Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 69 – Green Faction

Chapter 69 – Green Faction

Long Chen ran towards the stable to have a look. As expected, the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse was on the ground, collapsed. Blood flowed out from its mouth as it looked helplessly at Long Chen. With but a glance, it was obvious that it had sustained severe internal injuries. At this moment, it was struggling whilst at deaths door.

Looking at his beloved horse in such pain, Long Chen eyes gradually reddened.

Huang Xiang

His fists were clenched so tightly that the veins on his arms were bulging. When the crowd that followed him out of the restaurant saw his current state, they instantly kept silent out of fear.

Seeing the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horses fatal internal injuries and was in its death throes, Long Chen thought back to when Lingqing had given this Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse to him.

That girl had risked her life to stay a night in the Big Barren Mountain in order to tame this horse. She was covered in dirt when she gave this Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse to him. Long Chen had been taking great care of it in the last couple of days, fearing that it might get hurt, but now

Thinking back to Huang Xiangs sneering face, Long Chen was already filled with a murderous intent towards him.

This is the first gift that Lingqing has given me and possibly the most important gift of my life, excluding the Dragon Jade my father gave to me, but..

Thinking about Lingqing, that silly girl, Long Chen was filled with guilt.

Lingqing, I didnt protected your gift properly. Ive let you down, but Ill avenge it.

Raising his head and facing Yuanling City, Long Chen gaze gradually turned icy, an expression that was as cold as the blade of a sword.

Huang Xiang, initially I didnt plan on killing you, but you just sought out your death. Dont blame me for it!

Long Chen walked towards the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse, seeing its suffering, Long Chen was extremely reluctant but he gave it a fatal blow, ending its misery.

Looking at the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse who had accompanied him these past few days, Long Chen shook his head and sighed. He turned around seizing the waiter of the inn before he coldly said: Ill give you 300 pieces of spirit jades to bury my horse in the outskirts of the citadel. Ill be coming back to Yuanyang Citadel and if at that time I find out that my horse didnt have a good burial, I will end your pathetic dog like existence!

Seeing Long Chens vicious gaze, the waiter was frightened to the point that his legs started to shake, before he managed to hastily agree. I..I will definitely give it a grand burial!

Those 300 pieces of spirit jades were enough to bury the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse a dozen times over.

After giving him that task, Long Chen didnt stay at Yuanyang Citadel and headed in the direction that Huang Xiang had left. The place they were heading to was Yuanling City!

Hey, are you thinking of killing them along the way?

Long Chen smiled coldly and replied: Dont worry, I wont be reckless. I wont make a move when I dont have confidence in dealing with him. Right now, I dont know where the Lingwu Family is located, but with Huang Xiang leading the way, I can avoid travelling the wrong route!

Long Chen didnt lose his rationality due to his hatred, so Lingxi heaved a sigh of relief before admonishing: That fellow is such a bastard. If he cant get the thing he wants, he will destroy it? After my strength recovers, Ill chop him up into eight pieces to avenge Xiao Hei. From how I see it, he isnt worthy to be called Huang Xiang, his name should be Shit instead!

[TL Note: Xiao Hei means Little Black: referring to the

Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse]

Lingxi had taken quite a liking to the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse during this short period of time. Seeing that the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse died in such a terrible manner, she was filled with fury to the point that she spoke profanity.

Long Chen knew that it was almost noon when he left, but he didnt know how much earlier Huang Xiang had left. However, Huang Xiang was travelling by horse while Long Chen was moving at his maximum speed, heading towards Yuanling City. In comparison with Huang Xiangs speed, he was a couple of times faster.

As time gradually passed, the journey that was supposed to take two days was completed in only one and a half days. Long Chen could see the figures of Huang Xiang and the rest from a distance.

Furthermore, the legendary Yuanling City entered his view, which was grand and imposing!

When he saw the city, Long Chen was utterly stupefied.

He raised his head and rubbed his eyes, checking to confirm that what he saw wasnt a mountain range but a city that was so vast that he couldnt see its edge.

Yuanling City was covered in clouds so he could just barely make out its edges, but even so, Long Chen was in complete shock over the sheer enormity of Yuanling City!

Long Chen had heard from Chen Xiongzhou that the distance between the east to the west of Yuanling City was a thousand miles. It could be understood how vast Yuanling City was from that!

It is not a surprise that it can accommodate 100 million people. So this Yuanling City is actually this huge!

Even if it was Yuanyang Citadel, in front of Yuanling City, it was as if a small chicken met with oxen and horses, which was not worth mentioning.

At this moment, Huang Xiangs party had already left, heading towards the cloud and mist covered city. Long Chen didnt dare tarry, and hurriedly tried to catch up with them.

There were a great number of people entering and exiting the city. Long Chen looked from afar at the densely packed crowd. Amongst them, the majority of them were cultivators who were much more powerful than Long Chen. They were experts that made Long Chen felt suffocated, yet they could be seen everywhere!

Long Chen momentarily felt as though he was a sheep entering a den of tigers.

Yuanling City is this horrifying? With my current abilities, Im one of the top experts in Poplar Town but after coming to Yuanling City, my abilities are ranked at rock bottom!

