Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 58 - Equipment Competition

Chapter 58 - Equipment Competition

Chapter 58 - Equipment Competition

Just a short twenty minutes after Shi Feng placed the Glimmer Chestplates on auction, all twenty pieces of them had been sold off. The Glimmer Chestplates popularity was far better than the Garrison Armor.

There were even quite a few players showing off their purchases on the official forum.

Previously, these players had to beg, using various methods, to join a party. Now, however, with their majestic-looking equipment, a simple shout would garner them tens of invites from Elite parties for their own choosing.

Following the Glimmer Chestplates rise in popularity, the players that failed to buy one were all beating their own chest in anguish. They hated themselves for not borrowing money to buy the piece of equipment since, right now, it was no longer being sold.

Meanwhile, the Forging Association in Golden Sand Town was packed with people.

The spacious hall was entirely occupied by players. The players present were the spokespeople for various Guilds. They were here for only one purpose, and that was to invite Hammer Trading to their Guild.

Amongst the Guilds present, there were quite a few that were very famous. There was no lack of spokespeople for third-rate Guilds. If it were during ordinary times, these spokespeople would act proud and arrogant. They would use a condescending attitude when dealing with Lifestyle players. Even so, these Lifestyle players would still treat them with great respect. They would even shed tears of emotion, pledging their loyalty to the Guild as they quickly signed the contract, becoming a part of a large Guild.

However, the current trend of the game had changed. The higher-ups of the Guilds strongly emphasized that they, the spokespeople, must definitely invite Hammer Trading. Otherwise, they could start packing up their bags. Hence why these Guild spokespeople were like obedient grandchildren, standing and waiting in the hall for Hammer Tradings summons.

Inside an Intermediate Forging Room on the second floor...

Brother Hammer, youre so awesome! I admire you so much! Before, those third-rate Guilds would not recruit you no matter what. Now, theyre just like grandchildren waiting upon you. They would not leave even if you chased them away, A sexy female cleric in her mid-twenties hugged around Hammer Tradings robust arm, giggling and speaking with admiration. Her bulging chest was rubbing against his arm.

Hammer Trading had a very brutish appearance. He had a thick beard and beady eyes, and his skin color was similar to yellowish wax. Judging from his appearance, he looked to be over thirty years of age. Nobody was able to tell, however, that Hammer Trading was just a university student in reality. His age was just slightly over twenty.

Hahaha, this is just a small matter. However, I truly have to thank the fool who opened the road for me and has even hidden his name. He made all the large Guilds know of my importance, Hammer Trading heartily laughed. He silently praised his own intelligence and wisdom for being able to think up of a plan to utilize that anonymous forgers fame. It allowed him his current good fortune, becoming every players idol, Wait till Ive entered a first-rate Guild and rise into their upper-echelons. It will be truly awesome. Right now, Im just showing a small part of my prowess. Let those third-rate Guilds continue waiting outside. I can use them to raise my own value and fame.

Boss, what are we going to do about all the orders weve received? an Assassin asked.

Hammer Trading rolled his eyes at the Assassin, saying in disdain, Who cares about them? Im taking a loss of 2 Silver Coins per piece of equipment. Do they think Im running a charity? My goal has already been met. Im only waiting for the first-rate Guilds to come. Dont bother with the other players; just tell them that were too busy and dont have time.

To use Shi Feng as a stepping stone, Hammer Trading used up all the Silver Coins belonging to his classmates. He also spent a lot of Credits to purchase a lot of materials and Silver Coins. Yet, he only forged over ten Savage Chestplates from all those materials. So, selling each piece at a maximum of 4 Silver Coins caused a major loss for him. However, all his sacrifices were worth it. As long as he was recruited by a first-rate Guild, he could get as many materials as he wanted, a huge salary, and even a line of female players desiring his attention. Hammer Trading felt invigorated just from thinking of all these benefits.

Suddenly, a Berserker entered the Forging Room with a panicked expression.

What happened, Hadron? Seeing as youre in such a hurry, has the upper echelon of a first-rate Guild arrived? Hammer Trading teasingly asked.

