A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 2 Transmigration

Chapter 2 Transmigration

The ambulance sped towards the nearby hospital, where doctors immediately sprang into action upon its arrival. , Archer was on a stretcher bleeding out as he was pushed through the bay doors, Alexa arrived at the hospital accompanied by two police officers. , After being taken to a private room, the authorities asked her to recount what had happened. , In a state of shock, she struggled to comprehend the situation. Noah, who had been obsessed with her, had done something that she never thought he was capable of. , Despite repeatedly telling him that she wasn’t interested, he had persisted in his pursuit of her. But this was the first time he had ever caused harm to anyone. , The police called out her name, jolting her out of the daze, and causing her to shake her head as she struggled to speak. , “We were on a date and had just made our relationship official. We decided to head home when Noah suddenly appeared behind us with a knife. Archer pushed me out of the way, and Noah then attacked him,” she recounted. , “He kept stabbing him, and he wouldn’t stop until I kicked him in the face.” , Her tears flowed uncontrollably as they fell to the ground. “He didn’t stand a chance. Noah surprised him.” , She struggled to speak clearly, and the police ceased their questioning. Suddenly, a woman in her early twenties with brown hair, similar to that of Archer’s rushed over to her and embraced her tightly. , It was Archer’s older sister, Ellie. Through her tears, Alexa whispered Ellie’s name, and once she had calmed down, she revealed that Archer had saved her life. 𝘪𝘳.𝒸𝘰𝑚, She began to apologize, but Ellie interrupted her. “It’s not your fault, Alexa. The one to blame is the bastard who stabbed him,” Ellie reassured her. , Soon after, the rest of Archer’s family arrived, including his five sisters, three brothers, and his parents. , They all crowded around Alexa, asking what had happened until Ellie intervened. “Come on, guys! Stop crowding her. I’ll explain,” Ellie said. , After Ellie recounted the events, they began to cry and pray to any god who would listen to ensure the boy’s well-being. , Alexa’s distress continued to escalate as she reflected on the happy memories she shared with Archer. , Hours later, the doctors arrived, wheeling a hospital bed with the unconscious Archer into the room. , They cautioned the family not to approach him as he was still at risk. They informed the family of the extent of Archer’s injuries. , “Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson, your son has sustained catastrophic injuries. To be frank is fortunate to still be alive…” The doctors said. , Only to be cut off due to the sound of an alarm, causing the doctors to panic and everyone’s faces to turn ashen as they rushed back into the room. , Alexa trailed behind them and witnessed Archer having a seizure on the bed, blood gushing out of his mouth as the doctors scrambled to stabilize him. , Overwhelmed with emotion, Alexa crumpled to the ground, her knees giving out. Archer’s mother rushed to her side, tears streaming down her face as she embraced the distraught girl. , “He’ll be okay, he’ll be okay.” She whispered, trying to comfort her. , The alarm continued to beep incessantly in the background. The room fell silent as the machine beeped incessantly. , Despite the doctors’ best efforts, they were unable to save him. A physician stepped forward and announced Archer’s time of death. , “The time of death is 11:39 PM,” he stated. He then turned to the grieving family and offered his heartfelt condolences. “I’m deeply sorry for your loss.” , Alexa’s sorrow overwhelmed her, and her tears flowed even more intensely. Archer had departed on the very day he had achieved his heart’s desire and experienced the date he had always longed for. , Enveloped in darkness, he remained oblivious to the fact that this was merely the start of his journey that changed a world. , ___________________________________ , On a planet far from Earth called Thrylos , Abruptly, a young boy snapped awake, his fear echoing in a piercing scream. “AHHHHH!” he cried out, consumed by terror. , As he took deep breaths to calm himself down, he looked around the unfamiliar room, feeling confused and disoriented. , He knew for sure that he wasn’t in his house or anywhere he had ever been before. , His hands were small and pale, and he struggled to clear the cobwebs from his mind as he examined his surroundings. , The room was medium-sized, with all the furniture made of red-colored wood, and a window on the left side of his bed. , With aching legs, he gingerly rose from his bed, wincing at the discomfort. Shuffling over to the window, he opened it, and his eyes widened in astonishment at the sight before him. , The boy looked out to see a medieval-looking city that stretched as far as the eye could see, bordered by a massive forest. , He gazed out at the city, he noticed that most of the houses were constructed from stone, with occasional wooden embellishments on the exterior. , Suddenly, a massive headache struck him, causing him to collapse to the floor with a loud thud. , Writhing in agony, he was bombarded with fragmented memories that didn’t belong to him, making the situation even more unbearable. , He rolled around on the ground, some