It seems that when Mother told me to keep a low profile, it wasnt completely without reason!

Long Chen didnt feel dejected due to the auras of those experts, as he knew that sooner or later he would also reach that level. Also for those experts, the stronger their ability, the older they were. When Long Chen saw an old man walk past him, he felt a terrifying sensation pass by. That feeling was even more horrifying than when he last met Mo Xiaolang.

When comparing age to your ability, you can be counted as above average in Yuanling city while Mo Xiaolangs ability compared to his age should be counted as peak talent. Youre still a little far from reaching that level.

Since you cultivated for such a short time and at a small place like Poplar Town, its not bad to be able to reach an above average standard.

Long Chen also knew that haste would ruin everything, so he wasnt anxious.

My main reason for coming to Yuanling City is to deal with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. If the Yang Family is safe in the future, Ill come here to temper myself. This, will probably become my world!

While following Huang Xiang, his gaze took in the people and buildings around him. When Long Chen entered the Yuanling City, even though this was only the outer area of the city, the buildings here were grand and lofty. The scale completely exceeded that of the Yuanyang Citadel.

Yuanling City is where most elites gather, so it isnt strange that the overall standard of strength is really high.

Around 100 million people lived in this city, yet it didnt feel crowded. It was easy to tell just how large Yuanling City was.

It was practically a small kingdom to Long Chen.

The Lingwu family governed such an enormous piece of land and there werent any issues. This demonstrated the strength of the Lingwus Family.

For me, there are only benefits in entering the Lingwu family.

Long Chen followed Huang Xiang as he familiarized himself with Yuanling City.

At this moment, Huang Xiang was currently at a restaurant much larger than the one he visited in Yuanyang Citadel. Even though it was much larger than the restaurant in Yuanyang Citadel, it was of a low standard in Yuanling City.

Old Liu, how do you think the brat will react now?

Huang Xiang was currently enjoying the delicacies of Yuanling City before turning to talk with Housekeeper Liu, who was standing respectfully at his side.

Housekeeper Liu immediately replied: What can he do? That brat shouldnt have much money on him and also lost a horse. He must be crying now. Haha! Who asked him to be this tactless? Second Young Master was kind enough to give him two deity jades, but he was actually foolish enough to not appreciate your kindness. It was right for the Young Master to give him a lesson!

When Huang Xiang listened, he felt really comfortable and kept on nodding his head in agreement before he said: After I entered the Lingwu Family, you can head back to Huangyun Citadel. You had served me well this ten days. After you head back, my father will reward you handsomely.

Yes! Yes! Thinking about being rewarded, Housekeeper Lius eyes gleamed. He excitedly said: When Second Young Master goes to the Lingwu Family, First Young Master Feiyang is there so Ill feel extremely at ease. Thats right, from what Master had said, the First Young Master had already achieved a high position in the Lingwu Family and had made a lot of progress in his cultivation. He should have already reached the Initial Mastery Human Dan Realm, right?

Huang Xiang nodded and replied: My brothers talent is about the same as mine so when I reach his age, I should also reach the Initial Mastery Human Dan Realm and may even break through to reach the Human Dans Perfect Mastery Realm!

I can prostrate myself in admiration towards the Second Young Masters talents!

Looking at Huang Xiang leisurely hearing those flattering words, Long Chen smiled coldly. You can smile all you want right now. Just wait until the Lingwu Family selection begins, Ill make you suffer terribly!

At this moment, Huang Xiang said: My brother is an outer clan member of the Green Faction. Coincidentally, it is also the Green Factions Green Sun Branch that will be selecting their new members so my father sent me over. My elder brother is also in the Green Sun Branch. It will be guaranteed that I will be able to join the Lingwu Family!

Every time there is a selection of new disciples for the Green Sun Branch, the number of participants is around fifty. There is a one-tenth chance of person entering. Naturally, it should be easy for Second Young Master.

One in ten people?

Long Chen frowned but very soon relaxed.

Only a one in ten person chance? Huang Xiang didnt worry about it. Moreover, its the current me! However, Huang Xiangs brother, of the Initial Mastery Human Dan Realm, is unexpectedly in the Green Factions Green Sun Branch. It seems that if I havent reached the Human Dan Realm, I cant thoughtlessly kill Huang Xiang to avenge my Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse!

Revenge was never too late for a man, even if it took ten years. Long Chen understood that logic.

Very soon, Huang Xiang finished his meal and said: In Yuanling City, there are two main inner sections, Lingwu City and Yuandi City. Well head towards the Lingwu City as the time for the selection is near. We must also move quickly. If not, my brother will scold me. After so many years apart, I heard that my brother has become much more short-tempered!Checkk new ovel chpters at novlbin(.)com

After he said that, they immediately headed towards the legendary Lingwu City.

Long Chen followed them quickly.

The venue for the selection doesnt seem to be at the Lingwu City. Only if I pass the selection to formally become a Lingwu Family member, will I be able to live in the Lingwu City. How great an honor would that be? But I, Huang Xiang, finally have a chance. The Green Faction!

The Green Faction? I heard that the Lingwu Family has four main inner factions and nine main outer factions. The Green Faction should be one of the nine main outer factions!

Chapter end

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