? How dare they bully my little Little Xibei darling! They're courting death!"

"Wah wah wah... Zaozao, I seem to be, pregnant, and with two children too. My tears, I, I can't control them.

I don't want to cry either, but I can't control it. Zaozao, you, you kiss me, hug me, comfort me properly..."

Lin Zaozao looked at Little Xibei tugging at her clothes and shamelessly coaxing her, her eyes widening in astonishment until they were about to pop out.

She gulped in shock, then pulled Little Xibei into her embrace and soothingly comforted him.

"Little Xibei, we only entered the bridal chamber at noon, and it's only been..."

Lin Zaozao turned her head to look outside at the sun, which had not yet set since they entered the bridal chamber at noon.

She turned back to look at the pitiful Little Xibei and said helplessly,

"My little Little Xibei darling! It's only been a few hours since we entered the bridal chamber.

Even if you were to get pregnant, it wouldn't be that fast. The child may not even have a form yet! Little Xibei be good! Don't overthink it. As long as we're always together, you'll definitely have your own children."

Chapter end

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