of the new memories began to settle in, and he slowly began to comprehend what was happening. , “Ahh, so he actually killed me, huh? So transmigration is real,” Muttering to himself. , Although he had read many novels about it, he never thought it would happen to him. He started piecing together the information he received. , What immediately caught his attention was the presence of magic. Thrylos was the name of this vast world, which was many times larger than Earth. , It was home to numerous continents and islands, many of which were uncharted and shrouded in mystery. , He was aware that he was currently on the continent of Pluoria, which lay to the west of the central continent of Verdantia. , Verdantia was home to two powerful empires, the Nightshade Empire and the Novgorod Empire, which were the strongest elf and human empires in the world. , As he came to his senses, he realized that his name in this life was also Archer, a 13-year-old boy who happened to be the fourth son of Duke Leonard Ashguard. , Archer’s mother was the Duke’s second wife, and he had a total of twelve children, four of whom were with his mother, including Archer. , The Duke was responsible for overseeing the western border of the Avalon Empire, which included guarding against the Videzeme, Lionheart, and Sabat Kingdoms. , He ruled the Duchy from Vassia City. , The Avalon Empire was under the rule of Emperor Osoric Avalon and his Empress Chloe Avalon, a cat demi-human. , The Empire was undoubtedly the most formidable power on the continent, boasting a diverse population that prioritized trade and commerce. , Despite this, the Empire was far from weak, with a powerful army at the Emperor’s disposal. , The climate was comparable to that of the Mediterranean and North Africa on Earth, prompting residents to wear loose-fitting robes to stay cool. , After recalling this basic information, he struggled to sit up on the bed and gradually rose to his feet. He noticed a mirror on the wall near a wooden door and made his way over to it. , As he approached the mirror, he caught a glimpse of his striking features: snow-white hair and long, pointed ears that exceeded the typical anime elves. , Archer’s bright, violet eyes were mesmerizing, and his overall appearance was sure to make him stand out. , “Wow, what lovely colored eyes. Oh, I’m extremely handsome as well. Hehe.” He mused to himself. , However, his joy was short-lived as he recalled the reason why the original Archer had been injured and ultimately passed away. , His father, who used captured beasts to train his children and soldiers, had forced the previous Archer to fight a feline-like creature several months ago. , Although they battled fiercely, the beast struck him in the head, likely causing brain damage. , Before losing consciousness, he remembered his father looking at him with disdain before walking away. , During his recovery no one apart from Ella visited him and brought him food. , Not even his own mother came to visit, she refused to visit him due to her Dragon-kin pride, which placed a high value on strength above everything. , As she considered him weak, she saw no reason to bother. Lost in his thoughts, Archer suddenly coughed loudly to clear his chest, causing a maid to rush in and startle him. , “Young master Archer!” She exclaimed. , He turned to see a girl of about 13 years old with short blonde hair and blue eyes. What shocked him, even more, was her pair of pointy elf ears. , When Archer saw her, the first thought that came to his fuzzy mind was. ‘A Loli maid, so cliche Haha’ , The girl rushed forward, excitedly stopping in front of Archer. , “Yes, I am awake.” He spoke to her. , “So, how do you feel, young master Archer?” She asked in a concerned tone. , Archer shook his head and chuckled. “It seems like I’ve lost a lot of memories. For example, I don’t know your name?” , The girl looked momentarily hurt before smiling. “Young master, let me introduce myself again.” She said, standing up and giving him a small bow. , “I’m Ella, your personal maid assigned to you by your mother, Lady Larka Ashguard.” , After that, she stood up straight and smiled at him, stunning Archer with her beauty. Shaking his head, he asked, “Could you bring me some food and water, please?” , She smiled and hurried out of the room to get what he had asked for. , Turning back to his thoughts, he remembered that there was a system in this world similar to the RPG games back on Earth , ‘Status.’ , Archer Ashguard , Race:— , Age: 13 , Rank:— , Experience: 000/1000 , Level: 0 , HP: 200/200 , Mana: 800/800 , Magic:—- , Strength: 45 , Constitution: 30 , Stamina: 60 , Charisma: 200 , Intelligence: 80 , SP: 0 , Spells: , Skills: Spell Creation, Mana Regeneration , With a determined look on his face, Archer stared at the screen, taking note of his terrible stats. But he refused to give up. , Pondering his next move, he realized that the original soul within him held valuable knowledge about this world. , And he was determined to use that knowledge to his advantage. , Archer understood that magic was not just about memorizing spells, but also about imagination and practical knowledge. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord , This is the last edit I’m doing to this chapter until the future, Visit .

Chapter end

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