Dragonborn Saga – Chapter 4 A Warrior, A Knight and A Thief

Chapter 4 A Warrior, A Knight and A Thief

The sound of galloping drifted between the trees, breaking the silence of night. Two moons lit the sky as the howls of wolves echoed. Normally, no one would ride in such a way, yet the riders seem to be left with little choice.

They seemed to be in a hurry, but all of a sudden, they came to a halt. One of the riders, clad in armor and was armed with an unusual blade. He jumped from his horse, and began his search for something.

Finally, he fixed his gaze on some stone formation that were put together in an unusual shape... its clearly someones doing. He moved the rubble to find a stone with some carving on its base.

"Lady Hilda, we found a mark, just a little bit to the east.

" the man shares his discovery to the other rider, a woman with a large hood. She moves her gaze to the man and nodded.

"Then lets hurry, Brother Fultheim. We dont have much time before sunrise.

" she spoke with a voice which is young, yet dignified and noble.

The man called Fultheim nodded his head and jumped back on his horse; he wore a grim expression, yet he never showed it to the lady.

After a little while, they arrived to a big lake. Searching the area, they found another stone formation. Fultheim rode to it, then turned towards Lady Hilda. He nodded to her to confirm that this is the place they were after.

Hilda rode nearer to the stone formation, and took out something from her saddles bag... it was a money purse made of a golden fabric, then she threw it in the middle of the stone formation.

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Just before it hits the ground, something happened, and it started to float in midair... then it disappeared. Fultheim, who was already in high alert, griped the hilt of his sword in preparation. Suddenly, a hoarse voice came from behind, and Fultheim turned hurriedly and unsheathed his sword. But then Hilda rose her hand to signal Fultheim to stop, barley moving her blue eyes.

She had anticipated this meeting, thus she was not in full alert.

"Who calls for the guild?

" a man in a black leather outfit and a hood comes from the shadow holding no weapon. His presence however, is that of a shadow, mysterious but yet cable of anything.

Hilda took off her hood revealing her appearance. Under the light of the moons, her beauty had capitated the atmosphere... her crimson hair fluttered with the wind, her eyes were deep and blue as the ocean, and the freckles dotted across her face. Her height was quite admirable, giving off the feeling of nobility and honor.

"It has been a while, Delvin.

" her voice had a Nordic accent. The man in shadow, now revealed as Delvin, widen his eyes in amazement at her refine beauty... he sighed, then he looks to the stone formation.

"Tonilia, go back first.

" Delvin issued his command to his subordinate, a few moments later, steps can be heard heading away.

Fultheim immediately turned towards Hilda in a questioning gaze, not understanding why would they converse with the scum from Thieves Guild in the first place.

"Thieves? Lady Hilda, what is going on?


Hilda ignored Fultheims question and looked at Delvin. Delvin stared back, looking into the depths of her eyes... if he had to describe them, he would say that it is impossible to not drown yourself in them.

And thus, he was the first to avert eye contact. After a deep sigh, he looked at her again.

"I heard the news that Hammerfell is signing a treaty with the Aldmeri Dominion a year ago... I thought you would come right away.

" Delvin questioned with a sad expression.

"I was delayed, and it was better to take a detour through the Empire.

" Hilda replied with a soft voice.

"I thought you couldnt make it... Anyways, back to the usual. How can I serve Lady Fire-Mane?

" Although Delvin showed his concern, he knew that Hilda did not come to converse, but to talk business. Thus his attitude had switched back to fit the business persona.

"We need a passage into Riften.

" her request was clear and precise, but yet Delvin turned his head side to side.

"You cant, its crawling with Thalmor agents.


"But the Jarl...


"No matter how sympathetic the Jarl is towards Ulfric, with a large sum of gold, she can be bought. In Dagons name, even her steward is a high elf.


"Cant we go through the fishery? Or there any other secret way to the Ratway?


"Answers no. Only the guild members have an understanding with the guards.


"Ill pay whatev


"Listen! Whatever you offer, the Thalmor offered twice the bribes. Usually, I would help you guys out, but the Guild has been through some bad luck recently... we have been at setbacks many times. I cant afford any to damage the Guild... its bad for business, and bad overall. Im sorry, truly.


After Delvin gave his explanation, Hilda nodded in understanding. Still, the uneasiness in her heart made her face crumble.

"You can still smuggle back something small, right?

" she asked. The look in her eyes, the tone of her voice, the seriousness of her expressions made the cold weather of Skyrim even colder.


