A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 45 Rolling Hills

Chapter 45 Rolling Hills

Before Archer left the Domain, he made his way over to a bench he made earlier to start eating the hearts. , After Archer ate all the hearts, he checked his status. , ‘Status.’ , Experience: 7100/9000 , Level Up: 76>78 , SP: 0>45 , Call Lightning: 2>3 , Fireball: 2>3 , Element Bolts: 0>1 , Aura-Detector: 3>4 , He was happy with the boost. , Archer stepped out of the Domain, looking around. , He couldn’t see anyone, but noticed how beautiful the sunrise was. , ‘Draconis.’ .𝒎, All his Draconic features appeared as he took off flying towards the jungle. , 10 minutes later, he arrived hovering above the treetops. , Looking around, he couldn’t see anything. , He quickly descended to the ground and started walking. , A few hours later his ears picked up a noise not faraway from where he was. , He headed towards it. , After walking for a little while, he spotted some soldiers in blue metal armor. , Archer wanted to get closer, so he climbed up a tree. , As he perched on a branch overlooking the area, he spotted a group of 21 soldiers looking for something or someone. , He recalled the man’s words from a couple of days ago. , ”They must be looking for me.” , He wondered who these soldiers were, they had on blue metal armor that covered most of their bodies. , As they continued their search, Archer watched them from his vantage point, their armor glistening in the morning sun. , It was made of a unique alloy, a combination of sun steel and other metals, which gave it a distinctive sheen. , It was crafted to provide maximum protection to the wearer, covering them from head to toe. , It consisted of multiple interlocking plates, giving them the flexibility needed to move quickly in battle while remaining fully protected. , Someone meticulously crafted each plate with intricate designs and patterns etched into the metal. , They had their helmets off so they could see their surroundings easier. , Their armor had been polished to a high shine, reflecting the sun and casting a blue glow, the soldiers were also equipped with several weapons and tools, including spears, swords, and shields. , The soldier’s footsteps echoed across the jungle as they searched the area with purpose and determination. , As they came closer, the armor seemed to glint and sparkle in the sun, nearly blinding Archer because of the shine. , But thanks to his eyes, it didn’t affect him too much. , ”Why the ** do they polish it like that?” , They were about 10 meters from the tree he was in when he finally heard them talking. , ”Captain, what are we meant to be looking for? Did the King mention anything?” , The captain turned to the man who spoke. , ”All we know is that he’s a white-haired boy with horns and violet-colored eyes. The church managed to gather information about him.” , This alarmed Archer. , ”Fucking church, seems like they won’t leave me alone.” , He promised himself one day he will return the favor. , The soldier who spoke first asked another question. , ”Why is our kingdom, along with the church and the Kheesara Kingdom, trying to capture this boy?” , The captain answered before carrying on with the search. , ”Well, the church fears him because he’s a white dragon and the Kagia Kingdom fears his reaction to the King’s war on the dragon-kin tribes in the west.” , Archer’s ears perked up, what he just said greatly interested him. , He wanted to meet more Dragon-kin. , After all, the only one he knew was his so-called mother. , ”Let’s take a rest. Don’t wander off too far.” , The captain shouted out, and the soldiers looked relieved as they started sitting down. , Smiling as he got an idea. , Flying into the air, he cast Element Bolts using water. He didn’t want to burn the forest for no reason. , Dozens of blue bolts appeared around him as they sped toward the resting soldiers, targeting all but the captain. , He needed the information the man had. , All 20 soldiers died, not knowing how as the water bolts struck them directly in the face. , The captain looked scared and confused as Archer landed in front of him with a loud thud as he dropped from the sky. , With a creepy smirk plastered on his face, scaring the man even more. , Dismissing his claws as he sped forward, slamming his fist in to the soldier’s gut. , Making the man stumble back and fall on his ass. , After the gut punch, Archer looked at him with glowing violet eyes before starting the interrogation. , ”Why are you searching for me?” , The man nodded. , ”The king wanted to capture you because he thinks you’re a threat, due to the Dragon-Kin war he conducted years back.” , ”What did you do with the survivors?” , Looking really nervous as he quietly spoke. , ”They are in slave camps in the Kagia Kingdom.” , Picking the up man