The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 209

Chapter 209

"Matchless, Invincible, where are Oldest Brother Han Ye, Young Master Ruo Qiu, and Little Peach Blossom? I want to see them now."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's anxious and impatient voice, and looking at her flushed face and slightly red eyes, Matchless and Invincible exchanged a glance before lowering their heads to answer.

"Mistress, Young Master Ruo Qiu and Young Prison Master are in the study discussing affairs with Prince Han Ye."

Upon hearing Matchless and Invincible's words, Lin Zaozao turned around and ran towards the study.

Shouldn't people who have taken aphrodisiacs have weak and limp limbs? How come for her, she walked with the vigor of a tiger?

In her hurry, it took less than half a moment for Lin Zaozao to run to the study door. Seeing the closed door, Lin Zaozao kicked it open.

With one kick, the two sturdy doors were immediately kicked to the ground by Lin Zaozao.

At the moment the doors fell, Han Ye, Ruo Qiu and Little Peach Blossom, who were discussing affairs inside, immediately looked towards the doorway.

What they saw was Lin Zaozao wearing a red cloak with disheveled hair, flushed face, and staring at them with bright eyes.

Wasn't she with Ji Fantian tonight? Given how Ji Fantian's eyes were shining when he saw Lin Zaozao earlier, could she have let Ji Fantian pass the night peacefully?

In the middle of the night, how did she run over here?

Also, why was her face and eyes so red?

Could it be that she had an argument and lost with Ji Fantian, and cried until she became like this?

But Ji Fantian liked Lin Zaozao so much, even if he harmed himself, he would not make Lin Zaozao so angry that her eyes turned red! Also, Lin Zaozao ran out by herself, so where was Ji Fantian now?

Just as Han Ye and the other two were puzzled, Lin Zaozao had already strode to Ruo Qiu and Little Peach Blossom, grabbed their hands and said,Chck out ltst vl on novl/bin(.)cm

"My little husbands, this great immortal just took an ultra-huge aphrodisiac. To save the martial world, would you two kindly accompany me to play a little game of fairies fighting tonight?"

Seeing Lin Zaozao's determined and lewd gaze, Ruo Qiu, Little Peach Blossom and even Han Ye were scared silly by her actions.

Lin Zaozao took an aphrodisiac?

But with her usual vigor and mightiness when entering the bedroom, why would she still need an aphrodisiac to enliven things!

Wasn't this just making things awkward for herself?

But before Ruo Qiu could get over his shock, Lin Zaozao had already carried him towards the lounge behind the study.

No, the potency of the little pills given by the dog system was too strong, she was about to suffocate.

When unbearable, no need to endure further.

Moreover, her husband was sitting before her like a flower, so how could she endure any longer!

Han Ye and Little Peach Blossom watched Lin Zaozao carry Ruo Qiu away with stunned expressions, frightened stiff by her actions.

Lin Zaozao had just reached the lounge door and turned back to warn Han Ye and Little Peach Blossom, "You two must not leave either. The aphrodisiac I took is too potent, I will need both of your help tonight. I'm going in first, see you later!"

Seeing the closed door, Little Peach Blossom blankly turned his head to look at Han Ye.

"P-Prince Han Ye, w-what should we do?"

"I-I don't know either."

Han Ye said at a loss.

"Sh-Should we leave f-first then?"

"I-I don't think we can l-leave."

The usually steadfast Han Ye was now also rendered speechless by Lin Zaozao.

Right now, they could neither stay nor leave.

For a moment, the air was still to the point it could freeze.

In the quiet room, Little Peach Blossom and Han Ye listened to the passionate panting sounds coming from the room, their faces flushed red.

Following that... the battle that night was intense!

The next afternoon, Little Peach Blossom barely opened his eyes with his exhausted body to see Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu and Han Ye already neatly dressed.

He dragged his sore body and tilted slightly to one side. Immediately, an indescribable feeling of weakness spread throughout his body.

Because of the pain, Little Peach Blossom gasped and forced himself to turn over to see the currently sweetly sleeping Lin Zaozao.

The current Lin Zaozao had rosy pink cheeks and saliva flowing from the corner of her mouth, looking extremely adorable.

Seeing Lin Zaozaos cute sleeping face, the sore all over Little Peach Blossom felt like shaking her awake from her dreams.

Who would have thought that a girl who looked so cute could be so... extreme in bedroom affairs!

Little Peach Blossom gritted his teeth and slowly sat up, looking at Ji Fantian currently taking Lin Zaozaos pulse. He asked through gnashed teeth,

"Ji Fantian, are you crazy? How could you let Zaozao take aphrodisiacs? What kind of drug did you give her that kept her vigorous all night, almost taking half our lives?"

