The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 226

Chapter 226

After saying that, Lord Li, who was greasy, even raised his head sneakily and threw a wink at Lin Zaozao, which he thought was very handsome.Gt latest ovel chpters on nv(e)lbj/n(.)c/m

After receiving the "tender look", Lin Zaozao was stunned for a moment, then she could not help laughing at this greasy Lord Li.

Oh my god! How can there be such a arrogant, greasy, and disgusting ordinary man in the world!

She was really disgusted by this guy.

Or you could say, she was so angry that she wanted to laugh.

Seeing Lin Zaozao laugh, Lord Li thought she had agreed to his suggestion.

"Your Majesty Ming Zhu, are you agreeing to my suggestion? Are you willing to let me be your formal husband?"

Seeing that Lin Zaozao was still smiling faintly without saying a word, the greasy ordinary man Lord Li thought she was very satisfied with his suggestion.

Looking at Lin Zaozao's lovely doll face, Lord Li's eyes, which were as big as black beans, now only had a slit left.

His disgusting and obscene appearance was really ugly to the extreme.

Anyway, Lin Zaozao, who was sitting opposite Lord Li, now felt nauseous.

But in order to observe Lord Li's next move, Lin Zaozao could only resist the nausea in her heart and still look at him with a smile.

She wanted to see what other outrageous actions this disgusting Lord Li would do.

Seeing that Lin Zaozao was still smiling faintly without saying anything, Lord Li plucked up the courage to walk up to Lin Zaozao and reach out to touch Lin Zaozao's tender little face.

Seeing the salty pig's hand about to reach Lin Zaozao's face, before Ye Yi could make a move, Lin Zaozao herself could not stand it.

Oh my mother! This pig-like Lord Li was really disgusting her to the extreme she could imagine.

When she could no longer endure, there was no need to endure anymore.

"Damn it, I really can't stand it anymore.

You ugly freak, with your hook nose, toad mouth, tiger eyes, donkey big mouth, plus a pair of bandy legs.

Do you know why you look so ugly? That's because you are the product of your mother mating with livestock, you are livestock.

You old livestock, don't even look at your pathetic look, you actually dare to compare with my cute darling Ye Yi.

A person like you, detested by all, even dogs would bite you. You are a dog thing, you are just wasting air by being alive, and wasting land when you die.

Such an inhuman thing, actually wants to be my husband.

You dog thing, do you really think I am a garbage dump here! What kind of dog ** do you think I would look upon!

Oh my! Thinking of your ugly look, I really need to take another look at my darling Ye Yi's handsome face, to wash my eyes polluted by you, this dog thing.

Otherwise, my eyes would be blinded by your ugly look. Ugh! You make me sick."

Lin Zaozao's continuous fierce output made Ye Yi, who was standing beside her, laugh with his whole body trembling. But in front of the civil and military officials, Ye Yi still had to suppress the smile on his face and pretend to be serious.

While Lord Li, who was standing opposite Lin Zaozao, was now trembling with anger.

His trembling hand slowly pointed at Lin Zaozao, reaching out to slap Lin Zaozao's face fiercely.

But before he could make a move, Lin Zaozao quickly stood up, grabbed his fingers and compared her height with Lord Li's, mocking as extremely as possible.

"Damn, you dog thing, not only ugly, old and greasy, but you are also a shorty, looking like a dwarf radish.

You are so short, didn't your mother fetch you from the pigsty back then!

Otherwise, you not only have the stature of a pig, but also the height of a pig! Plump, chubby, looking like a ball, simply ugly beyond description, unbearable to look at!"

"Slut, I will beat you to death!"

"I'll beat your mother's head!"

As Lin Zaozao twisted Lord Li's fingers, Lord Li's face immediately turned pig liver color. When he whined in pain, Lin Zaozao raised her foot and kicked him down the steps.

Looking at the sprawled Lord Li on the ground, Lin Zaozao wiped her hands disgustedly on her clothes, then shouted into the void.

"Wushuang! Wudi!"



"This Lord Li with a pig nose dared to despise me in court, and even attempted to molest me. This is an unforgivable heinous crime. You two should take him outside immediately and beat him to death with clubs!

Looking at Lord Li, this big fat pig, I find him disgusting."

Lin Zaozao's indifferent words immediately made the face of Lord Li, who was lying on the ground, look bad.

Lord Li's eyeballs rolled, thinking of the foolproof plan he had made with his colleagues before entering the palace.

How could he still be afraid of this little girl in front of him who didn't even have much hair?

Until the last step, who would be beaten to death was still unknown!

