The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 242

Chapter 242

[Host, why did you stop using your random rewards later on?]

[Tsk! Dog system, do you really have no idea why I stopped getting random rewards? Whether it's growing my hair or adding a useless Buddha's light filter to my body, it's all nonsense.

Dog system, tell me, what's the use of that thing? Whenever I look in the mirror, I feel like there's a filter on my body. It looks good, but the more I look at it, the less human I feel like.]

[Host, you will know the purpose of that Buddha's light bug later on. As a system that loves to worry, I still hope you make use of that Buddha's light bug.

As for the reason, when the host learns about their past life, they will understand the importance of this random reward.]

[Alright, alright, stop talking nonsense. It's just adding a filter, right? I'll use it then. Dog system, apply that Buddha's light filter to me! I want to see what purpose it serves in the future.]

As soon as Lin Zaozao's voice fell, the filter on her body became more distinct.

And Gu Shan, due to drinking the drop of fourth-level marrow-cleansing liquid and beauty serum, the wounds on his body were healing rapidly, visible to the naked eye.

In the end, Gu Shan didn't even leave a scar on his body.

Looking at his smooth wounds, Gu Shan thought about how Lin Zaozao always paid a price whenever she helped him. With this in mind, his expression quickly turned cold.

"Zaozao, didn't I tell you last time? Don't easily reveal your abilities to others. Do you forget?

There are so many bad people out there. If someone wants to harm you because of your abilities, can you defend yourself?"

Seeing Gu Shan's fierce expression, Lin Zaozao pouted and directly hugged Gu Shan's waist, bursting into loud sobs.

"Gu Shan, do you know? The scouts reported that there's a riot in Purgatory Valley, and you're in imminent danger.

When I heard this news, I was so scared. I was scared that if I arrived even a step late, you would be hurt, you would die, and then I would never see you again.

Gu Shan, I traveled all day today. On the way, I was constantly afraid. I was afraid that if I was just a step late, I wouldn't be able to save you. I'm only treating your wounds now, and you're scolding me.

Waaah...I'm so sad... You actually scolded me!"

Seeing Lin Zaozao crying with snot and tears, Gu Shan immediately panicked.

He had been too straightforward in his words just now.

"Zaozao, stop crying. I didn't mean it. After receiving the news from Matchless and Invincible, I was worried about you.

I also traveled all day today, and on my way back, I encountered several batches of assassins who wanted to kill you.

I fought all the way, struggling to get here. But when I saw that there were only two wolf cubs and Uncle Zhang by your side, I was really scared.

I was afraid that if I arrived late, what would happen if those assassins succeeded? Zaozao, I'm sorry...

I-I was really scared... I was also afraid that you would get hurt, afraid that you would die.

If you died, then what would I do?"]

Listening to the sobbing sound of Gu Shan, Lin Zaozao quickly suppressed her crying. She sniffed and rolled up her sleeves to gently wipe away the teardrops glistening in the corners of Gu Shan's eyes.

With tears in her own eyes, Lin Zaozao pursed her lips and carefully wiped away the dried bloodstains on Gu Shan's face with her sleeve.

Only after cleaning the bloodstains from Gu Shan's face did Lin Zaozao slowly stop sobbing.

Today, she rushed desperately to Gu Shan's side, and upon learning about her news, Gu Shan also rushed desperately to be with her.

They deeply loved each other, fearing that the other would come to harm or suffer even the slightest injury. But when they finally met, they unconsciously blamed each other out of fear and worry.

They were both too impulsive.

"Gu Shan, I'm sorry. I was really too direct with my words earlier. I... I was just worried about you."

"Zaozao, I know, I know everything."

Gu Shan tightly embraced Lin Zaozao's body, feeling a sense of discomfort in his heart as well.

"Zaozao, I'm fine now. So when your guards arrive later, you should go back to Han Country with them.

Zaozao, I know you're worried about me, but you really can't go to Purgatory Valley. Not only is it dangerous inside the valley now, but the journey to Purgatory Valley is also extremely perilous.

Today, on my way here, I encountered several assassins sent by the formidable Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country to kill you. Zaozao, those assassins were all specially trained puppets from Purgatory Valley.

They don't have emotions, nor do they know fatigue and pain. They only obey orders and will stop at nothing to kill their targets.

With so many puppet assassins, even if you have many guards by your side, they won't be able to stop them from recklessly charging at you. So Zaozao, when your guards arrive, you should go back the way you came, but under no circumstances should you go to Purgatory Valley."

"Gu Shan, if I don't go to Purgatory Valley, can you handle it alone? Look at the wounds on your body, if any of them shift even slightly, will you still be alive?"

"Zaozao, give me a little more time, and I can handle the situation in Purgatory Valley."

"Gu Shan, right now I am not only your wife, but also the Female Emperor of Han Country. That place, Purgatory Valley, I cannot let it continue to exist, either for public or personal reasons.

