The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 246

Chapter 246

He had been constantly fighting with others recently, not even having time to eat or sleep, so how could he have found time to take a shower?

Even if he did take a shower, as soon as he swung his blade, blood would splatter all over him again, rendering the shower useless.

But now that Lin Zaozao was already complaining about his body odor, he would have to thoroughly clean himself later.

"Oh, by the way, Lin Zaozao, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?"

"Feeling uncomfortable?"

Lin Zaozao touched her chest, then looked up into Gu Shan's eyes and said in an extremely serious tone.

"I'm ravenously hungry right now, desperately craving meat. Does that count as uncomfortable?"

"Lin Zaozao, are you hungry?"

Gu Shan patted Lin Zaozao's stomach, asking in puzzlement.

"Yes! I'm hungry, I want to eat meat."

Lin Zaozao put her arm around Gu Shan's, leaned her head closer to his ear, and blew a soft breath, then said in a sultry voice.

"Gu Shan, I want to eat you. Can I?"

As soon as Lin Zaozao finished speaking, she felt Gu Shan's body stiffen for a moment, and then his ears rapidly turned crimson red.

That crimson hue spread down his neck below. Until the reddish color was concealed by his clothes, Lin Zaozao let out a sigh of unsatisfied desire.

Why not? Should she just tear off his clothes and take a look? After all, he was hers, so there was no harm in looking.

Just as Lin Zaozao was about to put her hands on Gu Shan's collar, her eyes gleaming as she prepared to unveil the marvelous sight beneath his clothes, Gu Shan grabbed her hands and feet to stop her.

"Lin Zaozao, not now?"

"Why not? I just want to look, nothing more."

After saying that, Lin Zaozao licked her slightly dry lips and reached out to pull down Gu Shan's clothes.

"Lin Zaozao, really, not now. In a few days, you can do whatever you want."

"Why not?"

Seeing Gu Shan's flushed face, Lin Zaozao asked in puzzlement.

"Because we have a bunch of people sitting right here. Little vixen Lin Zaozao, did you want to do that in front of us?"

Hearing that mocking voice, Lin Zaozao's body stiffened. She slowly turned her head and saw...

Oh my! Uncle Zhang, Dashan, Xiao Liuli, Ye Yi and Little Xibei were all sitting on chairs, resting their chins on their hands and staring fixedly at Lin Zaozao and Gu Shan lying on the couch.

"Li...Little Xibei!"

Meeting Little Xibei's mocking gaze, Lin Zaozao let go of Gu Shan's collar and, not even putting on her shoes, leapt straight into Little Xibei's embrace.

"Lin Zaozao, you missed me that much!"

After steadily catching Lin Zaozao, Little Xibei affectionately nuzzled her nose and teased.

"Of course I missed you! Little Xibei, you heartless fool, ever since we parted in the border city, you haven't even shown your shadow.

What's going on with you now? Which dark corner did you crawl out from?"

Lin Zaozao tugged at Little Xibei's handsome face while pulling the wooden hairpin from his head and sticking it into her own hair.

Then she plucked a small flower hair ornament from her own head and stuck it into Little Xibei's hair.

After comparing them side by side, Lin Zaozao finally nodded in satisfaction.

"Lin Zaozao, did you miss me?"

Little Xibei looked at Lin Zaozao fiddling vigorously with his hair and asked with a smile.

"Of course I missed you! I missed you so much. Little Xibei, you have no idea, after you left, I missed you so badly that I couldn't even drink tea or eat. I lost several pounds!"


Little Xibei pinched Lin Zaozao's protruding little belly mischievously and teased.

"You really have lost a lot of weight. Look at my Lin Zaozao's little belly, it used to have three rings of fat! Now you've slimmed down to only two rings of fat.

You've lost an entire ring of fat! That really shows how much effort my Lin Zaozao put into missing me."

"That's right, that's right. That ring of fat on my belly was at least five pounds! Losing five pounds of fat, doesn't that prove how much I missed you?"

Lin Zaozao shamelessly swatted away Little Xibei's hand playing around her waist, took the pink hairband from her own head, and tied it around Little Xibei's hair, making a big pink butterfly knot.

"Young master, you've been sleeping for a whole day. Are you hungry now? Do you want something to eat?"

"I've been asleep for a whole day? What time is it now?"

Lin Zaozao turned her head to look outside the tent, but her view was blocked by the door flap, so she couldn't see anything.

"Young master, it's already past noon. The porridge I cooked for you has been reheated several times. Young master, would you like to freshen up and go eat something first?"

"Then let me go wash my face and change my clothes. Dashan, did you bring me a change of clothes?"

"Yes, young master, the clothes in that trunk are all yours."

"Mm! Got it."

Just as Lin Zaozao was about to jump down from Little Xibei's embrace, he held her waist and whispered something flirtatious in her ear before letting her go.

Meeting Little Xibei's smiling gaze, Lin Zaozao suppressed the hint of a scorching look in her eyes and walked barefoot towards the side of the bed without a word.

"Gu Shan, hurry up and come change clothes with me."

Lin Zaozao put on her shoes, gave Gu Shan's buttocks a firm slap, then turned and headed towards the trunk where she kept her clothes.

Opening the trunk, Lin Zaozao bent over and rummaged through it. Finally, she pulled out two sets of clothes, tucked them under her arm, and pulled Gu Shan along as she headed outside.

"Hey! Dashan. Is there a place nearby where we can bathe? I haven't bathed for days, and I stink."

Seeing Lin Zaozao's casual expression, Dashan pointed behind him and said woodenly.

