The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 234

Chapter 234

Xiao Liuli, your eyes are all red. Were you crying just now because of your sister?

Lin Zaozao walked over to Xiao Liulis side, tugging at his clothes to wipe away his tears.

Sister, I, I...

Seeing Lin Zaozao standing in front of him, Xiao Liuli suddenly felt embarrassed. It was as if he had just been caught doing something bad by a parent.

Xiao Liuli is good! Sister has a way to save your elder sister. Be good, give sister a smile. After you make sister happy, sister will be able to make your elder sister revert back to normal in just a few seconds.

Facing Lin Zaozao's smiling eyes, Xiao Liuli sucked in his nose and forced a big smile for Lin Zaozao.

Xiao Liuli's smile was really ugly.

It would have been better if he didn't smile at all...

But seeing that Xiao Liuli's mood had improved a little, Lin Zaozao couldn't help sighing to herself.

Nevermind if it's ugly! Once Xiao Liuli cheers up, his smile will definitely become good-looking.

After all, with Xiao Liuli's outstanding looks, he was simply unparalleled.

"Xiao Liuli, good boy! Stand to the side and watch how sister will use her magic to save people.

You should know that aside from being the empress of Han Country, sister is also a real Lin the Immortal!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's explanation, Xiao Liuli only then noticed the layer of holy light around her.

Although the holy light around Lin Zaozao was beautiful, it also put a great distance between him and her.

That holy light around Lin Zaozao didn't look good at all!

It really was better if it wasn't there!

Ignoring Xiao Liuli's awkward expression, Lin Zaozao patted his shoulder and walked to the side of Ye Xi's sickbed.

Lying on the bed, Ye Xi looked at Lin Zaozao sitting at her bedside. She tried her best to smile gently at her.

Because of Ye Xi's smile, Lin Zaozao inexplicably developed good feelings towards this girl.

A girl who could still smile so gently after such a huge setback must have been a very optimistic and strong girl originally!

Such an optimistic and strong girl should have grown up smoothly. How could she suffer such a huge setback?

But it was good too. From now on, Ye Xi's tribulations would finally come to an end.

"Princess Ye Xi, my name is Lin Zaozao. I'm Ye Yi's wife. Although I'm younger than you, may I call you elder sister?"

"Of course, Zaozao. I have two younger brothers, and now I have a cute younger sister who calls me elder sister. This is my blessing."

Ye Xi's voice was somewhat hoarse due to her weakness. Hearing her hoarse voice, Lin Zaozao felt strangely close to her for some reason.

Because of the poisoning, Ye Xi's appearance was frozen at around fifteen years old. Although her face looked quite young, her brows revealed gentleness and firmness.

After Lin Zaozao completely cured Ye Xi's poison, it was uncertain whether she could restore her original appearance.

After all, no one wanted to remain a child who couldn't grow up.

Gently holding Ye Xi's somewhat cold hand, Lin Zaozao transferred her illness again and directly fed her the level 4 Marrow Cleansing Elixir.

But after waiting for a long time, Ye Xi still showed no reaction. She couldn't even lift her fingers weakly, let alone restore her appearance.

System, what's going on? Didn't you say that one drop of level 4 Marrow Cleansing Elixir can cure any illness? Why doesn't it work for Princess Ye Xi?

Host, this girl has been dragged down by her clansmen for so long. Even though her fortune has returned to the Baichi Clan now, Princess Ye Xi is still subconsciously sharing the suffering with her clansmen in her heart.

Host, this is a mental illness. Later, after you cure the rest of the Baichi Clan, once Princess Ye Xi feels relieved, her illness will also be cured.

I see!

Looking at the gently smiling Ye Xi, Lin Zaozao couldn't help sighing for her. This girl really was too kind.

"Sister, how is my elder sister?"

Facing Xiao Liuli's worried gaze, Lin Zaozao sighed lightly and said,

"Xiao Liuli, your elder sister is fine now. The reason why there is no change to her body is because she is still worried about your clansmen.

Previously, the people of the Baichi Clan were lying in their coffins as living corpses because someone was constantly absorbing their fortune.

Princess Ye Xi is the next empress of your Canglan Country. She herself is a child of the Heavenly Dao's fortune.

As a child of fortune in a realm, her fortune wouldn't normally be easily extracted by others.

The reason why Princess Ye Xi is lying in her coffin awake is because she has been sharing the extracted fortune of your clansmen, unwilling to wake up.

If she were to wake up from the coffin, then your entire Baichi Clan would be beyond saving.

Later, after I cure all of your clansmen, once Ye Xi elder sister feels relieved, her body will naturally recover."

Lin Zaozao's explanation caused everyone in the room to look towards Ye Xi.

Other than shock, there was more gratitude.

They had always thought that the Baichi Clan's people had become living corpses from being poisoned.

But they never imagined that the reason the Baichi Clan's people became living corpses was because someone extracted their fortune.

Without saying, the one who extracted their fortune was the deceased Canglan Empress.

But as an empress, she already had fortune endowed by Heaven. So why did she need to extract the Baichi Clan's fortune?

