The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 252

Chapter 252

"What are you running for, you big cow Princess Qianyue? Let me show you the effect of my 'ashes to ashes, shadowless finger'!"

The more Lin Zaozao shouted, the faster Princess Qianyue and her companions ran. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared without a trace.

Watching Princess Qianyue's retreating back, Lin Zaozao withdrew her finger with some dejection.

Looking down at the black ash beneath her feet, Lin Zaozao turned her gaze back to her finger with renewed curiosity.

Hmm! This piqued the System's interest.

[My dear little System, what did you put on my finger just now? Does it still have any effect?]

[You stupid host, weren't you just calling me a dog System? How did I become your "dear little System" in the blink of an eye?]

[It wasn't just a blink of an eye, I blinked several times during that period.

My darling, precious System, can you tell me what you put on my finger just now?]



[Ahem, ahem, my dear little host, you know that I'm just a weak, helpless little System.

I gave you the use of this universe-defying, incredible golden finger without the Way of Heaven's permission.

Most importantly, this golden finger can accompany you for a day. For my dear little host's safety, I'll remind you that this golden finger has no effect on living beings.

Now, to make up for my mistake, I'll give you a special reward for the next day.

However, the reward will only last for one day. After that, it will automatically be canceled!]

[A reward! What reward?]

Lin Zaozao asked anxiously.

[Ahem, ahem! The reward I'll give the host is to turn you into a busty, curvaceous beauty for the next day, so that Princess Qianyue, that big cow, won't dare call you a measly beansprout again.]

[System, are you really being so kind? I'm scared of this reward!]

[Hehe, hehe! You ungrateful fool of a host. Now, my beansprout host, please receive the reward from me!]

As the System's mocking voice trailed off, Lin Zaozao watched in astonishment as her chest and buttocks rapidly grew larger before her eyes.

Until her breasts strained against her loose clothing, they finally stopped growing.

Lin Zaozao stared in shock as she cupped the two large mounds on her chest with her hands.

Hmm! A rough estimate - each breast had at least two pounds of flesh, so her total breast weight was at least four pounds.

She turned around and firmly grasped her heavily sagging buttocks, feeling their plump, QQ-bouncy texture.

Now, she truly had a "hot" hourglass figure with ample breasts and buttocks.


The combined weight of these four fleshy masses was way too heavy!

Lin Zaozao took a tentative step, feeling her breasts and buttocks jiggling "thud, thud, thud."

This exaggerated, swaying figure was unsettling. Not to mention how others might react, even she herself couldn't accept it!

Damn that dog System, this "reward" was too much!

[Dog System!]

[Yes, my dear little host?]Upstodatee from n(0)/v/lbIn/.(co/m

[Can you reduce the size of these mammoth melons on my chest and ass a little? I feel like I have four huge cantaloupes weighing me down.

Especially these two lumps on my chest - they're so heavy and big that they're obstructing my vision.]

[No way, since this is the reward I've given you, how can I easily take it back?

My little cow host, go find that big cow Princess Qianyue and see which of you looks more like a cow!]

[Screw you, dog System!]

[Oh, and on your way to find Princess Qianyue, remember to use the golden finger I gave you to clear any poison, and help those little poison people and puppets return to normal.]

[Got it, dog System. By the way, can you take back these four lumps? I don't want them anymore! Too heavy!]

[No! This reward is my deep love for you, how can I take it back just like that?

Little cantaloupe host, enjoy this one-day reward! After all, even if you want it in the future, you won't be able to have it.]

[Screw you, dog System!]

After mocking the System, Lin Zaozao cupped the two bulging mounds on her chest. They were indeed quite "protruding."

Upholding her principle of never leaving a good feel ungroped, Lin Zaozao firmly squeezed them a few times.

She had to admit, these cantaloupes did feel better to grab than her original small buns.

The downside was that they were too heavy and obstructed her vision.

This hindrance to daily life meant she would only experience them for a day.

As Lin Zaozao was gleefully groping her new breasts, she didn't notice Gu Shan and Little Xibei watching her with extremely strange expressions.

Just as they were staring curiously at Lin Zaozao's suddenly enlarged buttocks, they saw her joyfully fondling her newly grown breasts herself.

In this strange, still atmosphere, once Lin Zaozao had groped herself enough, she finally noticed the unusual silence around her.

