The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 235

Chapter 235

Zao Zao, are you Ye Yis wife now?

Yes! Your third younger brother Ye Yi, he is my little husband now. Our relationship, its intimate enough that we can have a child.

Seeing Lin Zao Zaos smug little expression, a faint smile actually hung on Ye Xis face.

Zao Zao, seeing you like this, its really nice.

Sister Ye Xi, if my brain isnt wrong, this should be the first time weve met each other! How can you talk to me like this?

Facing Lin Zao Zaos confusion, Ye Xi just faintly smiled. She was barefoot, stepping on the sutras carved into the ground, walking towards Lin Zao Zao step by step.

When she was five steps away from Lin Zao Zao, just when Lin Zao Zao thought she would do something, Princess Ye Xi instead unceremoniously sat down on the ground regardless of her image.

Ye Xis move made Lin Zao Zao involuntarily stare blankly.

Was this girl who casually sat down on the ground still the gentle as water Princess of Canglan Country from earlier?

Zao Zao, dont stare blankly anymore, come sit by my side.

Ye Xi patted the spot next to her, signalling Lin Zao Zao to sit down.

Glancing at Ye Xis smiling expression, Lin Zao Zao also didnt mind, lifted her skirt and sat straight down.

Seeing the gorgeous skirt on Lin Zao Zaos body, Ye Xi couldnt help reaching out to touch it. A deep, fleeting light flashed in her glazed eyes.

Its still these kinds of gorgeous skirts that look good! Its these kinds of skirts that suit the girl by her side the most.

Wearing plain white sacrificial robes every day, looking drab and dreary as if in mourning, it looks awful.

Sister Ye Xi, do you like this skirt? If you like it, later when we go back, Ill send you one that's identical.

Mm! I like skirts like these, the colours are very pretty.Vissit novelbin(.)c.m for updates


Like she had found a confidante, Lin Zao Zao asked in disbelief.

Thats right, I really do like these colourful skirts.

Looking at Lin Zao Zaos baby face, Ye Xi gently smiled.

Sister Ye Xi, dont you think skirts like these are vulgar?

Zao Zao, I was originally just an ordinary person. Wearing something more vulgar suits my identity as a commoner, doesnt it?

After speaking, Ye Xi even mischievously winked at Lin Zao Zao.

Her wink instantly made Lin Zao Zao feel like the distance between her and Ye Xi had grown closer.

So Lin Zao Zao directly hugged Ye Xis arm and curiously asked,

Sister Ye Xi, why did you call me Grand Priest earlier? And I could also see from your eyes...

See your past self from your previous life, right?


Lin Zao Zao nodded affirmatively.

Zao Zao, do you believe that my eyes can see other peoples previous lives, and even see some things that ordinary people cant see?

I believe, because Ive already seen it earlier.

Zao Zao, dont you think my eyes look a lot like Ye Nuos eyes?

Cant say they look very alike, they look exactly the same. You two have identical glazed eyes.

Observing Ye Xis glazed eyes, Lin Zao Zao affirmatively replied.

Zao Zao, do you know why Ye Nuo has been frail since he was little?

Wasnt it because he was premature, plus being poisoned?

That was just one reason. The most important reason was that after he had just been born, I took away his ability to see into other peoples previous lives.

Zao Zao, this kind of ability is like a double-edged sword. Since it can hurt others, it can even more easily hurt oneself.

If Ye Nuo possessed this pair of eyes that could see into other people's previous lives, then in this lifetime, he would be destined to live a life of loneliness and suffering.

It would be better for me to take away this ability of his, so that in this lifetime he can live peacefully under the care of his family.

Moreover, in the future he will also have a happy family. There will be a wife who loves him, and a pair of cute children.

Sister Ye Xi, does anyone else know about you taking away Little Liulis abilities?

No one knows, this is still the first time Ive told you, no one else knows.

After speaking, Ye Xi glanced around and involuntarily laughed lightly. That Lord Han Ye really protected Zao Zao very well.

It wasnt as if she was a tigress about to take a bite of his precious.

Hiding the smile in her eyes, Ye Xi held Lin Zao Zaos hand and gently asked,

Zao Zao, this is the Prayer Platform. Here, I can see your previous life. Zao Zao, do you want to know what kind of person you were in your previous life?

Seeing the fleeting gloom flash in Ye Xis glazed eyes, Lin Zao Zao involuntarily shrank back.

As for the reason, she didnt know either.

She could now only feel that her previous life had not been very good.

But when she thought about Brother Han Ye, Little Xibei, and the person who had been entangled with her for two lifetimes, Lin Zao Zao involuntarily became curious about her previous life again.

Just what kind of person was she in her previous life?

And how exactly had her previous life been?

Just as Lin Zao Zao was lowering her head to think, Ye Xi heard the obviously heavy breathing from around the Prayer Platform.

They were...

Warning her not to meddle in other peoples business.

But wasnt Lord Han Ye himself the one who had sent Zao Zao to Canglan Country?

How was it that he now regretted it?

What use was regretting now? Zao Zao would eventually find out everything she should know.

Rather than hiding it until the end and letting distrust arise in her heart, it would be better to clearly show her, her previous life.

