MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Ren’s lips twitched at the side. “Surely the daughter of a billionaire could offer more than that. If not, then I’ll just let them kill you before I defeat them and take all their EXP and loot.”, “. . .”, Is he serious?!, H-How . . . How despicable! Silvia thought and added in her head. And ungentlemanly!, Silvia didn’t mind that the stranger knew who she was. Everyone knew who she was. It was a given as long as you live in the real world and the internet was a thing., Ren tilted his head to the side. “A Horned Rabbit Queen is rare and hard to find in this newbie forest. You might not get the same chance again even if you re-enter again and again., “While their aggro is still on me, I’m giving you a chance to last hit them and take all the EXP for yourself and all of this for just a cash in your pocket.”, Ren shrugged. “Your choice.”, Silvia’s smile dropped from her face. The man was clearly taunting her with the rewards and her family’s money. Never in her life was she pressed like this and by a man no less!, He’d surely steal her kill if she refused, and she was left with nothing but the death penalty., However, if she agreed, she had to offer money that was befitting of her identity., She knew that he was merely baiting her, but her pride refused to pay anything less than she deserved., Though it was merely death in the game, Silvia refused to pay cheap for her life. She knew her worth both in-game and out., Silvia composed herself and offered with a skewed smile on her lips., He wanted to challenge her wealth. Then . . . so be it., “Then how about one hundred thousand real money?” said Silvia with an overbearing tone, looking down at Ren through the gap of her nose., It was a huge amount of money, and she was sure that it was more than enough as payment., Ren merely smiled., Yes. That’s how he wanted Silvia to be. Prideful and arrogant. Else, how could he extort money from her and all the other overbearing young masters and mistresses in the future?, “Deal.” Ren faced the Horned Rabbit Queen. “Oh, and before I forget, the Horned Rabbit Queen’s meat is mine.”, “W-what?!” Silvia shouted, but then she closed her mouth when she realized that she was deviating from her cool exterior. “What would that leave me?”, “The other loots,” Ren said without a care., Silvia looked at Ren in incredulity. Never in her life was she treated like this., Was he even a man? No . . . was he even human?, *Author: No, Ren’s a Sprite. LELz 🤣, Silvia hesitated, and Ren teased, “It looks like the Horned Rabbit Queen is about to attack. I better get out of the way before I’m hit in the crossfire.”, Ren was about to move when Silvia screamed., “Fine. FINE! Just give me the EXP.”, Ren stifled a laugh at Silvia’s flushed face. Her expression was still hard, cheeks red, but her pair of ocean blue eyes were shaking, the only betrayal to her indifferent face., Ren immediately cast Fire before the Horned Rabbits could launch their attacks., –570 Critical Hit!, Horned Rabbit Queen suffered from BURN, –5% HP every minute , –40 (BURN), ScCreEcChH!, The Horned Rabbit Queen’s final cry reverberated in the forest before it dissolved into white particles and vanished in thin air., While the remaining last Horned Rabbit jumped and attacked Ren with its large bucked tooth., Ren didn’t even try to evade. His DEF was high, and no mere Horned Rabbit could cause a dent in his HP., –1, Silvia’s eyelid twitched. Even his DEF was high!, He’s undoubtedly a beta tester! Silvia thought with a nod., Ren ignored Silvia’s astonished face and waved his hand at the last remaining Rabbit. “My lady.”, Silvia didn’t know whether to feel insulted or not. She couldn’t see the stranger’s face, but she wanted to smack it left and right., Come to think of it, how did he manage to hide his appearance? Was it the Cloak? Was it a rare item?, “Anytime now.”, Silvia didn’t have the time to ponder as Ren’s bored tone rang in her ears., Swallowing her indignation, Silvia attacked the Rabbit with her rapier. Her Paralysis status was over a minute ago, and she directed all her anger and frustration at the poor Rabbit., –27, Ren was a little surprised. He thought that Silvia could end the Rabbit’s life in one stroke. But it seemed like her STR wasn’t as high as he thought. Her MP was also zero, so she couldn’t use any of her skills., Ren followed up with an attack of his staff since using his Fire would surely end the Rabbit’s Life., –10, Silvia’s eyes shone when the number appeared on top of the Horned Rabbit. She breathed easy, knowing that the stranger wasn’t invincible. At least his STR was low., Then was he a mage since his INT was high