MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist – Chapter 19

Chapter 19

The orange dusk swept the sky, and within hours, it was total darkness., When Silvia came too, it was midnight, and the amount of EXP she got from grinding nonstop was exactly 300 EXP. It was because her ATP was reduced, and now she could farm up to 30 EXP from the stronger beast in the forest., Silvia returned immediately to Euclid Village and poured all 300 EXP into her AGI. With this, she didn’t have to worry about those little creatures’ passive skill anymore., Silvia stayed in the inn and paid 50 Gil, so her HP and MP bar was full once more. She also fixed her weapon in the weapon and armor shop and resupplied her Health Potions for her upcoming fight., By this time, her Gil was almost zero. This was the only time that Silvia found herself without money in all her life., It . . . it felt horrible!, After her preparations were done, she went into the Group of Horned Rabbits’ nest, and this time, they would pay dearly for killing her –– twice!, Returning to the Horde of Horned Rabbits’ den, Silvia was prepared to kill every last one Rabbit on sight., She was burning with rage and killing intent that the Rabbit’s fur even shook upon seeing her. They were enraged at Silvia for trespassing into their territory, and they attacked swiftly without warning., Silvia was prepared and pressed once more., She avoided their attacks like the one she did before. However, she wasn’t as lucky as the first time, and some of them managed to bite her., –Miss!, –10, –Miss!, –7, Since Silvia’s HP bar was still high, she didn’t bother to take Health Potions. She used her skill Stab to attack one of the rabbits., Silvia’s STR was high at this point, and the Rabbits’ DEF was low, so needless to say that her damaged output against them would be enormous., What’s more, her Stab skill had a 50% chance of landing a Critical Attack if she attacked her enemies’ weak spot. It was a piercing attack that dealt true damage too., –45 Critical Hit!, Silvia grinned with glee., She could actually win this if she could keep this up!, Her eyes glint dangerously while the evil smile on her face widened. It’s time to make them as nothing more than rabbit meat and foot., The rabbits attacked again, and Silvia avoided them once more while activating Stab again. Since it was a skill, the amount of MP it required was only -10; hence Silvia could activate her skill at least four times. Enough to reduce the number of rabbits to two and finish them off completely., There was no MP potion available yet, so Silvia couldn’t replenish her MP. She wasn’t worried, though. She was confident that she could kill the Hordes of Horned Rabbits and maybe acquired first blood from killing them?, Silvia felt the excitement racking her veins, and this caused her to miss a step and fail to avoid the remaining three rabbits’ attack., –16 Critical Hit!, –17 Critical Hit!, –9, Silvia immediately consumed her Health Potions, Consumed Health Potions x2, Number of Health Potions Left: 5, Silvia and the Horned Rabbits kept going at it until she managed to reduce their numbers to one. By this time, she only had two Health Potions left, and her weapon’s durability was reduced to half. In contrast, her MP was nothing but a glaring zero., Silvia wasn’t worried. She was smiling from ear to ear. She was sure of herself that she could kill the remaining rabbit with just her basic attacks., Only one Horned Rabbit left, and she could finally taste her sweet revenge and those high EXP points., This Horde of Horned Rabbits was in the bag. Silvia thought and smirked., Silvia was confused when a notification popped on her screen, and before she knew it, a giant Horned Rabbit jumped beside the remaining last one., “What the––!”, Before Silvia could react, a large shock wave went out from the Giant Rabbit’s mouth., It was too late to dodge, and Silvia was hit right on by the loud vibration. The shock wave rang her eardrums, and she got dizzy from the ringing in her ears. She was stunned, and her body couldn’t move in place., –57, SHIT!, Surprised was an understatement when Silvia’s HP bar went down fast right before her eyes. She didn’t know what had happened . . . but one thing was for sure . . ., She was going to die –– AGAIN!, The skill Screech of the Horned Rabbit successfully managed to activate despite the low percentage of success., What were the odds? Silvia thought., She wanted to curse out loud. The Horned Rabbit Queen that appeared out of nowhere was surely stronger than the rest of the puny rabbits., The title Queen gave away to how strong it was. Silvia didn’t have to use a Monocle to know. Just that single shock wave alone almost depleted her HP in a single strike., What’s more, she only had two remaining Health Potions, enough to full her HP once. But she didn’t have any potions to combat the paralyzing effect on her!, She was doomed!, Silvia contemplated whether to delay the inevitable and continue to struggle and try her luck if she could defeat that thing that appeared out of nowhere, hoping that the paralyzation would disappear soon before it could launch another attack., It must be their mother or something. Silvia mused to herself. She couldn’t even laugh at her predicament. If she died now, the EXP penalty was surely going to be enormous because of the appearance of another strong beast., She couldn’t afford another huge ATP loss!, Silvia’s advantage over the others would disappear, and it was like she was back from square one!, Maybe it was even better if she deleted her account and recreated a new one? A new avatar’s ATP might be higher than the one she had if she died again., Silvia bit her lips when the Horned Rabbit Queen moved together with the last remaining smaller Rabbit. She could only watch helplessly as her death was fast approaching in the form of two pairs of large saliva-coated buck teeth., WhoOsShH!, The sound of gushing winds and the smell of burned fur and flesh awoke Silvia from a bad dream. And when she opened her eyes, the broad back of a man dominated her view., Who?, Silvia was taller than most women, but the man in front of her was taller than her by inches, donned in robes and face hidden by a black cloak. He had a pet that was exclusive only to the Hunter and Animist class, but he could cast fire like a Mage., Silvia was confused. There was nothing like that from the information she had gathered. And definitely not something she read from the developers lacking guide on their website., Then it could only mean one thing., “Are you . . .” Silvia pried for the stranger’s eyes, but she still couldn’t see amidst his dark hood., “An NPC?”, Silvia’s eyes shone. Did she triggered an event or what?, —-, A/N, Support with reviews and PS if you like the story 👍, CHEERS!

Chapter end

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