The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 244

Chapter 244

Lin Zaozao smiled at Gu Shan, then turned and walked towards the Little Poison Kid huddled in the corner.

Squatting down in front of the Little Poison Kid, Lin Zaozao carefully examined the child's dirty face.

His eyes were heterochromatic, one gold and one blue, making them look very beautiful. But when Lin Zaozao thought about how these heterochromatic eyes were catalyzed by a potent poison, she suddenly found them unappealing.

Taking a deep breath, when Lin Zaozao reached her hand out towards the Little Poison Kid cowering in the corner, the child instinctively shrank further back into the corner.

Lin Zaozao's hand paused, and after giving the Little Poison Kid a gentle smile, she tentatively placed her hand on his grimy little hand.

When Lin Zaozao's hand touched the Little Poison Kid's hand, she clearly felt his heterochromatic gold and blue eyes suddenly brighten.

His gaze towards Lin Zaozao no longer looked as fearful as before. In fact, he even reached his dirty little hand out and tentatively touched Lin Zaozao's sleeve.

However, the moment his grimy hand made contact with Lin Zaozao's clothing, the poison on his hand corroded a large area of her sleeve.

Seeing this, the Little Poison Kid quickly withdrew his hand and looked at Lin Zaozao pitifully.

This Little Poison Kid seemed to be less severely poisoned than Da Bao and the others. Because Lin Zaozao could clearly see a hint of human emotion in his eyes.

"Big Sister Zaozao, in the poison pool, his level was lower than ours. So he's still retained a bit of his humanity and can understand what you're trying to express."

"Is that so?"

After hearing Da Bao's words, Lin Zaozao quickly transferred the child's affliction away.

Once she finished transferring the affliction, Lin Zaozao looked at the random rewards the system gave her.

As expected, the system's random rewards had changed this time. One was a super detox pill, and the other random reward was the Buddha's Light Bug.

This darn system, why did it keep trying to add this Buddha's Light Bug to her lately?

Could it be...?

Was the system really trying to turn her into an ascetic who had renounced the world?

Did it not consider that with her carefree personality, there's no way she could become a sage who has renounced the mundane world?

Even if she pretended to be an enlightened being, with her personality, she could only keep up the act for a little while!

Thinking of the system's intentions, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but feel slightly amused.

After shoving the super detox pill she obtained into the Little Poison Kid's mouth, Lin Zaozao also had him drink a drop of the Level 4 Mind Cleansing Liquid.

By having him drink the Level 4 Mind Cleansing Liquid, she would gain a loyal subordinate.

This was an opportunity not to be missed.

Besides, her goal was simply to prevent the Little Poison Kid from easily harming others after recovering.

After all, given the examples of Da Bao and Er Bao, she found that these Little Poison Kids had terrifying combat power after recovering.

After Lin Zaozao finished doing all this, the Little Poison Kid suddenly rolled his eyes back and fell straight to the ground, black smoke billowing from his body.

Seeing the Little Poison Kid lying on the ground with black smoke emanating from his body, Lin Zaozao instinctively took a step back.

But recalling that the situation was similar when she rescued the six kids like Da Bao, Lin Zaozao took a deep breath and slowly calmed down.

"Zaozao, what's happening to him?"

Wearing gloves and holding a long blade, Gu Shan lightly poked the Little Poison Kid lying on the ground emitting black smoke, the light in his eyes dimming.

Does this mean the kid can't be saved after all?

Would his Eighteenth Floor be able to persevere then?

"Gu Shan, stay away from him. The poison in his body is too heavy, and the antidote I gave him is also very potent. Such a potent medicine can't neutralize the poison right away.Yur fvorite stories on /o/(v)/lbn(.)cm

That's why the kid passed out on the ground and is emitting black smoke. Once the black smoke stops, the poison in his body will naturally be resolved."

"I see."

Gu Shan used his gloved hand to lift the Little Poison Kid's eyelid and, seeing that his pupils were not dilated, couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

If Zaozao could even save a Little Poison Kid who grew up in the poison pool, then perhaps she could also save those emotionless, mindless puppets.

Thinking of this, Gu Shan pointed at the bound assassins and looked at Lin Zaozao with hopeful eyes, asking,

"Zaozao, can you save them too? Can you turn them back into normal people?"

"I can. But after I save them, they will only obey my commands for the rest of their lives."

"That's fine too. Those puppets are all top assassins and outstanding bodyguards. If they spend the rest of their lives following your commands and protecting you, it would be good for both you and them."

Lin Zaozao looked at Gu Shan's excited expression, not knowing why he was so excited, but she could sense that he was delighted.

"Zaozao, can you try saving these puppet assassins now?"

"No problem."

