Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 118: Kinjutsu?

Chapter 118: Kinjutsu?

After Sarutobi Hiruzen emphasized this sentence again, Haru finally knew that the 'mystery of his background' must have been exposed.

But... was it really necessary?

He couldn't understand why some people became so unfamiliar after 18 years.

Was this what the bottom decided the head?

Haru already knew, but it didn't mean that others could understand the meaning of Sarutobi Hiruzen's words.

"What do you mean?"

Kagami frowned and asked. At this time, he also found that things were not so simple.

Hiruzen looked at his old friend with a complicated expression, and then his eyes stopped on Haru, who had no change in expression, and he did not speak for a while

If he told the truth, it would undoubtedly cause a great uproar and turn the situation around.

However, in that case, it would undoubtedly bring shame to his Sensei, who was also known as Tobirama.

After all, it was still very difficult to accept the fact that a child had been refined after studying the forbidden technique.

Therefore, Hiruzen changed to a more euphemistic way of saying things. "Lord Tobirama never admitted that he had a child. He only brought back a child from the outside and then gave this child a name with his own surname. Therefore, this can not be considered Lord Tobirama's true son."

When Sarutobi and Hiruzen said this, everyone finally understood!

Senju Haru was not Tobirama's biological son but adopted.

Although he also took Senju as his surname, he could not be considered a real member of the Senju clan.

"This is impossible!"

While Kagami was still silent, Hyuga Tokugawa and the other companions of the past couldn't hold it in any longer.

Let's not talk about the bloodline characteristics of the Senju clan first. Boss Haru has awakened Sharingan! According to Lord Hokage's words, did Lord Tobirama especially bring away the children of the Uchiha clan to raise them?

"This is simply too ridiculous!"

Indeed, logic did not make sense at all!

Originally, it was very strange for Lord Tobirama to bring back a child for no reason. In the end, it was still Uchiha's clan? Was it possible?

It was simply inexplicable!

At this time, Uchiha Tengu had no choice but to stand up and say something. Because for so many years, this kind of thing had never happened to Uchiha's clan. There was not even a similar thing.

Moreover, Lord Tobirama had no reason to do so at all.

Hiruzen was a little silent as if he was still unwilling to smear a black spot on Sensei's past.

But at this time, Danzo could not wait!

He did not have a good impression of Haru when he was a child. Later, because Tobirama gave the position of Hokage to Sarutobi, he was even more dissatisfied.

Now, 18 years had passed, and the fear of the past was long gone, and what he said was the truth. What was there to worry about!

Therefore, Danzo directly sneered and said, "Hiruzen, since you can't say it, then let me announce the truth for you."

Hiruzen looked at him with worry between his eyebrows, but in the end, he sighed and did not stop him.

"Senju Haru? The last male of Senju's clan? The son of Lord Tobirama? All of them are just jokes!"

"The child that Lord Tobirama suddenly brought back was just an unexpected product when Lord Tobirama studied the forbidden technique."

"Because Lord Hashirama and Lord Tobirama are kind-hearted, they chose to keep the child and gave the child Senju's surname."

"Although Lord Tobirama did not tell anyone about this secret, he sealed the complete experimental log."

"It can be seen that although Lord Tobirama pitied the child, he did not dare to trust him fully. Instead, he made preparations."

"What a joke. A fellow who is not even human is carefully protected in the middle by you guys, and you even treat him as a treasure. Hahaha"

After waiting for so long, Danzo finally threw out his killing move.

Moreover, it shook the entire place in an instant!

Lord Tobirama was actually doing taboo research in secret?

Taboo Research, children...

When these words appeared at the same time, many people's faces began to turn ugly. They didn't know what they had come up with in their minds.

Thinking about how in the future, Orochimaru had almost been cleared out by Sarutobi because of his taboo research. In the end, he still chased him out of the village. It could be seen that this matter really wasn't something to be proud of.

If Tobirama were still here, perhaps even if everyone knew, they wouldn't dare to fart.

But the problem was that Lord Tobirama had already died a long time ago!

Once a person lacked fear, their courage would naturally increase.

Even Haru, this 'innocent' person, had evolved into a 'monster' in the eyes of many people!

Kagami's body swayed a bit as if he had understood everything.

Uchiha Tengu instantly aged ten years. The hope that the Uchiha clan had not given up for the past eighteen years was finally shattered!

'How could this be?'

Although Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were also shocked by this shocking secret, as members of the younger generation who had been together since childhood, they did not feel that the sky had collapsed.

So what if he was not Lord Tobirama's biological child?

So what if it were for Kinjutsu's experimental product?

Lord Tobirama acknowledged it, Lord Hashirama acknowledged it, and the entire Senju clan did not have any objections. What did it have to do with others?

At most, at most, they would not fight for the position of Hokage.

But there should be no problem for them to come back and inherit the industries left behind by the Senju clan, right?

Even Hokage could not participate in the private affairs of other people!

Haru did not refute, as if he had tacitly agreed.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others argued, as they had previously mentioned. iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

The reasoning was right; whether their own family was willing to give birth or adopt was none of their business.

But from Hiruzen's perspective, he couldn't let a ticking time bomb that could explode at any time and blow up the entire Konoha into the village.

Moreover, apart from a mansion, the rest of the family property left by Senju's family had already been claimed in various names.

In the former Senju Mansion, only the elderly households and Tsunade, who rarely came back, would stay for a few days.

Someone suggested that it was too wasteful and suggested they change a place for them.

If not for the fact that Hiruzen still had some conscience, he might not even be able to find this old house.

In this situation, Konoha really could not tolerate Senju Haru.

Therefore, Hiruzen finally took out Hokage's momentum, "He disappeared for 18 years and was suddenly found. This matter is too strange. There is no way to prove this person's identity now. Who can bear this responsibility if the enemy sends him?"

Uchiha Tengu took a breath and said, "This old man can vouch for him. If anything happens, I will take responsibility!"

Hiruzen said coldly, "I just issued an order as the Hokage. I am not discussing it with anyone. I hope Clan Leader Tengu will not make things difficult for me."

Chapter end

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