She looked up to find Gu Shan and Little Xibei staring fixatedly at her...breasts.

Meanwhile, Da Bao and the others were standing by the poison pool, reaching in to pull out the still-living little poison people onto the shore.

In this short time, they had already rescued many little poison people.

As Lin Zaozao was about to walk over to the little poison people, Gu Shan and Little Xibei grabbed her arms from either side.

"What's going on, Gu Shan?" Lin Zaozao asked, puzzled.

"Zaozao, what happened to your chest? Why did it suddenly get so...big?"

Seeing Gu Shan's awkward expression, Lin Zaozao turned to the silent Little Xibei and asked cheerfully, "Little Xibei, don't you have anything to ask?"

"Zaozao, if you want to say it, you'll say it naturally. If you don't want to, I won't pry."

"Oh my! Little Xibei's perception is quite high!"

After grinning foolishly at Little Xibei, Lin Zaozao grabbed their hands and placed them on her protruding chest.

"Come on, have a good feel while you can. After today, you won't get a chance to grope breasts this large and full again."

Gu Shan and Little Xibei felt the warm, soft sensation under their hands.

For a moment, they were both stunned by Lin Zaozao's candid words, their faces and necks flushing red.

"Hey, hey! Why are you two acting so pure and innocent? What kind of relationship do we have? Not to mention Gu Shan just rolled in the sheets with me, Little Xibei, you gave me a full body grope when we first met.

Now I'm freely letting you feel these hard-earned, massive breasts, and you're playing coy and pure?

It's quite speechless, really!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's mocking tone, Little Xibei and Gu Shan's faces reddened further.

Even if they had been intimate with her, it was just the two of them then!

But now, this dead girl was brazenly letting them both grope her breasts in front of so many people.

Although, the feel was quite nice.

Seeing Little Xibei and Gu Shan's increasingly red faces, Lin Zaozao disdainfully curled her lip.

Tsk! These two fellows really don't know their place.

Now they're shy and don't want to be touched, but later on when they want to be touched, there will be no chance.

Lin Zaozao released the hands of Gu Shan and Little Xibei at the same time, then walked towards the corner by the poison pool.

There, the little poison children that Da Bao had fished out were curled up, looking at Lin Zaozao approaching them with the wariness of a startled bird.

Lin Zaozao counted them roughly, and there were about thirty or forty of these little poison children. Three or four children, like livestock, were soaked in the poison pool by those damned venom masters.

Lin Zaozao suppressed the pain in her chest, and turned to look at the bodies of the children who had died and were still soaking in the poison pool.

Although she didn't count, there were certainly many more dead children than those who survived.

That cow Princess Qianyue really doesn't do her duty at all.

As Lin Zaozao approached the little poison children and was about to reach out to touch them, they made a hissing sound like snakes in warning.

"Be quiet, don't be rude to Big Sister Lin Zaozao!"

Da Bao slapped one of the little poison children in front, and they immediately fell silent.

They looked at Da Bao, Er Bao and the others with fear in their eyes.

"Alas! Da Bao, are all these little poison children afraid of you?"

"Yes, Big Sister Lin Zaozao. The toxicity level of me, Er Bao, Sanbao, Si Bao, Wu Bao and Liu Bao is the highest among those in the Purgatory Valley poison pool.

Our level is many times higher than these half-finished products. They're afraid that we six will eat them up, so naturally they listen to us."

Hearing Da Bao's proud voice, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but recall how these little poison children had been eating corpses earlier.

While feeling disgusted, she also couldn't help but feel sorry for Da Bao and the others.

Her six treasures were once little poison children too.

So before she met Da Bao and the others, were these six children - Da Bao to Liu Bao - just like the little poison children in front of her, surviving by eating corpses?

Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao's heart was filled only with profound sorrow and grief, and even more, intense hatred for the Female Emperor of Canglan Country and the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country who had created this Purgatory Valley.

They truly were worthless beings.

Amidst her anger, Lin Zaozao felt her emotions getting out of control and wanted to explode with rage.

Just as Lin Zaozao's eyes were slowly turning blood red, Da Bao and Er Bao's words made her eyes quickly return to black.

"Big Sister Lin Zaozao, what's wrong with your chest? Why has it become so big?"

Chapter end

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