MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“. . .”, Ren couldn’t react. He was still stunned by the sudden turn of events. He sure didn’t expect that the Midnight Phantom would die because of Burn., Ren’s shoulders shook when it sunk into his brain until he doubled over in laughter., Ahahaha!, He thought of all possible outcomes from this fight, and he indeed wasn’t expecting this., His LCK was really good., Ren smiled and wiped the tears in his eyes before he pressed ., CONGRATULATIONS to player **** on getting first blood from defeating the Hidden Boss, MIDNIGHT PHANTOM! , ‖ W O R L D C H A T ‖, Clueless: There’s a hidden Boss?, DaoistYun: @DaoistYuu, I told you there’s a hidden boss, SharingIsLoving: Can someone share the Hidden Boss info, please., RichGuyRick: Who’s the guy who cleared it? I’ll pay you $10,000 real money for the info., IcanBuyYou: I’ll double it. Send me a private message., WhoseyourDaddy: Wow. I wish I were rich., ImPoor: Plz. Gib money, oh great lord, IamBeautiful: I am beautiful!, DaoistYuu: @DaoisYun, then tell me where it is located., EXPisLife: I am EXP. EXP is me. EXP is life, ImPoor: Plz gib EXP, . . . multiple persons are typing . . ., ‖ E N D ‖, Ren was too busy inspecting his loot to actually take notice of the exploding messages in the World Chat., OBTAINED:, ❶ 5,000 EXP, ❷ 5,000 Gil, ❸ Crystal Chest x1, ❹ Platinum Chest x1, ❺ Gold Chest x2 , FIRE Spell LV.1 » LV.2 , ‖ F I R E L V. 2 ‖, –– cost 10 MP, –– inflict 10% fire damage based on INT, –– single enemy target, –– 2 sec. cool down, ‖ E N D ‖, Ren was ecstatic to find yet another Crystal Chest. Was it because of the unexpected Last Stance Mode, or was it because he acquired first blood from the very first Hidden Boss?, But there was nothing like a Crystal Chest in the forums and the information he gathered before. He was just aiming for the Platinum Chest that contained the Phantom Cloak, the first blood reward from defeating the Midnight Phantom. But he ended up with much more than he expected., Was it because of his high LCK?, Ren couldn’t think of anything but this., Whatever it was, Ren decided to check the chests later because another notification appeared right before his eyes, and it was the second thing that he came out here to do., ?, –– A mysterious creature appeared after the tyrannical Midnight Phantom was killed. Once it reaches the exit of Euclid forest, it will disappear . . . FOREVER., Ren’s smile couldn’t be contained., His weapon had finally arrived!, From what information he gathered in the past. No one actually acquired nor saw this Mysterious Creature because it was so fast that the player who got first blood from defeating the Midnight Phantom was unable to get it., This Mysterious Creature could only be triggered once, and that was when the Midnight Phantom was defeated the first time. And if this mysterious creature reached the exit of Euclid Forest, it’d be gone forever, as the description said, and no amount of re-entering or defeating the Midnight Phantom could make it come back., The players and the one who got first blood for the Midnight Phantom forgot the whole thing and didn’t think of it anymore as time went on and the game progressed, but since the developers loved to torment its players, they announced later in the game that the mysterious creature was actually a powerful pet., In fact, the most powerful pet in COVENANT that one could acquire. What’s more, anyone could have it regardless of race or class., It was everyone’s chance to get a pet that otherwise was exclusive only to the Hunter and Animist subclasses., And thus the players’ agony and curses., As for the one who actually acquired first blood from the Midnight Phantom and had the highest chance to acquire this pet . . . Well, he was still cursing and begging the developers to give him that pet in the past, even after Rain jumped off a building., That guy kept saying it was impossible to catch that creature since their ATP was low because they were just starting out. He was shouting injustice and that the developers should just give him the pet since he was the one who acquired his first blood from the Midnight Phantom., And that guy was correct., It was indeed impossible to catch that Mysterious Creature. And even the developers thought that, too. That was why they were confident to place that powerful creature at the start of the game because they thought no one would be able to catch it., That Mysterious Creature was placed there as a tool for the developers to torment and make fun of its players., Or so they thought., Ren grinned so wide it stretched his face., All 5 000 EXP he acquired, he put it on his AGI., ‖ A T T R I B U T E S ‖, HP: 55, MP: 80, STR: 3, DEF: 59, MDF: 7, INT: 66, AGL: 54, LCK: 126, ‖ E N D ‖, ACQUIRED SPELL!, Teleportation LV.1 , ‖ T E L E P O R T A T I O N L V. 1 ‖, –– cost 50 MP, –– teleport within 1000m distance, –– 1x a day, ‖ E N D ‖, When a Mage AGI reaches 40, they acquire the Teleportation spell regarding of subclass. At the same time, the melee class received Blink., In fact, if your ATP reached certain milestones, you could acquire a spell/skill depending on your subclass. But since Ren didn’t choose a subclass yet, he could only acquire the generic spell/skill available to all Mage class., The guy who acquired first blood from the Midnight Phantom didn’t think about it since he didn’t know., But Ren knew . . . he knew, if not everything, then most information about the game., Using Teleportation, Ren was instantly near the forest’s exit just in time that a black creature was zooming towards him in all haste., The little creature didn’t seem to notice Ren with all its hurriedness to get out of the forest until it was too late when it smacked directly against Ren’s palm., –7, Ren suffered an HP reduction from the impact, but he still didn’t let go., ACQUIRED:, Mystical Creature , ‖ M Y S T I C A L C R E A T U R E ‖, Type: Pet, Owner: Ren, Personality: Docile, loyal, Relationship: 70% , ‖ E N D ‖

Chapter end

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