Hearing Little Peach Blossoms roar, Ji Fantian glanced back and retorted, "I did not let Zao Zao take any aphrodisiacs. I, Ji Fantian, am a divine doctor, not some flower picker. I would never stoop so low. If you don't believe me, you can check Zao Zao's pulse now to see if there are any traces of aphrodisiacs left in her body."

Hearing Ji Fantians righteous words, Little Peach Blossom distrustfully placed his hand on Lin Zaozao's wrist.

Sure enough, there was no trace of aphrodisiac in Lin Zaozaos body.

But judging by her ferocity last night, those effects must have come from drinking a huge vat of aphrodisiacs!

That little wench Lin Zaozao, just what on earth did she take last night?

In the end, she had almost stirred his brains into mush.

Little Peach Blossom gritted his teeth and rubbed his sore waist. Just as he wanted to turn his body, he couldnt help but gasp.

Although he was the Young Prison Master who liked to make poisons, he also had considerable martial arts skills.

Even with his strong constitution, he was almost battered to pieces by that little wench Lin Zaozao last night!

Little Peach Blossoms face turned ghastly white as he reluctantly placed all his weight on the backrest behind him because of the pain in his waist.

As he gasped, he shot Han Ye, Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu doubtful looks. With his body aching all over like this, theres no way Prince Han Ye and the rest came out unscathed!

When Little Peach Blossom cast his doubtful gaze at Ji Fantian and the other threes faces, it was just as he expected. All their faces were also pale white.

The only reason they could sit there looking nonchalant now was by forcefully enduring it.

Ji Fantian, did you find out anything? With how lively Zaozao was last night, she must have taken something right? Otherwise how could she be so...so...

Although Little Peach Blossom did not say it outright, Ruo Qiu, Ji Fantian and Han Ye couldnt help blushing.

The four of them had been training martial arts since young, so their physiques were much better than average people.

And there were four of them last night!

Yet they still couldnt withstand Lin Zaozaos onslaught in the end. Just where did that little wench get so much stamina from!

Seeing Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu and Han Ye involuntarily blushing, Little Peach Blossom no longer minded.

Leaning against the bed, looking at the sleeping Lin Zaozao, his eyes were full of laughter.

His wife not only had a prestigious status, but was also one of the best when it came to bedroom affairs!

Just as Little Peach Blossom was secretly pleased with himself, Ji Fantian suddenly let go of Lin Zaozaos wrist and checked his own pulse instead.

Moments later, Ji Fantians eyes widened in shock, and even his lips couldnt help but tremble.

He felt somewhat incredulous about the pulse he sensed on his wrist, then looked at Xiao Taohua and the other two with a blank expression.

"What's the matter? Doctor Ji, what pulse did you just take on yourself? Could it be that you exhausted your kidneys last night when I squeezed you dry?"

Seeing Ji Fantian's expression like he had just seen a ghost, Xiao Taohua couldn't help but tease.

Facing Xiao Taohua's teasing, Ji Fantian didn't even give him a glance.

To confirm that the pulse he had just taken was accurate, Ji Fantian swiftly grabbed Ruo Qiu's wrist with a solemn expression to take his pulse again.

After feeling out the pulse, Ji Fantian's lips quivered as he turned around and placed both hands on Han Ye and Xiao Taohua's wrists.

"Doctor Ji, what's wrong? Did some problem come up?" Han Ye asked doubtfully.

Letting go of Han Ye and Xiao Taohua's wrists, Ji Fantian turned his head to look at the sleeping Lin Zaozao.

After the initial shock, he couldn't help but laugh. As he kept laughing, only strangeness was left on Ji Fantian's face.

"Ji Fantian, what are you laughing at? Seeing you laugh like that, I feel creeped out."

Xiao Taohua frowned, asking puzzledly.

"Young Master Prison, try taking your own pulse and see if there is something extra in your belly."

After laughing, Ji Fantian swept his strange gaze over Xiao Taohua's stomach, chuckling lightly.

Feeling confused, Xiao Taohua quickly placed his hand on his wrist. The next second, Xiao Taohua's expression became the same as Ji Fantian's, with eyes wide open involuntarily.

"This, this, this, this, I, I, I, my, my body.... this, this, this..."

Seeing Xiao Taohua unable to speak straight with trembling words, Ji Fantian was no longer afraid.

He rubbed his forehead with his hand and lowered his head, gently laughing at first. By the end, Ji Fantian's body even started shaking from laughter.

His Zaozao, his wife, his little girl!

She really was quite different from ordinary people!

Hearing Ji Fantian's laughter like he had gone mad, and looking at Xiao Taohua's expression as if he had seen a ghost, Ruo Qiu and Han Ye were completely puzzled.

Just what on earth had happened?

"What exactly happened?"

Han Ye asked coldly.

Chapter end

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