MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 32

Chapter 32

After his talk with Isolde, Ren got ready and went to apply for an account with New Era’s Bank in the morning. Everything went smoothly, and the transaction was fast. By the strike of ten in the morning, everything was finished, and he now had a private account with the Bank., I guess applying for the Organ loan will speed up the process. Ren thought., Not many applied for this loan since it was certain death, and when Ren did, it was like he became a VIP in the Bank. He was taken into an all posh room and even had complimentary champagne and Royce chocolates., Every staff inside the Bank was excited, and their eyes were shining with eagerness when he signed his name and placed his thumb mark on the contract papers., They might have thought that he wouldn’t be able to pay his account after one year, which meant all his organs were for sale to the highest bidder. He was young and had no sign of substance abuse. He didn’t smoke, he wasn’t an avid drinker, and he had no history of major illness., He was perfect!, His organs were perfect!, Ren just smirked., He messaged his bank account to Silvia through COVENANT’s app before he proceeded to Highland Mall., Highland Mall was a luxury mall strategically located at the center of the Central Business District of the main city of Zone A. This Mall was frequented by the rich, and it always appeared on social accounts of celebrities, influencers, and wannabe influencers., Since Saya and Mike set the place, Ren could only oblige., Before entering the Mall, Ren first checked his appearance in a shop’s floor-to-ceiling glass window. He didn’t have branded clothes or designer items compared to the many people going in and out of the Mall., He was just wearing a simple black shirt and pants with only his phone and some cash in his pocket., The guard even eyed him suspiciously when he entered the Mall, maybe because he wasn’t accustomed to seeing men in simple non branded clothes., Ren ignored the securities stares that followed him all the way to Gargino restaurant, where Saya and Mike had made a reservation., Even if the guards keep it subtle, Ren caught the occasional glances from the corner of his eyes., Even after so many years and trains and cars threaded the sky, the gap between the rich and the poor only continued to widen., . . . But it would no longer be the case once the in-game currency is introduced in COVENANT. Everyone could enter and have the chance to earn and flip their life for the better., Though there would be a large minus of gil from drops and rewards when that happened, everybody still had the chance to earn., So the next few days, Ren had to accumulate gil while the game was still generous at giving them out., Ren looked at the expensive sign made in emerald acrylic on top of the restaurant’s entrance. He didn’t want to come. In all honestly. He was only doing this for Leonel. Tolerating Saya and Mike’s presence for an hour or two for Leonel’s sake was a small price to pay compared to what he did in the past to him., If he started avoiding the two and acted hostile towards Saya and Mike, Leonel would surely question it to no end. That guy valued their friendship second to his family., Ren had the option to turn things around this time and try his best to mend his relationship with Saya and Mike, but what they did to him was forever stuck with him. Whether he wanted to or not, their past actions in the past would always influence his decision now., “Hi,” Ren greeted the staff standing at the entrance of Gargino Restaurant. A five-star Michelin awarded restaurant that Saya just loved to frequent. They have a wide array of food choices, but they are best known for their Asian and Italian cuisine., “Reservation for Saya Milani,” said Ren, and the staff’s practiced perfect smile remained plastered on her face as she guided Ren to their table., Ren was the first one to arrive. He was that guy who came fifteen minutes before the agreed time even though he knew that the others would be late., Leonel was still on his way to this Mall after settling his lodging At Zephyr’s Academy dorm., Saya was probably still getting ready, and Mike was . . . well, Mike was probably still in front of the mirror fixing his already neat clothes and hair., Ren sat at the table and brought out his phone to pass the time. Silvia already replied, and there was a notification on his phone of the hundred thousand dollars wired to his Bank and another fifty thousand., Silvia: A little extra for your trouble. And I hope you can answer a question of mine, The corner of Ren’s lips curled upward., Ren: Thanks for the extra tip, . . ., . . ., . . . Silvia is typing . . ., Ren wanted to laugh. What he would give to see Silvia’s troubled face for not responding to her question., As he waited for Silvia’s reply, Ren went to his Bank and transferred the hundred thousand to his Student Loan. Paying it within thirty days would null its interest, and Ren could breathe easy knowing that was one less loan he paid., Now, he would only focus on paying his New Era’s Account Loan., Silvia: How did you hide your appearance? Is it a special item? I also want to hide my face. Money isn’t a problem. Name your price, Ren chuckled as he shook his head., Ren: As much as your offer tempts me. This item is only a one-time deal. However, if you really want to hide your appearance in the game, then have a Blue Mage in your group., Ps. This info is free of charge, Silvia: Blue Mage?, I have a friend that is playing a Blue Mage, but her list of spells didn’t contain anything that would hide my appearance., Is it a latter spell?, Ren: Yes. Once your friend evolves his class to an Illusionist, he could hide your appearance anytime you want., Silvia: How long would that be?, Ren: . . . Depends on how fast he could grind his ATP to three digits, Silvia: That would take forever! By that time, it would already be useless! I want to hide my appearance this early on, Ren: Is your beautiful face bothering you that much?, Silvia: Yes, Ren huffed a laugh. Leave it to Silvia to be so arrogant about her looks that she didn’t get that he was being sarcastic., Ren: Sorry. I don’t know any other item that could hide your appearance, Which was true., . . . Silvia is typing . . ., Silvia: Then . . . how much for your item? I’ll give you a blank check, Ren shook his head and only replied with three words before closing the app., Ren: Not for Sale

Chapter end

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