Big trouble! A lot of top-tier equipment has suddenly appeared at the Auction House. All the players on the games official forum are discussing it now, and the number of clicks on the post is madly increasing. The post has over five million clicks right now, and many Guilds have started to notice it. Moreover, the equipment is being sold by the same anonymous forger. The equipments price is set at a minimum of 4 Silver Coins. Everyone is starting to wonder about the identity of the forger responsible, and they are no longer paying any attention to you, Boss.

Moreover, there are already a few first-rate Guilds who made a declaration on the forum. They are willing to hire that forger with a high salary and make him the Chief Forger of their Guild. A few representatives of large Guilds downstairs have also started leaving for the Auction House.

Hammer Tradings expression froze when hearing Hadrons words.

He only managed to attract the attention of first-rate Guilds after much difficulty. However, now, that anonymous forger stole his wind. If he did not steal it back, those first-rate Guilds would most likely forget about him.

He has such nerve to steal my wind and position. Dont blame me for not being polite. Making that kind of top-tier equipment has a high cost and low success rate. If you sell it at 4 Silver Coins, then Ill sell at 3 Silver Coins. I wonder just how much you can afford to lose? Hammer Trading abruptly stood up. He wanted to let Shi Feng know he would definitely not let the position of Chief Forger, and his future happiness, go.

He was already taking a loss of 2 Silver Coins for making the Savage Chestplate that had inferior Attributes. Then, Shi Feng would at least lose 4 to 5 Silver Coins for selling each piece of top-tier equipment at 4 Silver Coins. Maybe even more. Hammer Trading believed he could outlast Shi Feng.

But, Boss, we dont have many Silver Coins remaining. At most, we can afford to forge ten more Savage Chestplates, Hedron worryingly said.

What is there to be afraid of? I still have some funds. Worst comes to worst, Ill spend some more Credits to buy materials and Silver Coins. I believe I can get rid of that little bastard. For every piece of equipment that little bastard sells, hes taking a loss of at least double or triple of ours. Why should we be afraid? Hammer Trading confidently asked. He assured himself that Shi Feng, too, was trying to attract the attention of first-rate Guilds by doing such lossful business. However, he would definitely be the final champion.

An hour later, a few additional Savage Chestplates appeared on White River Citys Auction House. Their minimum selling price was 3 Silver Coins each.

At the same time, a new post appeared on the games official forum.

For the benefit of the masses, I, Hammer Trading, have decided to sell the Savage Chestplate at 3 Silver Coins each. I will make a stand against this blackhearted forger to the end! Requesting support! Requesting encouragement!

Suddenly, a wave of players followed the post, sending it to the top of the forum. Every one of them supported Hammer Tradings kind actions.

As a result of this incident, all of White River City became lively. Everyone understood this was a competition between two forgers that were capable of forging Bronze Equipment. Every player in White River City watched on with anticipation. The ones who would profit from this exchange, in the end, would definitely be them, the players. It would not be long before they would be able to purchase Bronze Equipment at a low price.

The various Guilds also started watching by the sidelines, no longer expressing any of their intentions. They were all waiting for the final victor, while at the same time buying all of the equipment and developing their Guilds strength.

However, Shi Feng himself did not know of this matter. He just finished purchasing Stones and Hard Stones. Just after entering the Auction House, he discovered that the number of players there had once more increased. Only then did he find out about this incident.

You wish for a fight? Shi Feng faintly smiled, Then, come.

He called out the Auction Houses control interface, placing all of his Glimmer Chestplates on auction. He assigned twenty pieces to be sold every hour, selling a total of 120 pieces of Glimmer Chestplates. Such a number was definitely enough to torment Hammer Trading.

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Afterward, Shi Feng used the money earned from selling Glimmer Chestplates to buy Hard Stones and Card Sets. After purchasing all these items, Shi Feng suddenly discovered that he still possessed a little more than 1 Gold Coin.

From time to time, Shi Feng would receive a notification from the System. It would state that another Glimmer Chestplate had been sold, and some amount of Silver Coins have been deposited into his bag.

Shi Feng felt, the more Silver Coins he spent, the more Silver Coins he had. The amount he did not seem to be decreasing in the slightest...

Shi Feng considered selling some of his Silver Coins at the Trade Center[1], exchanging it for some spending money in real life. It was much better than just holding on to these Silver Coins.

TL Notes:

[1] Trade Center: this is not the Trade Area in the game. Its something like an online market for game currency and items, where you can sell/buy Coins/items for real life money (Credits).

Chapter end

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