MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 36

Chapter 36

“Life-changing? If it is so life-changing, why don’t you do it?” He then stared at Scar. “Why don’t your pro friends play those rare classes if it’s so awesome instead of shoving it down our throats in exchange for a position in your guild, that is . . . let me guess, an errand boys position until we evolved into a Necrolyt and Chrono Mage. And if that didn’t happen, we would remain into an errand boy forever, right?”, Mike and Saya’s jaws drop., Scar’s eyelid twitched., Leonel choked on his drink., When no one answered, Ren continued with a smirk. “Because I’ll tell you why. Even if you know about the rare classes because of the Beta Tester’s guide, you aren’t sure if you could evolve into those classes., “What’s more, the strain of quests you must complete to make that happen is time-consuming compared to the generic classes that you’re one hundred percent sure you’ll advance., “You just couldn’t take that risk, especially if you belong in a guild where guild wars, dungeon raids, and boss fights happen at a moment’s notice. You couldn’t afford to wait for a classless Mage and lag behind from the others, or your prestige will drop.”, Ren crossed his legs and smirked. “However, all your problems will be solved if some ignorant newbies were up for the job. They would take all the risks for you while you rip all the benefits. If they did evolve their class, then good for you., “However, if they can’t evolve their class, then they would remain at the bottom as errand boys with a crappy contract.”, . . ., . . ., Everyone was stunned at Ren’s remarks., Leonel and the others had indeed known Ren as ruthless when it came to his arguments, but he was so soft when it came to them. Soft enough that he wouldn’t even say a word of protest. He would just nod his head before as long as he would benefit from the deal, no matter how small, all for the sake of his friends., What happened overnight that he suddenly changed, and he treated them like he was treating strangers?, “Ren you . . .” Mike didn’t know what to say. Ren usually followed his orders without question. What’s gotten into him that he was all antagonistic today? Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed?, “Ren, don’t you think you’re being too mean?” Saya chimed in with a pitiful voice and downcast face., Mike was inwardly feeling happy. He knew that Ren couldn’t possibly let down Saya like that. He would come around for her and would definitely try to console her into compromising instead., However, things were just not going with Mike’s plan when Ren stifled a laugh and said, “Mean?, “I’m being mean when your boyfriend was the one who brought some stranger into our supposed to be only friend’s reunion without informing us. Then he wanted us to change our race and class so that he could enter into a guild at our expense.”, Ren slightly shook his head with a fake smile on his lips. “Tell me. Did you really treat us like real friends or just your errand boys that you can casually boss around?”, Mike was speechless while Saya caught her tongue. It was the first time that Ren was so harsh on her. Was the man really Ren or some kind of imposter., The Ren they knew would never say something like that, especially to her., Ren changed his crossing leg from one foot to another and intertwined his fingers., “Anyway, if you want to enter this guild, then be my guest. I won’t stop you . . . just don’t force us to change our class and take the challenge yourselves for once.”, “Ren!” Mike didn’t know what to say. Ren wasn’t this difficult before, and when he suddenly did, he didn’t know what to do. He never expected Ren to strongly disagree with him, so he was caught entirely off guard., Saya got out of her daze and clapped her hands together to disperse the heavy atmosphere that settled between them., “W-why don’t we eat first? I’m sure Ren is just hungry, and he would be in a better mood later when his stomach is full.” Saya released an awkward laugh, but no one smiled, nor did the heavy atmosphere cleared., Ren’s eyelid twitched, and Saya clamped her mouth shut., Ren could be so intimidating with his cold eyes and indifferent face., Saya looked the other way to escape Ren’s scrutinizing gaze and pretended to drink her empty glass of water., Ren silently released a breath. Saya was always like that. She would always take Mike’s side. Even if he was wrong., A good thing that he was long over her. The only good thing that came out of her betrayal was him losing all feelings towards her., So even if Saya went on her knees and begged with all the tears she had, Ren would still ignore her., “Whether I’m hungry or not, my decision is final.” Ren rested his back on his seat and tilted his head to the side. “Rather, if you really wanted to join his guild, then why don’t the two of you take up the role since you two haven’t entered the game yet?”, “Ren . . . y-you . . .” Mike was annoyed, and his lips were twisting at the side. Then he faced Leonel when he couldn’t get Ren to his side. “Leo, put some sense into his head. He couldn’t see it now, but his future is riding on this.”, Ren stifled a laugh. “My future? You mean your future.”, Ren then ignored Mike and Saya’s gaping mouths and looked at Leonel, whose face was sweating buckets. “What about you, Leo? How do you really feel?”, Leonel was shifting his head between Ren, Mike, and Saya. He was getting dizzy from all this back and forth, and his brain was hurting that nothing was coming into his mind. He was really on edge and wanted to cry from his current predicament. Why can’t just everyone play the game however they want?, Or like normal teenagers who just wanted to enjoy the game and not think about guilds, money, and complicated stuff like the future., It was meant to be played to escape the real-life stress. Not adding to it., Since when did games became so complicated?, “Leonel!” Mike urged., “Leonel . . . ,” Saya implored., “Leo . . . ,” muttered Ren in a soft voice. He closed his eyes before opening them with a smile. “Just say what you truly desire.”, “. . .”, “I . . .” Leonel looked at every nook and cranny that he could lay his eyes and mind to rest before he stared down at his fidgeting hands. He enclosed his fingers together, breath shaky as he said, “I . . .”

Chapter end

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