The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 230

Chapter 230

"Yi, it's cold outside, take Queen Mingzhu back to the room," Luo Xuan said as he patted Ye Yi's arm gently to comfort him.

"Alright. Dad, although some of our clansmen have not woken up yet, they will soon. Dad, I'll leave the rest to you," Ye Yi said with a choked voice as he held Lin Zaozao tightly.

"That's good, Yi. Dad will handle the rest. You just take care of your wife," Luo Xuan said.

Ye Yi carried Lin Zaozao in his arms and turned to walk towards the room in front. After taking a few steps, he stopped and looked at Lin Zaozao in his arms. In a low voice he said,Nnw n0vel chapters are published on n0v/e/(lb)i(n.)co/m

"Dad, when sister wakes up, please take her back to the Bai Chi Tribe on Nine Sky Mountain. If there are no major incidents in the future, do not come down the mountain again. Also, please pass the position of Young Patriarch of the Bai Chi Tribe to my sister. I'm really tired. This time, I have already chosen between Zaozao and the Bai Chi Tribe, and I don't want to make such a choice ever again. For the rest of my life, I only want to be Lin Zaozao's husband, Ye Yi. Please forgive my selfishness, Dad!"

"Yi, it was Dad who wronged you. I put such heavy responsibilities on you when you were so young. Don't worry, when our clansmen wake up, we will go back to Nine Sky Mountain. If not necessary, we won't come down the mountain again," said Luo Xuan, his voice slightly choked.

Hearing the choke in Luo Xuan's voice, Ye Yi held Lin Zaozao tightly and walked towards the front without looking back. This time, his pace was much more relaxed than before.

From this moment on, he was no longer the Third Prince Ye Yi of Canglan Country, nor the Young Patriarch of the Bai Chi Tribe. He only had to bear the hopes and responsibilities of so many people.

Now, he was just Lin Zaozao's husband, Ye Yi.

Watching Ye Yi's departing figure, then looking at the rows of coffin lids lying on the ground, Luo Xuan involuntarily knelt down and wept silently.

Heavens be praised, the Bai Chi Tribe was finally saved.

If the Bai Chi Tribe were to be destroyed, the secrets they had guarded for so many years would disappear with them.

Didn't the two Chief Priests of Han Country have memories of their past two lifetimes? Didn't they know the karma of every person?

Since they were so capable, why didn't they divine and calculate when the Bai Chi Tribe's responsibilities would end!

After guarding for so many years, they were really tired! Really exhausted!

When she woke up again, it was already noon the next day.

Lin Zaozao looked at Ye Yi slumped beside her bed. His smooth chin had a layer of black stubble growing out.

Reaching out to feel it, it wasn't prickly, but it didn't feel comfortable either. Tracing along his chin down to his Adam's apple.

Touching the protruding Adam's apple with the black stubble on his chin, Lin Zaozao strangely felt Ye Yi's face looked extremely sexy.

This man was her husband.

Since he was hers, what was the point of pretending to be aloof!

She decided to just go for it. Lin Zaozao sat up in bed, reached out and pulled Ye Yi from beside the bed into her arms.

"Zaozao, you're awake? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?" Ye Yi asked caringly.

Looking at his sleepy appearance, Lin Zaozao let out a "hee hee" laugh. The next second, she went straight to kiss Ye Yi's red lips.

Their lips and tongues intertwined. Lin Zaozao covered Ye Yi's wide open eyes with her hand. With a flip, she pressed him under her body.

Looking at the obedient Ye Yi lying under her, Lin Zaozao's eyes widened as she wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth, then lowered her head to explore his red lips again.

Good heavens! After abstaining for so long, she was finally going to break her fast today!

Even if the Jade Emperor came now, he could not stop her from breaking her fast and devouring her little husband.

Just as Lin Zaozao was taking off Ye Yi's top and feeling him up, preparing to go further, the door was pushed open from outside.

"Yi, has your wife woken up? I cooked some porridge, do you want to feed her some?"

Luo Xuan opened the door and his gaze met Lin Zaozao straddling Ye Yi.

Looking at the messy bedding and Ye Yi's current state of undress, his blushing face.

For a moment, the air froze.

"You, you guys continue. I'll, I'll go out first."

Luo Xuan awkwardly bid them goodbye before hurriedly closing the door and leaving.

"Da, Dad..."

Ye Yi shyly mumbled.

Looking at the closed door again, Lin Zaozao lowered her head to look at the bashful Ye Yi with a red face.

She pondered, then leaned over Ye Yi, kissed his cheek, and jokingly asked,

"My little husband, shall we continue or call it quits halfway? To be honest, I've abstained for so long without tasting meat. I really don't want to stop now."

Unable to utter a word due to embarrassment, Ye Yi blushed even more under Lin Zaozao's pitiful look.

"Ye Yi, if you don't say anything, does it mean you want to continue?"

"Za, Zaozao, my dad just left. Can we con, continue tonight?"

"Tonight? It's still several hours away! Ye Yi, I'm afraid I'll suffocate by the time night comes."

"But, but Zaozao. My tribesmen are still waiting for us outside, I, I..."

Ye Yi's face had already turned red. Now, his neck had also reddened from Lin Zaozao's teasing.

