MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 37

Chapter 37

“I . . .” Leonel looked at every nook and cranny that he could lay his eyes and mind to rest before he stared down at his fidgeting hands. He enclosed his fingers together, breath shaky as he said, “I . . . I want to play as a Dwarf Defender.”, “. . .”, “. . .”, Ren released the air he held and smiled. For a moment there, Leonel had him worried., Mike sat on his chair with a defeated look. All strength was zapped from him., Saya was frowning, couldn’t understand what was happening to Ren and Leonel., “Leo.” Saya grabbed Leonel’s hand and gently pressed it. “Don’t you want us to play together and enter the same guild?”, “Of course, I want to,” Leonel immediately said, “But do we really have to enter a guild to play together? Do we really have to change race just so we can play? Isn’t this just a game meant to be enjoyed?”, “. . .” Ren silently sighed. It was supposed to be a game meant to be enjoyed . . . until the in-game currency was introduced and COVENANT became the second world, that is., Many things had changed by then. Friends betrayed each other for loots. Family turned to one another for a position of dominance. And only a few remained who were loyal and really enjoyed the game., Sadly, Ren wasn’t one of them., And Ren prayed and hoped with all his heart that Leonel wouldn’t change. His naivety and innocent thinking would put him in danger, but it is also why Ren likes Leonel in the first place. And he would make sure that Leonel would be strong enough to defend himself when that time comes., Mike sighed. His patience was no more. “Leo. Ren. You two . . .” He shook his head and released an audible breath. “That’s why you couldn’t uplift your life because you both are indecisive. You think like poor people who wanted to change but didn’t have the resolve to change. You didn’t want to step out from your comfort zones and explore this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”, “. . .” Ren was speechless by Mike’s shamelessness. He was indeed shameless before, but he overlooked it because they were just teenagers who didn’t know any better., But now that he had lived twice his current age, he no longer found Mike’s shamelessness and selfishness adorable., “I don’t know what opportunity you’re saying here, Mike. The only thing I saw here is you forcing your friends to take the role they didn’t want in order for you to join a guild that you wanted.”, Ren wanted to appear sad, but his feelings couldn’t lie, and he smirked. “As I said, if you really wanted to join Scar’s guild, then put the effort yourself and don’t pin the responsibility on us so you and Saya could have it easy and play the race and class of your choice.”, “. . .”, “. . .”, There was static between Mike and Ren, and the former couldn’t comprehend since the Ren he knew didn’t talk back to him like that. The Ren he knew wouldn’t even care. As long as it would help Saya and he would benefit from it, he would gladly do it., What happened to that guy that he suddenly became a different person altogether? Mike and Saya were incredibly baffled by this sudden change in Ren., “Ugh . . .” Leonel raised his hand, trying to disperse the tension. “Ren already acquired a rare class.”, Ren eyed Leonel before he released a big breath. He wasn’t keeping his class a secret since it would be bound to be exposed later on., And he knew why Leonel did it. His good-hearted friend was still trying to negotiate with Scar through his class. He hoped that Scar would forget about changing their race and class and take him in because of his Arcanist subclass. And as a result, Scar would take in every one of them, and they could play together like nothing had happened., Naïve. Ren thought. From the moment that Mike brought Scar to this round table, their friendship was over., I’m sorry, Leo. But I couldn’t just sit around as they tell us what to do just because we don’t have the same status as them. Ren thought to himself. They still think that they could bribe them with money and their cheap friendship, but Ren had enough of that., He had enough of people taking advantage of him., Scar’s face lit up. “Oh? What class?” He was interested, and it showed on his face as he leaned forward from his seat., Leonel’s hope ignited. He stole a look in Ren’s way before he said with an ecstatic voice, when Ren didn’t protest, “An Arcanist.”, “. . .”, Scar was silent for a short moment before he doubled over in laughter. “An Arcanist? You actually chose that low-level class?”, He laughed some more before he shook his head and wiped the tears in his eyes. “I don’t know how you acquired a rare class this early, but . . . that’s the lowest of the low out from the rare classes. Its skills are useless and burdensome to level up, and it couldn’t be used solo., “It’s the worst class ever. Even in a fight, it used too many resources with no return benefits. No guild would want that. Even a White mage is better.”, Scar smiled in Ren’s way. A condescending smile that wanted to belittle. “NO wonder you’re too arrogant, little man. You think that you acquired gold but let me tell you this, you actually got **.”, Ren faced Scar head-on, face unperturbed. “And what made you say that? Because of some Beta tester who only took a glimpse of the Arcanist skills and spells? Before choosing a . . . let me guess, a Necrolyt class?”, Scar lips twitched before he shook his head. He chuckled and checked the time on his Patek Philippe watch. “Anyway, I have to be somewhere else after this lunch. I wanted to eat with you, but someone just ruined my appetite.”, Scar stood from his chair before he snatched his wallet and placed thousands of bills on the table., “But don’t let me ruin yours. Order all you want. It is still my treat,” Scar said before he made a turn to leave., “Wait.”, Ren’s call halted Scar from stepping a foot out of the restaurant., Mike and Saya sighed in relief when they thought that Ren would change his mind and was just playing hard to get to bargain a better deal., However, their smile