Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 57 – Secret Sword Art – [Dream Returning Fairy]

Chapter 57 – Secret Sword Art – [Dream Returning Fairy]

Seeing that Long Chen was actually not afraid of death, Xue Yuanzi slowly squinted at him.

He violently swung his hand and dragged Yang Xueqing with his fingers while slamming his palm on the granite wall. Despite Yang Xueqing having the Qi protection of an eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator, blood was faintly streaming down her forehead!

This sight of crimson blood had completely ignited the fury in Long Chens heart!

Xue Yuanzi, you actually hurt her?!

Xue Yuanzi sneered: Shes just an abandoned widow, so what if I did? What can you do to me? Dont tell me you are going to kill me? Looking at this posture of yours, brat, are you going to take action? Oh well, let me show you the difference in power between the Human Dan and Dragon Pulse Realm!

After saying this, an extremely enormous Qi on Xue Yuanzis body was fully drawn. Right now, Long Chen felt that the person in front of him was no longer human, but a demonic beast with an earth shattering aura that seemed to cover the entire planet. This aura even made Long Chen unable to breathe!

What an aura! Even if I use all my energy, there is absolutely no chance of winning!

Xue Yuanzi merely displayed his aura and it had already made Long Chen unable to move. In this instant, the aura in his bloodshot eyes surged and constantly reminded him that if he did not wish to die he could only hurry and escape. Despite this, when he thought of Yang Xueqing who was still by his side and the blood that was dripping down from her forehead, Long Chens blood boiled!

Who cares what **ing Human Dan Realm you are! In front of me, you can only die!

At the same time, Lingxi was extremely frantic inside the Lingxi Sword on Long Chens ear. Seeing that the Human Dan Realm opponent was about to strike, Lingxi could only anxiously remind Long Chen: Long Chen, I beg of you, dont put up such a brave front right now! He is not someone that you can fend off with your strength! If you are this stubborn, not only will you die but the rest of us too!

Shut up!

Long Chen coldly stared at Xue Yuanzi and said in a frosty voice: My mother is still there so how can I only persevere for this short while? Lingxi, you better go. I think the energy from the five stalks of Dream Spirit Grass will be enough for you to find a way to continue living!

Suddenly, Lingxis face turned extremely pale. She looked at Long Chen in disbelief, never thinking that Long Chen would actually say these words. She broke down and sobbed: YouYou scoundrel! I am not someone who is afraid of death! I

Then shut up for me!

Long Chen had no bad intentions towards Lingxi at all. He being this stern to her was because of the current angst that he was feeling.

Right after Long Chen and Lingxi had exchanged their words Xue Yuanzi, who was holding down Long Chen with his might, noticed that Long Chen was courting death and blabbing away even when he was unable to move. Originally, he actually did appreciate Long Chen a little but now it had turned into anger. He viciously looked at Yang Xueqing who glared at him in disdain, saying: After I kill your son, Ill return and have a good time with you!

After saying this, his figure vanished before Yang Xueqings eyes.

Chen Er, be careful!

As Yang Xueqings shrill voice sounded out, Long Chen had already realised there was a person standing in front of him. He had prepared an even stronger [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] than the one he created for Bai Li and sent it crashing into Xue Yuanzi!

Unfortunately, Xue Yuanzi was not even slightly surprised at seeing such a powerful attack from Long Chen. At the same instant, his face darkened and he sent a fist with crimson light flying towards Long Chen!

This crimson light looked extremely normal, but its destructive ability was there. As the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] and Xue Yuanzis fist containing the crimson light crashed against each other, Long Chen helplessly realised that, although the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] was a magnificent martial technique, it was still powerless in front of the enormous corrosive ability in the crimson blood! Under an attack powered by a Human Dan Realm cultivator, the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] shattered and that enormous crimson light energy crashed into Long Chen and sent him flying!

Chen Er!

Chen Er!

Long Chen!

As a few frightened voices had sounded out, Founder Yangs and Yang Xueqings faces abruptly turned pale. Yang Xueqing was unable to move and Founder Yang was being held back by Bai Sheng so he could not rush to Long Chens aid either. Both of them were only able to watch as Long Chen flew through the air.

The other shout was of course by Lingxi. Seeing that Long Chen was actually injured and had even vomitted a mouthful of fresh blood, Lingxi felt rage rising to the extreme in her heart!

Lingxi, who originally thought she was about to die, had actually managed to spend time together with Long Chen for this period of time and experienced so many things together with him. There was laughter and even tears. Gradually, she had developed a dependent feeling towards this youth!

She was completely immersed in Long Chens current feelings so when she saw Long Chen, who was critically hurt trying to save this mother of his who once looked down on him, Lingxis heart shattered into many pieces.

Lingxi was extremely panic stricken and did not know what to do at this point. Xue Yuanzis cold laughter sounded at that moment and he strolled towards Long Chen, his face carrying a look of contempt.

With just this small achievement and you already think you are so invincible, people like you who dont know their place will always die a horrible death. You, runt, arent the first nor the last. However it is still the first time that I, Xue Yuanzi, have had the opportunity to end a little genius life like yours, one which was destined to have some accomplishments when its just the beginning.

