MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

A/N, Update 1 chap a day and publish starts anywhere between 10 AM to 12 Midnight ^^ HKNG Time, If I can’t update then that means my kid isn’t sleeping. LOL, Every 500 PS = 1 BONUS Chapter, CHEERS! ^^, —-, “COVENANT.”, Silvia rolled the letters on the tip of her tongue. She looked over at the twin moons peeking above the orange sky., It was going to be dark soon, and Pamela was still nowhere to be seen., Silvia was inside Euclid Village and was waiting for Pamela, who was still setting up her pod. They were supposed to meet early on, but Pamela got delayed, and Silvia couldn’t wait for her friend and played the game without her., However, Silvia didn’t have the heart to leave her friend behind and decided to just finish all the quests in Euclid village and wait for her after., Anyway, when Pamela arrives in Euclid village, she’ll help her with her quests, and they could grind together in Euclid Forest after that., Silvia has already spoken to all NPCs inside Euclid Village and finished all available quests, but there was still no sign of her best friend., She knew of the time difference between the game and the real world, and there was nothing she could do but wait. She was also worried about Pamela because she read in the game’s limited guide that players were distributed across hundreds of newbie villages., If Pamela happened to be in another newbie village, Silvia would just go to her using the Teleportation/Save Crystal stationed at each entrance of a village, town, city, and dungeons., These crystals would automatically teleport you to places that you have already visited. As long as you entered a place first, it would be available as a choice when you touched the crystal at every entrance of a place., However, the hundreds of Newbie Villages were accessible in the list of choices in the teleportation/save crystal even if you hadn’t entered the place., It was to make sure that players could play together with their friends at the start of the game even if they were transported to other villages., There was no point in playing if they weren’t together enjoying the game., It was true that COVENANT was a unique and exciting game. A fantasy world came out of a dream. But after doing errand quests after guests, Silvia was already bored. She really wanted to venture outside of the newbie village and into the great unknown., The only thing that was hindering her was her best friend, Pamela, who was still nowhere to be seen., Shifting one foot to another, Silvia clicked her tongue in annoyance when she started attracting unwanted attention. The only thing keeping the group of guys from approaching her was her intimidating glares., She cursed the game for not having the option to change her appearance., Though she was grateful, she was gifted with godly looks and physiques, but it was a bother most of the time., She had already forgotten how many times her face got her into trouble., Was there some kind of an item that could hide her appearance? Silvia thought to herself., Silvia decided to wait for Pamela in an area that was secluded and had lesser players., Thank the heavens that there weren’t many players yet, and Silvia didn’t have to worry about the crowd., However, she was bored., Not even five minutes that, she was standing and waiting for Pamela, and she was already bored., Silvia was not used to just standing and waiting. She needed to do something, or she’d feel every tick of the clock., Silvia released a large breath into the sky and decided to grind in the forest. It was dark, and not many players were adventuring outside at this time, but what else would she do?, Stand here and wait?, Silvia shook her head and marched towards Euclid forest., She entered the forest and began to grind with whatever beast she saw, making sure that she didn’t go too deep inside so she could return to the village as soon as Pamela arrived., Notifications popped on Silvia’s screen when she defeated beast after beast. She didn’t care, though, since the rewards were so poor it hurt her eyes., It would take forever for all her ATP to reach two digits at this rate., Silvia went still and wiped off the sweat from her face. This game was too realistic that she felt like everything was real. She even felt like logging out and taking a long hot bath., She took a moment to breathe and looked at her player status., ‖ S T A TU S ‖, Name: Silvia, Age: 19, Race: Human, Class: Fencer, Subclass: Duelist, Eye Color: Blue, Hair Color: Gold, Attributes:, HP: 70, MP: 40, STR: 12, DEF: 7, MDF: 5, INT: 4, AGI: 7, LCK: 4, Skills:, ❶ Stab LV.1, Spells:, ❶ Heal LV.1, Life Skills, Cooking: Beginner, Fishing: Beginner, Foraging: Beginner, EXP: 70, Money: 120 Gils, Items:, ❶ Newbie Garbs (Equip), ❷ Beginner’s Rapier (Equip), ❸ Protection Ring (Equip), ❹ ARCADIA’s map, ❺ Health Potions x7, ❻ Rabbits Foot x3, ❼ Wolf’s Fangs x2, ‖ E N D ‖, Silvia sighed., She was here for hours, but her ATP didn’t even reach two digits. And Silvia knew why. The amount of EXP in the Newbie Village was so minuscule to non-existent, and the amount of EXP to level their ATP was huge., It didn’t add up., The only time that she received an enormous EXP was attaining first blood on the quest Herbs Gathering, and she poured it to her STR, and it only went up by that much., She thought that grinding the forest would rake her tons of EXP, but it turned out that the EXP lessened, the more she accumulated EXP and raised her ATP. Some beasts didn’t even provide any more EXP rewards., Accumulating EXP and not distributing it to her ATP to maintain it low so she could rake EXP when defeating beasts also didn’t work. The system even calculated the accumulated EXP in her Home Screen when giving rewards., Silvia didn’t have time to waste on lower-level beasts anymore. In the World Chat, she read that some players encountered a group of beasts that were impossible to defeat in this early game., Silvia thought that would surely rake her enough EXP to level all her ATP into two digits., Silvia picked her thumb. Was her ATP enough to solo this group of monsters, though?, “. . .”, After consideration, the only way for her to be ahead of the others was to take risks., And besides, she wasn’t used to just staying in her comfort zone., “Let’s do this.” Silvia’s eyes shone, and excitement racked her veins for the second time., The first time was when she entered COVENANT, and she almost forgot how it was to be excited once more., The real-life was dull to her because she could get whatever she wanted and could do many things if she set her mind to it. Being number one was effortless to her, and this got her bored., A good thing that this game came at the perfect time., Silvia’s eyes glowed, and her tongue wiped her bottom lips. “Don’t disappoint me.”, She went into the area where the players said they had spotted a group of Horned Rabbits., She would test the waters first since Horned Rabbits were the weakest beasts in Euclid Forest., She didn’t have to go far because the group of rabbits was located under the giant tree at the center of a wide clearing of patches of grass., Silvia made some mental preparations in her mind. Her ATP could take care of every single one of them before, and she was confident that she could win even if there were four of them now., She was confident in her skill with the sword since she was practicing fencing in real life. She also knew self-defense., A Fencer was the perfect class for her. The skill Stab inflicted True Damage and had a high chance of critical attack if she pierced her weapon against her opponent’s weakness., It was also the reason why she was ahead of the others in the game. While others squirmed and were still getting used to the battle system, Silvia felt right at home., Silvia readied her weapon., At the sight of the approaching woman, the peaceful bunnies, who were minding their own business of eating grass and collecting food, all turned hostile and immediately circled Silvia.

Chapter end

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