MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

As soon as Ren was out from Silvia’s sight, he removed Phantom Cloak, and his appearance was visible once more., He wasn’t an idiot to parade inside Euclid Village, knowing that Silvia was going to be there too., He also pressed the Pet section and had Pii stay inside his pet house in the Home Screen. “Sorry, Pii. I’ll have you accompany me later. For now, stay in your home.”, Pii~, When everything was done, Ren entered Euclid Village and decided to wait for Leonel. Since his ATP was high, it was useless for him to grind in the newbie forest anymore. And Ren wasn’t keen on accepting errand quests in the village that only provided him basic items., Ren also thought of going to the New Era bank tomorrow. If he was going to make money out of the information he gathered and the items he would make, he needed an untraceable account that had the top of the line security that no one could access, no matter who it was. And New Era Bank was number one in that department., But of course, it came at a high cost., Opening an account alone costs a million dollars with a maintaining balance of another million. It also had a monthly fee of one hundred thousand dollars for its services and protection., It was not the bank for the faint-hearted. But if you wanted legal and illegal dealings, then this bank is the number one choice to go., If Ren wanted his identity to remain hidden and protect his family and future, then he had to pay the price., An expensive price., Ren wasn’t worried, though, since he could still open an account even if he didn’t have the money –– yet. He would apply for an organ loan among the many loans they offered with a time frame of one year., He was confident that he could settle all the money by then., Yosh!, Psyching himself up, he went back to An’s house and knocked on her door. Since it was nighttime, most of the NPCs were inside their home., An gasped upon seeing Ren and the Moonlight Flower in his inventory. “Is that . . . the Moonlight Flowers?!”, Ren nodded and handed the Moonlight Flowers x10 to An., An beamed, cheeks red in happiness. “Thank you very much!”, She then cupped her cheeks and said in a sorrowful voice, “But I had nothing to offer you except a tale. Do you want to hear it?”, YES!, Ren wanted to shout a resounding ‘YES.’, An giggled at Ren’s excitement, and his eyes wrinkled in glee. “Well then . . . This is a story about the secret world, Fey Realm.”, Ren’s joy couldn’t be contained., An’s saw Ren’s ecstatic face, which prompted her to tell the tale in an enthusiastic voice, “Rumors have it that there is a secret portal leading to the elusive Realms of the Fairies. In the previous Fairy Queen’s Tomb, there lies a hidden room that contained the key to visiting the hidden Fey Realm., “Gather your party and visit the land of the Fairies, where you delved into magnificent scenery and forsaken ruins. Explore the enchanted forest and recover fabulous treasures and unearth secrets of ancient magic.”, An beamed and clasped her hands on her back. “I’ve never been there before, but I heard that rare flowers and never before seen beasts are abundant in the Realm of the Fairies.”, Ren was on his toes in sheer happiness., He did it!, He really did it!, He truly acquired one of the WORLD QUEST!, Though it was only a simple World Quest out of many, but even with this, he would surely be a millionaire!, Since he was the one who acquired the World Quest Fey Realm, only he could trigger the event. But of course, it was up to him who he would bring along in his group., For the right amount, of course., As long as it was a World Quest, he could bring anyone to party regardless of race and class., In the future, no matter how hard the players trigger the event with An, she would no longer give out the Hidden Quest Moonlight Flower since Ren already triggered it first., The World Quest Fey Realm is a whole new dimension. At first, it was like a dungeon but only ten times harder, and the final boss was a World Boss. And it would be available on the map once it was cleared, along with its many quests and areas to explore., And the rewards once it was cleared . . . Ren could only imagine., Being the first to clear this World Quest and defeat a World Boss guaranteed a Platinum Chest or even a Crystal Chest, and this would surely be sought after by guilds by then., Ren would wait for the in-game currency and the guilds to be established to announce the World Quest Fey Realms to all. They needed to grind and level their ATP to three digits anyway before attempting a World Boss., There was no cap on the number of persons he could bring in, so auctioning the ticket to be in his party would surely make him rich with everyone who wanted to come and try their luck at a World Quest., In the game COVENANT, once partied and entered a dungeon, you can disband your members, and they wouldn’t be forced out of the dungeon, as everyone believed., This wasn’t a bug., It was purposely designed that way because the World Quest could only be triggered once and by a single player., This allowed the other players or the other guilds to have a chance of clearing the World Quest. This was to maintain the World Quest’s scarcity and a sense of importance, promotes competitiveness within players and excitement., If World Quest could be triggered by everyone, then the level of its allure goes down., However, if it was designed to be triggered only once then . . . everyone would be hype and compete for first blood., Though the Fey Realm would be available once it was cleared the World Boss would be gone forever and it’s many loots. What’s left were ordinary bosses of the dungeons., But of course, the majority would only party with their guilds or groups of friends., But Ren had other ideas., He would bring only those who paid him the entrance fee. And once inside, it was a race on who could clear the World Quest first., Ren would give every guild/player a chance to acquire first blood in clearing the Fey Realm in exchange for an enormous sum of money., I think it’s a fair price. Ren thought with a laugh., After making sure that the World Quest Fey Realm was on his list of quests, Ren thanked An and proceeded to Emily to trade his Cooking Recipes., He didn’t have the ingredients or tools to make them, so it was better to convert them into food form., Rather, Ren wasn’t keen on making food from Recipes. He’d rather have Emily convert them to food than prepare all the ingredients and tools necessary for it., It was a hassle., And it was not like the food would give a permanent ATP boost. At most, it would just be like a potion when consumed., “Oh, are those!” Emily’s eyes shone. “Cooking Recipes! Gimme!”, Ren almost shook his head. Emily was like him wanting money., A few minutes later, Emily went out of her house and gave Ren the Chocolate Cake x1 and Chocolate Cookie x1., Ren inspected the food’s description as he walked back into the main village after giving his thanks to Emily., ‖ C H O C O L A T E C A K E ‖, –– a delicious sweet cake made from 100% cocoa, Four Horned Cow’s full cream milk, and native farm Coacoododle’s eggs., –– restore 100% MP when consumed., ‖ E N D ‖, ‖ C H O C O L A T E C O O K I E ‖, –– a deliciously sweet cookie made from 100% cocoa, Four Horned Cow’s full cream milk, and native farm Coacoododle’s eggs., –– heals all status effects., ‖ E N D ‖, Ren wasn’t familiar with recipes and food since there were hundreds of them, and it was a waste of time for him to memories all of them. So he was surprised to find that the Chocolate Cake and cookie were handy items to have. Especially the cookie where it could heal any status effect like that of an expensive Panacea, which would only be available in shops at a later time., Ren was nearing the main village square when a notification popped on his screen., —-, A/N, I hope everyone reads the MAY Stretched Goals and support this poor author to continue writing ^^, CHEERS!

Chapter end

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