MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Isolde looked over at her group. Only five of them huddled together while their six-member, their leader, was still recruiting., They were strangers to her except Dolly, who she had known since she was young since they were classmates all the time., But they were never close. Their relationship was only to the level of being acquaintances., Dolly was also the one who asked her to join upon stumbling with each other a while back. They were going to attempt Thunder Cave together. They were the few who reached all their ATP to two digits., Their leader, Buck, a dude with beads of black hair and large front teeth, was recruiting other players with two-digit ATP., And to verify if the players were telling the truth with their ATP being in the two digits, once partied or added as a friend, the players within your group or in your friend’s list could view your ATP upon request and your approval., Isolde was feeling good at the moment. Everything was going smoothly so far. She completed quests after quests and grinded until all her ATP reached two digits and she hadn’t died. Not once., She had a good feeling about clearing the Thunder Cave. Some players within her group had already entered the cave though not deep since they’d run out of HP and MP before reaching the Boss’s room., Isolde believed it was because those players didn’t have enough members. At most, everyone formed groups of three since not many knew about the opening of COVENANT, so the scarcity of players., And some weren’t that good at using their skills, and they lacked initiative and decision-making skills when facing an opponent., But now . . . they have four damage dealers and two healers. Against a newbie cave, Isolde thinks that it was enough., Isolde smiled to herself. Maybe their group would get firstblood. And whatever items and treasures they’ll acquire inside would surely boost them to the top, and they would gain an enormous advantage over the others., She nodded to herself with a slight smile on her lips., “Hello.”, Isolde spun her attention to a man who was shorter by inches in height than her. He had a course of black hair that was shorter at the back. His face was handsome, and his indifferent eyes attracted anyone who saw to look closer. He was a looker, especially with the aloof aura he portrayed., “Hello.” Isolde nodded. “If you want to join the group, then you’re asking the wrong person.” She was not cold. She was direct to the point and hated wasting time., Isolde pointed in Buck’s direction, who was busy asking players for their ATP. “That man is the one who is organizing this escapade and the leader of this group.”, Ren’s indifferent face didn’t budge. Isolde was exactly like what he had imagined. She was the type who hated small talk and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and take action on the spot evident from his encounter with her in the past when she challenged everyone in her party to a PvP fight just because she was pissed at her group’s reasoning and cowardice act., “My name’s Ren, and I don’t want to join a group that I know will be wiped out in the Thunder Cave.”, That got Isolde’s attention, and he faced Ren with a serious expression. If he were being funny and spouting crazy to get her attention because of her family, like all the others he encountered, then she would personally slap his face left and right for wasting her time., Isolde crossed her arms and looked down at Ren through her thick lashes. “And what made you say that?”, If he didn’t provide a thorough explanation that would satisfy her, then she would surely teach him a lesson for ruining her mood., Ren didn’t mind Isolde’s hostility. He knew her to be short-tempered and easily pissed off., “First of all, assuming that Thunder Cave is a newbie dungeon all because it was near this village is a grave mistake,” Ren stated and continued, “What made you think that raiding that cave with only six-party members and only two-digit ATP would clear Thunder Cave?”, Isolde opened her mouth to retort, but Ren beat her to it., “Just because the monsters and beasts roaming in that cave were low-level and easily soloed? Or was it because of your ignorance of the cave and lack of information about the Boss that was why you don’t know the true horrors of the dungeons in COVENANT?”, “Wha . . .” Isolde was rattled because the stranger had a point. She cleared her throat and stood her stance with a straight back. “And what made you believe that it wouldn’t be cleared with just six players? Have you met the Boss?, Isolde placed a hand over her tilted hips. “Based on what you said, it seemed like you know the Boss of Thunder Cave. Are you a beta tester? Or are you a poser who didn’t want us to get firstblood at clearing the dungeon?”, This was why Ren didn’t want Leonel to butt in. If a player were set on going, then he wouldn’t see reason until he suffered defeat., But Ren had already prepared for this outcome. He would try his best to persuade Isolde, and after that . . . it was entirely up to her., Ren’s brow rose. “Are you an idiot?”, “Huh?”, “Do you know what Boss is waiting for you in Thunder Cave?”, Isolde raised her chin. “. . . No. But we have four damage dealers and two healers.”, “Do you have a tank?”, Isolde’s eyelid twitch. “No.”, “Then your healers and mages are the first to die. They’d be targeted left and right and couldn’t support anyone when they’re mostly fleeing and defending for their lives., Isolde’s mood plummeted, and she snapped, “Why are you telling me this exactly? What could you gain from telling me all this? This was the first time that we encountered each other. Except maybe that you don’t want us to clear the dungeon because of some . . . unknown reasons. Your opinion doesn’t matter here.”, Ren chuckled. “Suit yourself . . . but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”, Isolde tilted her head to the side. Was this his plan all along? Asking her to be friends because of her last name? Could he be like everyone else who only got close to her because of her family?, “Decline if you want,” said Ren, “But retrieve it later from your logs if you find out that I was telling the truth.”, And before Isolde could open her mouth, Ren turned and waved his hand goodbye., “If you see a large golden door with intricate carvings, don’t enter at all cost.”, “. . .”, Isolde watched Ren log out. His body dispersed in tiny white particles, and the last thing she saw was the smirk on his lips., “. . .”, How . . . infuriating., She then pressed and went to her Logs to delete his request from the Trash Bin., She was about to press delete when her finger stopped midway., There was something from the way he moved and talked that gave off confidence. Like he was so sure of what he was saying., Was he a Beta Tester then?, But why help her?, What could he possibly gain?, Except for her family, Isolde couldn’t think of another reason., She knew that she wasn’t beautiful like Dolly. People would often forget her face the moment they looked away. The only thing they remembered were her last name., Isolde wasn’t a naive idiot. She didn’t believe for a second that Ren was telling her all that out from the goodness of his heart., Everyone and everything was a competition., “. . .”, Isolde’s eyes rounded when she thought of something., Could it be . . ., Isolde’s cheeks puffed red, and the hard lines on her face cracked into a flustered expression., Could it be that . . . he likes me?, —-, A/N, Okay, before you berate me with Isolde’s personality, her character is truly like that. She’s hard but also had a soft spot. Read succeeding chapters to know more about her 👍

Chapter end

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