The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 218

Chapter 218

Lin Zaozao caressed Ye Yi's body early in the morning. His thin body made Lin Zaozao shed tears again.

This was her husband. In Luoshui Village, although their early days were hard, Ye Yi was not as thin as this.

Because he could not speak, he was always silent. But he would also laugh and make trouble with her!

But after he returned to the Canglan Imperial Family, returned to his father and mother, he was tortured into this.

It was also no wonder that when Ye Yi left, even giving up his own dignity and kneeling down, he still wanted to take Xiao Liuli with him.

With Xiao Liulis body at that time, just as Ye Yi said, once he returned to the Canglan imperial family, there really was only one way to die.

"Zaozao, in fact, you should not have come to stir up trouble in Canglan. This place is too dirty, it will dirty your hands."

Ye Yi moved his chapped lips slightly and sighed softly.

"Ye Yi, shut up for me. If I didn't come, with the way you look now, you would have wasted away to a pile of bone scraps in less than a month."

Without waiting for Ye Yi to react, Lin Zaozao reached out and hugged Ye Yi horizontally in her arms, walking towards Zhao Cai's back.

Sitting on Zhao Cai's back, Lin Zaozao whispered in Ye Yi's ear, "Ye Yi, I came to Canglan Country for two reasons. One was to use the excuse of the 50,000 Canglan soldiers to exchange you, Murong Hai and Gushan for safe passage to Han Country.

But I have another, more important thing to do in Canglan, and that is to kill your Empress Dowager, Canglan's female emperor.

Ye Yi, if you don't want me to kill your mother, then I'll have the spies hidden in Canglan take you, Gushan and Murong Hai back to Han Country right away. For Canglan Country, I'll leave it for now.

But if you also hate your mother, then next, I won't show any mercy to your Empress Dowager. After all, she is too evil."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's words, Ye Yi used his emaciated hands to grip Lin Zaozao's wrists tightly and said, "Zaozao, kill her, kill that demon. As long as she doesn't die, not only me and my clansmen, but even the common people of Canglan, will never have a way to survive.

Zaozao, please, save my sister, save my father, save my mentor and clansmen.

They really can't hold on any longer."

As soon as Ye Yi finished speaking, he fainted in her arms. Looking at Ye Yi's gaunt cheeks and chapped lips, the murderous intent in her eyes had almost taken solid form.

She grabbed Ye Yi's hand first to transfer some of his illness to herself. Her random reward this time was a Strengthening Body Pill and gaining ten pounds.

[System, if I give this Strengthening Body Pill to Ye Yi, will it make him gain one hundred pounds?]

[No, host. This Strengthening Body Pill is a random reward given out by the system, it is what the host deserves. So this Strengthening Body Pill will not have any side effects.]

[Is that so? System, I actually hope this Strengthening Body Pill can have the side effect of gaining one hundred pounds. Ye Yi is so thin now, I feel so bad for him.]

[If the host wants, the system can give your little husband one hundred pounds of meat right now. But the host will have to pay a small price!]

[What price? Tell me quickly?]

[The price is that the host will also gain one hundred pounds. Host, are you willing?]

[I'm willing!]

[Eh! Host, aren't you most afraid of getting fat? How come you're willing now?]

[Stupid system, do you think something's wrong with your brain? Don't I have the Level 3 Beauty Potion now?

One drop of Level 3 Beauty Potion can make me lose six pounds. I can drink three drops a day, that's eighteen pounds.

In just a few days, I, Lin Zaozao, will be a gorgeous beauty again! What do I have to worry about?]

[Tsk! Host, you haven't had the Level 3 Beauty Potion for a long time, I almost forgot about that. Nevermind then, since you're not afraid to gain one hundred pounds, I'm too lazy to make you gain one hundred pounds.]

[Fuck off! Stupid system, so you were just playing a trick on me! Weren't you?]

[Of course not, you sinister host. Do you think the random reward you got this time just happened to be a Strengthening Body Pill?

It was because this system saw your little husband was almost as thin as a monkey, so I deliberately gave you a backdoor.

You ungrateful brat not only don't appreciate this system's selfless and great contribution, you even dare to scold me and doubt me! You, you should just go eat pig feed!]

[Then you go eat the pig feed, stupid system! You said it yourself, since I first came to this world, how many times have you tricked me. Now I just suspect you a little bit, and you tell me to go eat pig feed!]

[Tsk! An ungrateful host who only remembers grudges and not favors. Why don't you say how many times this old man has helped you since you came to this world!]

[Fifty-fifty! When dealing with a scam like you, I only believe in one principle - remembering only grudges and not favors!]

[Just go eat pig feed! Stupid host, wait for me. When you need my help later, I will definitely make you eat pig feed!]

[Eat your ass! Give me the Strengthening Body Pill!]

[Here! Stupid host!]

Just after Lin Zaozao received the Strengthening Body Pill from the system, before she could feed it to Ye Yi, a strange electric current suddenly swept through her whole body.