Looking at the alluring Ye Yi, Lin Zaozao reluctantly stroked Ye Yi's exposed chest.

Although he had regained a hundred catties of fat, not an ounce looked excessive on Ye Yi.

Coupled with Ye Yi's sudden growth spurt of ten centimeters, the current Ye Yi looked more rugged than before.

Such an enticing husband, yet she couldn't devour him now!

Thinking of the people waiting outside, Lin Zaozao vented her frustration by groping Ye Yi for a while, until his whole body turned pink and tender before reluctantly letting go.

"Za, Zaozao..."

"My little husband should get up now! Looking at your shy expression, I really can't hold back anymore."

Reluctantly helping Ye Yi put his clothes back on, Lin Zaozao couldn't help sighing when his spring scenery was covered up.

Ah! Ye Yi's clothes were so ugly!

With such a good figure, not showing it to her was truly a waste of his perfect physique.

Ye Yis pectorals! Ye Yis slender waist! And those two red points on his chest...

Alright, she had to stop thinking about it. If she continued, she would get a nosebleed.

Seeing Lin Zaozao's reluctant expression, Ye Yi almost laughed at her lecherous state.

Clearly trying to divert his attention, yet she still managed to make herself seem extremely lustful.

But there was still something he had to ask.

He was no longer Third Prince Ye Yi, nor the Young Patriarch of the Bai Chi Tribe.

"Zaozao, every time you save someone, you have to pay a price. I want to know, what price did you pay to save my clansmen?"

Ye Yi looked at the sacred aura shrouding Lin Zaozao. His heart was strangely familiar with it.

Looking at the familiar aura, his heart was filled with apprehension.

Yesterday when Zaozao fell asleep from fatigue, he felt the sacred aura around her seem to want to take Lin Zaozao away from his side.

He had finally attained freedom. If Zaozao disappeared because of him, not only would he never forgive himself, even Princess Hanyi and the National Teacher would not forgive him.

Facing Ye Yi's gloomy eyes, Lin Zaozao sighed involuntarily.

She had turned herself into a lecherous woman (although she was truly lecherous), how come she still hadn't shifted Ye Yi's attention?

"Ye Yi, this deity's abilities have leveled up. I can now save people without paying any price. Every time I save someone now, I benefit.

Look at the holy Buddhist radiance on sister's body, it makes this deity even more beautiful, even more like a scam artist.

No, a deity, right?

In the future, with such a Buddhist radiance on my body going out to pretend to be a scam artist, I just need to stretch out my hand, and many people will stuff copper coins into my hand."

Listening to Lin Zaozao's casual voice, Ye Yi looked over the Buddhist radiance on Lin Zaozao's body. It did make Lin Zaozao's entire person appear more holy.

But similarly, it made Lin Zaozao's entire person seem less mortal.

Under that holy Buddhist radiance, it was like it pulled her entire person to a place that he simply could not touch.

Forgive his selfishness, but such a Buddhist radiance was not as good as not having it.

"What's wrong? Ye Yi, are you unhappy?"

"Zaozao, promise me. From today onward, no matter where you go, you must bring me along, okay?"

"Alright, as long as I can, no matter where I go, I will always bring you along."

Lin Zaozao leaned over and lightly hugged Ye Yi.

Holding Lin Zaozao tightly in his arms, unease still filled Ye Yi's heart. He only had his beloved girl in his arms, her warm body temperature when their bodies touched, to give him a feeling of reality.

"Ye Yi, we should go out. If we stay any longer, your clan will think we're playing games wrestling demons in this room."

"Alright, let's go out."

Lightly letting Lin Zaozao go, Ye Yi got out of bed and went to the wardrobe to find an extremely colorful piece of clothing for Lin Zaozao.

"Oh! Ye Yi, how did you know I like such flowery clothes?"

Lin Zaozao shook out the clothes, looking at the colored gems decorated on it, extremely satisfied.

Perhaps others would find such flowery clothes tacky, but she just happened to like these colorful clothes.

One lived only one lifetime, she really had no need to cater to others' aesthetics and wear clothes that others liked.

What she liked was the most important.

"Zaozao, when we were at the Waterside Village, other than black, I also saw you liked wearing these colorful clothes. For the clothes we prepared for you, the white or light colored ones, you didn't like them at all.

So for the clothes I prepared when I came back, they are all these colorful ones. How is it? Do you like them?"

"I like them so much! Ye Yi, don't you feel I look tacky wearing such colorful clothes?"

Lin Zaozao placed the clothes on herself to gauge how they'd look, and asked with anticipation on her face.

"Zaozao, we commoners in the mortal world, eating all kinds of grains, what use is there being so ethereal? I feel my Zaozao wearing such clothes is truly the best looking, and most adorable."

"Hee hee hee! I thought you would find me tacky!"

In front of Ye Yi, Lin Zaozao took off her rumpled clothes and started changing into the flowery dress.

"Zaozao, let me help you!"


Obediently putting her hands in front of Ye Yi, Lin Zaozao raised her head to look at Ye Yi's chin covered with stubbles. Thinking of those rows upon rows of coffins she saw yesterday, gratitude rose in her heart.

Luckily, she came.

Otherwise, making Ye Yi face those rows upon rows of coffins daily, even a normal person would be driven insane.

Chapter end

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