Dragonborn Saga – Chapter 5 Why is it Leaking?

Chapter 5 Why is it Leaking?

The night in Riften carries many dangers, as ruffians and degenerates roamed the alleys. On the surface, it was a quiet and calm city... but thieves lurked in the darkness, meanwhile the guards snooze in their posts. Near to Mistveil Keep, the castle where the Jarl lives, there was a two-story wooden building, commonly known as Honorhall Orphanage.

A figure emerged out of the darkness, barely seen due to the lantern on the front door. Delvin was about to knock on the door, but then he stopped, hesitating for a second. This was an orphanage after all, so it was not that common for him to come near this place. And also there is another problem.

To register a child in the orphanage, one needs to meet with the Headmistress. The headmistress was someone very familiar with Delvin, and she also was a Dunmer (Dark Elf) called Nurina.

Nurina was a very beautiful woman with grey skin and crimson eyes. Dunmers are not a strange sight to see in Riften, after all, their home Morrowind was on the eastern borders of Riften.

The Red Mountain erupted in the fifth year of the Fourth Era (4E-5), leaving many Dunmers with little choice but to find refuge in Skyrim, or other parts of Tamriel.

[A/N: 4E stands for 4th Era, 5 is year 5]

Delvin knocked on the door, expecting to see the beautiful dark elf greeting him.

Footsteps could be heard from the other side and the wooden door opened slowly.

Delvin, who gave his back to the door turned around with a friendly face, only to have his expressions turn sour.

...Right, I forgot about this old hag.

The one who opened the door was Nurinas assistant, Grelod, an unfriendly woman who glares at everything and everyone; even the stones on the roads side has their share of her glares. Her nickname, Grelod the Kind, is quite ironic, since she treats the children with severe discipline, and punishments if they disobey her orders.

"Who in Oblivion is dropping off another brat at this hour? I M-Malory?" although surprised by the unusual visit, Grelod was looking at the figure in front of her with scorn and more hostility than her usual glares.

"Where is the headmistress?" Delvin asked with discomfort. He rather not let her lay a finger on the infant he was carrying.

"What is your business with the headmistress?" Grelod insisted to ask. It was a surprise that Grelod had not attempted to call the guards, unlike any other sane person would do if they encountered a professional thief. Perhaps, she thought her nasty attitude and that glare of hers would suffice in dealing with thugs like Delvin.

Unfortunately for her, Delvin is one of the Guild Masters for a reason. Even though he is a thief, he had the aura of a killer. His eyes turned cold, and he moved his left hand to his back. A second later Grelod could hear a dagger being unsheathed.

"I dont have time to deal with a hagraven right now. Stand aside, and let me speak with the Headmistress. Or else, I might have to start an extermination." intimidation is one of the most powerful instruments that thief can have on his or her arsenal. With a rough, fearless tone and enough willpower, even merchants would yield to it.

She hurriedly took a step back, sucking her teeth in utter defeat; of course, she could have called the guards, and then Delvin had to make a run for it, but it would ruin her reputation. Although his intimidation wasnt completely effective, it had done its job. She would rather let him do whatever he pleased, as long it doesnt affect her or the children, strangely enough, then to be a laughing stock for the rest of her days. She nodded, and closed the door.

A minute later the door was opened again, this time, another woman appeared. She was so beautiful that she could steal the moonlight with her radiance. She had pointy long ears and dark violet lips. Her nose was thin and very fitting for her face. Her body was slim, and the size of her breasts and the curves of her waist were impressive. What stood out the most, however, was her crimson beautiful eyes and her arched brows.

Delvin barely held himself from changing his expressions... she was a woman that could ruin a nation.

"No wonder Grelod is a feisty old bitch. Many children would rather have this fine beauty take care of them, rather than a hag." he mentally noted.

The woman looked at Delvin with a friendly smile.

"What brings you in this hour, Mister Malory?"

"A favor... I came for a favor. Not for the guild, but for me."

"Fufu, I knew you would come to ask for another favor one day, Delvin." her prowess, her fine beauty, and her gentle confidence were indeed dangerous. Although she was just teasing, her seduction can even make a Guild Master sweat.

The woman stepped outside the entrance and closed the door behind her.

"...What is it?" she asked.

Delvin looked to space beside the orphanage and nodded, a second later a girl walked out, and she was carrying a baby that was sleeping peacefully.

Due to the thieves nature of sneaking and walking in the shadow, the kid was never awoken. As the girl was walking nearer and nearer towards Delvin and Nurina, she stopped and removed her hood with her left hand, while keeping the boy with her right.

"Headmistress." she greeted.

"So it was you, Tonilia".

The girl had brown skin and black hair with grey eyes; these were some features that pointed to Redguards, natives of Hammerfell.

From the atmosphere between the dunmer and the Redguard females, it seemed that there was a history between them.

Tonilia stepped forward and handed the baby in her arms to Delvin, and from him, he offered the child to Nurina. She looked between the kid and Delvin, then she takes the kid in her arms.

"Too beautiful to be yours."

These were the first words to come out of her mouth, and Delvins face immediately stiffed. Tonilia was barely holding her laughter, resulting in a pfft sound.

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"He is the child of someone I owe my life to, and I cant entrust him to just anyone." Delvin says in firmness.