The blood reeking aura of this person had made Lingxi, whose cultivation had almost dropped to zero, shudder in waves. Thinking of the miserable state Long Chen was in and seeing that smug face of the bad guy, however, gradually intensified her rage!

If you bully himThen you deserve to die!

Seeing Xue Yuanzi, Lingxi gradually lost her sense of identity. In her heart it was as if the person Xue Yuanzi had harmed was not Long Chen, but her.

At this moment, Long Chen felt a wave of enormous energy rushing into his body and ruining everything inside. This wave of energy had caused him to lose consciousness for a split-second and, seeing the current state of his body, he knew that death was imminent!

If he were to die here, no matter if it was Yang Xueqing or Founder Yang, and even Lingxi, they would all perish here with him. If they died, the other Yang Family members would most likely be unable to survive as well!

There was a heavy responsibility on his shoulders but the regretful thing was that right now, he had absolutely no strength to resist and fight back. Although he had gained tremendous improvement recently, it was still not enough!

Only by being a true expert can one then protect the people close to them. I, Long Chen, am obviously nowhere close to this stage yet!

I am really unwilling to just die like this. There are still many things for me to do, II have to become stronger!

Long Chen was madly howling in his heart but at this moment the energy sent from Xue Yuanzi had already entered his internal organs. Suddenly, there was a huge devouring force that emanated within his body that directly consumed Xue Yuanzis strange corrosive attack

Long Chen however, had only gotten paler.

The reason for this was because in that instance he felt that there was a huge appetite stored somewhere inside of him that was countless of times stronger than his own. At this moment, Long Chen understood that everything he had encountered before was unable to appease its hunger!

Long Chen knew deep-down that this appetite belongs to him and right now he felt extremely famished. What he needed was an amount of energy so unthinkable it would allow him to become the most extreme of existence: A Dragon of the myths!

The quality of this, Xue Yuanzis, Qi is somewhat similar to mine, containing a bloody aura. However, his quality is only two fold of the average cultivators. Its not even close to mine, even when Im not using [Dragon Soul Transformation]!

Suddenly thinking on the fact that Xue Yuanzi is a member of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, and remembering that he had previously seen Bai Zhanxiong selling the courtesans from Emerald Jade House to these people of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, his brows furrowed.

It is very likely that this faint red Qi they cultivate in has got something to do with the courtesans from Emerald Jade House!

Long Chen woke up from his half-conscious state only after fully absorbing Xue Yuanzis attack on his body. Just as he was wondering why Xue Yuanzi had not claimed his life, he opened his eyes and saw that the Lingxi Sword had once again rapidly grown larger in front of his eyes!

Amongst the astonished expressions of everyone, a white foggy mist pervaded the air. The elegant body and disposition of Lingxi, her long white dress, the hair that looked like a waterfall, and that fragrance that soothes people, all appeared in front of Long Chen once again!

Similar to the previous two times, her back was again facing Long Chen. Each and every movement was executed with determination and without a moment of hesitation!

Long Chen hearts surged with emotions at this moment. He was well aware that Lingxi only had 5 stalks of the Dream Spirit Grasses as her lifespan. As far as how long it could last for, he did not know himself. It was extremely disadvantageous for her to use her spiritual force at this time. Also, if Xue Yuanzi was too powerful for her and she ended up using too much energy, she might very well dissipate into thin air!

Tears brimming in his eyes, Long Chen was moved as he hollered: Xiao Xi, dont do this, come back!

Lingxi fidgeted, however she never turned back. Long Chen was able to see her extreme beauty clearly, and under the astonished gazes of Founder Yang and the rest, her gaze flashed coldly within the mist!

At this moment Xue Yuanzi, who was charging towards Long Chen to finish him off, suddenly saw a strange girl stand in front of him. Although he was surprised, the welling energy in his hands never stopped!

[Blood Smearing Revolving Void Punch]!

Instantly a blood palm print that could split the heavens and tear the earth came charging towards Lingxi, who was defending Long Chen, and Long Chens anxiety reached to the heavens. However, everything happened in a flash and when Xue Yuanzi used [Heaven Piercing Finger], a clear and distinct voice rang in everyones ears!

Secret Sword Art: [Dream Returning Fairy] [Jolting Heavens Dancing Blades]

A flash appeared in front of Long Chens eyes and the mist surrounding Lingxi started to move. Very soon, the figure of a sword appeared from the mist, as if there were countless girls dancing wildly, and brushed past Xue Yuanzis body. Then, everything returned to normal.

Everyone was astounded.

Long Chen looked blankly at Lingxi, who had now turned into a tiny ball of mist and entered back into Lingxi Sword. Under her control, she transformed the sword into an ear pin and attached itself onto Long Chens ear. As Long Chen began to panic, her frail voice soundedpTodated ovls on o(v)l()bin(.)cm

Dont worry; Ill be fine after sleeping. However this simple attack used 3 stalks of the Dream Spirit Grasses energy so I cannot stand up for you so easily anymoreHowever, you idiot, I am really not someone who is afraid of deathWuuu

This silly girl

To save him, she had even risked her life! How could Long Chen not understand this?

Long Chen knew that the words he said before had hurt her.


Long Chen looked blankly at Xue Yuanzi standing in front of him.

Chapter end

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