So the short fat man Lord Li scrambled up from the ground, looking at Lin Zaozao and Ye Yi standing on the steps, his fat face was twisted and proud.

"Ming Zhu, you little bitch. In order to save your useless Third Prince Ye Yi, you only brought thousands of imperial guards to Canglan, and those thousands of imperial guards were also left outside the palace by you.

No matter how powerful those thousands of imperial guards are, they are powerless to help you.

And now Canglan Palace has been controlled by me. As long as I give an order, the 10,000 imperial guards standing outside the Hall of Governance will immediately rush in. By then, you will not escape, you and the Third Prince will undoubtedly die."

"Lord Li, the 10,000 imperial guards you mentioned, are these people? Do you want to open your dog eyes and take a good look, see who these 10,000 imperial guards will actually follow orders from!

You, or me!"

Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Zaozao looked towards the sound, and it turned out to be Xiao Liuli wearing prince's clothes, walking in against the light, head held high and chest out.

"Third brother! Sister!"

"I'll be damned! It's really you! Xiao Liuli, you little brat, Han Ye said he had something for you to do, didn't you do it properly, what are you doing here adding to the fun?

Hmm! Could it be Han Ye who sent you here?"

Lin Zaozao walked quickly to Xiao Liuli's side, grabbed his arm and looked him up and down. Seeing that he was unharmed, with ruddy complexion, she slowly relaxed.

When she came to Canglan, she had been wondering what Han Ye would arrange for Xiao Liuli, who has a weak constitution, to do.

But she didn't expect that Xiao Liuli would arrive in Canglan before her.

Han Ye arranged for Xiao Liuli to do this, the ultimate goal must be to help her and Ye Yi establish a foothold here more quickly today!

Han Ye's strategy, as well as his meticulous thoughts and plans, really surprised her beyond expectation.

Looking at Ye Yi's shocked expression now, he probably didn't know that Xiao Liuli had secretly slipped back to Canglan and done so many things in secret.

Lin Zaozao looked at Xiao Liuli's proud manner, but her eyes still couldn't help worrying.

Although Xiao Liuli's body recovered later, the impression of his weak constitution when she first saw him was still indelible in Lin Zaozao's mind.

Even now, Xiao Liuli's body was still as thin as a little bamboo pole. Slender figured, when she squeezed with her hands, it was all bones.

Lin Zaozao was always afraid that if she used a little bit of strength, she would crush Xiao Liuli's bones.

This child Xiao Liuli, was truly too thin, thin to the point that it pained her heart.

"Sister, don't look at me, I'm completely fine, my body is very good now.

As long as I eat well and exercise properly from now on, I will also become a towering and stalwart man like Third Brother, really!"

After smiling at Lin Zaozao, Xiao Liuli went to Ye Yi's side, nodded at him, then handed the soldier's token in her hand in front of Ye Yi and said loudly.

"Third brother, the soldier's token of Canglan Country has been brought by me. And this, is the edict of abdication that Imperial Mother wrote in advance, I have also brought it.

With these two things, let's see who still dares make things difficult for you and sister!"

Looking at the piece of brocade Xiao Liuli handed to Ye Yi, Lin Zaozao's eyes were full of doubt.

When did that old woman, the Female Emperor of Canglan, write this edict of abdication? And how did Xiao Liuli get this edict of abdication?

"Fifth Prince, you, didn't you die already?"

Standing below, Lord Li looked at Xiao Liuli dressed as a prince, pointing at him in disbelief and said.

"Lord Li, even if you died, I can't die! If your eyes have no problems, then open your dog eyes wide and take a good look, see if I'm Fifth Prince Ye Nuo!"

Meeting Xiao Liuli's bright and dazzling lapis lazuli eyes, Lord Li's eyes were full of doubt.

If the person in front was the Fifth Prince, then whose corpse was carried back earlier?

Could it be? That corpse was the Fifth Prince's golden cicada molting, and its purpose was precisely to escape the persecution of the Female Emperor of Canglan Country?

Ignoring Lord Li's probing eyes, Ye Yi glanced at the soldier's token in his hand, then opened the edict of abdication that Xiao Liuli gave him, and said loudly to everyone.

"Everyone, this is the soldier's token of Canglan Country. And this is the edict of abdication that my Imperial Mother wrote while still alive. It has her imperial seal, stating that she wants to hand over Canglan Country to me.

If you don't believe it, you can send someone up to verify the authenticity of these two items."

Looking at the soldier's token and edict of abdication in Ye Yi's hand, the civil and military officials glanced at each other, then sent the white-bearded old man standing in the front row to come up.

This white-bearded old man was the Left Auxiliary Minister of Canglan Country. Usually he did not get along well with Ye Yi. While the Right Auxiliary Minister of Canglan Country was Ruo Qiu's mother.

