MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 16

Chapter 16

A/N, Thank you everyone for supporting the book!, Because of your support this story won BRONZE (WPC 270)!, As promised this book will have regular updates ^^, Consider leaving reviews if you like the story ^^, CHEERS!, —-, Ren looked at the time., Since there was a time difference between the game and the real world, he made a guess that Leonel would be in the world of ARCADIA within an hour or two., So instead of going back to the inn to rest, Ren thought of waiting for Leonel in Euclid Village and hoped that he would be transported there., But first . . ., Ren checked his loots in excitement., Gold Chest, ❶ Midnight Fur x5, ❷ Premium Meat x7, ❸ High Potion x5, ❹ TOOLS:, Gold Pix axe (Foraging), Gold Knife (Cooking), ❺ RECIPES:, Chocolate Cookie (Cooking), Chocolate Cake (Cooking), Cat Suit (Crafting), Cat ears (Crafting), Cat tail (Crafting), Lolita Headdress (Crafting), Black Cloak (Forging), Phantom Claw (Forging), Ren was ecstatic. He didn’t expect that his LCK would be this good and gave him two Gold Tools that were quite hard to get., With this, he could skip strenuous quests just to acquire the Gold Pix axe and Gold Knife., Ren didn’t pay any attention to the recipes as he didn’t have the necessary tools and materials to make them –– yet., His shining eyes remained glued on his equipment — the reason why he wanted to get first blood in the first place., Platinum Chest, ❶ Phantom Cloak x1, ❷ Black Ribbon x1, ❸ Phantom’s Revenger x1, Phantom Cloak (Legendary), –– a simple black cloak made from the Midnight Phantom’s fur., –– a legendary grade accessory that hides its wearer’s face when worn., –– 10 HP, 5 DEF, 2 MDEF, –– Class (ALL) , Black Ribbon (Rare), –– a cute black ribbon made from the Midnight Phantom’s fur., –– a rare grade accessory that grants its wearer an enormous amount of LCK., –– 10 LCK, –– Sorry, men, Only FEMALE’s could wear it , Phantom’s Revenger (Rare), –– a scary all-black dagger made from the Midnight Phantom’s sharp talons and fangs., –– 10 STR, 5 AGI, –– Class: Swordsman, Thief, Hunter , Ren was feeling good at his loot. Two rare and a legendary pieces of equipment at the start of the game . . . he would surely get rich if he sold Black Ribbon and Phantom’s Revenger!, He couldn’t equip these two anyway, and he couldn’t convert them to recipes yet, so it was better to sell them now., Equipment that granted two digits on ATP is a must-have this early on., The good thing about being an Alchemist was, Ren could disassemble anything and turn it into recipes so he could make it again and again with the right ingredients., Just imagining that he could make legendary items and god-tier equipment made his fine hairs stand on end., Of course, given if he had the right materials for it., Anyway, there would be better rare and legendary equipment as he progressed in the game., Ren checked his last chest. The unexpected Crystal Chest., Ren’s hands were all sweaty, and he held his breath as he opened his last chest with great expectation., Crystal Chest, ❶ Spellbook (?) x1, ❷ Skill book (?) x1, YES!, It was a Spell and Skill Book with a question mark tag just as he expected!, That meant whatever the spell/skill would align to the player’s class. What’s more (?) tag indicated that the spell/skill was unique in the world of Arcadia. It was one of a kind!, Ren was contemplating whether to use it or reserve it for later when he got to his class., He could also sell it if ever he needed the cash., Since he didn’t expect that he would get another Crystal Chest, he was kind of at a loss on what to do with it., Ren decided to store it for now. At least he had something to snatch from his inventory in case there was an emergency., Pressing his home screen, Ren equipped Phantom Cloak, and with the Protection Ring he had equipped earlier, his two slots for accessory was already full., It was another reason why Ren wanted to acquire Phantom Cloak. It was an accessory and not an armor. His slot for accessories where two, and the slot for armor was only one. He could equip Phantom Cloak with this until later in the game., A black cloak appeared and enveloped Ren’s half body. He equipped the hood, and his appearance was hidden. If someone were to see him, they would only see a haze of darkness inside the hood., What’s more, the ATP it gave was a great boost to his defense., Satisfied, Ren nodded to himself., Yosh!, It was time to meet Leonel., Ren was more nervous about meeting his best friend again than getting first blood. If he was going to be honest., Ren took a large intake of air and pushed himself forward. He was given a second chance, and he would not make the same mistake twice., He would amend his relationship with Leonel and cherish his friendship this time., Ren was near the forest’s exit, and he might as well wait for Leonel inside Euclid’s village. He didn’t have any more motivation to do the other quests in the village since they were mostly errand quests that provided little EXP and basic items., Ren was thinking about his next move as he walked towards the exit when his attention flicked to the noise near him., Just twenty meters right from the dirt path leading out of the Euclid Forest, sounds of battle caught Ren’s attention., It was dark and quiet, and the sound stood out from the noise of the insects and beasts., Ren was curious as to who could be the brave player who ventured out at this time in the forest and was grinding till midnight., And Ren was shocked to find that it was actually a woman. A beautiful woman with ample breasts, a dainty waist, and long sets of legs. Her wavy golden hair was tied in a high ponytail giving way to a strict yet languid pair of ocean blue eyes., Ren knew her. It was the leader of Golden Phoenix, no less., Silvia?, Ren was surprised that Silvia was at Euclid Village too. And he was even more surprised when the woman was soloing a group of Horned Rabbits., If Ren remembered correctly, Horned Rabbits could be solo by newbie players, but a group of them required for the players at least two-digit ATP to defat., IN COVENANT, as long as it wasn’t a boss, the players had the option to flee before a beast. But that option was only available before the start of the fight. Once engaged, you could no longer run away., Ren thought that Silvia was too confident and arrogant enough to solo the group of horned rabbits this early in the game., Ren bet that most of Silvia’s ATP didn’t even reach two digits yet., If he recalled, Silvia was a Human Fencer with a subclass of Duellist. A balance in both physical and magical attacks. It was also one of the classes that had the most sub class evolution . . . That is if you could guess right what class evolution to choose in the latter part of the game., For now, a Human Fencer Duellist was weak in the early games until she could evolve her subclass Duellist into a Spellblade Master and gained magical attacks., A Fencer Duellist had little and a weak set of skills, and the only reason why Silvia managed to get by was because of her parent’s money. She bought the best equipment, the rarest items, and the elusive information as soon as the in-game currency was introduced. All for the sake of proving that she could do anything, be it in the real world or in-game., And Ren admired her for that. A woman who was not afraid to use everything that was available to her to reach the top., However, for now . . ., She was surely going to die. Ren thought.

Chapter end

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