The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 231

Chapter 231

When Ye Yi saw the guilt on Lin Zaozao's face now, it made Lin Zaozao's heart even more uncomfortable. She didn't pay any price at all, she just added a dog fart filter to herself, did it deserve his so sad?

After packing up, Ye Yi looked at Lin Zaozao dressed in gorgeous clothes, and his heart finally calmed down a little.

Probably because the colors on Lin Zaozao's clothes were too gorgeous, it made the aura on her not so inaccessible.

"Zaozao, go out and meet my father's clan with me now, okay?"

"Okay! It's often said that an ugly daughter-in-law always has to see her in-laws, right? Although I'm not ugly, I still have to see them."

Lin Zaozao took Ye Yi's hand and walked straight out.

As soon as she walked out the door, Lin Zaozao saw the guards carrying those gem-encrusted coffins out.

"Ye Yi, where are you going to throw those coffins?"

"Zaozao, we plan to burn those coffins."

Ye Yi looked at those coffins with disgust in his eyes.

"Burn them? What about the gems on the coffins? Do you want to burn them too? Isn't that too wasteful.

Even if we don't want those gems, we can exchange them for silver and give them to the poor. At least, it can give us more merit."

Looking at the colorful gems on the coffin, Lin Zaozao couldn't help feeling pity.

Those gemstones were so big, and the colors were so beautiful, they must be worth a lot of money.

Burning so much money is really too wasteful!

Ye Yi turned his head and looked at Lin Zaozao's face without any concealment of distress. When he raised his head to look at those coffins that had troubled him for more than ten years, his heart was not so uncomfortable.

That's right! The evil man is dead.

What does his hatred have to do with these coffins.

After all, they were all pawns in the hands of the Empress Mother.

"Come on!"

"Third Prince!"

"Take all the gold, silver and precious gems off the coffins, exchange them for silver and grain, and distribute them to the poor."


Seeing the guards leaving, Lin Zaozao turned her head to Ye Yi and said.

"Ye Yi, are you not upset to see those coffins anymore?"

"Zaozao, the dead are dead, the saved are saved, and I should let go too."

Ye Yi sighed lightly.

"That's right. People! Still have to look forward. Always entangled in the past will only make yourself more and more sad. Let's go! Take me to meet your clan members."


After Ye Yi took a few steps, the dog system popped up in Lin Zaozao's mind again.

Host, because you rescued Ye Yi's father clan, the Baichi Clan. Now this system upgrades your reward to level 4.

One drop of level 4 marrow-washing liquid can not only cure any illness. One drop of level 4 beauty liquid can not only make people lose 4 catties, but also treat all burns and frostbite.

Correspondingly, after this month, if the host gives others a drop of marrow-washing liquid and beauty liquid to drink, just one drop, the host will gain 8 catties!

Cut! Just lose weight again after getting fat. One drop of beauty liquid can make me lose 4 catties. I can drink 3 drops a day, 3 drops is 12 catties, so I'm not afraid at all!

The host swore, and now the system punishes you by letting out 3 super loud farts!

As soon as the dog's voice fell, three super loud farts broke the tranquility of the small courtyard.

Because of these three loud farts, the guards who were picking gems looked at Lin Zaozao at the same time.

Meeting the eyes of the guards, Lin Zaozao yelled unchanged.

"What are you looking at, haven't you ever seen a fairy fart! Looking at your envious eyes, it's useless to look.

No matter how hard you work in your next eight lifetimes, you can never learn from this fairy to fart so loud!"

Lin Zaozao's righteous roar made the guards in the yard stunned for a moment.

I don't know who couldn't help laughing first, and then all the guards in the small courtyard lowered their heads and laughed silently.

Even Ye Yi, who was frowning just now, was full of smiles.

Seeing others laugh, Lin Zaozao, as the person involved, had countless grass mud horses galloping through her heart.

Useless dog system!

Damn, isn't she an empress of a country now! The dog system still doesn't give her any face now.

Yesterday, it made her face as black as Bagong's face. Now! The dog system actually let her fart so loudly in front of so many people.

Fortunately, she has thick skin. If she met a girl with thin skin, she would have to find a crack to drill into under the gaze of so many people!

Restraining the smile in his eyes, Ye Yi calmed his face and took Lin Zaozao's hand and said.

"Zaozao, let's go to the back hall! My clan is waiting there."

"Okay, okay, let's go quickly! My God! I just farted so loudly three times, I'm so embarrassed to death."

Lin Zaozao muttered a few words in a low voice, pulled Ye Yi's hand, and quickly walked towards the back hall.

If she doesn't leave, she will really lose face!

Just after arriving at the corner of the back hall, Lin Zaozao heard a burst of painful roars in the noise.

