Dragonborn Saga – Chapter 6 The REASON?

Chapter 6 The REASON?

I really waited for six hours to pass so the headset would force me out, but it wasnt just six hours.

It was six years.

Six years after arriving in this world, many things are different from the Game I used to know. More people, more space.

The world is bigger, much much bigger than what it was in the game. I am to the tip of my nose in foreign waters.

I may know some locations in Skyrim, some events that will happen in the future, I know many secrets and treasures whereabouts.

But the people around me are not some NPCs, they are real people. Humans, Elves and Beast-folk really co-exist in this world.

I questioned the reality of this world so many times but I cant seem to be in a dream or hallucination, it led me to even question the world I was in before but that wont make anything understandable too.

This world is not some fabrication or a dream. What kind of a dream can be so vivid and warm? What kind of world can give this amount of data unless it is a real world?

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I see it everywhere, in people as they are not fixed to certain moves and routine like it is in the game.

I see it in nature as there are so many things I havent seen in the game.

I see it anywhere and everywhere, many people thought of me as a troubled or dark child because of my out of age behavior, so I started to get along with the other kids in the orphanage.

Honorhall Orphanage known nationwide in Skyrim as the largest orphanage, it was considered the only orphanage in the game but there seems to be one in the city of Markarth and another in the capital, Solitude.

I am glad I was in Riften though, I got to meet with Nurina.

Even though I miss my family in my past life I feel that Nurina is a family to me.

She clearly favors me over the other kids, I know that, they know that but she always says that she raised me since I was less than a year old so she treats me as a relative, I owe her more than what I can possibly pay back in a lifetime.

She was one of the people that never appeared in the game, I am not sure if mods are taking effect in this world or not, but me being here was due to the mod called Origins of the Lost.

I requested to learn how to read and write from her at the age of 4, she never would have thought I already know how to do though. Actually this is just English so I am not in strange waters, even though its not my first language.

About my first language, I kept writing notes with it and mummer it to myself, just to not forget who I am or what I once was, I wrote these notes in secret and they were about all what I could remember about the mods, lore, secrets and events that will happen in the future, I had to keep the knowledge that I am sure it will be of good use in the future.

Grelod once found some of my notes in my native language and accused me of doing Daedric rituals.

[A/N: Daedric refers to Daedra which are a group of gods that are evil and do mess with the world with more freedom than actual gods]

This f*cking old crone doesnt leave me at peace. She hates Nurina and me, and also considers both of us her archenemies. Of course she does and why not? The only one who can stop her from beating the kids is Nurina and I always lash out at her, Nurina always tells me to respect thy elders but I am sure she excluded Grelod from the start.

In the game Grelod always mistreats the children and abuses them, in that game Nurina doesnt exist, I dont want to believe anything bad will happen, but I wont let anything happen to Nurina even if it costs me my life, I swear on it.

Aside from Nurina and my gang, there another person who visits me from time to time, he is Delvin, and not just any Delvin, it is Delvin Malory.

THE Delvin Malory from the Thieves Guild, this man is a master at the sneaking skill, just what is his relationship with me?

Hes a Breton so he cant be my relative thank god, I love to be a Nord in this country of Nords, because of a very disturbing reason. Nords are racist and there are only two racist races in This world that I know of and they are Nords and Altmer (The High Elves), which means no more bullying.

Now introducing my gang, they are Yosolda, Svidi and Wulfur.

Yosolda as everyone who played the game knows, is the chick that roams the market in the city of Whiterun, she lost her parents and came to Riften and she has a strong desire for making money and being a merchant, Svidi and Wulfur were a sister and brother, Svidi is a quiet girl but was good singer, and Wulfur is an honest and kind guy.

We usually play whenever its possible and they treat me good so we are on good terms.

Spending the days in this peaceful manner is not good for me, Yosolda is already learning how to count money and how to speak to people, Svidi practice most of the time to become a bard and go to the bards college while Wulfur accompanies me to read and learn from Nurina, he also helps Yosolda in her weird ideas of buying and selling worthless stuff.

These guys are already six years old and they are so dependable and hard workers, if I was like that in my past life then I would have become something much more than just a lawyer.

