The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 213

Chapter 213

As Nan Yu listened to Lin Zaozao's playful laughter, his body tensed. But when his gaze fell upon Lin Zaozao's smiling eyes, the nervousness that had lingered in his heart instantly vanished without a trace.

The first time he met the young girl before him, Lin Zaozao was overweight, ugly, and had dark spots on her face.

Despite her unattractive appearance, her words were filled with confidence. At that time, Nan Yu found her conversation amusing, but he never thought he would develop feelings for her.

Now, Lin Zaozao, the Queen Mingzhu, possessed an incredibly captivating doll-like face. She was the ruler of Han Country, capable of determining the life and death of others with a single command.

One thing that hadn't changed about her was her amusing way of speaking and her somewhat promiscuous nature.

Her attitude towards others remained as amiable as before.

Unfortunately, between him and her, he could only be a loyal guard silently protecting her, while she stood as the highest-ranking Queen Mingzhu.

But it was still acceptable. At least, he could still see her and use his martial arts to protect her.

In this way, he was content.

Having come to terms with it, Nan Yu imitated Lin Zaozao's way of eating. He broke the pancake in his hand into pieces and soaked them in the meat soup, devouring them hungrily.

As Lin Zaozao, sitting beside him, saw Nan Yu relax, she couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

Finally, this guy Nan Yu had let go. Just now, he acted like a little girl, speaking and eating in a fidgety manner, which made her feel really uncomfortable.

Just as Han Ye brother and Ruoxiu Jifan Tian said, when their child grew up along with the child of Xiao Taohua, she would choose one of the capable children and hand over the throne to them.

As for her, she would lead her beloved ones to live the life of a village woman, Lin Zaozao.

If she hadn't been pushed step by step to her current position by the circumstances around her, she would find being an ignorant village woman more liberating than being the Queen of Han Country.

At least, as an ignorant village woman, she would only represent herself and could do whatever she wanted.

But as the Queen of Han Country, that wouldn't be possible. She represented a nation. Her every word and action would influence the lives of the people of Han Country.

After finishing the meal, Lin Zaozao, who had traveled all day, greeted Nan Yu and turned to walk towards her tent.

Zhao Cai and Jin Bao followed closely behind her, never leaving her side.

Watching Lin Zaozao's departing figure, Nan Yu clenched his fist, slightly opened his mouth, but not a single word came out.

Or rather, he didn't know if he could say anything.

If he opened his mouth, would he still have a chance to continue guarding Lin Zaozao by her side?

"Nan Yu!"


Nan Yu turned around and saw Nan Yin dressed in military attire, holding a sword hidden in the shadows, his gaze fixed firmly on him.

Seeing Nan Yu's vacant expression, Nan Yin sighed and walked out from the shadows to stand in front of Nan Yu, saying:

"Nan Yu, Sister Ah told you before that you and His Majesty are not suitable for each other. Your current affection for her is nothing more than a remnant of regret in your heart.

You have a long life ahead of you! When the world is at peace, you will definitely meet a girl you truly like."

"Sister, if I had agreed to become her companion when I first met His Majesty, would our relationship be different today?"

"No, Xiaoyu. When His Majesty jokingly asked you to be her companion, you rejected her because you found her appearance ugly.

But Xiaoyu, have you ever considered that despite His Majesty's ugly appearance, her companions still wholeheartedly love her.

Nan Yu, your feelings for His Majesty are not pure. They are mostly fueled by your own regrets.

So Xiaoyu, you have to be careful in the future and not let His Majesty perceive your feelings for her. It's not good for either of you."

"Sister, I understand. Don't worry, I will be careful from now on."

"That's good. Tonight, we will be on duty. You will guard the south, and I will personally guard His Majesty's tent."

"Okay, Sister, I will go to the south now."

After Nan Yu finished speaking, he picked up the sword in his hand and walked towards the south.

Watching Nan Yu's figure receding, Nan Yin couldn't help but sigh.

Although she just said that Nan Yu was only interested in His Majesty due to regrets, as his older sister, how could she not see that Nan Yu's feelings were genuine!

However, a young boy's first taste of love had to be given up because of their difference in status.

After all, the current His Majesty was truly beyond the reach of their group of loyal warriors.DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

Although there were not many companions by His Majesty's side now, each and every one of them was exceptional. With their identity as loyal warriors, how could they match up to His Majesty?

Not to mention whether His Majesty likes Nan Yu or not, even Han Ye and Uncle Zhang, they would not agree to Nan Yu getting close to His Majesty.

Regaining her composure, Nan Yin turned and walked towards Lin Zaozao's tent, where she was already fast asleep. It was a perilous journey, and she had to be alert.

If the secret guards sent by Canglan and the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country harmed His Majesty, then their group of loyal warriors could forget about survival.

In the early morning, people were at their most tired. At this moment, Lin Zaozao was lying on the bed, snoring loudly.

