MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 48

Chapter 48

A/N, BONUS Chapter for reaching 300PS last week., Help this novel reach 500PS this week for another BONUS chapter 🙏, CHEERS! 😁, —-, Ren and the others’ attention flickered at the players from the Poison Viper Guild., They were crouching in front of the giant door made of dark metal. Thick webs swirled around its frame in a tight hold, locking everyone from going inside and out., Ren tilted his head and smirked. “Are you still going to stop us from entering?”, Isolde placed her hand on the handle of her gun., Leonel readied his shield., Ragnar swung his giant axe over his shoulder., And the three squirmed together and sought comfort from each other’s arms with shaking limbs., “Y-you . . . you better stop now, or the whole Poison Viper will come at you,” growled Player 1and he almost bit his tongue when Ren’s eyelid flinched., When PvP was established, going after someone was common. It was bound to happen that they would make enemies along the way., It couldn’t be avoided, no matter how kind you were. When you lose in a fight, you’d want revenge, no matter how you mask it with a smile on your face., It was human nature to want revenge. Only a saint wouldn’t., Leonel coyly grinned. “Let them come then. But before they do, you three will be tossed in the air again and again until you let us pass that door.”, Players 1, 2, and 3 held each other tightly when Ren, Leonel, Isolde, and Ragnar’s eyes all twinkled with menace., CrEeEcK . . ., Everyone’s attention was stolen by the hinges noise from the giant door, followed by the cobwebs glowing dark before turning to dust., The door to the Boss’s room was now opened!, Players 1, 2, and 3’s white heaving faces turned to one of arrogance yet again. Their comrades will finally come out, and together they will get their revenge!, “Ha! You four are in trouble now!” Player 3 shouted with a big sinister smile on his face., “That’s right!” roared player 2. “Ten of our strongest members will come out and trash your assess!”, Player 1 raised his head and looked down at Ren and the others with a crooked smile on his face. “It’s not too late! Be glad that I’m in a good mood. I’ll let you off after you hand over your items and weapons, or else . . . you’ll find yourself in a serious beating!”, Ren and the others all looked at each other. What was the Poison Viper was spouting about when players couldn’t hurt nor kill other players unless it were a PvP battle or guild wars., “Are you perhaps confusing the real world with this?” Isolde asked and giggled while tilting her head to the side. “How cute.”, “Egh?” The three players from Poison Viper guild caught their tongue. Their eyes went up to their head and thought for some time., That was right. This was COVENANT, and they couldn’t actually hurt them. The three thought., Player 1 face burst red from embarrassment. “Shut up, ugly!”, Isolde’s sharp eyes glint ominously, and player 1 flinched and hid behind Player 2., “Ha! So what if we can’t beat you?! We can hold you here and torture you!” player 2 shouted., “Yeah! Like tossing you guys in the air like you did to us!” Player 3 seconded., “. . .” The image of being tossed and slapped to the side put a frown on players 1, 2, and 3’s heads, and they grimaced at the memory., Player 1 shook the depressing image out of his mind. “Anyway! Our brothers, come out and trash these assholes!”, Players 1, 2, and 3’s smiles widened when the door opened fully. Their eyes were on Ren and the others with unabated attention, afraid that they would miss the regret and horror that would soon appear on their faces when their comrades all walked out of the door., . . ., . . ., “Brothers?” Player 1 turned to look when a minute passed, and no one was coming out from the door., “Huh?” Player 2 scratched his head. The room was empty, and nothing but darkness shrouded the space., “W-where are they?” Player 3 had a bad feeling when not a silhouette was coming out from the darkness inside the Boss’s room., “I think your top strongest comrade all died in the hands of the boss and are now respawning in the cave entrance with a death penalty flashing at their faces.” Ren smiled. A condescending smile meant to belittle., “T-that can’t be . . .” muttered player 1. But that was the only plausible reason since no one was coming out from the Boss’s room., Those were Poison Vipers’ strongest members besides Vein. There were ten of them, and there was only one single Boss., How could they be wiped out?!, Players 2 and 3 all looked at player 1 with dread. “W-what now?”, “Shut up. What can we do than play our final trump card?”, Players 1, 2, and 3 all looked at each other and nodded in understanding., Ren and the others readied their weapon and took in a fighting stance., Player 1 breathed deep, filling his lungs before shouting, “RUN!”, All three players scrambled to their feet and dashed towards the exit of the hall., “You guys are lucky that I’m feeling in a good mood today!” shouted player 1. “I’ll let you go and live this time but be careful when you come out! We’ll have the place surrounded!”, “Ahahahaha! That’s right! We remember your faces and will be hunting you!”, “Bleh!”, The three players all stuck their tongues outs and laughed before they disappeared from sight., . . ., . . ., Silence descended and Ren’s group couldn’t react still., Ragnar broke the stillness. “I guess the jokes on them since we didn’t save in the save crystal.” And since they didn’t, they would respawn in the village., Leonel snickered. “I wonder what their faces would be like when they waited for us for hours and found us gone in the end.”, Isolde cracked her fingers, face dark and eyes glinting evilly. “Those bunch of ****. It’s them who should watch their back. I’ll put bullet holes in their faces whenever I see them.”, Ren just sighed. “Forget about them. Let’s enter the boss room before more of them would come in here.”, Usually, clearing the dungeon would take hours or even days, depending on the size of the dungeon. But Gargantuan cave was only a small size dungeon that could be completed within one hour if the party was fast., The reason for this was because of mapping., All areas and dungeons appeared blank on the map at the start, and a party member in a group had to map it out. Usually, another group was placed in a supporting role. This player was usually in the Hunter or Animist class. This person was in charge of mapping all nooks and crannies, traps and treasures, hidden rooms, foraging spots, and soon., And since Gargantuan Cave was a straightforward cave, there was nothing to map, and Ren and the others arrived at the Boss’s room in less than thirty minutes, all thanks to the players that cleared the Arachnids., “Should we really enter?” Now that the giant door was staring at her face, Isolde was having second thoughts. She hadn’t forgotten that time when she entered Thunder Cave with little preparation and no clue about who they were going to face., “R-right.” Leonel bit his shaking thumb. “Those guys said that ten of their strongest fighters entered. However, none came out.”, “Maybe there’s a Teleportation Crystal inside the boss’s room?” Ragnar said, thinking with his fingers pinching his chin., “Or they got wiped out,” Leonel butt in with a nervous tone., Ren didn’t comment., There was no save crystal in the Boss’s room, and logging out features didn’t work there. There was only a Teleportation Crystal in the form of an item. But that item was only available when the Guild feature was established in the game., And those crystals didn’t work inside the Boss’s room either. You could only use it anywhere except there. And they were expensive., “Let’s go.” Ren took the first step passed the edge of the door frame and entered the dark room., “R-Ren!” Leonel ran after Ren while Isolde and Ragnar looked at each other before they went inside the room., Their leader was already inside, and there was nothing more to say but to follow him.

Chapter end

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