The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 232

Chapter 232

"Yin Xue, do you have the strength now? Can you help this Sword Immortal remove the silver needles?"

Lin Zaozao walked up to Yin Xue, supporting him anxiously.

"Zaozao, how can my body feel so light? In an instant, all my old injuries have disappeared!"

Yin Xue placed his hand on his wrist, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Having ventured into dangerous places for years to collect precious medicinal herbs, Yin Xue had accumulated numerous old injuries over time.

He had only been unconscious for a moment, and yet all his long-standing injuries had miraculously healed.

He considered his medical skills to be top-notch, but compared to the person who had treated him, he felt utterly insignificant.

Truly, the pursuit of medical knowledge knows no bounds!

It seems he must continue to study medicine diligently and not become conceited.

"Senior Yin Xue, please don't space out. Matchless and Invincible inserted two long needles into the Sword Immortal's back. We don't know if it will harm his body.

Master Yin Xue, please help the Sword Immortal remove those two needles! If he dies, Ye Yi will be devastated."

Lin Zaozao grabbed Yin Xue and urgently explained.

"The needles we inserted into the Sword Immortal were only meant to temporarily control his internal energy and won't harm him."

Matchless and Invincible half-knelt in front of Lin Zaozao, speaking solemnly.

"Oh, I see! That's good, then."

Lin Zaozao turned around, briefly alleviated their pain, and made them both drink two drops of fourth-grade marrow-cleansing liquid.

"Open your mouths!"

Seeing Lin Zaozao's finger held out in front of them, Matchless and Invincible hesitated for a moment before obediently opening their mouths.

The next moment, they felt a drop of liquid entering their mouths. As soon as the liquid went down, they felt their bodies becoming incredibly light.

The liquid they just drank was...

Lin Zaozao paid no attention to the astonished expressions of Matchless and Invincible. She turned around and walked towards the Sword Immortal's side.

By the time Lin Zaozao reached the Sword Immortal, Yin Xue had already removed the two silver needles from his body.

"Sword Immortal, how do you feel now?"

Yin Xue asked anxiously.

"Yin, Yin Xue, I feel my body is incredibly comfortable, unlike anything before. I thought it was just a temporary improvement!"

"And also, my hand, my hand has recovered. I can feel that there's nothing wrong with it anymore."

The Sword Immortal looked at his hand, filled with excitement.

"It's good that you're fine, it's good. Sword Immortal, I've been searching for you for five whole years. I never expected to find you today. And I never expected..."

Yin Xue looked at the black iron shackles on the Sword Immortal's feet, his eyes filled with sorrow.

The Sword Immortal was a remarkable figure, but in these five years, what had he experienced to be tortured into that mad state just now?

The Female Emperor of Canglan Country truly deserves punishment.

She deserves nothing less than death.

Yin Xue, the senior martial brother, looked at the Sword Immortal in his current disheveled state with such heartache in his eyes that it seemed almost tangible.

Observing the grimy face of the Sword Immortal, Yin Xue instinctively wanted to reach out and wipe it clean. However, considering the crowd around them, Yin Xue withdrew his outstretched hand and instead held onto the Sword Immortal's hand.

Lin Zaozao watched the tightly clasped hands of Yin Xue and the Sword Immortal, and a strange sense of curiosity welled up in her heart.

Something seemed off about the way they looked at each other. Their gaze was filled with an intense and affectionate longing, like the eyes of lovers, rather than the gaze of old friends.

Could it be...?

With this thought, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but feel excited, and she suppressed the upward curve of her mouth, brimming with anticipation.

She knew it! In a world so imbalanced between men and women, she refused to believe that there were no same-sex relationships.

What she didn't expect was that the first same-sex couple she encountered would turn out to be her own two elders.

Although they were not young anymore, they couldn't hide their attractiveness!

Yin Xue's appearance was undoubtedly stunning; he was absolutely handsome. As for the Sword Immortal, despite his current disheveled state, anyone referred to as an "immortal" surely couldn't be unattractive.

With these thoughts in mind, Lin Zaozao leaned closer to the Sword Immortal and lightly tapped his arm with her finger, whispering softly.

"Sword Immortal, now that you're alright, would you like to clean up in the back?"

After all, only when the Sword Immortal was cleaned up could she truly assess his level of attractiveness!

Confronted with Lin Zaozao's bright and shining eyes, the Sword Immortal looked at the Buddha's light enveloping her.

He was taken aback, his mouth opening wide, before abruptly turning his gaze towards Luo Xuan.

In response to the Sword Immortal's inquiring gaze, Luo Xuan followed his line of sight and looked at Lin Zaozao.

In the next moment, Luo Xuan, as if discovering something shocking, immediately fell to his knees at Lin Zaozao's feet.

"You... you are..."

"Father, she is Zaozao, my wife. Didn't I already tell you yesterday? What's the matter with you..."

Hearing Ye Yi's exclamation, Lin Zaozao watched as Luo Xuan knelt before her, and she was immediately frightened into kneeling down herself.