After smiling at Gu Shan, Lin Zaozao grabbed one of the puppet assassins and began transferring his affliction.

After Lin Zaozao had the puppet assassin drink the drop of Level 4 Mind Cleansing Liquid she obtained, the assassin's previously vacant gray eyes slowly turned black.

Seeing the light gradually return to his black eyes, Lin Zaozao knew he had recovered.

"Master, Master!"

Seeing the puppet assassin suddenly kneel before Lin Zaozao, not only Lin Zaozao but everyone else was stunned.

The only ones who didn't seem surprised were Uncle Zhang, Dashan, and the two wolf cubs Zhao Cai and Jin Bao.

Uncle Zhang glanced at the solemn Dashan, then turned and walked towards the corner.

Just as Lord Hanye had predicted, the young master's memories from her previous life were gradually resurfacing.

And the Buddha's light gradually accumulating within her was also slowly aligning with her former self.

Why was this happening? They had risked their lives to change the young master's fate in this life. But why were her abilities, including her sacrificial powers, slowly recovering as well?

The young master only needed the ability to save people, so why were her sacrificial powers also slowly returning?

Recalling the previous life, Uncle Zhang's eyes couldn't help but turn red.

He now only hoped that after the young master recovered her sacrificial abilities, she would be able to deal with that accursed being.

If that damned thing dared to threaten the young master with them again, forcing her to risk her life doing its bidding, then he would willingly go to his death.

Once they were dead, he wondered what that damned thing would use to threaten the young master and make her follow its orders.

Gu Shan looked at the kneeling puppet assassin and quickly squatted down in front of him, grabbing his shoulders with an urgent look.

"Can you still remember your name? And before you entered Purgatory Valley, you must have had family or friends. Can you still recall them now?"

"My name is Qiu Shi, from Li Town in Fengshuo Country. I had family, two older brothers named Qiu Hua and Qiu Guo.

When we were very young, our father sold all three of us to some human traffickers. Then the traffickers sold us to an old man dressed in black robes.

Later, that old man brought me and my brothers to Purgatory Valley. After that, we were locked in a large cage and had to kill each other to fight for a bun.

My two brothers, they were killed by our fellow inmates while trying to protect me.

When Qiu Shi saw his brothers dead, he was terrified. But he also wanted to survive, so he picked up a knife and stabbed to death a companion who was fighting him for a steamed bun. After that, he couldn't remember what happened next.

"All I can recall is that for a mouthful of food, for the sake of staying alive, I kept killing people, killing and killing. As long as I killed the others, I could live."

Until, until his eyes turned red from killing, and an old man threw him into a huge pit filled with poisonous insects. The insects in the pit were all venomous, biting him and gnawing at his flesh and blood, making him wish he were dead.

Until, until the pain made him pass out, and he couldn't remember anything else."

Listening to Qiu Shi's fragmented words, Lin Zaozao's brows furrowed tighter and tighter.

"Big sister Zaozao, Qiu Shi was thrown into the Pool of Ten Thousand Poisonous Insects. That Pool of Ten Thousand Poisonous Insects is right next to our Ten Thousand Poison Pool.

Once when I was starving, I crawled into the Pool of Ten Thousand Poisonous Insects and secretly caught some of the poisonous insects to eat. But those insects were just empty shells, with hardly any meat," Er Bao said with a giggle.

Hearing Er Bao's cheerful voice, Lin Zaozao felt as if her throat was blocked, making it difficult to breathe. The resentment in her heart was suffocating her.

Pool of Ten Thousand Poisonous Insects, Ten Thousand Poison Pool. Those were places used to kill people, hellish realms.

Moreover, they were curses filled with human lives!




Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao's eyes suddenly turned blood-red, with a flash of golden light.

Feeling immense pain, Lin Zaozao's imperial aura also fully manifested along with her emotions.

The powerful imperial pressure made those present involuntarily take a step back.

Even Gu Shan, who was closest to Lin Zaozao, was forced to his knees by her sudden imperial pressure.

Seeing the golden light flickering in Lin Zaozao's blood-red eyes and feeling her immense imperial pressure, Gu Shan couldn't help but feel afraid.

He wasn't afraid of her imperial pressure, but of the Buddhist light that always enveloped Lin Zaozao, as if it would vaporize her entirely, making her disappear into the heavens like a wisp of smoke.

[Damn! What's going on? I just left for a little while, and you dead girl Lin Zaozao, your seal is loosening again. If this keeps up, you're going to make me go bald.]

[Luo Luo...]

Lin Zaozao's emotionless voice made the system instantly shut up.

After a long while, the system's voice, choked with sobs, clearly transmitted into Lin Zaozao's mind again.

Chapter end

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