MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late!” Mike greeted in all smiles. His set of white teeth was perfect without fault. He was still the same. Dawned in an expensive Louie Vuitton shirt and jacket and Yeezy sneaker paired with an expensive Rolex watch, Mike was eye-catching with his good looks and wallet., “This is Scar, by the way. He’s a childhood friend of mine and like a big brother to me. He just got back from his study in Zone A District 1,” said Mike, the soonest as he and Scar take their seat., Everyone exchanged greetings and pleasantries before Scar said in a generous tone, “order all you want. My treat.”, “Eh?” Leonel whipped his head in Scar’s direction, eyes shining. “Really? Then don’t mind if I do!”, Leonel was grinning from ear to ear as he looked at the menu. Ren bet that he was just trolling around and would still order the most expensive food on the list., Ren and Leonel both didn’t understand Italian and French, after all. They were just here because Saya and Mike would treat them to lunch., Ren also chose the most expensive meal out of the set. There was no need to be modest if the other party offered his generosity and goodwill., As they waited for their order, everyone engaged in small talk except for Ren, who occasionally answered with a yes and no since he was mostly studying and thinking about what Scar was doing in their supposed to be a friends-only reunion., Scar’s voice was deep, and his face was serious that occasionally cracked with a smile. He had beads of clean-cut black hair, and the line of his face was hard and intimidating. He was refined-looking, and not a wrinkle was present on his neatly pressed polo and jeans., Ren knew him in the game as a strict player that only expected the best from himself and others. Though he was the leader of the Black Lion guild, he mainly dealt with managing the internal affairs of the guild., Black Lion’s requirements for its applicants were high, and they only mostly accept rare classes or pro players. Sometimes they receive players who have rare or legendary items, weapons, and equipment like what Saya and Mike had in the past because of his help., “Big Bro Scar is actually a pro gamer in a game called War of Guilds together with his friends, and they wanted to put up a guild in the new game COVENANT,” Mike said. His high-pitched tone gave away how excited he was., Ren knew Mike to be a gamer but didn’t have the skills or patience to become a pro., “I heard from Mike that you’re just starting out,” Scar added, “We are looking for players that are willing to take the role of the rare class Necrolyt and Chrono mage. Mike is hell-bent on becoming a swordsman while Saya wanted to be a healer to support his boyfriend.”, Scar grinned, shaking his head a little. “Honestly, my friends already had those roles taken, and we wanted diversity within our ranks. And we have already established a rule for our soon-to-be applicants., But since Mike and I knew each other, I’m willing to make an exception just for him. If you two are willing to change your race and class and recreate your account, then I’ll take you all into our guild. Even if the four of you didn’t have any experience in a guild and aren’t pro players.”, Ren and Leonel looked at each other., SO this is what happened. Ren thought. Mike and Saya didn’t get to enter because Leonel must have declined to change his race and class. And in the past, he wasn’t even playing the game until the in-game currency was introduced., Come to think of it. Ren did recall that there was a time when Mike said that he would buy him a pod in exchange, he would become a Necrolyt., Ren ignored him that time because he was busy juggling his jobs and studies, and he didn’t have the luxury of time to be wasting on a game., Was that the reason why their relationship went sour in the first place?, Was that it?, Because he didn’t follow his order?, The more he thought about it, the angrier Ren became, and the awful memories he was trying to suppress were resurfacing in his mind., Mike shifted his eyes between Ren and Leonel with a big grin on his face. “Don’t worry, big brother Scar. I’m sure Ren and Leonel would agree. Right? Right guys?”, Leonel scratched his cheek, eyes hovering over the ceiling. “I don’t know . . . If I can’t play as a dwarf, I’d rather not play at all.”, “Leo, I think playing an awesome rare class like a Necrolyt or a Chrono mage is much cooler than a dwarf. And . . . I’ll buy you a pod,” entice Mike before shifting his eyes on Ren. “I’ll buy you two a pod.”, Scar nodded in agreement. “I think it’s an awesome trade. You two will have a new pod and play a rare class, AND . . . you can even join our guild of pro players and rip so many benefits. Like monthly allowance, for example.”, Leonel’s eyes shone when he heard that money was involved, and his constipated face told Ren that he was really thinking about the idea., The rumors regarding Scar were indeed true. Ren thought. He was a man who was overflowing with confidence and charisma, and he was never one to mince words. In fact, too much to the point of being annoying., “The offer is tempting, but I like my race and class as it is now,” said Ren with a solemn face and voice., Leonel looked at Ren before he nodded in agreement. “I . . . I like my race and class too. As great as the money sounds, I still wanted to play as a dwarf. I don’t think I could last playing the game anyway with a different race.”, Mike was stunned for a whole minute before he burst out, “What are you two talking about? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Brother Scar said that there are rumors of an in-game currency later in the game. Do you know what that means? Real money and opportunities!, It’s like the game would become a second world once the money starts rolling in, and every powerhouses will want to dominate this new world in the form of a guild. Do you really want to miss this opportunity to belong to one of the top guilds in the future? With Brother Scar leading, it would surely happen!”, Ren didn’t budge even when Mike’s caught his breath after his lengthy speech. “Even so, I still wanted to keep my current race and class.”, Mike’s mouth dropped before his smile disappeared and his tone of voice gave away his annoyed state. “Ren, that’s why you can’t excel from your current state because you lack the initiative to grab something life-changing right in front of your eyes. You can’t see the future. That’s why you’re stagnant in your current state.”, Ren wanted to laugh because he already knew the future. And he had a much larger plan for himself. He didn’t need someone to dictate him which path he should take., “Life-changing? If it is so life-changing, why don’t you do it?” He then stared at Scar. “Why don’t your pro friends play those rare classes if it’s so awesome instead of shoving it down our throats in exchange for a position in your guild, that is . . . let me guess, an errand boys position until we evolved into a Necrolyt and Chrono Mage. And if that didn’t happen, we would remain into an errand boy forever, right?”, Mike and Saya’s jaws drop., Scar’s eyelid twitched., Leonel choked on his drink., —-, A/N, I’m feeling a bit better now but my tonsil is acting up next. 😥😷🤒, Like when it rained, it poured and it poured hard. 🤣😭, Stay safe everyone!

Chapter end

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