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The man in front of her was none other than Ye Yi's father!

Even if her face were as big as the sky, she couldn't let an elder kneel before her!

Accepting the elder's kneeling would only make her die of fright.

As Luo Xuan looked at Lin Zaozao kneeling before him, he also took in the Buddha's light surrounding her. At this moment, his mouth hung open in shock.

Luo Xuan had originally wanted to reach out and touch Lin Zaozao, but he realized that she was Ye Yi's wife, his daughter-in-law.

So, before Luo Xuan's hand could even touch Lin Zaozao, as though he had been electrocuted, he quickly withdrew it.

"Sword Immortal, is she the person our Baichi Clan has been waiting for? Sword Immortal, have we finally found the one we've been waiting for in our Baichi Clan?"

Listening to Luo Xuan's tearful voice, Lin Zaozao pointed at her own nose in confusion and asked, puzzled.

"Waiting for me? Waiting for me for what?"

"Xiao Xuan, this young girl carries the radiance of Buddha. She is indeed the person our Bai Chi Clan has been waiting for. After so many years, we have finally waited for this moment.

Hahaha, we have finally waited. It has been such a long time..."

The Sword Immortal trembled, prostrating himself at Lin Zaozao's feet and bursting into loud sobs.

As the Sword Immortal cried, Luo Xuan also started crying.

With Luo Xuan's tears, the members of the Bai Chi Clan who had been surrounding them also began to cry.

Hearing the collective weeping, Lin Zaozao looked bewilderedly at Ye Yi, hoping he could explain the situation to her.

Why were these people crying for her? She hadn't departed from this world yet! There really was no need for anyone to mourn for her!

Moreover, she couldn't bear to see these mournful people!

But when Lin Zaozao's gaze met Ye Yi's, she saw him slumped on the ground, trembling lips filled with disbelief as he stared at her.

Well, looking at Ye Yi's state, she knew she shouldn't expect any answers from him at the moment.

Lin Zaozao turned her head and looked at the solemn-faced Senior Yin Xue. She tugged at his sleeve, quietly asking him.

"Senior Yin Xue, do you know why they're crying? If someone who doesn't know sees this, they would think I won't live much longer."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's voice, Yin Xue, who had been serious-faced, involuntarily twitched his lips.

He let out a deep sigh, first gently helping up the weeping Sword Immortal and settling him in a nearby chair, before walking to Lin Zaozao's side and forcefully lifting the sobbing Luo Xuan.

Once her feet were free, Lin Zaozao immediately walked to Ye Yi's side and lifted him up in her arms.

"Ye Yi, your body is fine. We don't need all this crying. If you have something to say, just tell me directly!"

Meeting Lin Zaozao's concerned gaze, Ye Yi reached out and tremulously touched her hair, softly saying,

"Ancestor... Ancestor..."

"Stop, stop, stop... Ye Yi, my dear! We can't have you calling me that. I am your wife, not your ancestor! If I become your ancestor, then we won't be able to spend our nights together in the bridal chamber anymore.

Besides, have you ever seen anyone's ancestor who looks as young and beautiful as me?"

"Ancestor... Ancestor is right... Our Bai Chi Clan indeed has a pure and virtuous Holy Maiden."

Hearing Ye Yi's praise, Lin Zaozao immediately felt a twinge of toothache.

She was a "pure and virtuous" Holy Maiden?

More like a seductress.

She had married so many men now, and Han Ye, Little Peach Blossom, Ruo Qiu, and Ji Fantian were all carrying her children.

Describing her as "pure and virtuous" was truly inappropriate.

If Ye Yi used the term "seductress" to describe her, she wouldn't find it a big deal.

After all, she was quite promiscuous.

"Ye Yi, take a look at this face of mine that can enchant all living beings, and look at my eyes that have witnessed countless journeys. Do you think I resemble the saintess of your Baichi Clan?"


Luo Xuan replied decisively by her side.

"Ah, Father!"

Lin Zaozao looked at Luo Xuan, pointing at her own face with a somewhat speechless expression.

"You are Ye Yi's father, and I am his wife, so I now call you Father Luo Xuan along with Ye Yi, my little baby. Father Luo Xuan, it seems you have mistaken something. I am really not some pure saintess. As a person, I am timid and afraid of trouble, and I have a weakness for wealth and pleasure.

Don't say that I have married many husbands now; in a few months, my child will be calling me 'mother'."

"But you're not pregnant!"

Luo Xuan looked at Lin Zaozao's flat abdomen and said with certainty.

"Ah! Um... that... the matter of pregnancy doesn't necessarily have to be accomplished by women. Sometimes, men can also lend a hand!"

Lin Zaozao's words instantly captured everyone's attention. Especially the Baichi Clan, their gazes were practically glued to Lin Zaozao.

"Queen Mingzhu, are you saying that you can make a man pregnant?"

Luo Xuan half-knelt beside Lin Zaozao, asking in confusion.

Chapter end

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