MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 29

Chapter 29

“Who’s that?” Dolly inquired after Ren dispersed from sight. She was curious because a handsome stranger was talking to Isolde., Could he be one of those ignorant men who were after Isolde for her name only to be left running away with their tails between their legs upon meeting her family?, “Him?” Isolde looked to the spot where Ren left a moment ago. “No one. Just someone who spouted nonsense.”, “Really? What did he say?” Dolly inquired, eyes shining with a gawkers glee., Isolde shrugged. “Just another random stranger that said we shouldn’t attempt Thunder Cave.”, Dolly pouted. “Oh. Another one? What’s his name?”, “. . . Ren. I think,” Isolde said and offered no further ongoing conversation., “Did you at least send a friend request? That Ren is rather hot. It would be a shame to let him go.”, “No. But he did,” Isolde said without a care., Dolly’s eyes widened in surprise. She and Isolde weren’t close. Throughout their life, she and Isolde were classmates, but they didn’t have the same circle of friends., Isolde was eye-catching because of her height and intimidating pair of big eyes. Her face was average, and her strong personality repelled most of the boys. Her loner and silent character also didn’t go well with some girls., But none dared to antagonize her because she was rumored to be the daughter of a long-standing line of a reputable mafia family. It was also one of the reasons that men were scared of even approaching her., The only ones who did were those who were interested in her family name., Right. Dolly placed a finger on her chin and looked over at the sky, thinking. There was a boy once who became her boyfriend only to leave her because Isolde was manlier than him., Pft!, Dolly repressed the peals of laughter threatening to come out from her lips. That rumor always didn’t fail to make her smile., Don’t get her wrong. She had nothing against Isolde. She was neutral when dealing with her., Dolly probed, “And?”, “I deleted it.”, Dolly’s jaw dropped, and her emerald eyes rounded. “How could you? Is it still in your log? If you’re not interested in him, then give me his number instead.”, Isolde’s eyelid twitched. Dolly was indeed a beautiful girl with a sultry face that could get any man on his knees. She was popular with the boys with her red waves, full bosom, and dainty waist., She had many male followers who did anything she asked. And it only continued to grow., Isolde didn’t know why but she refused to hand Ren’s number to her. Imagining that guy’s cold face and confident voice fell in the hands of Dolly as a mere follower didn’t do well with her., “I don’t think I have any right to give you his number,” Isolde said before she turned and left Dolly behind., “Wha––!” Dolly couldn’t believe that Isolde snubbed her. They weren’t close, but at least she expected her to act cordially towards her because they had been classmates their whole life., Dolly gritted her teeth and sneered. “What a pretentious bitch. Just say so if you like him. No need to play hard to get.”, She then flipped her hair and crossed her arms under her breasts, secretly pushing them up., “Hmp. Let’s see if I’ll help you later.”, —-, Eventually, Isolde and her temporary group all set forward with just six party members. They couldn’t find any more players that fit their requirements. The others were probably already exploring other areas and had already left the range of Newbie Villages a long time ago., They were the first big group with an all two-digit ATP to attempt Thunder Cave, and everyone’s eyes and ears were on them., The World Chat exploded with their names, and they instantly became famous., While Dolly and the others enjoyed their fame, Isolde was still thinking about Ren’s words., She was somewhat impulsive and straightforward and admitted that planning and scouting weren’t her strongest points. And when Ren said some valid points to consider, she started to hesitate., Should she have bought that ridiculously expensive Beta Tester Guide?, No., She wasn’t keen on spoilers and she wanted the thrill of the adventure., Isolde shook her head and fisted her hands with a resolute face., Even if he was handsome and went all the trouble just to ask for my ID, I shouldn’t waver. She thought to herself., But what if he was telling the truth? What if they really couldn’t clear Thunder Cave with six-party members?, Isolde bit her nail. Should I turn back and gather more information?, “. . .”, Isolde shook her head before lightly slapping her cheeks to wake her up., NO!, She wouldn’t know until she tried. Isolde nodded to herself. There couldn’t be progress if she didn’t face the challenges head on. And she wasn’t raised to give up without even trying., Even if Ren was telling the truth, she still wanted to see it for herself., She would rather move forward and face the consequences of her action than be a coward and turn tail at the unknown., And besides, what if Ren was wrong?, What if they could really clear Thunder Cave with just six of them?, She would surely get an EXP boost and Platinum Chest for getting firstblood., With this thought occupying Isolde’s mind, she didn’t notice that they were already deeper in the jaws of Thunder Cave. Most of the monsters and beasts run tail upon the sight of them since their ATP was already high for the monsters inhabiting the cave., See . . . this is just a newbie cave. The beasts and monsters here could even be soloed. I bet the final boss is nothing to be scared off. Isolde mused to herself., However, her lips shut tight when after traversing the straightforward path up the cliff, they stumbled upon a gigantic golden door with intricate carvings on its frame., And Ren’s words whispered in Isolde’s ears. “If you see a large golden door with intricate carvings, don’t enter at all cost.”, “Is this is?” Player A asked., “We’re finally going to fight our first real boss!”, “Everyone, calm down! Remember what we agreed upon. EXP, gil, and items will be split evenly, but the equipment and weapons will belong to whoever benefit it the most. Okay?”, “Okay!”, “K!”, There was no limit of members in a group, but the amount of EXP and gil you acquired would be reduced since it would be distributed amongst you., All items, equipment, and weapons would go to your Group Inventory, which would be available once you form a group. It couldn’t be withdrawn unless everyone or the majority agrees which item belongs to who., And if you leave the group, then you won’t have access to the items anymore. Likewise, if the majority agreed to disband without allocating the items, the items would disappear., This was the developers’ way of ensuring that everything would be fair in a group. No leader controlled everything. Everything was handled by all members of the group., Dolly was grinning from ear to ear. She was so glad that she returned to Ironto village and stumbled upon Buck. If she cleared this dungeon, her fame would definitely skyrocket, and she would attract even more followers., Richer and handsome followers!, She stifled one foot over the other from sheer excitement when the others opened the giant door., WhHoOoOsShH!, A gust of wind pushed everyone one step back from the entrance before everything went still., Isolde and the other’s neck strained from looking beyond the darkness but couldn’t see even a line.”, “It’s too dark.”, “I can’t see anything.”, “Should we go in?”, “You first.”, Dolly rolled her eyes and pushed everyone aside. “Bunch of cowards. Let me go in first then.”, Dolly sashayed towards the entrance and halted a step just in line with the door. A sheen of sweat coated her back for fear of the unknown before she mustered her courage and took that one final step inside., For the followers!, . . ., . . ., When nothing happened, Dolly faced the others, and her smile widened. “Well? Am I going to solo the boss after all?”, The boys laughed while the girls released a sigh of relief that nothing scary had happened., However, Isolde didn’t move from where she stood., She thought that she had already made her resolve, but face to face with the giant door that Ren spoke off, her resolve crumbled to dust., Was he speaking the truth after all?, Or was Ren been here before them?, Isolde couldn’t ponder more when Dolly faced her with a raised brow., “Don’t tell me that you’re backing out?” Dolly mocked and laughed. “That’s okay. More treasures for me then.”, Isolde grumbled under her breath and proceeded to enter the door., She was raised not to fear anything and faced everything with courage and confidence., She would not back out now.

Chapter end

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