MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 33

Chapter 33

After Ren closed the COVENANT app, he went to their official website. And as he expected, their forum was exploding with all sorts of complaints., There was even a petition that COVENANT should restart again for the sake of the majority that didn’t know the official opening of the game. They blamed it on the developers’ lack of information, and so far, the petition had already reached hundreds of thousands in just the span of hours., Ren smirked., As if that would move those shrewd developers. Not even the government nor the powerful and wealthy could dictate them, much less those teenagers who felt wronged., Ren even thought that the developers were AI or alien from the lack of information about them., Ren scrolled on the comments before he went into COVENANT’s official website. By now, there was a player ranking posted on their page., The game system judged the player rankings according to ATP, equipment, and items. And by this time, Ren was dominating the game as the top player., Ren wasn’t worried about his name being plastered on the developer’s website. He was already expecting it., With many players named Ren, he was confident that he wouldn’t be found out., It was another privacy perk of the game that Ren thought was a genius idea. By having players used their first name in COVENANT without disclosing their last name, there were bound to have hundreds of players with the name Ren. Unlike if they used a specific username that would otherwise be easily found out., Only the system knew of their ID numbers. Not even the developers could casually look into their private information behind the strict security of the AI system, which mostly operated most of the game. Those things weren’t available to the public., Anyway, having his name plastered on the number one player on the rankings didn’t interest Ren. He was cheating, so something like being number 1 or doing it for fame or glory wasn’t on his list., He was there for the money., What he was eyeing was the name below his., Rank No.2, Player Evie., In the past, Evie was the number 1 solo player, and it was because she was grinding nonstop and seemed like she only logged out of the game to do daily necessities in life., She was a Sprite with a Blue Mage subclass., Not many knew of this, but the Blue mage subclass was the number one support class in the game. And Evie was a top player in this class., Evie didn’t belong to any guild. For some reason, she also loves money like Ren, and she often offered her services to top guilds every time there was a dungeon raid, guild war, or boss fight., Not many knew of her real appearance since a Blue Mage, once evolved into an Illusionist, could hide their appearance using illusions., And she only rose to fame after she evolved her class into an Illusionist, and by that time, she was already hiding her appearance., However, Ren managed to dig her file in his past life all because she was recruited in a dungeon raid once by one of the top guilds, a guild he was working at the time, Sleeping Dragon., Ren managed to piece together Evie’s profile based on the descriptions from those who saw her when she was still a Blue Mage. And because of this, or mainly because of his doing, he exposed Evie’s real appearance to the higher-ups of his guild, and since then, Sleeping Dragon was blackmailing her into working for them. For free., Evie didn’t belong to their guild, but Sleeping Dragon worked her to the bones just to keep her appearance secret. And because of her support, Sleeping Dragon entered top 5 in guild rankings., Ren was guilty about it since he knew who Evie was. In fact, they were even classmates in Fate Academy., While Sleeping Dragon belonged to the top ten guilds in COVENANT. And they were also the guild that was responsible for Ren’s death., They were a despicable guild who would do anything to win. Ren had no choice but to work under them since no guild was willing to take him in because of his past history for disclosing secret information. And he was there for the money and not to make friends with the players anyway., But in this life . . . everything would change., Ren’s eyes glint ominously., He was thankful for Sleeping Dragon for killing him. He wouldn’t be here right now if they didn’t., However, he still hadn’t receive his last pay and Ren promised to collect his payment with interest., Ren’s eyes stared at Evie’s name some more. That familiar guilt ate him again. He felt like he had ruined her life, and there was this nagging feeling that he owed her –– BIG time!, And Ren didn’t like the feeling that he owed someone., Closing his phone, Ren thought of doing the same thing as Evie. It was where he got his idea of offering his services to top guilds and rich players in exchange for real money, just like she did in the past., A mercenary., Some would call these players., “Ren!”, Upon hearing the sweet voice of a woman, Ren’s thoughts were disturbed, and his heart fluctuated at the appearance of a cute girl in a branded lace dress. An expensive accessory pulled her short dark hair, and her dimple smile was still charming like the first time Ren laid eyes on them., “Saya.”, —-, A/N, Another short chapter 😥, I’m feeling under the weather so my brain cells aren’t working. 🤒, Help this poor author recover some brain cells with your votes 🙏 🤣

Chapter end

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