Dragonborn Saga – -1 The World Explained Creation

-1 The World Explained Creation


-This explanation is influenced by the Authors Understanding to the Lore, there may be mistakes and not so solid theories but it is all part of the fun.

-Some of the myths mentioned are part of the Elven Lore which favors their deities and demonize other beings.


The Ultimate Entity - The Godhead

The world of the Elder Scrolls originated from an entity referred to as the Godhead, this entity is the ultimate being that creates the Universe by dreaming about it. It means that this entity is unconscious and shouldnt be woken up or the world will come to end.

The Two Primal Forces

First, there was nothing, then two powers came to be. (Begin of the Dawn Era)

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They were opposites. They were equals. They clashed but none prevailed.

The two got to be referred to as Anu and Padomay.

Anu the Light, the Order, the Stasis, the Positive part of the relationship.

Padomay the Darkness, the Change, the Chaos, the Negative part of the relationship.

After they opposed each other, they came to enlightenment and the two created Souls for themselves to understand themselves more.

The First Two Souls

Anu created Anui-El, the Soul of Anu in the Elvish tongue.

Padomay created Sithis, Anui-Els complete opposite.

Just like their origins, Anui-El and Sithis were both opposite and infinite, nothing new would happen if they clashed.

At that point of incomprehensible time, the Universe was only Anu-El, Sithis, their Origin Powers and a Universe in complete chaos.

The Universe is also known as The ///Aurbis//

The Nordic Skaal may refer to Anu-El as the All-Maker and Padomay as the Adversary. But thats only what I understood as the Author of this Fan Fiction.

The Dragon God : Akatosh

Anu-El gazed at the Universe and it all Choas that didnt represent itself.

It then used its power to create a something that can make order out of chaos and the Concept of Time came to be.

The Concept of Time was personified as a Spirit that became known as Akatosh for Humans, Auriel for Elves and Alkosh for Khajiit.

It was the first and the most Anuic Original Spirit.

The Original Spirits

As the Concept of Time time was spread across the Universe, other Original Spirits came to be and started to realize themselves.

These Original Spirits were the First Race of creatures that ever lived since the chaos settled down. They are referred to as The etAda.

Among these Original Spirits were Kynareath of the Wind, Xarxes of Knowledge and Magnus of Magic.

Take note that the Original Spirits came to be not from Anui-El, but by the power that created by the residual energies of the Choas that was resulted by the Clash of Anu and Padomay thus some have Anuic Nature and some have Padomic Nature.

The Khajiit believe that Anu and Padomay married each other and resulted from all these Original Spirits, while the Elves mostly try to make them enemies and opposites.

The Immortal Planes (Aetherius and Oblivion)

There was a zone between the Two Primal Powers in which all the Chaos happened and where all the Original Spirits emerged.

What came after the emergence of the Original Spirits is the emergence of Myriad of Immortal Realms that were classified as two main Regions; Aetherius and Oblivion.

Aetherius, the Immortal Plane, is thought to be the origin of all magic and arcane arts. Little is known about what does it look like but mortal souls travel to that realm as its Afterlife. Sovngarde, Far Shores and Sands Behind The Stars are three places known to be the Afterlives for Nords, Redguards and Khajiit respectively.

Oblivion is the underworld of Aetherius and what separates it from the void beneath. There are over 37,000 documented realms in Oblivion including chaos planes and pocket realities, although there exists far more than that.

Aetherius envelopes Oblivion like a layer and Oblivion envelopes an area of void. The all shape a large globe that keeps the Universe together.

The Missing God : Lorkhan

According to the Elvish Myth of Creation; Sithis, the counterpart of Anui-El, saw what became of the Chaos and despised the Order it came to be.

It thus created an Original Spirit that the Elves call Lorkhan, the Trickster and the Humans call Shor or Shezarr, the Father of Men. This Original Spirit was to be an opposite to Auriel and the most Padomic Original Spirit.

Lorkhan and Akatosh exist in nearly every pantheon. Akatosh or Auriel is mostly considered the Chief God in most of these pantheons except for the Nords of Skyrim who consider Shor (Lorkhan) the Chief God in Religion. The Elves (except the Dark Elves) and the Redguards view Lorkhan as the trickster who separated them from Immortal Plane Aetherius and Blame their hardship and mortality on him and they consider creating the world an Act of Crulity. The Humans (except the Redguards) and the Dark Elves see Lorkhan as the Creator God and held in high esteem, they consider creating the World a Divine Mercy. I as the Author think of this as something related to variation in opinion between two kinds of the Original Spirits, those who followed Lorkhan and those who followed Aureil.