Ruo Qiu's mother, the Right Auxiliary Minister. She was standing under the stairs at this time, with an attitude of being uninvolved in this matter.

It was as if she didn't even have the slightest interest in the authenticity of the edict of abdication and soldier's token in Ye Yi's hands. So from beginning to end, she didn't even lift her head once.

The Left Auxiliary Minister walked slowly to the stairs under the gaze of the civil and military officials. He looked at Ye Yi complicatedly, then took over the soldier's token and edict from Ye Yi to examine them carefully before turning back to look at the civil and military officials below and shouting loudly.

"Colleagues, the soldier's token and edict of abdication in the Third Prince's hands are real, and the seals on them are also real.

While still alive, Her Majesty did intend to pass the throne to the Third Prince. "

The Left Auxiliary Minister's words suddenly made the faces of the civil and military officials below who were waiting for the situation to change turn ugly.

Even the silent Right Auxiliary Minister, Ruo Qiu's mother, abruptly raised her head, then looked at the Left Auxiliary Minister in disbelief.

What exactly was going on here?

The Left Auxiliary Minister standing above had always been at odds with Third Prince Ye Yi. Over some trivial matters, they could also bicker and frame each other. Those were just some everyday minor issues.

So when the Left Auxiliary Minister represented the civil and military officials just now to inspect the authenticity of the soldier's token and edict of abdication in Ye Yi's hands, they let him check with relief.

Then, after the Left Auxiliary Minister took over the soldier's token and edict of abdication from Third Prince Ye Yi, as long as he insisted that those two items were fake, then Third Prince Ye Yi would have to be finished off here today.

Even if that Ming Zhu wanted to protect him, this was Canglan, Canglan Country's imperial palace. With just the few people that dead girl Ming Zhu brought, how could they possibly protect the isolated and weak Third Prince?

But they never expected that the Left Auxiliary Minister would actually say the soldier's token and edict were real.

When the civil officials led by Lord Li and the Right Auxiliary Minister met the Left Auxiliary Minister's mocking gaze, they realized that they had always been toyed with by the Left Auxiliary Minister.

So it turns out, his long-standing hostility towards the Third Prince and setting obstacles for him was just an act for them to see!

If he didn't act like this, how could they possibly trust the Left Auxiliary Minister before them, and tell him all the details of their plans secretly!

It turned out that from the beginning, the Left Auxiliary Minister was Ye Yi's man, and had always been a mole hidden among them.

Lying dormant for so long, what he was waiting for was this very day. He would stand by the Third Prince's side and righteously escort the Third Prince onto Canglan Country's throne.

Since the civil official Left Auxiliary Minister was Ye Yi's man, then among the military officers, which ones were also Ye Yi's people?

Just as those rebels led by Lord Li were panicking, all the military officers in the Hall of Governance knelt down towards Ye Yi under the lead of the Left Auxiliary Minister.

"This humble officer, Imperial Front Left General Helan Yu, congratulates Third Prince on ascending the throne!"

"This humble officer, Imperial Front Right General Ouyang Gongyu, congratulates Third Prince on ascending the throne!"

"This humble officer, Minister of War Zhao Liangchen, congratulates Third Prince on ascending the throne!"

"This humble officer, Vice Minister of War Wang Ziyu, wishes Third Prince congratulations on ascending the throne!"


The congratulatory voices of the Left Auxiliary Minister and military officers, frightened those civil officials led by Lord Li so much that they all collapsed limply on the ground.

What exactly was going on here? Wasn't Third Prince Ye Yi already at his wits' end? Wasn't he imprisoned in Feixu Palace by the Female Emperor? How could he still have so many people in the court?

Could it be that his previous desperation was all an act?

But when he was imprisoned, how did he contact these military officers?

Standing by Ye Yi's side, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but smile lightly when she saw those military officers kneeling in the great hall.

She knew it! A scheming prince like Ye Yi who dared to plot for power, how could he possibly let himself reach a dead end with no one he could use?

Turns out, from the very beginning he had been hiding in Feixu Palace, always keeping a low profile. He would absolutely not expose his trump card until the very last step.

Once he revealed his trump card, it would be time for Ye Yi to draw in the net.

It's just that when Lin Zaozao saw Ye Yi's trump cards, and those civil officials who remained motionless ...

She awkwardly touched her nose!

Cough cough cough... The moles she had planted in Canglan Country seemed to be a "bit" too many!

"Guards!" Ye Yi shouted coldly.