based on the Fire he cast? Silvia thought to herself. But he was walking with a beast that was unique to the Hunter and Animist Subclass., Was it a unique class then?, Silvia heard about those vague and rare classes that weren’t available in the selection at the beginning. But those rare classes listed in the guide that she bought from the Beta Testers didn’t interest her., Was it one of them?, Pii, Pii uncurled from Ren’s neck and attacked the Horned Rabbit with its tail., –2, Silvia giggled at the very low damage. At least his pet wasn’t powerful either. She thought, relieved., Ren wasn’t affected by Silvia’s mocking smile, and he rubbed little Pii’s chin. “Good job Pii.”, Pii! Pii!, Eventually, Silvia last hit the Horned Rabbit, and she acquired the loot and EXP. Her resentment and reservation at Ren vanished at the sight of the EXP reward., Since Silvia and Ren didn’t party, Silvia got all the rewards as the one who last killed their enemy. She got a whopping 2000 EXP. It was indeed more than enough to compensate for her lost ATP before. The swindled one hundred thousand dollars that she was going to pay was immediately erased from her mind, and she was even glad that she made a deal with the stranger., Silvia faced Ren when the latter extended his hand., A handshake? Silvia hesitated. In real life, she didn’t want a guy to casually touch her disguised as a handshake. Her feelings didn’t change even in the game., But the stranger had saved her life. Surely, she could oblige just this once?, Consider yourself lucky, you brute. Silvia thought., Hundreds had attempted to touch her hand, but only a few succeeded. The stranger should feel quite honored., Silvia was about to shake Ren’s hand when the latter retracted his arm and flexed his fingers instead like she had a rare disease that he didn’t want to even graze., “Hand it over,” said Ren with a monotone voice., Silvia looked over at Ren and asked with a flower sprouting over her head. “Huh?”, Ren flexed his fingers again. “The Horned Rabbit Queen’s meat.”, “. . .” At his demand, Silvia was reminded once more about their deal, and she grumbled under her breath., She was a little embarrassed for thinking about the handshake, and her face went red., This despicable man! How many times must he embarrass her?, “How am I going to send it to you?” Silvia knew how but she pretended not to know, hoping that she wouldn’t give the meat just to spite him., But after she finished her words, a notification popped on her screen., “. . .”, Darn it., Ren smirked inside the hazy darkness of his hood. “Well? Don’t tell me the illustrious and dignified daughter of Sylvester Rutherford is going to break a deal?”, Ren looked over at the sky while skimming his jaw with his fingers. “If the world knows about it––”, “Enough!” Silvia accepted the request and immediately sent the Horned Rabbit Queen’s meat over to Ren., “Thanks. Nice doing business with you.”, Ren turned and left the shocked Silvia in place. Just like that. Without any more words and goodbyes. He was going to leave just like that., “Wait! Your payment,” Silvia blurted. She was actually surprised that the stranger would just leave after he went all the trouble to extort her., Ren just waved his hand, not stopping for anyone. “I’ll contact you when I want the money.”, “Wha––” Silvia didn’t get to finish her sentence when Ren disappeared from her sight., . . ., . . ., Ren?, Silvia rolled the word on the tip of her tongue. She was momentarily in a daze, and when she got her bearing back, the stranger in the hood was gone., A whole minute passed that Silvia just looked at where the man had left before she thought to herself., Ren . . . huh . . ., Silvia’s stoic face blossomed into a smile despite her annoyance with him., It might have been a good thing that she encountered him. A beta tester that knew the game more than the others was exactly what she needed., Money wasn’t a problem., Silvia placed a hand on her tilted waist and flicked her sword to the side., “We’ll be doing business in the future with you, player Ren,” Silvia muttered as she looked at Ren’s name on her List of Friends., —-, A/N, I was going to update next week but decided to update now cause I have an ANNOUNCEMENT!, NEW NOVEL!, My Evil System, My entry to WSA 2022 ^^, Its also has game elements but have system and apocalyptic events and heavy emphasis on Kingdom Building., You know the drill ^^, Do check it out and support through VOTES, REVIEWS and COMMENTS ^^, UPDATE RATE of this NOVEL will not decrease which is one/day 😆 LELz, SUMMON a BONUS chapter on the same day with every 500PS, 50GT and a SUPER GIFT., CHEERS!

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