Dragonborn Saga – Chapter 7 Learning Magic

Chapter 7 Learning Magic

That was too much for my brain to process.

Even Nurina and my friends saw my expressions changing between questioning to frowning to amazement all day and they gave me space.

This is was really an incredible theory if it was right.

Fear took me for a moment but what would I do with fear? I need strength to overcome the hurdles, gain more information and make a stable foothold in this world.

I go back to my bed and open my chest where the books, tomes and notes of mine are organized, I took my quill and inkwell as well as a red journal, this journal contains secrets that can make the Empire, Skyrim and the Thalmor turn upside down.

For starters lets read what we know.

[4E-186 2nd of Midyear (June).

I start this journal as a reminder to collect every essential piece of information I can collect.

First, this world called Nirn has two major continents that have all the action, Tamriel in the west and Akavir in the east. Some parts of Tamriel resemble Earths Europe and Africa and other parts are just as alien as it can get. Akavir from what I could remember it resembles Asia and its the home of some Beast-folk that are hostile to both Humans and Elves.

Tamriel, where I live has nine nations. Skyrim up in the north, home of Nords. Morrowind in the north east, the home of Dunmer (Dark Elves). High Rock in the North West home to Bretons. Hammerfell in the east home of Redguards. The Empire of Cyrodiil home to Imperials in the middle, south and east of Tamriel, Black March home to Argonian (Lizard-folk) in the south-east. Valenwood home to Bosmer (Wood Elves) and Elsweyr home to Khajiit (Cat-folk) are two neighbor countries in south. And in the south-west lies Summerset Isle the home of the Altmer (High Elves) and the stronghold of the Aldmeri Dominion. Last is the Orcs known as the (Orsimer), they are of Elven Blood but sometimes rumored to be Beast-folk, no one really likes them for any particular reason what so ever, their home is the City of Orsinium located in High Rock and they have many villages around the world.

Skyrim, where I live, is a kingdom with 9 holds(province), each hold has a major city and few villages, The Rift in the south-east has Riften City, Falkreath Hold in the south has Falkreath City, The Reach in the west has Markarth City, Haafingar Hold in the north-west has Solitude City the Capital of Skyrim and where The High King lives, Winterhold, The Pale and Hjaalmarch Hold are three holds that are located in the North, their cities are Winterhold, Dawnstar and Morthal in order. In the east lies Eastmarch Hold and its city is Windhelm and lastly Whiterun Hold in the middle of Skyrim with Whiterun City.

And now to the important information. As Nurina doesnt allow us away from the orphanage too far, I could gather important information.

First, forget about how Riften looked in game, it was just a small city with a few houses that anyone can count. But this, this is way too different, the city in the game is only the core area in this world. Riften has many inns and lots of houses, Mistveil keep is so damn larger than the game and everything else is just that way.

Even the orphanage which was a single story building in-game is front of me a double story building with lots of rooms and wings, each wing has a supervisor and there are 5 wings, I live the headmistresss wing.

When I first went out to the market square I saw lots of people that I never recognized and the square has much more stalls than the game.

This is a real world for sure.

I went out once with Nurina and saw the lower part of Riften it was scary and had many Ruffians and lowlifes, too bad the master alchemist open his store in such a place which we headed too. Newcomers may wonder why a city has a lower part, it was because half of the city was built on a Lake Henrich, this city was a Two-Story City.


4E-186, 20th of Suns Height (July)

The weather in Skyrim changes from cold to freezing to cold to warm, I am a Nord so I dont complain, but the four seasons are reflected in the world awesomely, when its autumn no tree has leaves, and rain becomes so annoying, when its winter you a*s will catch frostbite if you stay an hour away from a heat source, when its spring you can call that a cold spring but its not that bad, and finally everyones favorite is summer, everyone and their mothers just go swim in a lake and relax.

This morning the whole orphanage accompanied with some guards and the Jarls people to Lake Henrich and we played the whole day celebrating the day of Suns Rest, I even saw the Black-Briar trio with their mother Maven.