"Lord Li blatantly murdered my Imperial Mother in broad daylight, and now is colluding with his faction again, scheming to usurp the throne. His crimes are heinous.

Take those rebels led by Lord Li and imprison them in the dungeons to await punishment."

"Yes, Third Prince!"

"Yes, Third Prince!"


As soon as Ye Yi finished speaking, some people wearing the uniforms of the Imperial Guards walked in orderly from both sides of the main hall and escorted Lord Li and his party, who were here just now, towards the outside of the Zhengyi Palace.


Ye Yi said to stop them.

"Just now, Lord Li dared to insult the Empress of my wife in Han Country in his words. He even tried to assault my wife physically in front of me. Take him out directly now and slice him into ten thousand pieces in front of everyone!"

As soon as Ye Yi finished, Lord Li, who was just being arrogant, immediately collapsed on the ground. He looked at Ye Yi in disbelief, as if he had discovered a new continent. He pointed at Ye Yi and shouted loudly.

"You are a monster, the Third Prince is a monster! Clearly yesterday he was emaciated and looked like he was nearing death. But in just one short day, how did his figure become so strong and sturdy?

The Third Prince is a monster! Everyone come quickly to burn him to death! Having a monster sit on the throne of Canglan Country will surely bring disaster to the common people!"

Lord Li's agitated words drew the gaze of all the ministers in the hall and focused them on Ye Yi.

In their eyes, there was inquiry, puzzlement, contempt, and even more, fear.

After all, one's body can't just randomly become fat or thin. The Third Prince was clearly very thin yesterday, emaciated to the point of being weak.

But now...

Not only has the Third Prince become fat in just one short day, but his height has also increased a lot compared to yesterday. Such an obvious change was ignored by them earlier.

Although they don't like Lord Li, he was right about one thing.

A monster really can bring calamity to a nation!

Facing the probing gazes of the civil and military ministers, Ye Yi just stood there impassively, not even giving them a look. He only ordered people to take Lord Li away and execute him.

"The Third Prince is a monster. A monster cannot be allowed to take control of the government. Everyone, the Third Prince cannot be allowed to rule. He should be burned to death to eliminate future troubles!"

When Lord Li was dragged to the door by the guards, seeing some of the ministers wavering, he shouted even louder.

"My colleagues, didn't we see the Third Prince yesterday, his body frail and not like himself at all, when he walked out of Feixu Palace? Even when getting on his horse, he had to slowly climb up with the help of the guards.

But look at him now!

Not only is his complexion extremely good and his face flushed, even his height has increased a lot. People are not plants, how can there be such great changes overnight!"

Hearing Lord Li's words, the civil and military officials standing under the steps looked at Ye Yi with even more uneasy eyes.

It was true that people are not plants. How could there be such great changes to the body overnight?

Could it be... the Third Prince really is a monster that brings calamity to the country and harm to the people, like Lord Li said?

Seeing the expressions of the ministers wavering again, in order to save his worthless dog life, Lord Li ruthlessly shouted louder.

"My colleagues, the Third Prince has undergone such tremendous changes in his appearance overnight. This proves that the Third Prince is a monster!

It's said that the Tianshan Baichi Clan are the most upright and pure beings in the world, but in my opinion, the Third Prince and his clan - the Tianshan Baichi Clan - are all monsters wearing human skins!

Perhaps His Majesty was also killed on the streets by this Third Prince's evil arts, cruelly killing his own birth mother.

Now that His Majesty has passed away, the Third Prince and Fifth Prince immediately took out the edict to pass the throne and the military talisman. If this was not premeditated, then what is it?

My colleagues, while this monster Third Prince has not yet seized power over the court, let's work together and capture him, then burn him alive in front of all the common people!

I don't believe that even a monster wearing human skin pretending to be the Third Prince can survive being burned alive by the fire!"

The more Lord Li spoke, the uglier the expressions on the faces of the civil and military ministers below the stairs became.

Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli just looked at Lord Li with cold eyes, not defending themselves at all.

The way they looked at Lord Li was as if they were not looking at a living person, but at a slab of fat meat waiting to be slaughtered on the chopping block!

Looking at Lord Li's arrogant manner, Lin Zaozao was so angry she could explode.

Damn it! This fat pig Lord Li's ability to spout nonsense is catching up to her!

This bastard is willing to put all kinds of accusations on her dear Ye Yi's head just to save his worthless dog life!

Even though Lord Li was now being dragged away like a dead dog by the guards, his bean-sized eyes were still filled with smug delight.

This dog really won't give up until he sees the coffin, will he!

Since that's the case, she, Lin Zaozao, will let him see today just why some flowers are red like that!

And why he will die so miserably today!!!

Chapter end

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