Its decided, then I will do not just my best but my bestest, this world can kill anyone easily so best is to prepare and meet the world ready go.

My first choice in a fantasy world with sword and magic is to learn the damn magic and the skills of the game, but there is a big problem I faced long ago. I cant access the skill menu or the magic menu.

Of course this is reality there is no such thing as system or a handout but I never asked, right?

I go to Nurinas room and knock on her door, she answers and says "come in."

I go inside right away. One of Nurinas habits is that when she sees me she always smiles, she heals everything with that smile, even though her smile would give me a trauma when I first came to this world but lets forget about that.

I sit on a wooden chair opposite to her, she puts away a book she was reading and looks at me silently.

"Nurina, I want to learn magic." I just got right into business, Nurinas brows rose up, then she closed her eyes and smiled, "finally." she said while widening her smile, and then she opened her eyes and leaned her body on her arms while resting her forearms on her knees like some sort of gangster.

"Brat, you always read about magic but you never asked about spell tomes, what took you so long?" she said while being amused with the situation, so she was waiting for it huh?

"My friends are working hard for what they want to achieve, I dont want to lag behind." I replied nonchalantly.

"You dont have any dreams or goals?" Nurina asked again. Dammit its that question, the same one I failed to answer in my past life so many times.

I have to answer carefully this time, "I dont want to be a bard or merchant, I wanted to be an alchemist but you said materials need a lot of money, I wanted to be a smith but I feel learning magic now is more important than anything else." I gave my best answer.

Nurina nodded while raising her brows again, "Anything else?" she asks.

Damn, I put all the good answers in one go, lets play a six year old for now, "I- I also want to protect Nurina.", not a bad answer even if I say so myself.

"Cut the crap." Nurina answer was as accurate as ever, I feel so sad for myself, why cant my innocent child act work on her.

"Fine, I will teach you magic, but only Restoration magic." Nurina declares as she takes out two yellow books with a drawing of a light spirit on top of it.

"These are Healing a self-healing magic and Healing Hands a magic that heals other people." I receive the books with high spirits.

"Cant I learn some Alteration magic?" I asked with a poker face.

"And what do you want it for?" Nurina asked with puzzlement.

"To mess with Grelod of course." I answered with a sly smile.

Nurina smiled back slyly too, mainly she was the one who I learned fox-mode from so we always had this kind of conversations. She went back to her desk and took out two brown colored books with a tree drawn on them.

I could read Alarm and Stoneskin on them.

WAIT a second here!!

These are mod spells. The two of them are from mods, Alarm is from Apocalypse mod, it is a magic that alerts you when an enemy crosses the a certain perimeter, and Stoneskin is a magic that adds a layer of protection for a certain time but its altered by a mod called Balanced Magic from its vanilla version which is called Stoneflesh that changes the character appearance in that of a stoneman, Stoneskin only adds a transparent layer of protection.

This is serious!

This means mods most certainly are affecting this world, this maybe not bad, but that is strange.

Thinking about it there are only four conclusions I came up with.

The first is this world already existed but when I came to this world mods made changes.

The second is the world was formed after my death in the VR headset.

The third is that this world is an illusion.

The fourth is this world already existed but some conditions were met with my mod list that made my reincarnation in this world possible.

The first is scary, the second is absurd, the third is not good at all, but the forth is the most possible conclusion I can come up with.

So to summarize what happened to me; it is that I overloaded my mod list with realism mods that was not over the quota of the mod amount, but the amount of information itself had caused my brain to get overloaded and fall apart which resulted to my death, this information possibly made some kind of effect on me, or rather on something not visible like my essence, due to that effect some conditions must have been met like for example; the data in the game matched the information in the world and something like {my soul took over or replaced Jons soul} like when you move a file in a folder and the folder has a file with the same name already there, so the new file has to replace the existing file.

This is too absurd, this cant be real. I am saying that the indecent in the VR headset had changed the information of me renaming me to Jon and for some reason the information vessel (lets call it soul) moved from Earth to Nirn and replaced the person that I have matching information with, what explains that even more is that Jon was already born but I dont have any memories of that time he lived in this body.


Only one mystery remains. What is the reason that led my soul from Earth to Nirn?

Chapter end

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