by the neck with his tail, and he started to strangle him as he spoke in a threatening tone. , ”Give me the locations now!” , He quickly started spewing out all the locations where the King was keeping the Dragon-kin. , ”The Forgotten Caverns in the north, Rolling Hills, which is in the south of the kingdom, and lastly in the north is the Whispering Woods. There’s a camp there for logging.” , Archer remembered all the places while asking the man to point in the direction of Kagia Kingdom. , The man pointed off to the left before Archer snapped his neck, dropping his body to the ground. , Summoning his claws, he used them to tear out all 21 hearts he stored them away along with the 11 swords he collected. , He was going to sell them when he got to a city, looking at the dead bodies before walking away, leaving them to be eaten. , Flapping his wings as he leapt into the air, and started to fly towards the southern part of the Kingdom. , Making his way to the Rolling Hills first to free the enslaved dragon-kin. , He was admiring the scenery along the way as he spotted a herd of beasts running through a clearing. , Not long after that, he flew over a massive lake trying to hide itself inside the jungle. He saw a familiar beast lurking just below the surface. , Archer got a brilliant idea. , He made his way back to where the swamp drakes were, and he hovered above them. , Archer took a deep breath as his chest expanded and his lungs filled with air. , Suddenly, he let out a mighty roar that unleashed a stream of fire from his sharp-toothed mouth. , The flame was a bright violet color, and it soared through the air with incredible speed. , The pack of swamp drakes scattered as the heat from the dragon’s breath washed over them. , Their scales began to sizzle and steam as the intense heat beat down on them. , The jungle itself seemed to come alive as the violet flames from Archer licked at the foliage, igniting leaves and branches as it went. , The swamp drakes tried to dodge the blaze, but the fire moved too quickly. , They let out ear-splitting screeches and cries as their bodies began to blacken and smoke. , Archer’s Dragon’s Breath was relentless, moving, burning everything in its path. Nothing stood a chance against it. , Other jungle animals fled the scene, not wanting to suffer as the swamp drakes did. , He stopped his breath attack as he looked at his handy work. , Seeing a beautiful violet glow erupting from the surface of the lake, illuminating the entire jungle that surrounded it. , The flame danced and flickered in the gentle breeze, casting an ethereal glow across the water. , The glow spread, climbing higher and higher into the sky, encircling the lake in a mesmerizing violet hue. , As the flame grew, it illuminated the jungle around the lake, casting shadows that flickered and danced across the trees and bushes. , The jungle came alive with the light of the flame, transforming into a mystical, otherworldly place. , The leaves on the trees glowed with soft violet light, and the flowers bloomed in shades of purple, pink, and orange. , ”Beautiful.” , Admiring the sight for a little while, he gathered the four swamp drake bodies that were floating on the lake and continued on with his journey south. , As Archer soars over the dense canopy, his heart quickens with excitement as he witnessed the view. , The foliage is a green sea below, and the air is filled with the sounds of exotic birds and chattering beasts. , His dragon wings beat against the air, sending ripples of energy streaking across the sky. , They are impossibly strong, effortlessly lifting him higher and higher, allowing him to soar gracefully over the treetops. , The sun beat down from above, casting dappled shadows across the jungle below. , Archer was loving the scenery of this jungle, even though the damn cannibal attacked. He hasn’t fought many beasts due to flying but he will change that soon. , The wind whistled through his hair as he scanned the landscape, searching for his destination. , With a sharp twist of his wrists, he commanded his dragon wings to speed up their flapping, propelling him forward with incredible speed. , As he rose higher into the sky, his vision cleared, and he spotted the rolling hills in the distance. ., With a determined grin, he angled his wings downwards and descended, picking up even more speed as he flew through the air. , The wind roared in his ears as he used his dragon wings to shoot over the jungle, zigzagging between tall trees and darting around rocky outcroppings. , Archer’s eyes sparkled with exhilaration as he felt the raw power of his wings pushing him forward with incredible speed. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, New novel chapters are published on .𝒎

Chapter end

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