Wherever the current passed, Lin Zaozao's body convulsed as her skin turned black and even her hair stood up stiffly into a big broom shape.

Looking at Ye Yi in her arms who was unchanged, and Zhao Cai under her butt who had no reaction at all, it was clear that the stupid system's little electric shock was specifically to mess with her.

After spitting out black smoke from gritted teeth, she began to frantically curse the useless system in her mind.

But after cursing for a while, the stupid system pretended not to hear, without even an echo in response. So Lin Zaozao's counterattack was like punching cotton, unable to vent her anger at all.

Seeing the system playing dead, Lin Zaozao could only forcibly swallow the grievance in her heart. After putting the Strengthening Body Pill in Ye Yi's mouth, she hugged him and walked towards the carriage behind.

In a while she had to enter Lan City and go to the Canglan imperial palace. With her current freakish appearance after being electrically shocked, she would be laughed at after entering Lan City.

"Young master, do you want me to carry the Third Prince into the carriage?"

"Dashan, I'll do it myself. You go call Sister Nan Yin to come to my carriage now and help me tidy up my clothes.

In a while when I enter Lan City like this, the common people of Canglan will laugh their teeth off!"

Seeing Lin Zaozao's dark complexion at the moment, and her hair like a broom, Dashan pursed his lips and said "Yes" before turning around and striding toward the back of the convoy.

As soon as Dashan walked out of Lin Zaozao's line of sight, she clearly heard Dashan's muffled laughter.

Is it that funny? It's just slightly darker skin and messy hair! After tidying up a bit, she, Lin Zaozao, will become a great beauty again.

But when Lin Zaozao returned to the carriage and had just put Ye Yi down, she saw his body slowly fattening up.

Although Ye Yi rapidly gained one hundred pounds, because he was so thin before, there was no scene of his clothes rupturing from the sudden weight gain.

At most it could only be considered a slightly fat figure!

After settling Ye Yi, Lin Zaozao immediately turned around and took out a bronze mirror from the corner of the carriage.

When Lin Zaozao saw clearly in the mirror that night demon face of hers again, she scolded the dog system in her mind for ten thousand times. But the result was that the dog system pretended to be dead and did not respond at all! After Lin Zaozao scolded alone for a while, she only felt that the fire in her body kept rising, without relieving her anger at all.

"Your Majesty, I am Nan Yin. Can I come up now?"

"Sister Nan Yin, please come in quickly! I still have to go to Lan City and Canglan Imperial Palace later!"

As soon as Lin Zaozao finished speaking, Nan Yin jumped onto the carriage, lifted the curtain and walked in.

When Nan Yin's and Lin Zaozao's eyes met, Lin Zaozao clearly saw that the corners of her mouth were curling up crazily.

Seeing Nan Yin's about-to-laugh-but-not-laughing look, Lin Zaozao pulled her own mophead and said gloomily,

"Sister Nan Yin, if you want to laugh, just laugh! To tell the truth, even I want to laugh when I see my current ugly black appearance."

As soon as Lin Zaozao finished speaking, the corners of Nan Yin's mouth curled up crazily. But she did not laugh out loud either, instead she turned around, squatted in the corner of the carriage, and laughed silently with her head buried in her arms.

Looking at Nan Yin's shaking body because of laughing, Lin Zaozao gave a helpless eye roll.

Picking up the bronze mirror again, looking at the image of the mop fairy in the mirror, Lin Zaozao really wanted to pull the dog system out of her mind now and beat it into a hammer!

How bored must this dog system be! How could it think of making her look like this!DiisCoover pdated novels on n(o)v./e/lbin(.)co

The electric shock just now was not big, but it made her look like Judge Bao, which is too insulting.

It's really ugly to the extreme.

Unfortunately, as long as the dog system hides in her mind and does not respond to her, she really can't do anything about it.

"Sister Nan Yin, have you laughed enough? If you've laughed enough, can you please help me tidy up now?"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's frustrated voice, Nan Yin finally slowly raised her head, wiped away the tears of laughter from the corners of her eyes.

When she turned around again and her eyes met Lin Zaozao's, she immediately resumed her serious expression.

"Your Majesty, let me help you wash your face first, okay?"

"Okay, please be quick! I don't know what tricks the Female Emperor of Canglan will play on us when we enter Lan City later!

Let's take advantage now before entering the city, I must restore my wise and martial image, and completely crush her in temperament and image."

But when Sister Nan Yin brought the water, after Lin Zaozao washed for a long time, looking at the still black hand and face in the bronze mirror, she was about to go numb.

What's going on?

Why can't she wash off the black color on her face?

It's just an electric shock, isn't it? She's not a fool, she's never heard that electric shocks can change a person's complexion.

Obviously, this is the dog system deliberately teasing her. She is going to represent Han Country to meet the Female Emperor of Canglan later. If she meets her with such a black Judge Bao face, she would be embarrassed even to her grandmother's house!

Chapter end

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