fell faster than a coin in a fountain when Ren continued., “When you heard the name Ren with an Arcanist class resounding in the game, that’s me. And don’t worry, I will still offer you my services . . . for the right price, of course.”, Ren was planning to hide his appearance when he was soloing the game and when dealing with rare items and equipment. However, he would reveal his face if he was doing mercenary stuff and if he was together with Leo and the others., Ren didn’t want to sound presumptuous . . . but only this time he would. He would not tolerate others looking down on the Arcanist subclass and saying that it was the weakest class out of COVENANT’s subclasses., The corner of Scar’s lips rose into a condescending scoff before he walked forward without uttering a single word., “Wait, big brother Scar,” Mike called, but Scar didn’t turn nor stop at his call., Mike shifted his eyes between Ren and Scar before glaring at Ren and went after Scar. “Wait. Big brother Scar. Let’s talk for a while!”, Saya also shot to her feet, and before chasing after Mike like she always did in the past, she left one final sentence., “I’m disappointed in you, Ren. And you too, Leo.”, Ren tilted his head to the side. “Likewise.”, “. . .” Saya’s face crumpled, and her eyes watered like she was about to cry. She stomped her feet and went after Mike in a hurry., . . ., . . ., “Wha . . . what just happened?” Leonel didn’t understand what was happening. This was supposed to be a happy reunion between friends, but somehow . . . it turned into a war zone., “What’s wrong with those two? Just because we wouldn’t enter this guild and change our class . . . and here I thought that this game would actually be fun with the four of us playing., Ren didn’t comment. Leonel might not see it yet, but Ren’s eyes were finally opened. The only reason that Mike and Saya befriended them was so they had someone to boss around., Ren was doing their assignments and projects before just to please Saya, while Leonel was like an errand boy who Mike ordered to buy things for him. They didn’t complain since they were rewarded with food and free materials for their projects and some perks of free passes to movies and such., But it would end here., Ren would just think that he was working for Mike and Saya in the past and were not actually friends to kill whatever remaining emotion he had with them., Leonel faced Ren with his puppy eyes. “Ren. We’re still friends, right? Nothing will change, right? We’re still going to play together, right?, Ren sighed. “Of course we are. Give them some time, and they will come around.” He lied. He knew for a fact that after this encounter, Mike and Saya would change. Just because they didn’t get what they wanted, they would act like brats. And it would only get worse once school started., Ren looked at Leonel and said with an apologetic voice, “I’m sorry Leo . . . because of me . . .” Ren really didn’t want to destroy their friendship., If only Mike and Saya had remained seated and taken their side even after they didn’t heed their command, Ren would have worked to mend their friendship and gave it a second chance., But since it was apparent that they only befriended them to boss them around . . . it was time to say goodbye for good., To begin with . . . did Mike and Saya even treat them as real friends? Or did they just want someone to lord over and do stuff that otherwise was annoying to them?, It was okay when they were teens and innocent, but now that Ren had already lived double his current age, he found it unpleasant., Leonel looked at Ren’s sorry face. Ren was usually stoic, and it was rare for him to say he was sorry and portray a guilt-stricken face., Ren must really have wanted for them to play together too. Leonel thought., He then took a large intake of air and breathed in through his nose, and placed his hands over his head., “There’s nothing to be sorry about,” he said coolly with puckering lips., He must be the big brother between them at times like this since he was older than Ren by months. He must comfort him and not make him guilty., Leonel’s lips pointed out. “Rather, those two should be the ones asking sorry to us. They’re the ones who ruined the mood by inviting that guy, and then they have to go too far in forcing us to change our race and class and threatened us by not playing together if we don’t.”, Leonel was starting to get angry the more he thought about it and he munched a good size of the complimentary bread at the side., “Who do they think they are?!”, His nostrils enlarge like fumes would come out of it before he released a big breath and his face returned back to being pitiful., “Though I feel bad about Mike and Saya, I really don’t want to play anything but a dwarf. It was the reason why I entered the game in the first place. I feel like the game would lose its appeal on me if I played something else.”, Ren nodded in agreement. “Don’t worry about those two. Rather . . .”, Ren looked at the line of waiters who were pulling carts of food in their way., “We should worry about on how to finish that food.” Ren didn’t want to see Leonel’s sad face and he redirected his attention to somewhere else., “. . .”, Leonel was in a daze for a moment, he didn’t get what Ren meant, and after seconds that he finally did, he burst into a wide grin., “Too bad for those two but more food for us then!”, —-, A/N, Sorry for the slow update everyone., I’m still sick and in and out of bed. Like any cold, I was given hope of recovery in the morning, only to be crushed in the afternoon when it returned. 😷🤒, Hopefully, it would finally disappear this week., Good thing is, my tonsil is alright now. Two big bottles of mouthwash did the trick 🤣🤣, My doctor said that there might be a new strain of Dengue since our hospital is very full of patients suffering from it. I’m informing those in the TROPIC countries to be prepared 😢😭, Always have your mosquito repellants with you. Prevention is always better than Cure 😷😷, Stay Safe everyone!

Chapter end

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