If you don't let me go, then after you leave, I will continue to go to Purgatory Valley with my people. So Gu Shan, are you going to take me with you to Purgatory Valley, or let me go there alone?"

"Zaozao, listen to me. Purgatory Valley is truly not suitable for you to go!"

"Why can't I go? Gu Shan, Lin Zaozao is not as fragile as you imagine. I can save Ji Fantian in the border town, save Ruo Qiu at the banquet, and even break into the Kingdom of Canglan to save Ye Yi.

Gu Shan, I am not a delicate flower nurtured in a greenhouse. I am truly not as fragile as you think!"

"It's just not possible, you can't go. Zaozao, the situation in Purgatory Valley is like a hell on earth.

Even the renowned assassins in the martial world, when they were captured and brought to Purgatory Valley, couldn't even pass the first trial. Some of them were even scared to death by the situation inside the valley.

"Zaozao, do you think as a young girl who has never experienced the vicissitudes of life, you wouldn't be afraid when faced with such tragic scenes in the mortal world?"

Hearing Gu Shan's raised voice, Zaozao couldn't help but feel discouraged.

In Gu Shan's heart, she was like a delicate flower grown in a greenhouse, unable to withstand even a slight gust of wind or rain.

But Zaozao was not like that.

Whether it was for the sake of her mission or for the common people, she had to eradicate the human hell that was Purgatory Valley.

However, seeing Gu Shan's insistence, she couldn't prove in a short time that she, Lin Zaozao, was not a pampered flower in a greenhouse.

Just as Zaozao and Gu Shan were locked in a stalemate, the voices of Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli reached their ears clearly.


"Gu Shan, what are you doing here?"

Following the sound, they saw Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli accompanied by guards. They dismounted their horses and walked towards the two of them.

"Zaozao, are you alright? We encountered several batches of assassins on the way. Fortunately, we had many guards with us, so nothing serious happened."

Ye Yi walked up to Zaozao, held her arm, and carefully examined her body. After finding that she was not injured, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Zaozao, I know you're worried about Gu Shan. But today, you were really reckless.

If it weren't for Dashan and me diverting those assassins, you would have been in big trouble if you encountered them."

"Ye Yi, I'm sorry. I was really out of my mind when I heard that Gu Shan was in danger."

Zaozao pouted and lowered her head, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Zaozao, it's not your fault. I just want to tell you that no matter who gets into trouble, we all hope that you prioritize your own safety.

Zaozao, we're not as fragile as you imagine. If we were really so vulnerable, we would have died long ago."

"Ye Yi, I know. But when I saved Ji Fantian in the border city, if I had been a step late, he would have been burned to death by Princess Qianyue.

When I saved Ruo Qiu, he was poisoned by Ye Zhao and Ye Mu and sealed in a crystal coffin, presented to me as a gift.

At that time, his closed eyes were like a soulless crystal doll. I checked his breathing and felt that as soon as the wind blew, he would stop breathing.

If I hadn't been able to detoxify him, Ruo Qiu would have been poisoned to death at that banquet.

When I saw you in Canglan a while ago, you were as thin as a monkey. You had no flesh on your body. There was no vitality in your eyes, as if you wanted to die.

When I held you in my arms, I could feel the bones in your body. Your weight was no different from that of an eight or nine-year-old child.

Ye Yi, considering your condition at that time, I can guarantee that if you had continued like that, you wouldn't have lived for another month. It was certain death.

Every time I save someone, each of you ends up in a desperate situation. Now, when I hear that Gu Shan is in trouble, coupled with the chaos in Purgatory Valley, how can I not be anxious?"

As Zaozao's voice filled with grievances reached their ears, Gu Shan and Ye Yi's expressions faltered.

Indeed, whether it's Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu, or Ye Yi, they all found themselves in a desperate situation with no hope, but they were timely rescued.

After going through so much, now when she hears that Gu Shan is in trouble, she feels so anxious, and there's a reason for that.

Speaking of it, it's also because of these big men like them that things have become so difficult. If they had some skills, they wouldn't let the situation escalate so early.

Lin Zaozao pursed her lips, raised her head, and looked at Gu Shan's desolate expression. After a deep sigh, Lin Zaozao held his hand and said,

"Gu Shan, I know you can't deal with Purgatory Valley. If you were capable of handling Purgatory Valley, you wouldn't have waited until now.

But Gu Shan, I have a way, I have a way to destroy Purgatory Valley and make it disappear from this world forever."

Faced with Lin Zaozao's sincere gaze, Gu Shan slightly opened his mouth but didn't utter a word.

Seeing Gu Shan's silence, Lin Zaozao felt a headache coming on.FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

Because in her view, between husband and wife, no matter what they encounter, as long as they are honest with each other, even the most difficult situation can be resolved.

But now Gu Shan isn't speaking, and she can't force him. Seeing this stubborn Gu Shan, she's really in a difficult position!

Just when the atmosphere was becoming tense again, the excited voice of Dashan clearly reached Lin Zaozao's ears.

"Miss, we're back!"

Chapter end

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