Zhao Cai and Jin Bao were sleeping, one lying on the carpet and the other jumping onto Lin Zaozao's bed, resting their heads on Lin Zaozao's smelly feet.

Just then, six shadowy figures, like six ghosts, silently approached Lin Zaozao's camp from afar.

Because they moved without making a sound, not even their breathing could be heard. So even Zhang Shu and Dashan, who had strong martial skills, didn't notice anyone approaching.

Just as the six shadowy figures stood motionless in the distance, observing the tent where Lin Zaozao was, the system's frantic alarm successfully woke Lin Zaozao from her sleep.

[Host, wake up! Host, you foolish host, wake up quickly. The system has an urgent mission now, so wake up!

Don't sleep, you sleepyhead...]

[You damn system, are you trying to kill me? What kind of task do you release in the middle of the night?]

Lin Zaozao grumbled and turned over, propping her feet on Jin Bao's head, continuing to sleep soundly.

[Host, you lazy pig, wake up for me! If you don't wake up, none of the people in your military camp will survive. They will all die without a doubt.]


After hearing the system's words, Lin Zaozao immediately woke up. She sat up straight and frantically asked the system in her mind.

[System, what's going on? What happened?]

[Outside your military camp, there are six little poison people created in Purgatory Valley.

Their whole bodies are filled with poison, and once they self-destruct in your camp, it won't take long for everyone in the camp, no matter how high their martial arts skills, to die without a doubt.

The toxicity on their bodies is too fast, and you won't even have time to save anyone. Put on your clothes now and head outside the camp. Once you're there, I will naturally tell you what to do.]

[Alright, alright, I'm going now.]

Lin Zaozao finished speaking, casually threw on a cloak, put on her shoes, and walked towards the tent's exit.

Seeing Lin Zaozao getting up, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao immediately stopped sleeping. They followed closely behind Lin Zaozao like two children.

"Zhao Cai, be good. Jin Bao, too. There are little poison people outside. You two wait for me inside the tent, I'll be back soon."

Lin Zaozao patted the heads of Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, then turned around and walked outside. Seeing Lin Zaozao leave, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, with their human-like heads tilted, crouched down and quietly followed.

Just as Lin Zaozao reached the outside, she saw Nan Yin, Uncle Zhang, and Dashan standing at the entrance of her tent.

"Young Miss, it's still early in the morning. Why did you wake up?" Uncle Zhang asked, puzzled.

"Uncle Zhang, there are six little poison people that came out of Purgatory Valley outside the military camp. The toxicity on their bodies is extremely strong. Now, quietly gather all the people and slowly retreat from the camp. Once I handle those six little poison people, you can come back."

"Young Miss, I'll accompany you."

Lin Zaozao looked at Dashan, who was blocking her way, with a serious expression.

"Dashan, I know you're concerned about me. But the toxicity on those six little poison people is too strong. Touching them means certain death.

Even if I have the ability to save people, I can't snatch them from the hands of King Yama.

So listen to me, help Uncle Zhang secretly evacuate everyone from the camp. Only after all of you have safely left can I handle those six little poison people with peace of mind.

You can rest assured, I am immune to all poisons and have the ability to protect myself. If I don't have the ability to deal with those six little poison people, I will definitely let you take me and escape together."

Meeting Lin Zaozao's earnest gaze, Dashan anxiously glanced at Uncle Zhang, hoping he would agree to accompany the young miss. But when he saw Uncle Zhang nodding in agreement with Lin Zaozao's idea, Dashan could only lower his head dejectedly and step aside.

In fact, he wasn't afraid of death at all. However, he didn't want to hold back his young master.

But if he didn't catch up, he would be very worried.

After all, the poison-wielders who came out of Purgatory Valley were untouchable in this world, except for the assassins in the Eighteen Floors of Demon Lord Gu Shan.

Just as Dashan was hesitating, watching Lin Zaozao's figure disappear into the distance, he noticed Zhao Cai and Jin Bao crawling on the ground, slowly following behind Lin Zaozao.

"Uncle, should I call back those two little wolf cubs?"

"No need. Let them follow. Zhao Cai and Jin Bao are wolf cubs of the Giant Wolf Tribe. They are not as weak as you think.

Dashan, take the people and evacuate the military camp. I'll follow the young master."

After saying that, Uncle Zhang swiftly moved and chased after Lin Zaozao's departing figure.

[System, where are those six little poison-wielders you mentioned earlier?]

[Host, take a few more steps forward. Host, if possible, please save them.]

[System, when did you become so compassionate? Weren't you the one who said they were six little poison-wielders who would die upon contact? If I save them, wouldn't that be seeking death?]

[Host, further explanation is pointless. When the host sees those six little poison-wielders later, you will naturally understand why the system asked you to save them.]

As soon as the system finished speaking, Lin Zaozao took a few more steps forward and saw the six little poison-wielders squatting in the grass.

When Lin Zaozao's gaze met the eyes of those six little poison-wielders, she finally understood why the system wanted her to save them.

Chapter end

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