"Senior Uncle Yinxue, hurry up and get away, Immortal Sword Lord can't control himself now."

"Master, wake up, master..."

"Come on, try to restrain the Sword Immortal..."

"Bai Le, don't hurt the Sword Immortal."

"Quickly pull the Mysterious Iron, Sword Immortal is about to lose control."



Hearing these noisy noises, Lin Zaozao and Ye Yi looked at each other and quickly walked towards the back yard.

When she arrived at the backyard, Lin Zaozao saw several guards holding very thick iron chains to firmly control a disheveled madman.

Standing opposite that madman was Senior Uncle Yinxue.

Senior Uncle Yinxue was holding silver needles and quickly stabbing them into the madman's body.

But when Senior Uncle Yinxue had just stabbed the silver needle into the madman's body, the madman roared loudly, and the silver needle that had just been stabbed into his body was shaken off and fell to the ground.

The madman roared again, and all the iron chains on his body were shaken off by him. At the same time the iron chains broke, the madman's hand was fiercely pinching Senior Uncle Yinxue's neck.

Lin Zaozao looked at the bulging veins on the madman's hand, afraid that he would kill Senior Uncle Yinxue if he exerted any strength.

After all, Senior Uncle Yinxue was Matchless and Invincible's relative, and he came here to help her too.

Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao shouted loudly into the void.

"Matchless, Invincible, restrain that madman! Don't let him hurt Senior Uncle Yinxue!"

As soon as Lin Zaozao's words fell, Matchless and Invincible appeared behind the madman at the same time.

Each of them held a long needle shining with cold light and stabbed it straight into the madman's back.iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

The next second, the madman who was still going crazy slowly loosened Senior Uncle Yinxue's neck and collapsed unconscious on the ground.


"Sword Immortal Lord!"

"Senior Uncle Yinxue!"


With the madman falling down, the whole scene became chaotic.

Lin Zaozao and Ye Yi rushed to the two people at the same time, and supported Senior Uncle Yinxue and the madman respectively.

"Senior Uncle Yinxue, Senior Uncle Yinxue, don't kick the bucket. How can I explain to Little Baby Fan if you die!"

While Lin Zaozao transferred Yin Xue's illness for him, she also checked if he was still breathing with her hand.

Fortunately, he could still be saved.

If Senior Uncle Yinxue died, she would be finished too.

After Lin Zaozao fed a drop of level 4 marrow-washing liquid to Yin Xue's mouth, there was an exclamation from Ye Yi's side.

"Master, Master, wake up. I came early, you can be saved. Don't sleep, I beg you, Master, please wake up..."

Ye Yi hugged the Sword Immortal anxiously and shouted.

Accompanying Ye Yi's sobbing voice, the people surrounding him also began to cry.

"Sword Immortal, Sword Immortal, don't die. I beg you, we can go back to Nine Sky Mountain, we can go home..." you can't die..."

"Sword Immortal, hold on, I beg you. We can go home, we can go back! We don't have to stay here anymore!"


Hearing the crying and shouting over there, after seeing Senior Yin Xue was fine, Lin Zaozao handed him over to a guard beside him, then walked towards Ye Yi.

"Ye Yi, I'm here to save him."

He quickly helped this disheveled madman.

Oh! It was after the Sword Immortal had transferred the illness that Lin Zaozao fed him the drop of fourth-grade Bone Cleansing Elixir he had just obtained.

After just a drop of Bone Cleansing Elixir went down his throat, in just a moment, the Sword Immortal, who had just been breathing weakly, miraculously regained consciousness.

"Master, Master, how are you?"

Ye Yi supported the Sword Immortal and asked anxiously.


After a long time, the Sword Immortal slowly opened his eyes and hoarsely asked in a low voice.

"Yes, Master. It's me, Yi. How do you feel?"

Ye Yi asked choked up.

"Yi, I feel my body is really comfortable. I didn't expect to have such a comfortable day in my body after so many years.

Yi, is it time for me to leave? Yi, I'm gone, take good care of yourself. Master can no longer protect you..."

"No, Master, you will be fine. Aren't you going back to Nine Sky Mountain? You haven't returned to Nine Sky Mountain yet, how could you die?"

"Yi, I know I can't make it. Unfortunately, I can't..."

Hearing Ye Yi and the Sword Immortal talking about last words, Lin Zaozao felt a little awkward interrupting their conversation.

"Sword Immortal, your body is fine now. You feel comfortable, it's really comfortable, not some last glow before death.

I just saved you, you won't die. As for the two silver needles that Matchless and Invincible stabbed into your back, I'll have Senior Uncle Yin Xue help you pull them out later."

Lin Zaozao looked back and saw that Senior Uncle Yin Xue had also awakened from unconsciousness.

Chapter end

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