She always glares like someone I know. Dear me! This is Maven Black-Briar the strongest woman in Skyrim and also the richest if I am not mistaken, she owns the Black-Briar Meadery and she is in cahoots with every evil faction in Skyrim from The Thieves Guild to The Dark Brotherhood of assassins and also the goddamned Thalmor.

During the day I saw Sibbi Black-Briar Mavens oldest son glaring at me. Whats with him? Is there any discrimination towards redheads in this world too? I knew it, I thought would happen someday, I mean I am the most handsome kid in the orphanage, or maybe Riften a whole.]

I close the journal and put it back, thank goodness it was written in an alien language. If anyone saw this I will die of shame, even though it recorded many memories that make me cant help but smile.

Basically, all of my notes are all like this, I mean who can read them other than me? Yet for some reason Nurina saw them once and looked at them full of interest, I managed to trick her that this language is a secret code of mine that I made to prevent others from reading it, kids in my age do that sort of weird stuff, right?

Actually, kids my age cant read at all, let alone studying tomes the way I do.

Spell Tomes or what referred to between mages as tomes are books that hold the techniques of manipulating Magic, currently I am learning the spells that Nurina gave me.

Magic is all about Manipulation and Result

Manipulation is how to use magic. The way humanoids use magic is different than dragons for example.

The result is related to the Effect and the Target.

The Effects are Absorb, Damage, Drain, Detect, Dispel, Cure, Weaken, Control, Alter, Reflect, Resist, Conjure, Command, Fortify, Restore and Bend.

These words are what the spells relay on, and they also something like the key word in every spell in the game.

The Target is more complicated but its divided into Attribute, Energy, Skill or a special target like an undead or a dragon in the case of the specialized spells.

[A/N: Attribute is the max number of a certain state, for example; {HP: 88/100} 100 is the attribute.

Energy refers to Health, Stamina and Mana.

Skill refers to one of the 18 skills in Skyrim that has its own levels.

Learning a spell in real life is so much time consuming and different from the game, in the game you buy the book and press learn the with a *puff* you learn the spell and the book disappears.

In real life, it takes more time and books dont disappear, but mages are really selfish so they dont share their tomes with anyone, it also means that to get high level spells one need to do more than just paying money. Unlike the game, these books are very priceless, and due to that some spells and arts disappeared in time.

Magic is divided into 6 major schools and they are; Conjuring, Illusion, Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, and Mysticism.

[A/N: an explanation of the schools:-

Alteration: Bound by the laws of nature, it changes the world around the caster so normal physical truths no longer hold.

T/his chapter is updatd by nv((l)biin.co/m

Effect: Control and Alter Physical Conditions and Constitutions.

Mysticism: Is involving the manipulation of magical forces and boundaries to bypass the limitations of the physical world.

Effects: Absorb-Detect-Dispel-Reflect-Block-Resist Magicka - Spatial mark and recall (Teleportation)

Destruction: It is concerned with dealing damage to all forms of matter, both living and non-living, and with making matter more vulnerable to such damage.

Effect: Absorb-Drain-Damage Energy / Drain Attribute-Skill / Weakness Element-Energy-Physical

Restoration: Spells that heal, restore, and fortify the bodys attributes and abilities, cure disease, and protect from or damage other malign (negative energy) influences.

Effect: Absorb-Restore Attribute-Energy-Skill / Fortify Attribute-Skill / Resist-Cure Disease-Poison / Damage Undead

Illusion: Not bound by the laws of nature it changes the world around the caster so normal physical truths no longer hold.

Effect: Bend Wills-Visibility-Sounds

Conjuration: The art of summoning creatures or items from another plane.

Effect: Summon and Banish / Command Daedra and Undead / Soul Command]

Spells are divided from Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert to Master.

With the mod Balanced Magic increasing the power of the spells with the players level was possible and it seems possible in the real world too.

As long as reality is this kind it only the matter between me, my mental capacity and how much time I have to learn the spells.

Chapter end

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