Thinking about her previous life, Ye Xi couldnt help inhaling deeply. To tell the truth, if not for the responsibilities on her body, she really couldnt bear to let the little girl before her recall her so-called previous life.

Because her previous life was truly too bitter.

That kind of life, its best not to think about.

But there was still someone waiting for her at Nine Sky Mountain. If Zao Zao couldnt remember her previous life, then that person could only painfully keep waiting at Nine Sky Mountain, enduring torment.

Zao Zao, have you made up your mind? Do you want to see what you were like in your previous life?

Sister Ye Xi, how long would it take to see my previous life?

At the shortest, half a month. At the longest, three months. Or perhaps, when you see your previous life, you may never return to this world again.

Is that so!

Lin Zao Zao pursed her lips, looking seriously at Ye Xi and asked,

Sister Ye Xi, why did you say that when I see my previous life, I might not return here again?

Facing Lin Zao Zaos confusion, Ye Xi sighed and said,

Zao Zao, if you want to know about your previous life, then I have to put you in an illusion that is the same as your previous life.

Zao Zao, you didnt have a good previous life at all. Or it could be said, it was extremely painful. If you regained the abilities of your previous life, which is the ability to perform sacrificial rites. Im afraid you would directly use your own sacrificial abilities to return to the era that belongs to you.

But if you cant regain your memories, then how will you avenge your enemies!

By the end, Ye Xis voice seemed to be squeezed out from her throat.

Beautiful memories can make one feel happy. But if they are tragic memories, one would only want to avoid them.

Seeing Ye Xis hard to describe expression, Lin Zao Zao lowered her head to think for a moment before looking up at Ye Xi and said,

Sister Ye Xi, I think I still want to know what exactly my previous life was...

Before Lin Zao Zao could finish speaking, Uncle Zhang burst out from under the Prayer Platform with Dashan.

Little master, Demon Lord Gu Shan is in trouble. Now that Canglan Countrys situation has been decided, do you want to go save Demon Lord Gu Shan in Purgatory Valley now?

"If you don't go to Purgatory Valley to save him soon, the Demon Lord Gu Shan will be killed by someone on Lone Mountain!"

"What? My little darling Gu Shan is in trouble?"

Lin Zaozao jumped up from Ye Xi's side and rushed to Uncle Zhang's side, grabbing his sleeve anxiously and asking,

"That's right, young master. Word from outside Purgatory Valley says there's been an uprising inside, and the Demon Lord Gu Shan is now in mortal danger.

Young master, I'm sure you know what's been happening inside Purgatory Valley lately. If an uprising really happened there, I'm afraid Gu Shan would be in danger."

"If something happened to Gu Shan, then I have to go save him. If I don't rescue him, he'll die."

Lin Zaozao pulled Uncle Zhang as she hurried down the stairs from the Prayer Terrace. But before she'd taken more than a few steps, Lin Zaozao suddenly whipped her head around to look at Ye Xi, who was still sitting on the ground:

"Sister Ye Xi, after I've saved my little husband Gu Shan, you can show me what my previous life was like, okay?"

"Sure! Go save your little husband! Travel safely, Zaozao."

Ye Xi said with a chuckle.

It wasn't until Lin Zaozao left with Uncle Zhang that Dashan, who had been standing by Ye Xi's side the whole time, finally heaved a long sigh of relief.

Having come this far, it had really made him incredibly nervous.

"What's the matter? Wasn't it your Lord Han Ye the Grand Priest of Winter Nights who arranged for Zaozao to come to Canglan, and had me create an illusion so she could regain her memories of her past life?"

Seeing Ye Xi's contemptuous smile, Dashan frowned. He knelt directly at her feet, hugged her legs, and disregarding all dignity, began wailing loudly:

"Princess Ye Xi, my Lord Han Ye didn't want the young miss to regain her past life's memories either! But...but...her seals had been weakening.

And with the seals loosening, those memories from her past life could drive the young miss insane. We didn't have a choice! Waaa...

My Lord Han Ye had it so hard! He didn't have a choice either! My poor young miss, why does every misfortune have to befall her? Waaa....

Merciful Heaven! Why don't you let me suffer all those calamities in the young miss's place?...My poor young miss really is pitiful..."

Seeing the brawny man who looked like a small mountain hugging her legs and crying like a child,

Ye Xi shot a look of disdain at Dashan and violently jerked her leg back.

But it didn't budge.

Listening to Dashan's wailing, which sounded like thunder, Ye Xi felt her head would explode from the deafening noise of this silly oaf.

Unable to tolerate the racket any longer, Ye Xi stretched out her other leg and fiercely kicked Dashan, snapping irritably:

"Oh, stop bawling! You're annoying me to death! Say it straight - how did that bastard Han Ye order you? Tell me directly. Keep howling like that and I'm leaving."

Seeing Ye Xi's ferocious expression, Dashan lowered his head and couldn't help but purse his lips.

The woman before him was a hypocrite, just like Lord Han Ye. In front of the young miss they always maintained a gentle facade.

Yet here with him, they were savage enough to eat someone!

Just now, Princess Ye Xi had still been gentle as water with the young miss.

But with him, she was as fierce as a tigress about to pounce.

Eek! So scary.

Chapter end

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