"So he is not just another child you will charm with words of wisdom and drag him to the Ratway to be your lackey? " Nurinas words seem to have hit the nail on its head.

Delvin quieted down and was having conflicted feelings about how to reply to such accurate words.

He decided to only shake his head denying her accusation.

"His mother is someone that resembles you so much... she was alive the last time I saw her, but she was being chased."

Nurina looked to the child and her face turned serious.

"In what way does she resemble me?"

"I cannot share much detail on that... but both you are monsters, Im sure youd get along quite nicely."

"Then, this little one have to grow healthy, and be a strong man." Nurina raised her brows and looked at the child and with a smile.

The child with red hair reacted by yawning in his sleep and leaning his head on her bosom. She couldnt help but smile vividly.

"What is the boys name and does he have any belongings?"

"I would appreciate it if you register him in an earlier date than today." Delvin recommended.

"Why?" Nurina tilted her head, not understanding why would Delvin request that.

"We dont want any unwanted attention around him, especially from the cities latest visitors." Delvin explained.

"Thalmor?" Nurina opened her eyes wide in a shock, she unconsciously hugged the child tightly.

"H-Hes less than a year old! They wouldnt inflict harm towards an innocent child... would they?"

"These bastards dont care for such things. If they ever find out his heritage, they will most likely put his soul on a Black Soul Gem, just for sport." Delvin spoke with hatred.

Then he continued "Ill keep my eye on the kid from the shadows, his only belonging is a journal left by his mother... I will be safe keeping it until he is old enough."

Nurina nodded silently.

"And watch out for him from that hagraven Grelod." Delvin warned her. The last thing hell ever want for the boy is to have a miserable childhood.

[A/N: Hagravens are a horrific cross between an old crone and a bird, they fire AoE magic and can be found in the Reach west of Skyrim]

"Go away already, before any guards come by and get suspicious. I know what to do." Nurina began to be cautious, and shoo away Delvin from the orphanage.

Delvin gave a wry smile before heading into the darkness.

"Kids name is Jon."

He whispered, then disappeared into the night.

Nurina turned around and closed the orphanages door with the child.


[A/N: 1st person POV once again, MC is back]

Was that light just now?

I am out of the damn headset!!!!

Finally, phew, I already have VR phobia, I really thought I will never make it.

Damn, the light is too bright! Did Fatty and Four-eyes drag me out of my bed? Dont tell me I will wake up in a hospital after two years of blank memories!

No! No! Definitely not! Calm down me, yes keep calm.

Now lets see where this light is coming from.

Oh!? What is that? This hospital has a weird taste of decoration? I mean, a wooden ceiling is too weird in this part of the world, right?

Maybe its some weird place where they treat people for less money... I knew it! These guys really did it this time! Man, wait until I, your daddy, comes home and teach you a lesson!

Now, to the matter at hand, where is this annoying light coming from?

I look around to my left and open my eyes widely... is that?!!! A fireplace? In Egypt, these things dont even exist.

"Waah! Waah!"

Wait, what the hell? I am pretty sure I was saying "Is anyone here?"

Wait a second... this furniture looks so damn familiar.

I-I cant believe it... Im in game?!!

Didnt I get out? But look at the place, I downloaded too many realism and immersion mods till I mistook it with reality?


This is the best thing Ive ever seen, WOWSERS!

Can I take a screenshot? Doesnt seem I can... Not important! Anyway, why am I not moving?

As I am trying to get up, I discover something strange!

Oh, so thats how it is. I am a baby... A BABY???!!!

Babies? In Skyrim? This Origin of the something mod is getting better and better... Skyrim modding at its best ladies and gentlemen.

So, I guess I am a lost child and I grow up in someplace. Then the main story starts when I get older........

PERFECT!!! This is exactly how I imagined it to be.

Anyway will I wait for anyone now or should I save the game?

Lets just... OH MY GOD! A GIANT!


Nope, thats not what I wanted to say! I only said "OMG! A giant!". Stop embarrassing me!

"So you finally woke up!" a womanly voice sounded from that giant... Oi, why do I feel so uncomfortable? Am I being carried up? Wait... this is no giant.... If it was a Giant, then it wouldnt be this attractive...

By the gods, its a beaut- beauti- beautiful Dunmer??!!!



(E/N: It was confusing to have them side by side.)

Stop it! Seriously! Why am I making these damn noises?

"Ehehe... you look so lively!"

The Dunmers voice-acting is so top-notch, who did such a fine job? And who could make such a fine looking NPC? Not even Ethereal Elven mod can make the elves that good? Was it Elianoras doing? Gotta be hers.

Have to take a screenshot dammit


Lets ignore that voice... I cant find a way to screenshot at all, not even the mental control can do it?

Then lets save the game... by the way, where is the HUD?

Escape, not working? Save, not that either? Okay, lets....

Wait a minute! waitaminutewaitaminutewaitaminutewaitaminute... what is that feeling... Ah crap! I need to go to the bathroom. But why is it that Im about to cry?!!

Ehem, is there a toilet around here?

"Ewaa waaah waah?"

Not good, its leaking, why is it leaking?

This is Skyrim, right?

There are no toilets in this game, right?

There are no babies in this game, right?

This is not reality, right? ....Right?

No, dont take my clothes off. Please! D-Dont look at it, if you do, it will destroy my dignity!



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Chapter end

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