MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Eh?, Ren blinked and looked at the little thing in his hand as it looked back at him with its round misty doe-like eyes, full of curiosity and adoration., It was like a combination of a fox and bird. It was midnight black in color that its shadows turned grey in comparison. Streaks of blue-like lightning scattered around its fur. It had an odd bird-like ear, eyes, and mouth. Its eyes were so mesmerizingly beautiful, like pearly sapphires, and its body was long and small, just about an arm’s length., And it has wings!, So . . ., So CUTE!, Ren mused and rubbed the little creature’s head with the pad of his finger while the latter rubbed its head against his hand in delight., Piii! Piii!, Ren released the creature and stared at its eyes., “What’s your name?”, Piii! Piii!, “Yosh! From now on, I’ll call you Pii!”, Piiii!!, Pii chimed joyfully, and it curled along Ren’s neck, making itself comfortable before rubbing its little head against Ren’s chin., Ren chuckled and patted its head., He already likes his pet., He pressed his Home Screen and accessed the newly added Pet icon on his screen., Ren pressed , and he typed his pet’s name., Name: Pii, Type: Pet, Owner: Ren, Personality: Docile, loyal, Relationship: 90% , Wow!, Ren’s relationship with Pii rose 20% from just giving it a name and patting its head., Ren then looked at Pii’s stats in excitement., ‖ P i i ‖, HP: 400, MP: 70, STR: 7, DEF: 4, MDF: 4, INT: 7, AGL: 10, LCK: 7, Passive Skill:, ❶ Wings, –– Grants the ability to fly and ignore all terrain restrictions, Spell:, ❶ Evolution Lv.1, –– automatically activates once HP reaches 1%, –– last 1min., –– 1x a day, ‖ E N D ‖, Ren blinked., He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry., He cursed the developers in his head like there was no tomorrow., What did they mean by the most powerful pet? Its stat was nowhere near the level of a regular Horned Rabbit in Euclid Forest., Ren didn’t know what to do. He was expecting high-level ATP and OP skills from the most powerful Pet in COVENANT, but he was given a mediocre stat and a vague spell., Ren sighed., It was a good thing that he didn’t put all his coins in this ‘weapon’ of his., Ren looked at Pii once more while the little one tilted its head, eyes melting and begging. It seemed to sense his disappointments, and Ren’s heart took a dive., Ren stifled a laugh and scratched little Pii’s chin. “No problem at all. Even if your stats are low, I still like you the best.”, Piii!, Little red hearts bubbled out from above Pii’s head as it chirped joyfully., Red hearts would appear on top of a pet’s head when its relationship level increased. That meant Ren’s relationship with Pii was already maxed. And once a pet’s relationship level was max, they would do everything you tell them to do, and they will help you with everything they had., Ren didn’t mind little Pii’s low stats since he had ways to increase them. Like buying accessories for it or those expensive rare vitamins that could permanently raise a pet’s stats., Though Ren was hesitant to raise Pii’s ATP since it was too low and it was a waste of time ad resources, it was not like those items could be found with just a snap of a finger. And those hella expensive Vitamins and hard to acquire Pet Foods would only raise a pet’s ATP to one., It would take a tremendous amount of money, time, and resources to raise Pii’s stats, and by that time, Ren doubted that Pii would be useful in a battle because of its still very low ATP compared to the other beasts and monsters. Pii didn’t even have a single spell or skill that was useful in a battle., Pets could aid you in battles and various ways. The only downside for having a pet was that they couldn’t be leveled up, and their ATP’s could only be raised through Vitamins and Pet Food. The former was expensive as hell, and the latter was hard to find and acquire., That was why most Hunters and Animist preferred high-level beasts because their ATP’s were already high., Regretfully, there were no skill and spell books for pets, and a pet could only use its given inborn skill and spell in combat. That was why a lot were picky with their pets., Ren shrugged his shoulders and glanced at the fellow who was being comfortable curling on his neck. It didn’t matter. Pii was still useful to him in other ways. And he kinda likes how docile and affectionate it was to him., Ren knew and saw many Hunters and Animist in his past life whose pets were wild and untamed even if their relationship level with their pets were already high. It was the downside of having a strong beast converted to being a pet. Sometimes, they wouldn’t follow you and would even act hostile against you., Ren chose to travel together with Pii on his shoulder. He could also choose not to by just a pressed of a button on the Pet section, and Pii would instantly disappear. It would reaper once he called it out, though., But for Ren, he chose to travel with his newly found pet since every time he looked at it, his mood would immediately lighten., Besides from that, there were two reasons why Ren chose to travel with Pii. Since he was confident that he acquired Phantom Cloak, he could hide his appearance, and with Pii accompanying him, others would think that he was a Hunter or Animist. Thus, he shall be known as such when he trades information and items for money., Two, having your pet travel with you not only increases your relationship level but also, a pet could find rare items, spot hidden objects and traps, and help track the right paths. That was why a Hunter or Animist was a must in every team, especially if going on a dungeon raid., Ren didn’t have anything he deemed worthwhile in Euclid Forest anymore and decided to finally check his chests before returning to Euclid Village and resting in the inn., However, before he could, a notification popped on his screen that paralyzed him on the spot.

Chapter end

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