Just as the Baichi Clan's people wanted to ask Lin Zaozao, they saw her turn around to transfer the illnesses of the other Baichi clansmen.

From her attitude, it was obvious she didn't want to answer their questions.

Seeing that Lin Zaozao was unwilling to answer, everyone looked towards Ye Yi questioningly.

Thinking of the transmigrator's soul that Lin Zaozao had told him about, and looking at his clansmen, Ye Yi shook his head at the Baichi clansmen after thinking for a moment.

This matter should not be publicized.

After all, regardless of how his imperial mother was, she was still an empress of a nation. Now that she was dead and punished, he shouldn't publicize the matter of the transmigrator's soul that possessed her.

If the Canglan citizens knew that their empress was controlled by a transmigrator's soul, how great a blow would it be to the Canglan imperial clan!

Seeing Ye Yi shake his head, the Baichi clansmen subconsciously shut their mouths. Since the young clan leader did not permit them to ask, they chose to stay silent.

Moreover, didn't Clan Leader Luo say earlier that this empress of Han Country was their Baichi Clan's saint?

The status of the Baichi Clan's saint was much nobler than the clan leader.

To be precise, the Baichi Clan's leader was elected only to better serve the saint.

Thus, in everyone's silence, in just about an hour, Lin Zaozao had transferred the illnesses of the Baichi clansmen and fed them the level 4 Marrow Cleansing Elixir.

After a round, upon seeing the recovered Baichi clansmen, Lin Zaozao quickly turned her head to look at Ye Xi.

Sure enough, just as the system said, when Ye Xi saw her clansmen recover one by one, she actually sat up from the bed by herself.

Moreover, her body and face slowly grew at a visible pace.

Not until Ye Xi, the princess of the night's glow, grew into a gentle, smiling woman did Lin Zaozao finally heave a long sigh of relief.

Ye Xi's body had thoroughly recovered.

However, when Lin Zaozao looked into Ye Xi's glass-like eyes, she was startled to see a flickering light in those eyes that made her heart race.

She saw that the fully grown Ye Xi shrugged off Xiao Liuli's attempt to support her. Barefoot, Ye Xi took one step at a time toward Lin Zaozao.

With Ye Xi's approach, Lin Zaozao instinctively took a step back until her body leaned against the wall and she had to stop.Follow the latest novels n/velbin(.)com

Ye Xi walked to within five steps of Lin Zaozao, first carefully looked her over, then unhesitatingly knelt down before her.

Oh no, here we go again.

Lin Zaozao quickly suppressed the odd feeling in her heart, heaved a long sigh of relief, then walked forward two steps, intending to help Ye Xi up from the ground.

But when her hand had just touched Ye Xi's arm, Ye Xi's barely audible words frightened Lin Zaozao so much that she fell straight to the ground.

What Ye Xi said was, "Your humble servant pays respects to the High Priestess of Han Country!"

High Priestess?

She wasn't the High Priestess, she was now the Empress of Han Country.

The High Priestess of Han Country was Elder Brother Han Ye, not her!

But when Lin Zaozao's gaze met Ye Xi's glass-like eyes, she could see in those eyes an image of herself wearing a white robe and a golden mask on her face.

Mystical, noble, elegant, beautiful, it was as if all the best words in the world were applicable to her.

Yet despite her beauty, not a trace of human warmth could be seen in her.

She was more like a doll without a soul, an ethereal High Priestess.

But when Lin Zaozao blinked anxiously and looked into Ye Xi's eyes again, she could confirm in her heart that everything she had just seen was real.

Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli, seeing Lin Zaozao's panicked expression, quickly walked toward her.

But before they could get close, Ye Xi suddenly turned her head, stretched out her hands, and sent them flying away.

When she turned her head back, Ye Xi put her arm around Lin Zaozao's waist and flew outward.

By the time Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli had climbed up from the ground, Ye Xi and Lin Zaozao were long gone.

Cradled in Ye Xi's embrace, Lin Zaozao watched the retreating scenery below without the slightest hint of fear in her heart.

When she had come to Canglan Country, Elder Brother Han Ye had arranged for many hidden guards to protect her, plus peerless masters like Wu Shuang and Wu Di, as well as Zhang Shu and Dashan.

The fact that she could be abducted by Ye Xi now meant that she was safe for the moment.

If Ye Xi intended to harm her, Zhang Shu and Dashan would have taken off Ye Xi's head before she even had a chance to feel afraid.

After flying for about half a quarter hour, Ye Xi finally stopped with Lin Zaozao and stood on an enormous platform.

Lin Zaozao looked around at the pillars surrounding the platform, engraved with intricate scriptures.

Lin Zaozao walked up to a pillar and gently touched the scriptures. She didn't know if it was psychological, but she felt as if she recognized these scriptures and was quite familiar with them.

"High Priestess! No, I mean Zaozao now. As you look at these scriptures now, do they seem a bit familiar to you?"


Lin Zaozao turned back and looked at Ye Xi in her ill-fitting clothes, her eyes full of puzzlement.

Chapter end

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