" Delvin replied.

Hildas expression easied down when Delvin agreed to her request. She moved her arms, pushing the black heavy cloak covering her body.

When she revealed the infant in her hands, Delvin gasped in surprise and gave a wry smile.

"So thats why you were delayed.


Hilda got down from her horse slowly and approached Delvin.

Fultheim, who had his right hand away from his blade a while ago, jumped from his horse and followed after Hilda. Seeing her approach Delvin, he unconsciously held the scabbard with his left hand and narrowing his eyes, glaring daggers at Delvin.

"This is my son, Jonnhild.

" Hilda spoke with resolute, nobody noticed her throat getting a bit shrugged

"Take him with you. Please.



" Delvin and Fultheim cried in unison, as Delvins shock betrayed his expression and became clear on his face. Fultheim, on the other hand, as he was walking to Hildas side, misstepped and was about fall.

"What are you saying, Lady Hilda?! Thats unthinkable! Thats the commanders and your son, and you entrust him to a thief?!

" Fultheim was at his wits end, as he couldnt keep up anymore. Hilda on the other hand, had a stiff look on her face.


" Delvin was bewildered. Why would this woman ask him such a thing? Hes a thief, a criminal, part of the Ratways scum... Yet, he was being entrusted with what most people would protect the most.

"I dont have enough supplies to feed him anymore... I cant go into Riften, but you can. Riften has an orphanage, make sure he is taken care of, keep an eye on him, until I come back for him.

" Hilda words were heavy on her heart, yet she found the courage to say them.

Delvin was silent; as a professional thief, he had to make rapid decisions in situations like this one.

Fultheim was grumbling in a heavy mood while looking down. His commanders wife was handing over her son to a thief... but yet he couldnt say a word. Why? Because the moment Hilda said that she could not provide the infant anymore, he understood that it was for the best that the infant must be given to someone as capable, although he is a thief, to ensure the babys survival. Fultheim could not protect the child, he was unable to.

If they go with the child, his fate is either death from hunger or death under a Thalmor blade. It was just too bitter...

Fultheim hated the great war, he hated the Thalmor, he hated the Empire that betrayed them. His hatred was to the point of murder... he just wanted to kill them like he did 6 years ago in The Battle of Red Ring, where he killed a 100 elves in a single raid.

While Fultheim was in his dire state of mind, Delvins voice sounded as firm as Hildas.

"If its for the sake of Lord Jonnrads son, then its finally my time to pay the old debt. Ill never fail, even if it costs me my hide.


He took the child from the Lady, and looked at the boy. He was a bit similar to his mother, same eye color but his hair was auburn, darker than hers. His pale skin was a Nord feature, and even in this cold, the boy was sleeping peacefully. Delvin, who was a Breton, was shivering while this child was taking it easy.

Nords... he sighed in his mind while looking back to Hilda, whos emotions betrayed her and looked at her son with sad expressions.

She turned her back suddenly, startling Delvin. When she gets to her horse, she took a huge battleaxe and a fur knapsack, then she took out a journal and handed it to Delvin.

"This is my note, give it to him when he is strong enough. I want him to be strong for the fight ahead, never teach him of his ancestry or the name Fire-Mane, his name will be only Jon and make up a solid story, you understand?



" Delvin nodded.

Hilda turned but then she turned her head saying,

"And you know the price of failing me?


Delvin gulped his saliva before nodding with a meek expression.

"Lets go Brother Fultheim.

" Hilda jumped nimbly on her horse.

Following her, Fultheim rode his horse and galloped behind her.

Leaving Delvin alone with a child in his arms he was so bewildered at how this meeting ended.

"Stay safe my lady!

" he whispered and went back into darkness.


Riding on the travelers road Hilda and Fultheim were slowing down their horses.

"So... they finally caught us.

" Hilda shows a wild grin that of a beast,

"lets see how much will you bring down this time old man.

" She said as she waved her battleaxe.

"Lets not.

" Fultheim said, he took her horses reins and looked at her,

"Dont die today, Lady Hilda. Ill take the horses and ride opposite to Riften, you run south then few days later head north to Windhelm.


"What are you saying

" Hilda wanted to refute but she was interrupted.

"Lets meet at Windhelm.

" Fultheim has already made his mind.

Hilda expressions changed to that of a sad look, then she smiled and nodded to the man. Like the wind, she took her battleaxe and knapsack disappearing south into the forest.

Fultheim smiled, turned the horses and his killing intent felled the air,

"Now its you and me you filthy elves


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