MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 30

Chapter 30

A loud ‘ThuUumPped’ closed the door tight when everyone was inside. Static erupted in the space before lightning clashed with each other and illuminated the area., “W-wha . . . what is this place?, They were transported in some kind of an open grassland with thunder raining down from the dark sky., There was nothing but the wide-open field, raging mountains, and dark, ominous clouds., “W-what on earth!” Someone shouted and pointed towards the sky., Isolde held her breath when her eyes caught the silhouette of something that made her nauseous., Towering over the landscape at the height of over 100 feet, a colossal giant lived with its head in the clouds. Surrounded by thunder and perpetual storm, the giant was incredibly stout and robust. Its glowing golden braided hair was never cut, crackling with static electricity. Its eyes glowed an electric blue, and its deep voice deafened any who stood too close. It didn’t have a single armor, wielding only a single massive weapon that could cleave an entire mountain into two., It brought hurricane where it went, each step pulverizing the ground like thunder while lighting split the sky., Isolde couldn’t stop the shaking of her limbs. At this moment . . . death was staring straight into her eyes., She swallowed hard, and with a trembling hand, she managed to use a Monocle against the monstrosity before them., Used Monocle x1, Remaining number of Monocle: 2, ǁ P R I M O R D I A L, T H U N D E R K I N G ‖, Location: Thunder Cave, Description:, “Where thunder walks, mountain falls.”, This giant is the perfect fusion of flesh and thunder, seamless and brutal in its symbioses. Their breath is a perpetual hurricane that follows wherever they tread, and their weapon can channel the power of thunder into the earth itself., Their one goal is to restore the world to plain and rebuild it anew., ‖ A T T R I B U T E ‖, HP: 770 000, MP: 5 000, STRG: 700, DEF: 600, MDF: 500, INT: 500, AGL: 40, LCK: 50, ‖ P R I M O R D I A L, T H U N D E R K I N G, H E A D A N D B O D Y ‖, HP: 385 000, ‖ P R I M O R D I A L, T H U N D E R K I N G, L E F T A R M ‖, HP: 115 500, ‖ P R I M O R D I A L, T H U N D E R K I N G, R I G H T A R M ‖, HP: 115 500, ‖ P R I M O R D I A L, T H U N D E R K I N G, L E G S ‖, HP: 154 000, ‖ D A M A G E, R E S I S T A N C E S ‖, ❶ Bludgeoning, ❷ Piercing, ❸ Slashing, ‖ D A M A G E, I M M U N I T I E S ‖, ❶ Cold, ❷ Lightening, ❸ Thunder, ‖ C O N D I T I O N, I M M U N I T I E S ‖, ❶ Paralyzed, ❷ Restrained, ❸ Unconscious, ‖ W E A K N E S S ‖, None, ‖ E N D ‖, Isolde’s pupils draw a slit. W-what kind of a monster is this?!, Everyone was stunned, and not a single one uttered a word when the Primordial Thunder King raised its foot. All they could do was stare at the monstrosity and await their fate with shaking limbs., Isolde’s heart stopped. She couldn’t even close her eyes when death appeared before her in the form of a gigantic foot., BaAaaAmMM!, A large aperture formed from where the foot landed, and the force from the impact sent a gust of boulders and debris flying in all directions., With a single stomp, everyone died., . . ., . . ., The next thing Isolde knew, she was back in Ironto village as a wisp with a notification popping on her screen, asking her to pay the death penalty., “. . .”, HUUHH?!, Isolde was screaming in her mind. What the hell is wrong with this game?!, Nothing made sense to her!, Was that really a dungeon boss? Isolde didn’t want to think what a World Boss would be like if it were., A hard shudder ran in Isolde’s spine. Even now, the Primordial Thunder King’s enormous presence felt like it would swallow her whole., This would surely give her nightmares to come., She pressed with a shaking breath and heavy heart, and all her ATP went zero., At this rate, it was better to recreate her account., Isolde logged out of the game with a dark face. She couldn’t continue playing with a hazy mind and angry heart., When her pod opened, she went to her bed and threw a pillow on her face, and screamed her heart out., “AaaArRgGhh!”

Chapter end

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