Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 104: Legendary Magical Items

Chapter 104: Legendary Magical Items

That was indeed what Evan most urgently wanted to know. Other information, such as the identity of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, or the relationship between Professor Lupin and Sirius Black, the truth of Blacks escape, etc, he already knew all of that.

What he doesnt know right now is the Marauders Map making method. Well, not everything about that. After all, the production principle and the magic knowledge involved with making it are things he can find in books in the library.

But the most crucial thing was the method with which Professor Lupin, James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew got the magical power necessary to make it.

From what happened with Snape a short while ago, it was obvious that the Marauders Map was endowed with thoughts,

About the other two magical objects that have thoughts, one of them is the Sorting Hat made by the Four Founders of Hogwarts. Each of them had a lot of magical power. They also possessed a lot of profound magical knowledge that had been lost, so it was normal that they would be able to integrate their thoughts into the Sorting Hat.

As for Voldemorts Horcruxes, killing was the source of their power. Only the power of death is strong enough to make ones soul split.

The Marauders Map is not comparable to the Sorting Hat or the Horcruxes, but it also possessed its own thoughts.

Like what Evan had previously speculated, Professor Lupin and the other three must have obtained some source of magical power to create the map and complete their own Animagus transformation.

There are many ways to do this: taking a lot of magical potions to increase a persons magical power to an unimaginable level, or using the help of a powerful magic item.

For example, the Elder Wand in Dumbledores hands has this ability!

Professor? Evan whispered to Lupin.

Oh, they had found that place in the Forbidden Forest They needed to get their approval to go in In short, it is dangerous. It isnt something that you should not know at this age. Professor Lupin said ambiguously, What you should do is to follow the school rules and not expect me to cover up for you again.

Hearing his words, Evan was lost in thought.

There is obviously something hidden in the forest that I do not know about. It is probably a very powerful magical item.

Judging from Lupins expression and reading between the lines, that place or thing should be very dangerous.

What could it be?

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At the beginning, Evan thought that it was Dumbledores Elder Wand. It does not seem to be the case anymore. Lupin and his friends should have made the Marauders Map behind Dumbledores back.

In addition to the Deathly Hallows, there are many other powerful magical items.

For example, the legendary Philosophers Stone, the Sword of Gryffindor, the Gordian Knot, the Stonehenge Evan also remembered that he had seen a Book of Magic dedicated to this topic, which recorded a lot of similar legendary magical items.

Each of them is very powerful, with strong magical power and once existed in real life, leaving a wonderful epic legend behind in the history of magic.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are lost in the long river of history.

The remaining few pieces, such as the Stonehenge, were also collected and studied by the Department of Mysteries and were top secret in the Ministry of Magic.

Of course, those legendary objects that have been lost did not really disappear, because magical objects of this caliber are almost impossible to damage.

They are likely to be hidden somewhere or inherited as family heirlooms in certain pure blood wizard families, but no one knows their locations.

It is like the three of Deathly Hallows. They are gifts given by Death to the three brothers. It is said that the man who possesses all the Deathly Hallows becomes master of death itself.

The three Deathly Hallows are legendary magical items. They are also believed to have been lost in the book that Evan read.

But in reality, the Elder Wand was in Dumbledores hands and the cloak was in Harrys.

The Resurrection Stone was made into a Horcrux by Voldemort.

Judging from the current situation, there is a good chance that the Forbidden Forest hides a legendary magical item. Like the Elder Wand, it can provide a lot of magical power for a wizard.

It seems that they needed to go to the forest to check it out.

In addition to that, Professor Lupin just mentioned that they had to get their approval to go in. Their? What does that refer to?!

What strange creatures are living in the forest?

In addition to knowing that there are Centaurs, Acromantulas, unicorns and hippogriffs, there are other magical animals that Evan knew nothing about.

And this phrase reminds him of the four founders and the secret treasure keys that they have left.

Evan remembered the last sentence of the golden writing behind Godric Gryffindors statue: The key to unlocking the treasure is the courage buried deep in your heart. You need to get recognition of his proud followers!

The followers, and the ones Professor Lupin has just mentioned, could they be the same group of people? The common thing between them is the need to get their recognition.

If they were the same people, wouldnt the legendary magical item in the forest be the key to Gryffindors treasure?

All seems to fit together. This explains why such a powerful magical item is hidden in the schools forbidden forest, without Dumbledore doing anything about it.

You guys must abide by the school rules and shouldnt sneak out of school. The current situation is particularly grim. I cant allow you to underestimate the Dementors or get other misunderstandings. Although Evans corporeal Patronus can resist them, the most horrible thing about these monsters is the

Dementors kiss?! Hermione whispered.

Yes, Hermione! Lupins face showed a little smile. Thats the most horrible and powerful weapon of the Dementors. They only use it at the end and the worst. They will put back their hoods before those that they want to destroy

What is under the hood, Professor?

No one knows. I think there will always be something like a mouth under the hood because they clamp their jaw around the victims mouth and consume his or her soul.

Harry suddenly thought of the terrifying image he saw on the Quidditch pitch through the Dementors hood before he fainted.

If it is really done, it will be worse than death. Lupin said, You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But youll have no sense of self anymore, no memory, noanything. Theres no chance at all of recovery. Youll just exist as an empty shell. And your soul is gone forever lost.

No one spoke. Everyone was trying to portray the fearful picture in his mind and thinking about having his soul consumed through his mouth.

You guys must be careful not to think that youve driven away the Dementors and take them lightly, Lupin continued. What happened last time on the Quidditch pitch made them very unhappy. I just saw from The Daily Prophet that the Ministry of Magic had promised the Dementors that they would get to do it after they catch Black.

Thats what he deserves, Harry said suddenly.

Do you think so? Lupin asked softly. Do you really think anyone deserves this?

Yes! said Harry. I heard everyone say he was the most evil black wizard under Voldemorts hand. He killed a lot of people!

Among all those who were finally confirmed to be Death Eaters, Sirius Black was the last one I ever expected! said Lupin. I used to think I knew him well. He was very dangerous, more than what youd ever think.

Professor Lupin stopped and seemed to suddenly realize something.

Wait a minute, Harry, you didnt plan to use the map to find Sirius Black?! he said in a serious tone.

Harrys expression was full of surprise when he heard Lupin.

So strange, why does everyone think he would take the initiative to find Sirius Black?

First, it was Mr. Weasley, then Malfoy, and then Snape. Now even Professor Lupin thinks so.

Are all four of them mental?

Why would he go behind someone who wants to kill him? Is there anything he does not know about it? This is really too suspicious.

Chapter end

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