"Young master, go around the corner behind the tent, then walk a little further, and there's a small sheltered pool. You and the Demon Lord can go there to clean up."


After waving at Dashan, Lin Zaozao pulled the blushing Gu Shan and headed outside the tent.

But just as she was leaving the tent, she suddenly turned around, pulled back the door flap, half-turned her body, and looked at Ye Yi and Little Xibei.

"Ye Yi, Little Xibei, do your backs need scrubbing? Would you like this great immortal to give you a free back scrub?"

"Lin Zaozao, I... I'm quite clean, so I'll pass."

Ye Yi blushed and brought a teacup to his lips, declining awkwardly.

"Lin Zaozao, you little brat. You're inviting me to scrub your back so I can watch you and Gu Shan's live erotic show!"

Little Xibei glared at Lin Zaozao with disdain.

"Little Xibei, look at what you're saying. For a respected teacher like you to judge this great immortal with such a petty mindset!

If you don't want to watch me and Gu Shan, you could join us! That little pool is definitely big enough for the three of us to soak in."

As she spoke, Lin Zaozao suggestively raised her eyebrows at Little Xibei. Her provocative look made Little Xibei's hand holding the teacup freeze momentarily.

This dead girl Lin Zaozao, she really didn't know the meaning of shame!

For a grown man like him to be so thoroughly flustered by a little girl, he was truly no match for her in the art of teasing.

"Little Xibei, did you lose your voice? Are you coming or not?"

"I'm not going!"

"Hmph! If you're not going, then don't go! Why are you getting so angry?"

Lin Zaozao pursed her lips, glanced at the fuming Little Xibei, then turned and pulled Gu Shan towards the back of the tent.

"My sweet Gu Shan, let's take a lover's bath together. Since we have time, we can take it slow and enjoy it."

Listening to Lin Zaozao's smug voice outside the tent, Little Xibei's face turned pitch black.

That little brat Lin Zaozao, she was deliberately saying that to provoke him. She knew that in front of so many people, he couldn't possibly follow her.

But her! She even turned her head back on purpose to provoke him.

However, Gu Shan really spoiled that little girl too much. She said she would take him for a bath, and he didn't even utter a word of objection, but obediently followed her like a little wife.

Thinking of how Gu Shan's face was flushed, but his eyes were sparkling just now, Little Xibei felt so angry that his teeth hurt.

He rushed all the way from the National Preceptor's mansion to get here, but for what?

Wasn't it all for that heartless little brat Lin Zaozao? But she was so carefree, waking up and ruffling his hair, then dragging her darling Gu Shan to take a bath.

With a sigh, Little Xibei stood up and casually glanced at the bronze mirror on the table.

With just one look, Little Xibei spat out the tea in his mouth.

What was that on his head?DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

The flower decorations on Lin Zaozao's head were one thing, but the large pink butterfly knot tied right in the center of his forehead, what was that?

Wearing such a conspicuous pink butterfly knot, if he stepped out of this tent, what would be the difference between his image as the National Preceptor and a village idiot?

Thinking of Gu Shan's smug look as he left the tent, he must be laughing at his silly appearance.

Gu Shan, he really did it well...

On the small path behind the tent, Gu Shan lowered his head, watching Lin Zaozao holding his hand. His eyes curved in a smile, and his mouth was upturned in a crazy grin.

Being led by the hand by his little darling, this feeling was so good!

"Zaozao, when I woke up earlier, Dashan told me that the National Preceptor wanted to cut off my hands!"

"What? Little Xibei wanted to cut off your hands?"

Lin Zaozao asked in surprise.

"Yes. The National Preceptor was disgusted by the dirt on me, and I kept holding you tightly even when unconscious. Because of that, he wanted to cut off my hands.

Zaozao, I'm an assassin. If I lose my hands, what's the point of living?"

Hearing Gu Shan's pitiful voice, Lin Zaozao turned her head and saw his tightly pursed lips.

Others said Gu Shan was a cold-blooded killer who could take lives without blinking, and his martial arts skills were undoubtedly top-notch.

But when he heard Little Xibei wanted to cut off his hands, he could only complain to her in a pitiful manner, because he knew that besides being the National Preceptor, Little Xibei was also her husband-to-be.

Gu Shan was acting like a child complaining to her, because he cared about her.

She could guarantee that if it weren't for her, Gu Shan would have picked a fight with Little Xibei long ago.

After all, with Gu Shan's skills, he was no weaker than the National Preceptor Little Xibei.

Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao pulled Gu Shan closer and gently comforted him.

"Gu Shan, how about when we go back later, I'll stand up for you against Little Xibei?"

"But Zaozao, the National Preceptor has an esteemed status. What if he tries to get back at me later because of this? Although my martial arts are formidable and I'm not afraid of him, none of the men in my Eighteen Pavilions are a match for the National Preceptor."

Gu Shan lowered his head and said in a deliberately hesitant tone.

"Gu Shan, I promise that as long as I'm around, Little Xibei won't dare cause any trouble for you and the Eighteen Pavilions."

"Mm! Then I'll trust Zaozao. But Zaozao, you don't need to confront the National Preceptor about this when we go back. It'll be enough if you just ignore him for a while, okay?"

"Okay, no problem at all."

Meeting Gu Shan's sparkling eyes, Lin Zaozao readily agreed.

After smiling at Gu Shan, Lin Zaozao tugged his hand and headed towards the small pond ahead.

Only when she turned back, the smile in Lin Zaozao's eyes became impossible to suppress.

She really didn't expect the cool and aloof Gu Shan to complain about Little Xibei to her like this.

Her little Gu Shan's adorable attempt to seek her favor was just too cute!

Chapter end

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