Creation of the Mortal World (Mundus)

According to the Elvish Myth; Sithis wanted Lorkhan to undo what Auriel did, in other words, drag the Universe back to chaos.

However, Lorkhan seemed to have an agenda of his own, he went to the other Original Spirits and convinced them to create a place distant from the influence of the Two Major Primal Forces, a place where they are not forced to stay in, a place they can fill with their own creations and have freedom.

Kynareath was the first two agree, and even Auriel himself agreed.

Not all the Original Spirits were part of this but those who were all departed from Aetherius down through Oblivion until its edge right at the Void beneath it, the core of the universe the Oblivion envelopes.

With her power, Kynareath breathed in the void and opened a space for the other powers to flow through, once they all went in, they started to fill the world with their creations.

The New World

While many Original Spirits flowed through the void, other ones decided to stay in Oblivion and started to create their own Realms. These Original Spirits came to be known later as the Daedra .

According to the Elvish Myth; Lorkhan hid one truth from the other Original Spirits, the more they create, the more power they lose, the less Immortal they become.

Some of the weak Original Spirits started to fall from Immortality but Lorkhan was no way to be found.

Magnus, the architecture of the Mortal World construction plan, realized the plot of Lorkhan and decided to escape from Mundus, he gathered all the Original Spirits that could escape and abandoned Mundus. Magnus tore a hole through Oblivion all the way to Aetherius that became the Sun and his followers tore smaller holes that became the stars. Through the Sun and the Star, the Magicka of Aetherius flows to Mundus. Magnus and his followers came to be known later as the Magne-Ge .

Auriel, along with other powerful Original Spirits decided to stay and try to fix things. These ones came to be later as the Aedra .

The other Original Spirits that fell from divinity became the Ehlonfey .

The Ehlonfey War

The Ehlonfey stayed on Nirn, the Core planet in Mundus and sacrificed themselves to create the Laws of Nature. They later split into two factions, the Old Ehlonfey who chose perseverance and the accumulation of ancient knowledge, the other faction was the Wanderers who roamed the new world.

The Old Ehlonfey later became the ancestors of Mer commonly known as Elves and the Wanderers became the ancestors of Men commonly known as Humans.

The two factions clashed for some reasons which I as the Author think it was regarding Mundus and Nirn. The Elves always wanted to return to Aetherius and undo Mundus while the Humans preferred to stay in Mundus.

It was then when the Fight dragged the Original Spirits in and it seemed that the Elves were under the Banner of Auriel while the humans were under the banner of Lorkhan.

Other than the Old Ehlonfey and the Wanderers, there were other beings that chose different paths to survive like the Hist which is a sentient race of trees in Black March, home of the lizard-folk, the Argonians.

The Convection of Lorkhan

On Mundus, the greatest Original Spirit, most notably Auriel and his best knight Trinimac, gathered on a place known as the Adamantine Tower in modern day High Rock. They all decided the punishment of Lorkhan.

Sources vary at that event, the Elvish Myth claims that Trinimac knocked down Lorkhan in front of his Hordes of Men and tore his heart out of his body to destroy it. This Heart of Lorkhan was his Divine Spark and destroying it proved to be impossible either for its power or for it will take the world down with its residence once it is destroyed. Auriel then decides to fasten the Heart to an arrow and then shoot it into the sea where it turned into a Volcano in modern-day Vvardenfell.

Some notes indicate that in order to stop the fight between Men and Mer, Lorkhan actually surrendered himself to the other Original Spirits.

In the end, after removing the Heart from Lorkhan he was exiled to watch his creation and cant watch thus his corpse became Masser and Secunda.

The End of the Dawn Era

It was said that right after that event, the sky rained for the first time in history. The Nordic Mythos indicates that Kyne, the Warrior Wife of Shor, was mourning her Husband that was killed by the Elven Giants which can be translated as Kynareath wept over Lorkhan.

Around that time Madness was born and with that I mean Sheogorath came to existence following the demise of Lorkhan. The Daedric Princes cursed one of their own known as Jyggalag the Daedric Prince of Order transforming him to Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness.

Many events followed after that as the Daedric Prince Boethiah devoured Trinimac transforming him into the Daedric Prince Malacath for reasons unknown but he mostly tried to prevent some elves from following Boethiah and got his ass handed over to him.

With the chaos in the Dawn Era settling down, the Gods started to rest and it was the age of mortals, the Merethic Era.

Chapter end

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